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9 Best Horseshoes For Flipping – Reviews & Top Picks

Horseshoes were formerly used to play the game of horseshoes. Things have changed a little since I last spoke.

Farriers' horseshoes are quite different from those made specifically for the game of horseshoeing. Designed for throwing rather than walking, they contain several characteristics to help you achieve the ideal throw..

Horseshoes for gaming may be built with flipping or turning in mind, allowing players with differing throwing skills the necessary tools for the job.

There are six horseshoes particularly designed to assist you flip your way to success on BestForPets's (bestforpets.org)  list of the best horseshoes for flipping.


Horseshoes for Pitching by Gordon Professional – Best in Class

These Gordon Professional throwing horseshoes have been sanctioned for tournament play by the NHPA, so you know you’re using legitimate horseshoes. Since they’re made of superior AISI C1035 carbon steel, you can rest certain that even a flawless ring would not destroy them.

These horseshoes are much more robust thanks to the powder coat given to them. This enhances the horseshoe’s grip and feel, as well as preserving it from corrosion and damage. Because of their sturdiness, these shoes are even covered by a warranty in the event of a defect. All of this adds up to a hefty price tag, but you get what you pay for.

These horseshoes are a match made in tournament heaven. Because they are so closely matched in weight, you can be sure that every throw will go precisely as planned. Regardless of how you throw, we believe the Gordon Professional pitching horseshoes are an excellent choice.

Premium Choice: Bronco Professional Pitching Horseshoes

There is something almost simplistic about the Bronco professional throwing horseshoes. Thumb cleats have been replaced with something significantly more modest in lieu of the usual design element.

If you’re a flipper, you may place your thumb wherever along its backside since the whole horseshoe has been ramped up. You’ll be able to change your throwing style in ways you’ve never been able to before because of this flexibility.

The adaptability of the Bronco horseshoes is one of its best features. These are terrific for flippers, but they’re also excellent for turn players. When playing doubles, these horseshoes may be thrown by any player, regardless of their skill level.

It weighs 2.5 pounds for a pair of full-size horseshoes The NHPA has officially approved them, making them permissible to play in tournaments and leagues.

They’re tough enough for professional use and come with a two-year breakage guarantee to prove it. Despite these shortcomings, the shoe’s performance is unaffected by the rough surface or the many evident defects.

Pitching Horseshoes Made for Professionals by Challenger

Thoroughbred Horseshoes, the same firm that makes the Bronco model, makes the Challenger model of professional throwing horseshoes. In our opinion, the Challenger is better than the Bronco, but not nearly as much. There are some people who like the more classic thumb cleats on the Challenger rather than the Bronco’s nice ramped backside.

Because the weight lies on the open end of the shoe, flipping this horseshoe is a breeze thanks to the shoe’s double-sided tip cleats. This shoe is cast rather than drop forged, which raises concerns about its long-term durability.

But despite the two-year guarantee against breaking, cast horseshoes seem to wear out considerably more quickly than their forged counterparts.

Professional Pitching Horseshoes by Mustang Mustang

Though they seem to be an excellent option at first appearance, the Mustang throwing horseshoes aren’t our top pick for flipping. Because of the unusual form of their thumb cleat, many grips that flippers are used to are inaccessible to them.

The design of this thumb cleat may appeal to certain individuals, but it is certain to annoy others. For those who want to turn, there is still a flappable design.

The Mustang is NHPA-approved for tournaments and leagues, much like the other shoes on our list. A special iron alloy is used in its casting rather than the drop forging process for this shoe. The two-year guarantee alleviates any concerns you may have about the shoe’s long-term usefulness. Even if they’re kept indoors, these shoes will shortly begin to corrode and rust.

Horseshoe Pitching Contests as a Form of Competition

These throwing horseshoes are expensive since they are derived from competition horseshoes, yet they fall short when it comes to flippers. Undersized hooks reduce the chances of snagging the stake, but they are designed to resist bounce off.

