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The Best Indoor Cat Houses To Buy

Indoor cat houses are a wonderful addition to your feline friend's home.

Although your kitty is certainly aware that your home is their home, it's wonderful for them to have lots of space for themselves when they need some alone time.

As friendly and cuddly as certain cats can be, they all need time alone now and then. Indoor cat homes provide your kitty with a spacious and comfy place to unwind when they need some alone time.

When your cat is scared or stressed, these dwellings can provide a safe haven for them. Cat homes are also a fantastic area for your cat to feel warm and safe throughout the winter months.

You're ready to start exploring your alternatives once you've done your homework and determined that it's time to invest in a nice indoor cat housing for your furry companion.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) did the legwork for you by researching the best indoor cat houses on the market to compile this list of great products.


Collapsible Cat House with Bed by AmazonBasics (Best Overall)

This AmazonBasics cat house functions as both a comfy hiding spot and a bed for your feline friend. The AmazonBasics bed is comfortable and handy, and it folds flat when not in use to stow it out of the way.

The cube-shaped form also has a trendy and appealing look that you’ll love in your house. This cat house’s suede sides and bottom cushion are extremely comfy, and there’s even a Sherpa portion where your kitten can snuggle up for additional warmth.

Insider, there’s plenty of space for lounging and snoozing, as well as circular cut-outs for play. If you have two cats, one can stay inside while the other relaxes on top.

If your cat refuses to utilize the higher bed, you could even stack stuff on top of the house. When you initially unpack this cat housing, there is a little chemical odor that will fade with time.


  • The appealing modern aesthetic looks wonderful in any home.
  • There is plenty of space both within and on the top pillow.
  • Playing locations with cut-outs
  • Materials that are cozy and warm are used throughout.
  • When not in use, it folds down.


  • The initial chemical odor
  • Some cats may find it too small.


Heated Cat Houses for Indoor or Outdoor Cats by MARUNDA (Best Premium Pick)

Finally, if you’re looking for a cute cat apartment for your kitten to enjoy and unwind in, the MARUNDA heated cat house could be ideal.

This adorable tiny house resembles a fairytale cottage, complete with a door for your cat to enter and exit. Because of the unique waterproof base and roof, your kitty will be able to enjoy this product for much longer than a regular cat bed.

The insulated cat house could be used as an outdoor or indoor cat house, but we think it’s a nice item to have in your home.

With three heating levels to select from, the heating pad inside will keep your cat comfortable during the cooler months.

There’s also a chew-proof cord to keep your cat safe from electricity. Furthermore, the faux-fur heating bad cover provides additional comfort.

One minor drawback is that this product may take some time to arrive, and there is only one entry and exit point, which may not appeal to all cats.


  • Kitties will stay toasty thanks to the insulated construction.
  • A heating pad with three temperature settings is included.
  • Waterproof foundation and floor
  • Design that will stand the test of time
  • Extra comfort is provided by the faux fur cover.


  • It takes some time for delivery.
  • There is only one exit and entry point.


Large Cat Bed by Kitty City, Stackable Cat Cube, Indoor Cat House/Cat Condo (Best Value Pick)

This stackable bed is great if you have more than one cat to care for and is another cube-shaped cat housing that is likely to appeal to pet parents everywhere.

This good-sized, spacious, and stackable cube can be used alone or in conjunction with a variety of other cubes to create the ideal environment for many cats. When your cat wants to sleep outside, there’s a nice cushion on top of the box.

The Kitty City box’s fabric side walls provide a strong design, but they can also fold flat when you want to move the cat housing out of the way.

This cat bed is ideal for when you need to tidy up quickly. It is simple to construct and store. The fur fleece mat and top cushion are also removable, allowing you to wash them.

To begin with, the fragrance of this product isn’t wonderful, but the major issue is the size, which is pretty little for a bed marketed as “giant.”


  • 2 comfortable areas for your cat to relax and decompress
  • Box design that folds down for storage that is durable.
  • Simple to construct and store
  • Stackable, allowing you to support many cats.
  • Modern and trendy design


  • The size is quite little.
  • When initially opened, the scent was not pleasant.


Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo, MidWest

The MidWest Curious Cat cube is an attractive cat condo with plenty of elements to please your furry buddy. It’s a terrific purchase for any pet parent.

With a solid and sturdy design, you can be confident that your cubes will not tumble under the weight of your feline pals, even if you stack several together. There’s a cushioned spot on top of the cube for your cat to relax, as well as a big interior.

The cat cube comes with a plush hanging ball in a cut-out circle that invites your kitty to play while they’re relaxing. There are also numerous cutouts in the walls where your cat may see what’s going on around them while resting.

We love the comfortable aesthetic of this box, which would look wonderful in numerous spaces of the house. Unfortunately, the proportions are little lower than expected, making this product less suitable for large felines.


  • Modern designs in a variety of hues that are appealing.
  • cushioned space at the top and center of the cube
  • Design that can be stacked for many cats
  • It is simple to construct and remove for storage.
  • Wall cutouts and a plush ball for playing


  • Much smaller than anticipated


3200 Hangin’ Cat Condo Cat Furniture by K&H Pet Products

The K&H Pet Products 3200 Hanging’ cat condo is another unusual option for indoor cat housing.

