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10 Best Horse Nutritional Supplements

Horses can acquire the majority of their nourishment from forage grasses and weeds that grow in the areas where they dwell. But supplements could be essential if forage is sparse or a horse is unwell.

Young horses, as well as senior horses nearing the end of their lives, may benefit from supplementary food at mealtime, especially if they are provided hay bales and other foods rather than foraging. Fortunately, there is no scarcity of horse vitamins on the market.

The issue is that with so many alternatives available, determining which would best benefit a horse in need of extra nourishment may be difficult. As a result, we set out to simplify the process of selecting horse nutrients for you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) scoured the market for the best horse nutritional supplements, as well as reviews for each item on the list. Hopefully, you'll be able to locate just what your horse requires! Continue reading to find out more about our preferred horse vitamins.


Horse Supplement Probios Equine Probiotic Apple Flavor Soft Chew

When it comes to balancing and maintaining a healthy digestive system, these are the best horse supplements for the money.

They are intended to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, which will aid in maintaining your horse’s appetite and ensuring that anything they consume is fully and effectively digested.

These supplements can be used as the seasons change to help balance nutrition and keep stress levels low, since your horse’s diet and feeding habits may be modified.

This supplement is apple-flavored, which horses find difficult to resist, so expect them to consume every morsel whether served alone or with a bale of hay or a bucket of vegetables.

Your horse’s bones, muscles, brain, coat, and immune system all benefit from a healthy digestive system. This supplement addresses the nutritional concerns that horses with intestinal disorders frequently face.


  • Aids in the equilibrium of the digestive system
  • It has a delicious apple taste.
  • Can help with digestion during stressful season changes.


  • There are no extra vitamins or minerals.


Horse supplement Finish Line Performance

Anyone who has ever owned an underweight horse with atrophied muscles or a performance horse that needs to increase strength and bulk understands how difficult it may be to gain muscle mass.

The Finish Line Horse Products Performance Builder is designed to help with this process. This substance encourages healthy muscular development in horses and promises quick results.

Instead of waiting months for results, you’ll see them in only a few weeks with this performance booster.

It will improve your horse’s performance without causing harmful or unhealthy development. This performance enhancer contains high-quality nutrients such as Gamma Oryzanol, L-Leucine, Calcium HMB, spinach, pea protein, and healthy botanicals.

With just 1 fluid ounce each day, you’ll see immediate effects in your horse. This product has been shown to be safe and effective for horses of all ages, including weanlings, and it’s an excellent choice for improving health and mass in pre-sale horses.

The nice thing about this supplement is that it is not a steroid or medicine. It’s a natural substance that works with your horse’s metabolism to yield effects in as little as 2-3 weeks.

It has a butterscotch taste, which makes it very appealing for your horse and easy to administer without a struggle.

Even the pickiest horses appear to enjoy the flavor. It not only promotes muscular development and growth, but when combined with food, it can stimulate your horse to eat more, allowing you to boost calorie intake.

Even better, because it is not a steroid, it will not affect your horse’s temperament or behavior.

If you’re searching for a product that can help your horse’s muscular growth and create a shinier coat, the Finish Line Horse Products Performance Builder is for you! Overall, this is our top selection for the finest horse supplements of the year.


  • Promotes muscular growth and a glossy coat.
  • Results can be seen in as little as two weeks.
  • Does not allow for unhealthy or unsafe development.
  • High-quality, potent compounds
  • It only takes 1 fluid ounce per day.
  • For horses of practically any age, it is both safe and successful.
  • It is not a steroid or a medicine.
  • Uses your horse’s physique to generate outcomes.
  • Butterscotch flavour that is quite tasty
  • Can boost food consumption
  • It has no effect on temperament or conduct.


  • Price


Horse Supplement AniMed Glucosamine 5000 Joint Support Powder

This glucosamine supplement not only strengthens joints and protects them from injury, but it also contains substances that aid in the general health of a horse.

Omega 3 fatty acids are used to assist decrease inflammation and enhance airway and lung performance over time.

Vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system, and selenium, which serves as an antioxidant and helps preserve muscle integrity, are also included.

This formula is intended to aid in the regeneration of injured tissues as well as the creation of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints.

This is a simple supplement to use: Simply sprinkle the powder over your horse’s feed on a regular basis.

