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The 7 Best Indestructible Dog Crate Pads

Getting your dog to utilize his crate might be difficult, but it is ultimately well worth the effort. One of the most effective methods to get him to spend more time there is to add a comfortable pad.

Obviously, you may have previously considered this, and you may have also spent twenty minutes cleaning up the remains of the pad you purchased for him. Consider purchasing in an unbreakable model if this is the case.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled this list of in-depth evaluations to assist you in finding the best indestructible dog crate pads.


Big Barker Orthopedic Crate Pad for Dogs

The Big Barker cushions the joints and limbs of your dog with two distinct types of foam. So that your dog will not be bothered by the crate’s metal, the bottom level of the crate is hard and has little give. The upper level is significantly plusher and adapts to your dog’s body to minimize strain.

The fabric is also highly sturdy, so it should be able to withstand almost anything your dog can throw at it. Noting that we stated “almost,” as it is not completely chew-resistant, you should prevent your dog from chewing on it if possible. However, even if you cannot, it should last quite a time.

It is also waterproof, so if your dog has an accident, you can just wipe it up. The cover may then be removed and placed in the washing machine if desired.

The most unpleasant aspect is that the dimensions are somewhat incorrect, therefore you may need to get a size up. Either that or devise a method for padding the difference within the container.

In general, though, the Big Barker should give your dog years of comfy service, which is why it tops our list of the best unbreakable dog crate pads.


  • Utilizes two distinct types of foam
  • Absolute waterproofness
  • Machine washable
  • The fabric is incredibly resilient


  • Not all measurements are correct.


Pet Dreams Dog Bed Crate

This option from Pet Dreams is essentially a large cushion that you toss inside the cage, so do not expect it to fit properly. However, it delivers a great deal of comfort at a cheap price, which is why it is our top selection for the most comfortable unbreakable dog crate pad for the money.

It has two sides, one of which is made of cotton and the other of Sherpa material. The cotton side will keep your dog cool in the summer, while the Sherpa material helps retain body heat in the cold.

This cushion is not limited to crates, so feel free to throw it on the floor or place it next to you on the couch. You may even choose from three color options to select one that complements your present décor.

Unfortunately, it is not particularly thick, so if you have a dog with arthritis, you may want to place another mat below it. Additionally, it attracts dog hair, so be prepared to wash it frequently.

However, given the price, neither of these concerns is sufficient to prevent us from recommending Pet Dreams, but they are sufficient to keep it from being our top pick.


  • Budget-friendly model
  • Sides are reversible
  • Useful in any climate
  • Also effective outside of containers


  • Very lean
  • Captures several dog hairs.


K9 Orthopedic Ballistics Crate Pad

This pad’s name, “K9 Ballistics,” could lead you to believe it can stop a bullet, and we cannot tell for certain that it cannot.

However, this does not imply that it is not comfortable. Quite the contrary, in fact. The ripstop ballistic shell encases two inches of dense foam, but it is quite forgiving on arthritic joints.

Even better, it offers this support without enabling your dog to sink down, so he should have no difficulty rising up after laying down. This makes it a good option for elderly pets.

It features zip ties that allow you to secure it to the crate to prevent Fido from pulling and rattling it out of the kennel. Additionally, this prevents it from slipping when he attempts to find comfort.

Consequently, why isn’t the K9 Ballistics crate pad score higher? The price is rather high, and the cover has a covering that peels off with time. It appears to be nothing more than a cosmetic defect, but it is nevertheless disappointing for a device of this price.

We would still enthusiastically suggest the K9 Ballistics crate pad, but you should definitely start with one of the two placed higher.


  • Made from dense foam
  • Dogs will not sink in it.
  • Includes zip ties for securing it to the crate.
  • Good for older dogs


  • Highly costly
  • Coating flakes over time


MidWest Homes Bed Bubble Bolster

The MidWest Homes Bed Bubble Bolster is a tiny pad surrounded by a large ring of padding, so it doesn’t appear to be very substantial. However, that ring is constructed with their Chew Guard technology, which should protect it if your dog decides it looks appetizing.

Even if your dog is a wiggle-worm, the non-slip base will hold it in place, and the plush covers will make it so comfortable that he won’t want to move. It is also ideal for tossing on the floor, so its use is not limited to the crate.

Although it is soft, it does not provide as much support as other beds on this list, therefore it is not the ideal option for senior dogs. In addition, placing the Chew Guard within the ring seems to encourage dogs to test their luck with it.

It is available in several hues, although they all appear to be variations of brown. Additionally, if you’re very enamored of the brown hue you obtain, be careful while washing it because the color disappears rapidly.

The MidWest Homes Bed Bubble Bolster is a wonderful pad, but it lacks any distinguishing characteristics, therefore we can only place it fourth on this list.


  • Outer ring manufactured with Chew Guard technology
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Velvety soft coating


  • Provides minimal help
  • Available only in dull brown tones
  • The washing process causes color loss.


Memory Bed by K&H Pet Products

The K&H Pet Products Memory Sleeper seems bare as if the fabric covering was left off. Instead, you receive a standard polyester exterior. It is unremarkable, and you may need to embellish it to convince your dog to utilize it.

It is also not particularly soft. It appears that the maker was so focused on making it durable that they neglected to make it pleasant. In addition to putting a cover, you may also need to add an additional pad or several cushions.

Each corner has two loose ends because the corners are not joined together. These appear to urge your dog to attack it, which is frustrating despite the fact that he can’t do much harm.

Thankfully, it’s not extremely costly, but you also don’t receive much for your money. As a result, we find it difficult to get very thrilled about it, therefore last place seems appropriate.


  • Reasonably cheap


  • The exterior is not particularly pliable
  • Not much padding
  • Corners encourage biting and chewing.
  • May have difficulty convincing the dog to use it


We are great supporters of the Big Barker, which employs two distinct types of foam to ensure your dog’s comfort. In addition, it is entirely waterproof, so you need not worry about mishaps.

The Pet Dreams cushion placed second on our list of the best unbreakable dog crate pads. This two-sided variant will keep your dog warm and comfortable throughout the year. Even if your dog finds a way to damage it, you won’t be out a lot of money.

Purchasing a bed of any type for your dog may be quite aggravating since they are frequently pricey and rarely durable. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our reviews of the best indestructible dog crate pads have made it simpler for you to pick one that will withstand your dog’s most destructive habits while still providing him with a comfortable sleeping surface.

Alternatively, you could always allow him to sleep in your bed, which was undoubtedly his secret goal all along…

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