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The 10 Best Horseshoe Sets

Are you seeking for a backyard game to enjoy on a warm afternoon? A horseshoe set is an excellent traditional game that dates back centuries.

It is portable, easy to learn, and entertaining to play! This traditional game is suited for players of all ages and is a favorite for backyard picnics and family gatherings.

Discus was a popular sport in Rome, where the sport presumably began. When players were unable to purchase or locate a discus for practice, they substituted horseshoes. Historians say that it originated from a similar game called quoits, which utilized a round metal disc with a hole in the center.

These were used interchangeably with horseshoes, depending on what was readily available. Regardless of its roots, the game's popularity has continuously increased since then.

Whether you're searching for a professional pitching set or a family-friendly set, we have you covered. To assist you pick the greatest horseshoe set for your needs, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has limited the possibilities down to the best horseshoe sets we could locate. Let's get started!


Set of St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoes

The American Professional Horseshoe set from St. Pierre is our favorite selection overall, since it comes with everything you need to get started. The horseshoes include larger tips to grip the stake, a ringer breaker to spin the shoe, and a finger positioner to help you hold it like a pro.

The set consists of four forged steel, blue and grey horseshoes, and two durable, 24-inch steel stakes. In addition, the package has an official rulebook to clarify any differences, a plastic tote bag for convenient transport, and a 60-day manufacturer guarantee.

Disappointingly, the carrying case offered with this horseshoe set allegedly breaks easily, which is the one real flaw.


  • Lengthy horseshoe tips
  • Horseshoes are equipped with a ringer breaker and finger positioner.
  • Made from forged steel
  • Two 24-inch solid steel stakes are provided.
  • Includes official rulebook and carrying case
  • Sixty-day manufacturer guarantee


  • The carry case is of inferior quality.


Champion Sports IHS1 Horseshoe Rubber Set

Champion Sports’ IHS1 rubber horseshoe set is the greatest horseshoe set for the money. The horseshoes are crafted from lightweight rubber, making them safer and easier to toss for children. The stakes are placed on lightweight rubber mats, allowing them to be used securely indoors or outdoors and to remain in position on slick surfaces.

In addition, they are built with brilliant, dynamic colors for increased visibility in low light and are simple to set up. The package includes four horseshoes, two rubber mats, and two plastic dowels, as well as everything else, need to get started.

Neither the rubber-mounted stakes nor the outdoor stakes are able to withstand the force of the horseshoes and fall over easily. This prevents the set from reaching the top of this list.


  • Safe for kids
  • Useful indoors and outdoors
  • Miniature rubber mat stakes
  • Brilliant, brilliant hues
  • Simple to set up


  • The stakes topple readily.


Set of Baden Champions Horseshoes

This Champion horseshoe set from Baden has been evaluated and authorized by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA). The horseshoes are crafted from forged steel that will last a lifetime, the stakes are 24 inches in length, and the set is packaged in a robust nylon bag for portability.

The kit provides comprehensive rules and instructions. If you want to move the game outside your backyard, this is an excellent alternative.

The horseshoes are of high quality and substantial weight, although they are covered with a thin paint that chips practically soon after use. This little flaw disqualifies this set from the top two spots on this ranking.


  • National Horseshoe Pitchers Association-approved
  • Made from forged steel
  • 24-inch posts
  • Included a sturdy nylon tote
  • Contains a comprehensive set of rules and instructions


  • Easily chipping paint
  • Expensive


Champion Sports Horseshoe Set CG205

The Champion Sports Horseshoe set contains regulation-weighted horseshoes and stakes of professional quality. Included are two chrome-plated horseshoes, two brass-plated horseshoes, two chrome-plated metal stakes, and a weather-resistant canvas bag for on-the-go gaming.

Even after years of playing outside, the shoes will withstand rust and corrosion thanks to their durable covering. The kit also contains comprehensive instructions, so you have everything you need to begin.

Importantly, the shoes are made of cast steel, not forged steel, therefore they can shatter under excessive wear. Multiple consumers have reported experiencing this after a single use.


  • Weight-required horseshoes
  • Chrome-plated steel prongs
  • Included weatherproof nylon carryall
  • A detailed set of guidelines contained


  • Cast steel horseshoes might fail with intense wear.