This stylish and multifunctional device provides lots of space for your kitten to climb, relax, and stretch out without taking up too much floor space.

This hanging cat furniture is divided into sections so that you can accommodate numerous cats at the same time. The hanging product adheres to your wall or door to maximize your vertical space.

This K&H Pet Products Cat Condo has a 600 Denier waterproof fabric that folds down quickly for storage. Your cats have easy access to all levels, and there are seven peepholes so they can observe what’s going on around them.

When you initially open this product, it has a strong rubber/plastic odor. If you hang it on a door, you may discover that it takes up the entire doorway, making it difficult to enter and exit the room.


  • Excellent for maximizing vertical space
  • There is plenty of space for many cats.
  • Several peepholes allowing your cat to view around the room
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble for storage
  • Fabric that is waterproof


  • At first, the smell was revolting.
  • It occupies a lot of door space.

Who Should Invest in an Indoor Cat House?

Cat owners may elect to buy a cat house for their feline buddy for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious reason is that buying a cat house provides your feline friend with a place to rest and relax when they need some alone time.

If you give your cat its own little abode, it will be less likely to jump behind your sofas and look for secluded areas in your cabinets.

Whether you like it or not, your cat will crave a warm, dark, and solitary environment from time to time.

When cats are nervous, depressed, or simply exhausted, they may prefer to be out of sight and reach – especially if you have children or other pets in the house who may bother your kitty.

An indoor cat house provides a designated spot for your feline to go when they need a little additional comfort.

It’s also far more appealing in terms of interior design than having old cardboard boxes strewn about your home. When cats can’t find a spot to hide, cardboard boxes are often a decent substitute.

When the weather is chilly and your indoor heating is turned off, a cat home may provide a warm and comforting environment for your kitten to enjoy.

When you’re at work, the little home will keep your feline companion warm and comfortable.

Consider the Following Features

Indoor cat houses come in a variety of designs and sizes to accommodate various types of cats. Some are fully soft, like a cat bed, while others are made of a combination of materials.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. The ideal solution for you will be determined by your cat’s tastes. However, we recommend considering some of the following considerations.


What is the size of your indoor cat house? Will there be enough space for numerous cats or only one? Are their individual tales intertwined, or is the house quite simple?

Your cat will like the little, enclosed location, but they may also require more space to stretch out from time to time. Choose your size with care.

Play elements

Many modern cat shelters include extra features to keep your cat entertained. For example, there could be toys on strings for your cat to bat at while lounging. Some goods also include feathers and catnip pillows.

Entry points

How many are there in the cat house? Most kittens would want a variety of entry and exit points for their new addition. Having an entry at the top of the home and one on the side of the house could be a nice idea.


The best materials for indoor cat shelters are frequently warm, cozy, and long-lasting. You need this product to last a long time, even if your cat uses it frequently.

At the same time, there should be plenty of fluffy material to keep your cat warm and cozy during the day.


Check to see how simple it will be for you to manage your cat’s new home.

Is it straightforward to remove specific textiles and materials when washing them? Are there any hard or plastic surfaces that can be wiped clean from time to time?


What size indoor cat home should I get for my cat?

The size of cat home you require will be determined by a variety of factors, including the type of cat you have. Larger cats, such as Maine Coons, will certainly require more space than a smaller cat, such as a Devon Rex.

It’s also worth considering how many cats you have and whether they all want to use the house at the same time. In its shelter, your cat should be able to sleep, stand, and clean itself.

If you only have a kitten, it’s advisable to get a larger house so the cat can grow into it.

What should I do with the cat house?

Once you have your cat housing, you must decide where it will be placed in your home. Ideally, you’ll want a site that is away from the usual foot traffic on your property.

This should be a separate area that is not accessible to other individuals. Choosing a location near a warm area, such as a radiator, may also be a good option.

How can I persuade my cat to come inside?

Most cats will be fascinated by a new dwelling from the minute it is brought into the house. These modest and private locations, like having a cardboard box in your home, are a natural appeal for felines.

If your kitty is hesitant, you might throw a little catnip inside or place your cat’s favorite blanket inside to coax him in.

What is the best way to clean the cat house?

Like a bed, your cat’s abode will get soiled over time. Cleaning might be a difficult procedure depending on the product you choose.

To avoid causing unnecessary harm, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How long will the cat house be functional?

This is a challenging issue to answer because so many things are involved. If you choose indoor cat houses made of high-quality materials, they should last a long time.

However, you must keep a close check on how your canine companion uses this device. If they continually chew or scratch the house, it may not last as long.


A long-lasting and cozy cat home is a fantastic item to have on hand for your feline friend. When your cat needs more space, these amazing accessories provide a unique location for them to sleep and decompress apart from other cats and people.

If you want something simple, appealing, and economical for your cat, we recommend the AmazonBasics folding cat housing. This item looks great in any home and is spacious enough to accommodate a variety of kittens.

Good luck in selecting the perfect cat housing for your kitty. Please share BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) guide to the best indoor cat houses on Facebook and Twitter if it has helped with your pet.

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