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11 Best Horse Saddles – Reviews & Top Picks

It's known as tack in equestrian circles because horses need a lot of gear. A saddle is a must-have if you want to ride your equine companion on foot.

A novice horse rider may be astonished by the variety of various saddles on offer. Many different types of saddles are available.

Some are designed to be used for basic riding, while others are geared toward a particular kind of riding.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has already done the legwork for you, so you don't have to worry about sifting through all of these saddles and comparing them.

A variety of saddles, including western, English, and tiny horse models, will be evaluated in the following evaluations.

If you're eager to go out on the trail, then dive right in and you'll discover the ideal saddle for your riding style among our best horse saddles.

Buyer's Guide

Many saddle options make it tough to choose the one that’s best for your riding style and preferences. This buyer’s guide is meant to aid you if you’re still unable to choose a saddle.

How to Pick the Best Saddle

  • Saddles may be compared based on a plethora of distinct characteristics. Here are some good starting points for your comparisons, based on our experience evaluating a large number of them.

Type of Saddle

  • Do you know what kind of saddle you’ll need? Do you intend to ride in the English or Western style? Depending on what sort of riding you do, one saddle may be better than the other for your situation.
  • In Western saddles, your weight is distributed out across a broader area of the horse’s back, resulting in a more stable ride. When you’re in the saddle for lengthy periods of time, you and your horse will both benefit from this.
  • You will feel closer to your horse when you ride an English saddle. Because of their tiny size, light weight, and thinness, these reins allow you to have better touch with your horse’s spine.
  • You’ll ride differently in each kind of saddle because of the variances in design, so be careful to choose the one that best matches your riding style.


  • Natural leather or a synthetic material like Cordura are the most common materials for saddles. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and none is definitely better than the other.
  • Lighter than leather saddles, synthetic saddles are more common these days. Because of the lower cost of production, they’re also more affordable. But since they’re less robust, these materials are cheaper.
  • In comparison to synthetic saddles, leather saddles are more durable. However, they’re heavier and more costly. If you had to purchase two synthetic saddles to last the same amount of time as one leather saddle, leather saddles may be less expensive in the long run.


  • There is no one-size-fits-all saddle. One that suits you well will be your best option. Multiple layers are often used by manufacturers to soften and cushion the seat. In order to avoid discomfort in your rear when riding a horse, search for saddles that have the maximum cushioning in the seat.

Accessories Provided

  • More than simply a saddle is needed to ride a horse. It may take some effort and investigation to locate all the extras you’ll need. To get such things, you’ll have to pay even more money. You may also buy a saddle that includes all of the necessary components. This streamlines the whole procedure while also saving you money. As a bonus, this will ensure that your horse’s saddle and other equipment match.
  • The issue is that many saddles are sold without any optional extras. Even if you’re short on other tools, this may not be an issue for you. However, if you’re just starting started with horseback riding, it might be a huge time-saver to have all of these items included with your saddle. In most cases, if two saddles cost the same, but one comes with more tack, the extra tack provides a superior value for someone just starting out.


  • To choose the best deal, you’ll need to evaluate the prices of the saddles that fit your needs in the areas listed above. Keep in mind that you’re not actually comparing the prices of the items, but rather their actual worth. This is why factors like as construction quality, long-term use, and offered extras are so important. The value of a more robust saddle is increased since it lasts longer. You’ll save money and time since you won’t have to do the research and purchase all of the goods separately.
  • When comparing products, it’s important to take these factors into account since they provide value to the product. Make sure to keep in mind that if a deal appears too good to be true, it generally is.



Best Western Saddle by Manaal Enterprises Premium Western Leather Saddle

It’s not the most affordable option, but this quality leather western saddle from Manaal Enterprises is our favorite of all the models we tried. Because of the superior workmanship and high-quality materials utilized in its construction, it is clearly a high-quality product.

The tree has a fiberglass-wrapped wood base. A matching headstall and breastplate are included with the purchase of this saddle. Additional accessories may be attached using the included ties. Walnut oil, antique oil, chestnut oil, and rough out are the four available finishes.