Still, they’re made of AISI steel and have a one-year guarantee, despite the fact that they’re drop forged. Because of visible flaws in the powder coat, the finish isn’t all that appealing.

This pair is NHPA-sanctioned for tournaments and leagues since they are matched to within five grams of each other. However, several of this horseshoe’s characteristics make it an unattractive option for flippers. Even if the thumb cleat is a little short, it isn’t terrible.

There are just two cleats on each side, making it difficult to flip. We wouldn’t use this pair as a flipper when there are so many better ones available.

Guide for Purchasing

When shopping for a competitive advantage, it’s natural to obsess over the smallest of details and compare models feature by feature. Horseshoes, fortunately, are rather basic objects. There isn’t a much to contrast between the two. If you’re hoping to win the game by flipping your way to success, there are a few things you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

NHPA Sanctioning

Horseshoes are a popular backyard pastime for many families, especially when everyone gathers for a picnic. While some choose to compete in tournaments and leagues, horseshoes are a pastime for many individuals.

Make sure you buy a pair of horseshoes that are sanctioned by the NHPA if you’re in this situation. Every horseshoe in this list has been approved by the National Horseshoe Pitching Association, or NHPA for short.


Although a conventional horseshoe weighs 2.5 pounds, certain pitchers or those who are elderly or weak may find it difficult to handle the weight. The weight of certain horseshoes has been reduced to as little as 1.5 pounds while maintaining the same basic dimensions. For those who find it difficult to throw a hefty horseshoe, consider one of these lighter-weight options.

How Is It Secured?

When it comes to throwing a horseshoe, everyone has their own preferred method of gripping and pitching the shoe. There’s no right or wrong method to make a horseshoe, but you’ll notice that each one is curved differently, so holding one will have a distinct feel.

A horseshoe that doesn’t have the same form as the one you’re accustomed to could feel unusual to you if you’ve been acclimated to a certain throwing method.

Horseshoes with thumb cleats make it easier to gain a solid hold with your thumb. Large thumb cleats may be found on some, whereas smaller cleats can be seen on others. Horseshoes with thumb cleats aren’t standard, though.

Thumb cleat alternatives, such as thumb ramps, may be an option for those who want a smooth backside. You may want to experiment with a few different designs to discover which one you love the feel of the most.

Characteristics are being flipped.

A horseshoe’s flying qualities are heavily influenced by its design once it has been pitched. Some horseshoes are better than others at flinging themselves about. Double-sided tip cleats are an important feature to look for.

The points of the horseshoe have small cleats on them. Cleats may be found on both the front and rear of certain horseshoes, while others only have cleats on one side. The horseshoe will not flip as easily if the cleats are just on one side.

Term of Use

A warranty is nearly typically included with horseshoes intended for serious play. After all, you’re aiming to strike a metal stake with a hefty metal horseshoe. Lots of thumping is in store. The greatest horseshoes, on the other hand, are able to withstand many strikes without breaking. Your money is safe thanks to a warrant.

Some horseshoes have a one-year guarantee, but many have a two-year warranty against breakage, which is outstanding.


The game of horseshoes was formerly played using actual horseshoes that had likely previously served their purpose on a horse.

Horseshoes for pitching are now made specifically for the sport, with huge hooks to grab the stake and tough constructions that won’t break easily. Among the six horseshoes we reviewed, the following three are our favorites for those who pitch with a flip.

The drop forged carbon steel construction of the Gordon professional throwing horseshoes makes them our top pick for long-term use. When it comes to tournament play, this set is approved by the National Handgun Playing Association (NHPA) and is equipped with an obvious thumb cleat for flipping.

The Cadet pitching horseshoes are ideal for smaller players or those who want a lighter horseshoe. They weigh just 1.5 pounds, which is one pound less than the average horseshoe. NHPA-approved for tournament and league play, these discs with a one-year breakage warranty.

Horseshoes with curved side blades and a long ramped rear like the Bronco professional are our top picks.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed our best horseshoes for flipping reviews. We hope you find the perfect model for your cat.

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