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The 11 Best High-Sided Litter Boxes For Cats

There are many enjoyable activities, but cleaning up after a cat that sprays excessively is not one of them. Cat urine is not only unpleasant but also destructive to floors and walls.

Is it possible to educate a cat not to spray excessively? No. Even though cats are clever creatures, they cannot learn this lesson.

Accept that your cat is a high-sprayer, and then select a litter box with high sides to hold it, so that you may live in harmony with your pet. High-sided litter pans are pans with higher sides than normal litter pans.

But how can you select the best high-sided litter boxes for cats? Here is a comprehensive assessment of the greatest and most popular alternatives listed by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to help you make a decision.


Best Value: Nature’s Miracle High Sided Cat Litter Box

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on a litter box, and the Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box ensures that you don’t.

It’s really reasonable, and it easily earns our recommendation as the best high-sided litter box for high-spraying cats for the money.

It offers antimicrobial protection on all surfaces to keep bacteria out, and the open-top design allows cats easy access and makes cleaning simple.

However, even if the overall height of the litter box is 11 inches, if you have a huge cat who sprays a lot, you may still have issues.

If you have a cat who likes to dig, it might cause a mess. This is especially true if your cat faces the opening, since it drops much lower.


WiFi Self-Cleaning Litter-Robot Premium Choice Litter Box

If you don’t care about the cost of a new litter box and prefer a hassle-free experience, the Litter-Robot WiFi Enabled Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the way to go.

It’s a self-cleaning litterbox that accomplishes everything you could ever want.

The litter box comes with an app that alerts you when it’s time to replace the bag and is housed in a carbon-filtered waste drawer.

Furthermore, the cleaning functions are weight-activated, and it includes an automated night light to help your cat see what they’re doing in the dark.

All you’ll ever need to do with this litter box is add litter and empty bags, providing you a premium experience from start to finish.

However, there is little doubt that you will pay a premium as well.


Top-Entry Cat Litter Box by Clevercat

The Clevercat Top-Entry Cat Litter Box is a top-entry litterbox that performs an excellent job of keeping messes contained and other pets at bay.

It completely encloses everything for optimal mess containment, and the rough cover cleans dirty paws as cats depart the litterbox.

However, aged or crippled cats may find it difficult to enter through the upper entry. It also has a high price tag. It’s also quite little!

This isn’t a bad option, however the #1 decision on this list will save you some money.


Advanced Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box by Nature’s Miracle

The Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Advanced Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box is one corner litter box worth investigating.

It contains an antibacterial covering to keep bacteria at bay and a removable charcoal filter to keep odors at bay.

Still, the corner shape sells this box because it saves space while being unobtrusive.

However, it’s a little pricey for a no-frills litter box. It also lacks a flip door to keep the mess in and other dogs out.


Silver Oval Hooded Litter Box by Nature’s Miracle

The Nature’s Miracle Silver Oval Hooded Litter Box is an excellent idea, but it falls short in execution.

Because the seal around the litter box isn’t the best, if your cat sprays directly into the edge of the box, you can have a problem to clean up.

If everything stays in the box, however, the flip-top front makes cleanup simple, and the changeable charcoal filter, combined with the built-in odor neutralizer, keeps litterbox aromas at bay.

Finally, the litter box’s nonstick surface aids in the cleanup of unintentional spray.

The Best High-Sided Litter Box for High-Spraying Cats: A Buyer's Guide

A litter box with high sides will prevent your pet from spraying and save you the trouble of cleaning pee off walls and floors. But what characteristics should be considered while purchasing this litter box?

Front Access Litter Box

In recent years, top-entry litter boxes have gained popularity. What’s the reason? They are more effective in containing cats’ excrement and spraying.

In addition, the top of these litter boxes cleans a cat’s paws as it exits. This stops your pet from spreading litter around your home.

The sole disadvantage of the top-entry litter box is that it is difficult for older cats with health concerns to enter. In addition, they are ineffective if your cat cannot enter the box.


Even if you have a cat that sprays excessively, you do not absolutely need a huge litter box. Instead, search for one with sufficient room for your pet to enter, spin around, and bury a few feces while doing its business.

How long should the box be for your cat? This is the distance between your cat’s nose and its tail tip. The breadth should be equal to the length of your pet’s body without the tail.

Since your cat is a high sprayer, the height of the litter box should be your top priority. Consider one with an additional three to four inches between the cat’s head and the top of the box. Remember to account for these additional inches after adding litter.

In addition, the litter box’s entrance and exit should measure between 5 and 6 inches for convenient access. However, if your cat has movement concerns, a 2.5 to 3.5-inch opening is recommended.

Covered Litter Box

If your cat enjoys solitude while doing its business, you should acquire a covered litter box for it. Hooded litter boxes are especially great for households with small children and dogs, as they keep them away from solid waste.

When searching for a covered litter box, make sure there is sufficient area for your cat to dig and a suitable height for spraying. Additionally, it should facilitate access and exit.

Remember that hooded, high-sided litter boxes are not ideal for asthmatic or arthritic cats.

Open-Air Litter Boxes

If you’re not a fan of covered litter boxes, you may choose the uncovered models. These are simple to operate and clean.

However, they are not as effective as litter boxes with covers and may not contain all spraying.

Self-Cleaning Waste Receptacles

Self-cleaning litter boxes are more costly, but they eliminate cat-related smells and save time. They remove the need for daily scooping and give a clean pan each time your cat use the device.

Unfortunately, these enclosures may be frightening for kittens and adult cats. Also, because you no longer interact with your cat’s feces, it is impossible to detect any changes that may indicate an impending health issue.

N+1 Rule

Veterinarians recommend getting an additional litter box for every cat you own. Therefore, if you have one cat, you will want two litter boxes. Why? It prevents the majority of toileting issues. Remember that after adding litter, these boxes should have an additional three inches of height to restrict the spraying.

Additionally, if your home has many levels, you should provide a litter box on each floor.

Location of the Wastebasket

Even if you purchase the nicest high-sided litter box, placing it in a busy hallway corner near your cat’s food may be ineffective.

It turns out that cats prefer performing their business in open locations. Thus, they can observe their surroundings and escape predators. In addition, placing the litter box in an open space prevents you from having to clean pee off your walls.

How to Stop Your Cat from Spraying in the Air

How else can you prevent your cat from spraying above the litter box now that you’ve identified the top 10 high-sided litter boxes?

First, ensure that the litter box is cleaned frequently. This is due to the fact that cats like a clean litter box. If your pet learns that the litter box has not been cleaned, it may spray around it.

In addition, your male cat likely sprays since he is unneutered. If you have no intention of reproducing the cat, why not neuter it?

In addition, your cat may be bored, which can lead to tension and excessive spraying. To combat boredom, improve the cat’s environment with engaging toys or a comfy cat bed.

Finally, never yell or chastise your pet for excessive spraying, as this causes stress. Instead, request that your veterinarian investigate any underlying health issues. You may also find a cat behaviorist to assist in determining the source of the issue.


These evaluations should have taken you through all you need to know to select the best litter box for your pet.

If you’re looking to save money, the Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box is an excellent option.

Finally, if you want a hassle-free experience, the Litter-Robot WiFi Enabled Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is an excellent alternative – even though it may be expensive!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed our reviews of the best high-sided litter boxes for cats on the market.

We wish you the best of success in selecting the model that is best suited to your kitty friend’s needs.

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