This saddle comes in a range of sizes, ranging from 14 inches up to 18 inches. The strengthened mule skin covering makes the pie horn extra broad and sturdy. With a fleece padding on the bottom of the saddle, you can ensure that your horse is comfortable and won’t slide. Overall, we don’t believe you’ll find a finer western saddle elsewhere, regardless of price.


  • Tooling that has been carved by hand
  • Craftsmanship at its finest.
  • A tree with a fiberglass-wrapped foundation made of wood
  • There are a total of four different surface treatments available.


  • Options that are far less expensive are readily .

Premium English Saddle in Black Leather from Acerugs | Highest Quality English Saddle

We propose this excellent black leather Acerugs English Saddle from Acerugs if you choose to ride in one of the numerous styles of riding. The English saddle we choose is our favorite, and we believe it is the greatest horse saddle you can buy.

This one is constructed of excellent cow-hide leather, rather than synthetic knock-offs that aren’t as sturdy and don’t last as long as this one. Seat depth and padding ensure that your posterior is well-protected on extended journeys. They’re all made of heavy-duty materials and won’t fail at a crucial time. Despite its many high-end features, this saddle is nevertheless reasonably priced and suitable for a wide range of riders.

This saddle, although comfortable for most of our horses, does not work as well with slim animals…. It’s better suited to those with a thicker build. With the correct saddle pad, you may adapt it to almost any horse, regardless of its breed.


  • Buckles and rollers of the highest quality
  • Premium cowhide leather construction
  • For enhanced comfort, the seat has a deep padding.
  • Affordably priced


  • Slender horses may not be able to use it.

For the best little horse saddle, go no further than the M-Royal Mini Horse Saddle

Traditional saddles are too big for certain horses and riders. Ponies and small horses, as well as the younger riders who can fit on them, are the focus of our discussion. There are saddles for smaller horses and riders, and the M-Royal Mini Horse Saddle is one of the best we’ve tried so far.

It’s immediately clear that this saddle was painstakingly crafted. Although it’s marketed at children, it doesn’t feel like a kid’s product. Rather, it’s a fine saddle with exquisite leatherwork on it. In spite of this, it weighs just 10 pounds, so your horse won’t notice the difference.

This saddle is best suited for children between the ages of 5 and 10. The stirrups may be easily adjusted to accommodate a child’s legs as they grow. As a bonus, this saddle is made to endure, making it the last one your kid will ever need. In the case of a mini-horse like a pony or a toddler, this saddle should suit well.


  • Craftsmanship of the highest quality
  • Ideal for tiny horses and ponies.
  • Suitable for children ages 5 to 10
  • Ten pounds is all that it weighs.
  • Constructed to endure


  • Adults and standard-sized horses will not fit.

It is a synthetic Western saddle manufactured by Manaal Enterprises

The western saddle built by Manaal Enterprises is our favorite, and although this one is also a fine option, we don’t like it as much for a number of reasons. To begin with, it’s not made of genuine leather, but rather a synthetic substance. Second, there are no D-rings on the cross.

On the other hand, this saddle comes with a headstall, breast collar, reins, and a pad, making it a more complete package. It’s also beautifully constructed, with a soft underbelly of fleece and crystal embellishments. To save weight, synthetic materials are used, although they aren’t as strong and long-lasting as leather.

It’s an excellent saddle, regardless of whether we favor the premium leather version. You may want to consider this one if you are on a tight budget since the synthetic materials enable it to be a bit more affordable.


  • Affordability
  • Reins, pad, and a headstall are included.
  • Soft fleece covers the inside.
  • Lightweight


  • Produced with an artificial substance
  • D-rings are not included in the saddle cross’s design.

Trail Horse Saddle Acerugs Western Pleasure

A fantastic all-around western saddle, the Acerugs Western Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle seems to be on the surface. For the majority of riders, this seat is a wonderful place to start. However, we don’t suggest it as a replacement for an existing saddle. However, we believe this seat isn’t up to the task of extended daily rides. It’s just not built to take that kind of wear and tear.