A 70-day supply for one horse is included in the box. It can also be administered to other animals that require joint care, such as goats and dogs.


  • Promotes joint, inflammatory, and respiratory health
  • It is intended to heal damaged tissues.
  • The box includes a 70-day supply.


  • Is unflavored for maximum palatability.


Horse Supplement Majesty’s Flex Joint Support Wafers

Flex Wafers by Majesty provide exceptional joint support for horses of all ages.

The mixture is intended to support a horse’s complete range of motion so that they may continue to enjoy their favorite activities without huffing and puffing in pain at the end of the day.

As your horse matures, it can also help lessen discomfort and inflammation caused by arthritis.

This supplement contains five different supporting ingredients: glucosamine, yucca, MSM, ascorbic acid, and chondroitin sulfate.

The product comes in wafer format, which functions as a treat for your horse during snack time and allows you an opportunity to engage with your horse through hand-feeding.

There is no need to segregate the feed of horses who require supplementation from the feed of other horses that do not require supplementation because the wafers may be hand-fed to them.


  • It is available in a handy wafer form.
  • Contains five potent substances for joint support.
  • Simple to administrate


  • It is not intended to be combined with feed.


Apple Elite Electrolyte Powder by Farnam Horse Supplement with Apple Flavor

Hardworking and highly energetic horses rapidly lose electrolytes, which must be replaced to avoid dehydration and mineral loss.

Farnam Apple Elite electrolyte horse supplements are intended to replace lost fluids and minerals after a hard day on the trail or in the competition arena.

This is also an excellent supplement to give horses on hot, sunny days when dehydration and hyperthermia are dangers. It is available in powder form and may be mixed into either the water or feed tub.

The product can be used ahead of time to supplement a horse’s electrolyte requirements. For example, you can utilize the supplement the day before a concert or competition to ensure that they have the necessary support while performing.

This powder is flavored to taste like apples, as the name implies. Adding it to your horse’s water source can encourage him to drink more water when necessary.


  • Replaces electrolytes that have been lost owing to intense perspiration and exertion.
  • It is available in powder form and may be mixed with feed or water.
  • Can be taken prior to increased exertion to reduce dehydration and mineral loss.


  • Artificial tastes are present.
  • Some horses may find it excessively sweet.


Equine Behavior Support with Vetoquinol Zylkene 2000 mg Apple Flavor Powder Horse Supplement


This supplementary product is intended to assist horses decrease tension and promote relaxation. It does not include any additives that will make your horse sleepy.

It does, however, include substances like alpha-capsazepine (found in cow’s milk) that help naturally regulate stress hormones and provide calming effects without the use of man-made chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Vetoquinol Zylkene was developed as a safe and effective alternative to prescription medications by veterinarians.

This solution can assist your horse in surviving a variety of stressful conditions without losing their desire for food and water. Your horse can travel, compete, go to the vet, and adjust to new social situations with ease and mental alertness.

This product is lactose-free and has no artificial flavors or colorings, so it will not disrupt delicate digestive systems in horses.


  • Reduces stress in a range of scenarios.
  • There are no artificial components.
  • Lactose-free


  • It’s too pricey to use on a regular basis; it’s intended for occasional usage only.
  • The packaging is difficult to open.


Brewer’s Yeast Horse Supplement by Thomas Labs

This is a fundamental supplement for overall health that is unusual in that it may be used by horses, dogs, and birds.

The mixture is intended to support good digestion, a smooth and velvety coat, a strong immune system, and a sense of well-being.

Garlic, selenium, vital amino acids, and chromium are all included in Thomas Labs brewer’s yeast supplements.

They also include organically produced yeast, which is a great source of B vitamins that can help stimulate your horse’s metabolism and strengthen their immune system.

This product is available in powder form and is simple to include into the feed. However, even when the lid is properly shut, the powder becomes compressed and clings together in high-humidity environments.


  • Encourage overall health and energy
  • Horses, dogs, and birds are all welcome.


  • The powder does not fare well in humid settings.
  • If the powder is not blended with water before administration, it readily settles to the bottom of the feeding container.


Horse Supplements Vita Horse Supplement Biotin Molasses Flavor Crumbles

This supplement is intended to be used in conjunction with normal feed for optimal nutrient absorption.