35-7085-2 Steel Horseshoe Set from Triumph

The Triumph Steel Horseshoe set is a basic and cheap set for outdoor family events. The set includes two powder-coated silver shoes and two powder-coated gold shoes that are robust and weather resistant, as well as two silver-finished 20-inch-long, 16mm-diameter stakes. Each shoe is composed of steel casting and weighs 2.5 pounds.

Customers claimed that the paint on these sneakers was severely damaged after just one game. In addition, they are composed of cast steel and can easily break under severe use, as noted by several customers. There is also no rulebook or carrying case supplied.


  • Inexpensive
  • Coated with powder horseshoes
  • 20-inch silver stakes
  • Weight-required horseshoes


  • The paint flaking readily
  • The cast-steel structure is not particularly durable.
  • Not even a case


Franklin Sports 50020 Horseshoes Set

This horseshoe set from Franklin Sports has shoes with official dimensions and weight, making them identical to those used by professionals. The set includes two cast iron gold shoes and two cast iron silver shoes, each weighing 2.1 pounds, together with hammarite-finished, 20-inch solid-steel stakes with tapered ends for simple insertion.

There are four variations of the set: Starter, Family, American, and Professional, with the exception of the Starter set, which does not contain a bag.

The stake is a touch too short to be hammered in properly without compromising length, and the cast-iron shoes are prone to breaking with even minimal use. A significant number of consumers stated that the sneakers just broke apart after a few throws.


  • Officially sanctioned horseshoes
  • Made from cast iron
  • 20-inch stakes made of solid steel with tapered ends
  • There are four options to pick from.


  • Horseshoes may easily break.
  • The stake is rather on the low side.


Professional Tailgate 360 Horseshoe Set

The Tailgate 360 Professional Horseshoe Set has two blue and two steel horseshoes, two steel stakes, and a compact carrying bag. The stakes are 19 inches long and constructed of steel, and the horseshoes are powder-coated to withstand the elements and survive for years. The kit is affordable and an excellent option for beginners or children.

The manufacturer does not specify what material the provided horseshoes are manufactured from. In any event, they are fragile, with several buyers reporting that they cracked upon contact with sand! In addition, the powder coating wears off readily and quickly.


  • Coated with powder horseshoes
  • Durable steel stakes
  • Inexpensive
  • Included transport case


  • Horseshoes easily shatter.
  • Powder coating is simple to chip


Hathaway Heavy Duty Horseshoe Set BG3133

This Hathaway horseshoe set is ideal for beginners and casual play in the garden. The set consists of four horseshoes, two blue and two silver, supposedly manufactured from steel with a weather-resistant powder-coated finish.

There are grips on both ends and in the middle of the shoe. Each shoe has an official weight of 2.6 pounds, and the set includes two 2-foot steel pegs and a nylon carrying box for simple travel and storage.

According to reports, the horseshoes are not composed of steel as claimed by the maker since they shatter quickly after a single usage. In addition, the supplied bag is of low quality and rips quickly.


  • Coated with powder horseshoes
  • Great for novices
  • Equine footwear with a firm grip
  • A nylon carrying case is included.


  • Horseshoes easily shatter.
  • Poor quality transport case

Buyer's Guide

Even if you are a complete novice, quality is important, and a horseshoe set of high quality should endure for years. A well-constructed horseshoe set will also be more consistent, allowing you to grow and play the game more effectively.

You have two alternatives when purchasing a horseshoe set: a leisure set or a professional set. The two sets are almost identical, but the professional-grade set will last longer and provide a more precise game.

The shoes are well-constructed, weighted, and balanced, and this will have a significant impact on your game. If you simply want to have fun with your family in the backyard, though, a recreational set is ideal.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while purchasing horseshoes.

The equine shoes

Historically, horseshoes were played using the real horseshoes that were used on horses! Although these may still be used for a casual game, they are rather heavy, and their weight and size will vary, making it impossible to excel at the game.

The horseshoes used in modern horseshoes have been precisely constructed and engineered for increased and consistent performance, making them excellent for honing your abilities.