Due to its synthetic construction, this saddle isn’t as durable as a genuine leather one. Instead, it’s made of synthetic Cordura, allowing it to be sold at a reduced price. Comfortable synthetic fleece covers the seat, which is well cushioned. The stirrups’ flexibility was inadequate, but there are five other colors to choose from, so it’s not a deal breaker.

With this saddle, you will get a complimentary pad and tack set. Even though it’s already reasonably priced, this extra equipment might make things go more smoothly for a rookie rider. But if you have the money, we suggest going with something more durable and long-lasting.


  • Affordability
  • The cushioned seat provides a comfy resting place.
  • Alluring in a variety of hues
  • A complimentary pad and tack set is included.


  • This item does not include any genuine leather components.
  • Adjustability is a problem with stirrups.
  • The product’s long-term viability is under doubt.

Comfort Trail Saddle by EquiRoyal

This EquiRoyal Comfort Trail Saddle falls somewhere in the between of a western and an English saddle. It has a medium-sized tree and a large, cushioned seat. This saddle is made of genuine Indian leather and is meant to last. We found it to be as pleasant as the name promises. Even so, it’s a lot more costly than most of the other saddles we looked at, and we don’t see why it should be. This saddle doesn’t come with any perks like some of our other favorites. Even though it’s an excellent saddle, we don’t think it’s worth the additional money.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • genuine leather tanned in India


  • Costlier than the alternatives
  • This does not include any other items.

Western Bareback Horse Saddle by HILASON

What comes to mind when you hear the term “bareback riding?” As for its weight, it’s a lot lighter and less cumbersome than a traditional Western or English saddle. There’s enough padding in this HILASON Western Bareback Horse Saddle to keep you and your horse happy for hours on end.

When we put this saddle to the test, we found many problems that put us off. First and foremost, it is only suitable for those weighing between 140 and 169 pounds. A very tiny fraction of the population is involved. Despite the fact that the pricing does not appear to match its basic style, it is still quite affordable. And it slid all over our bodies as we tried to put it on, taking us completely out of the riding experience. We’d rather suffer the discomfort of riding without a saddle than have to cope with the discomfort that this bareback saddle has caused.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Padded for ease of use


  • For what it’s worth, it’s too expensive.
  • Only a 140-169 pound individual can fit in this.
  • Slips a lot too often.

Tough 1 Ride Tandem Saddle.

The Tough 1 Ride Tandem Saddle is a good option if you’d want to bring your youngster along for a ride every now and then, but it’s not beneficial for anybody else. Having a youngster ride tandem with you is OK since it’s not beneficial for your horse to be doubled up with an adult.

Because it is a tandem saddle, a complete saddle must be used with it. For another thing, it’s crafted entirely out of nylon rather than leather. Despite the lower price, the saddle’s longevity suffers as a result. We had a hard time getting a good grip on our saddle. Shock-absorbing foam, though, made it a pleasant experience for our youngsters.


  • Easily afforded
  • Produced with a soft, cushioning foam.


  • Attached to a complete saddle is required.
  • Not made from leather, but rather nylon
  • For children only.
  • It’s difficult to establish a strong connection.
  • Your horse’s health will suffer if you double ride.


Size, form, design, and material variations abound in the world of the best horse saddles. They may be created for both children and adults and can be used in a variety of fields.

If you’re just beginning to ride a horse, you don’t need to complicate things. You don’t need a ton of extra equipment if you have a good saddle that works for you and your horse.

Maybe BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) evaluations have helped you locate it, but in case, we’ll sum up our suggestions again.

No of your riding style, you can’t go wrong with a Western Saddle from Manaal Enterprises. It’s made with excellent leather and hand-carved tooling, and it’s a piece of art.

The Acerugs premium black leather English saddle is our top choice for individuals who want an English saddle.

With a deep cushioned seat, heavy-duty buckles and rollers, and an inexpensive pricing, it’s an excellent value.

The M-Royal Mini Horse Saddle is perfect for children and miniature horses alike.

This premium saddle, which is made of stunning craftsmanship and high-grade materials, is perfect for ponies and miniature horses, as well as youngsters aged 5 to 10.

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