Horse Supplements Dehydrated alfalfa, wheat middlings, vegetable oil, molasses, crushed limestone, and biotin are all included in Vita Biotin horse supplements.

These nutrients operate in tandem to improve digestion, carb digesting, and water retention. This supplement also contains a good amount of calcium, which helps to promote appropriate bone development over time.

Horse Health Supplements Vita Biotin is intended to promote hoof health, coat shine, and general brain health.

It’s in powder form and comes with a measuring scoop, so you always know how much you’re giving your horse at any given moment.

One issue we encountered was that the powder quickly settles to the bottom of the feeding tub, which means that slow-eating horses may miss out on part of the supplementing.


  • Provides assistance with general health.
  • Real food, such as dried alfalfa and limestone, is included.


  • Contains vegetable oil, which may contribute to unwelcome weight gain.
  • Included as preservatives are acetic acids, which are neither nutritious nor essential.

Final Decision

For the best horse nutritional supplements, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) thinks that Probios Equine Probiotic Soft Chews are inexpensive, come in a pleasant apple taste, and aid in digestive balance for maximum nutrient absorption.

Buyer's Guide

Purchasing horse supplements should include more than just determining which are the most economical and which promise to provide what you want.

There are various things you can do to make the supplement-buying process easier and to assure long-term success. Here are a few pointers to think about.

How to Determine Your Horse’s Exact Needs

Before you decide which vitamins to give your horse, you need first determine what sort of nutrition they require.

Just because they don’t appear to be performing or looking their best does not guarantee that any supplement will solve their problems.

It is critical to have a veterinarian examine your horse and do tests to assist you identify what vitamins you should be giving your horse.

Your veterinarian can advise you on which substances to look for and which to avoid, which is especially crucial if your pet is allergic to anything.

Keep an eye on your horse’s behavior and document any changes in coat health, lung health, joint or bone discomfort, or overall health so your vet can assist you choose the sorts of supplements to consider.

Choosing How Frequently to Offer Supplements

Once you’ve decided which supplements to give your horse, you’ll need to determine how frequently those supplements should be given to them.

For example, if your horse need a vitamin C supplement to boost their immune system, should they be given a vitamin C tablet once a day or once a week?

Everything is determined by their present vitamin C levels, which leads us back to the veterinarian.

Blood tests can be performed to assess the precise amounts of nutrients taken and processed into your horse’s body for active utilization.

These tests will assist you in determining whether your horse is lacking in any specific nutrient and, if so, the degree of the shortage.

When all is said and done, you can then pick supplements to satisfy those deficiency needs and have a happier and healthier horse.

Determining if combining supplements is appropriate for your horse

Your horse may be lacking in several nutrients, or they may have a nutritional shortage in addition to a joint problem. Regardless, deciding whether to mix supplements to suit all of your horse’s needs might be difficult.

You may mix supplements to build an unique treatment program that matches your horse’s present and long-term demands if you provide them really natural supplements that are developed to address particular needs.

If you are ever in doubt, call your veterinarian so that you may collaborate on developing the particular regimen that your horse requires.

You may need to experiment a little, but with the advice of a vet, you should be able to avoid the things that will cost you money without benefiting your horse’s general health.

If anything, you can receive professional guidance on the precise nutrients that your horse need, and then you may determine how to best offer those nutrients at home through supplements.

Keeping Your New Horse Supplements Safe

Another consideration when purchasing horse vitamins is how you will keep them. What type of packaging does the supplement come in? How successfully does the packaging keep air out?

These are critical considerations since excessive air exposure might cause a supplement to become rancid and unusable. So, read customer evaluations and contact the selling firm to see how their bundle works.

If required, you may keep your horse supplements in a 5-gallon bucket with a lid or any comparable container to protect them from the weather.

Especially if the supplement comes in a protective container, it should not be kept outside, even if it claims to be weather resistant.

Moisture and humidity can alter the quality of a supplement product, making it less effective over time.

A supplement may need to be stored in the refrigerator or in a dark area of your house. Some supplements may thrive in sunshine and can be stored near meal bowls.

Before purchasing a horse supplement, research the recommended storage procedures to ensure that you can satisfy its requirements.

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