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The 9 Best Horse Care Liniments

Similar to humans, horses experience injuries, edema, arthritis, and muscle rips. When a person experiences this type of discomfort, they typically seek medication to alleviate it.

There are numerous disadvantages to administering drugs orally, especially for horses. But topical remedies are simple to implement and frequently more effective.

Liniments are the most effective topical treatment for wounded horses. Whether a horse is suffering from arthritis, a sprained joint, a broken bone, or any other condition, horse liniment can be given to the affected area to relieve discomfort and swelling while boosting circulation for faster healing.

As with most treatments, horse liniments are available in a variety of formulations, and not all are equally effective. To assist you in deciding which one is best for your horse, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compared and contrasted the best horse care liniments so that you can make an informed selection.


Absorbine Veterinary Sore Muscle

Absorbine horse liniment gel is a topical analgesic that decreases pain and inflammation in horses. It gives relief to aching muscles and joints and promotes healing by reducing localized swelling.

This liniment contains natural components, including menthol and botanical extracts. Instead of synthetic chemicals, this liniment contains echinacea, witch hazel, and calendula.

This gel consistency is thick and non-runny, making it easy to use and non-greasy, unlike most liniments. However, it has a strong odor, so you may wish to use gloves when applying it in order to avoid absorbing the aroma into your skin.

This gel is somewhat more concentrated than other formulations, therefore less is required to complete the task. It is our preferred horse liniment gel and the one we recommend to the majority of users.


  • Non-oily formulation
  • Gel consistency facilitates application.
  • Helps with pain from injuries and arthritis
  • Contains natural menthol and botanical ingredients.
  • Reduces localized pain


  • Overpowering odor


Horse Health Green Jelly Cool Pack

The Horse Health Cool Pack liniment, which comes in a 64-ounce jar at a reasonable price, is likely the best horse liniment for the money.

Because it is a jelly, its thick consistency makes it easier to apply because it will not run everywhere and create a huge mess.

In contrast to other liniments, this one is quite gentle. It is still powerful enough to be effective, but it will not burn or blister human skin.

In reality, many individuals utilize this liniment to treat their own problems, but we do not encourage doing so.

The cooling effect of this liniment, despite its name, is rather mild. What truly counts is that it is highly successful in reducing the swelling and pain associated with injuries, arthritis, sore muscles, ligaments, bucked shins, and other conditions.


  • Priced affordably relative to quantity
  • A thick consistency facilitates application.
  • Will not result in blisters or burns
  • Reduces pain and inflammation


  • The effect on cooling is modest.


Vetrolin Liniment Gel

The Vetrolin Liniment Gel is by far the most expensive of our choices. Nevertheless, it is a highly effective recipe, which is why it is our top recommendation.

This liniment enhances blood flow wherever it is applied. As with other liniments, it reduces pain and swelling caused by arthritis, injuries, and other conditions.

This formula is considerably more potent than others. It can also cause skin burns. If you use it without gloves, you may experience a burning rash. However, it is suitable for horses and contains hyaluronic acid to nourish the coat of your horse.

This formula is recommended despite its expensive price because it is also incredibly effective. Just avoid getting it on your skin and don’t apply it on yourself; it’s only for horses.


  • Improves circulation
  • Hyaluronic acid is beneficial to the coat.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves discomfort


  • Costlier than other formulations
  • Can cause burns if left on for too long.


Manna Pro 1000193 62620

Even while the Manna topical analgesic veterinary liniment is a useful treatment, it is not quite as potent as other liniments, which is one reason why we did not suggest it among the top three.

However, there is a hidden benefit here: this mixture is gentle enough to use on dogs. This also implies that it is less effective for your horse, so if he is experiencing significant discomfort or swelling, you may want to use a stronger formulation.

The menthol and eucalyptus in this liniment enhance circulation. It comes in a lotion form that is easy to use because it is not liquid or runny. Despite this, it is somewhat oily.

It will leave a greasy film on your hands that is difficult to remove, so we recommend wearing gloves when working with this substance.


  • Menthol and eucalyptus enhance blood flow.
  • Suitable for use on canines
  • It is easy to apply lotion.


  • Less potent than other liniments
  • It is quite oily and leaves a film behind.