These new shoes are almost twice as large as conventional shoes and include hooked toes to boost your chances of snagging the stake. Additionally, contemporary shoes are created from a number of materials:

  • Cast Iron The majority of mass-produced horseshoes are constructed from cast iron because it is affordable and easy to deal with. Iron is lighter than steel, hence cast-iron horseshoes are often thicker to compensate. Unfortunately, the reduced price comes with a drawback: these shoes are weaker and more prone to break than shoes produced from other materials.
  • Cast Steel. Cast steel is one of the most common materials used to make contemporary horseshoes. It is a steel alloy that is considerably stronger and more resilient than iron. Because it is cast, it can be created in a wide variety of forms, and mass manufacturing is simple and cost-effective. These shoes are pricey but considerably more durable than shoes made from cast iron.
  • Forged Steel. The strongest form of horseshoes available, forged-steel horseshoes are created in a conventional manner by forging steel and pounding it into shape. Steel is far stronger than cast iron, and the hammering strengthens the steel even more. Obviously, this process slows down production and makes these shoes considerably more expensive.
  • Horseshoes are heavy and possibly hazardous, so if you are playing the game with young children, it may be advisable to use rubber horseshoes. They are incredibly sturdy and may be used indoors as well; they are unlikely to shatter quickly.

As horseshoes are continually in touch with sand, grass, and moisture, they should have a weather-resistant coating or finish to increase their durability. The finish should also be sturdy enough to withstand being thrown without cracking or chipping, although this will eventually occur with time and use.

Additionally, a colored finish is perfect for increased visibility and for assigning a shoe to each squad. Typically, a set of four horseshoes has two distinct hues.

If you wish to comply with NHPA regulations, your horseshoe should weigh around 2.5 pounds, as this is the benchmark used by experts. For a well-balanced pitch, the shoe must also be correctly balanced, with an even weight distribution across the shoe.


Technically, you could use anything sturdy enough as a stake, but a stake designed for the purpose is preferable. A few things to consider while purchasing a horseshoe set with a stake are as follows:

  • The horseshoe stake must be 14 to 15 inches above the ground, per the rules. It also requires additional length to properly attach to the ground without shifting or toppling over when struck by the metal horseshoe. Ideally, the length of the stake should be between 25 and 30 inches so that it may be driven deeply into the ground. For optimal stability, you should cement the stake into the ground if you play regularly.
  • Metal stakes are solid, resilient, smooth, and long-lasting, and the majority of horseshoe sets feature metal stakes. However, over time, metal stakes might destroy your horseshoes, especially if they are of low quality. Wooden pegs may not be as robust as their metal counterparts, but they are gentler on the feet. The majority of pros choose wooden stakes.
  • Similar to horseshoes, brightly colored stakes make it much easier to aim and improve the accuracy of your game. However, steel stakes are typically more apparent than wooden ones. You may try adding colorful tape to your stakes to increase their visibility.

Travel Case

Although not necessary, a carrying case is a useful addition. You may take your horseshoe set with you on excursions and conveniently store it in the case, which prevents parts from becoming misplaced or damaged. The majority of packages include a carrying case of variable grade.

Horseshoe set preservation

The durability of your horseshoes is determined not only by their composition but also by how well they are maintained. Even the highest-quality horseshoes require regular maintenance in order to last for years, and by following these guidelines you may significantly boost their durability:

  • Never keep horseshoes outside. Rain, heat, and direct sunshine can rapidly induce rust and corrosion, resulting in brittleness. It is recommended to put things away after usage.
  • Never play on a concrete surface. Playing the game on concrete will swiftly chip and break your horseshoes, regardless of their composition. Always play on a soft lawn of grass, sand, or wood.
  • Keep your horseshoe coating in good condition. After prolonged usage, the paint on your shoes will undoubtedly crack and chip, and there is nothing wrong with re-painting them sometimes. Paint prevents horseshoes from shattering and absorbs some of the impacts when they strike a stake, so significantly extending their lifespan.


The American Professional Horseshoe set from St. Pierre is our top selection overall. The package contains horseshoes with long tips for enhanced grip and a ringer breaker to spin the shoe, a finger positioner to help you hold them properly, two 24-inch solid-steel stakes, an official rulebook, a plastic tote bag for easier carrying, and a 60-day guarantee from the manufacturer.

The IHS1 rubber set from Champion Sports is the greatest horseshoe set for the money. The horseshoes are composed of lightweight rubber, making them suitable for children. The stakes are fixed on lightweight rubber mats, so they may be used safely indoors or outdoors. This package is ideal for family and recreational activities.

Horseshoeing is a fun, soothing, and thrilling game to play with family and friends, and whether you want to play on the weekends or take it more seriously, there is a set for you. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our in-depth evaluations have helped you locate the best horseshoe sets for your specific needs.

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