Thermoflex Vita Flex Liniment

The Vita Flex Thermaflex liniment, available in 12-ounce and 16-ounce bottles, is an effective product with application and packaging concerns. But it does work, and it works well.

This liniment has an immediate cooling impact upon application, allowing it to increase circulation. It also successfully reduces pain and swelling, and its formula is quite potent.

In fact, if it gets on your skin and you leave it on, it can cause severe burns. Certainly not the remedy for your personal aches and pains.

Unlike the lotions and gels on this list, Thermaflex is extremely watery, making it difficult to apply since it runs. Additionally, the bottle has a tendency to leak, making this a pretty dirty product altogether.


  • Provides instantaneous cooling
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation


  • A liquid fluidity is difficult to apply.
  • The bottle is leaking.
  • Can burn your skin

Final Decision

For the best horse care liniments, we recommend using the Absorbine Veterinary horse liniment gel. Despite being produced with natural chemicals such as menthol and herbal extracts in a gel form that is easy to apply and non-greasy, it is potent enough to provide significant pain relief and reduce inflammation.

If you’re on a tight budget, BestForPets (bestfrpets.org) recommends the Horse Health Cool pack liniment. This green jelly liniment alleviates pain and inflammation without causing blisters or burns, even on human skin. In addition, it offers great value, making it our budget option.

The Vetrolin Liniment Gel is our top-recommended product. It is quite potent and might burn human skin, but it is harmless for horses and even provides hyaluronic acid to your horse’s coat.

What to Consider when Buying a Horse Care Liniments?

One of the most effective ways to evaluate which of these liniments is best for you and your horse is to purchase and test each one.

Obviously, this is time-consuming and costly, and it will necessitate testing a large number of potentially inferior items on your horse.

You don’t have to go through all of that to compare various items, thankfully. This buyer’s guide will help you comprehend the various characteristics and qualities we compared to determine which liniments were our favorites.

If you understand these characteristics, you will be able to choose the liniment that best meets your needs without having to purchase and test each one.

Burns and Blisters

Liniments for horses are intended for horses and are safe for horse skin and coats. However, you must be careful while applying it to oneself. Some liniments, especially if left on the skin for an extended period of time, can cause burns.

Certain formulations can even induce rashes and blisters, whilst other liniments were too gentle to produce such complications. They are all safe for horses, but you must be cautious with your own skin.


The primary purpose of horse liniment is to increase your horse’s comfort by reducing discomfort and inflammation. While all horse liniments are intended for this purpose, not all of them are equally effective.

Some formulations are several times more effective than others, and these are frequently the same liniments that can cause skin irritation.

Nonetheless, if your horse is in serious pain or has significant swelling, you should seek out the most effective liniment available.

Added Benefits

The majority of liniments are designed to alleviate inflammation and pain. However, some blends contain specific substances that provide additional benefits for your horse.

Some liniments, for example, contain hyaluronic acid, which helps strengthen your horse’s coat while still giving all the benefits of an excellent horse liniment.

Quantity and Pricing

If you just need to use liniment on your horse for a limited period of time, you may be less concerned with price and quantity than with efficacy.

However, if your horse develops arthritis, you will need to use liniment for an extended period of time. In this instance, it is essential to choose a liniment that provides ample product for the cost.

Others cost closer to $0.50 per ounce. Obviously, many are priced in the center, allowing you to determine what fits your budget and stick to it.

Applying Horse Liniment To The Skin

Horse liniment is obviously intended for horses. However, the benefits of horse liniment could also be advantageous to many people.

As a result, numerous individuals appear to be seeking horse liniment for their personal problems, rather than for use on horses.

While we do not endorse this technique, many people swear by horse liniment for arthritis, aches, pains, and other ailments.

As previously indicated, certain horse liniments can induce an adverse skin reaction. These can also cause rashes, blisters, and burns, which are undesirable side effects of any drug.

Because of these negative effects, we do not advocate applying horse liniment to human skin.

Nonetheless, if you’ve decided that horse liniment is the appropriate treatment, you should hunt for one that won’t create burns, blisters, or rashes.

Keep in mind that the harshest liniments tend to be the most abrasive on the skin, so opt for something gentler and less potent.

You may also want to pick a liniment that does not have an overbearing stench, unless you want to exude that odor throughout the day!

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