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The 9 Best High-Calorie Cat Foods

If your cat struggles to gain weight for genetic or health-related reasons, a high-calorie cat food may be a smart choice. This kind of cat chow has calorie-dense ingredients to help your cat acquire and maintain a healthy weight.

High-calorie cat meals are appropriate for cats of all ages and breeds, ensuring that they ingest enough calories to meet their daily needs. Feeding your cats high-calorie diets is a natural method to raise their weight while giving them with the nutrients and minerals they need to be healthy.

In this article, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has analyzed some of the best high-calorie cat foods for weight increase so that you may choose the ideal product for your cat.


Grain-Free Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

The finest cat food for gaining weight is Blue Buffalo Wildernesses high-protein cat food. The high protein content of this cat chow assists in weight management and maintenance. This diet promotes healthy hair, skin, and muscles in adult cats.

Taurine has been added to the mix for the health of the eyes and heart. It supplies your cat with sufficient protein and premium nutrients to combat weight loss, as well as essential antioxidants and amino acids for weight growth.

This dish is grain-free and has been substituted with nutritious carbs such as sweet potatoes and peas.

The formulation has been meticulously chosen by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to maintain a healthy immune system while being inexpensive for many cat owners.


  • Immune support
  • Weight management
  • Grain-free dish


  • Excessive carbohydrate content


Adult Perfect Weight Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food by Hill’s Science Diet

The Hill’s Science Selective weight control food is an excellent option. This cat food has been created for weight control. This diet provides components for the development of lean muscle and is an excellent, long-lasting weight support food for cats.

Hill’s pet food has natural ingredients and is recommended by veterinarians worldwide. This dish’s primary components are chicken, tomato, and rice, with a variety of fruits and vegetables added for extra nutritional value.

Cranberries, one of the components, may assist strengthen your cat’s urinary system.

This mix features more natural components and less fillers than the brand’s other products, making it healthier. However, this cuisine contains a significant amount of fillers in the form of maize and chicken meal.


  • Weight management
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Desirable chicken taste


  • Numerous fillings
  • Low-fat percentage


Blue Buffalo Healthy Development Recipe for Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Cat Food

This cat food’s first component is chicken, which helps kittens develop strong muscles while promoting weight growth and management. The dish also contains nutritious grains, garden vegetables, and fruits to promote health and boost the immune system.

This diet satisfies the exact nutritional needs for kittens’ healthy growth and development. It may also assist in weight growth since each component has a sufficient amount of calories and protein.

In addition to helping kittens grow weight, this food offers high quantities of vitamins and minerals while excluding possible allergies including wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

This product is inexpensive and budget-friendly, making it an excellent weight growth food for kittens under 12 months old. Although the price is reasonable, the food’s total weight is little, which means it will not last long.


  • Affordable
  • Promotes the growth and development of kittens.
  • Weight management formula


  • Small portion size
  • The product has been recalled due to levels of hazardous lead


Grain-Free Sheba Perfect Portions Seafood Pate Variety Pack Cat Food Trays.

This wet cat food offers gravy-coated, moist kibble with an entree of white fish and tuna. This meal is soft and delicious for cats, and the gravy may convince even the pickiest felines to consume it.

Compared to canned cat food, the Sheba Perfect Portions cat food is less messy. The trays are handy and well-portioned. This cat chow is manufactured without probable allergies such as grains, maize, wheat, soy, artificial colors, and preservatives.

This meal is suitable for both kittens and older cats. The high protein content aids in weight growth, and your cat reaps the health advantages connected with the protein-rich components. It does have a distinct fish odor, which some cat owners may find offensive.


  • Appealing to picky eaters
  • No allergens
  • Ideal for kittens to elderly felines


  • Strong fish stench


Wellness Essential Grain-Free Formulation

Wellness Core dry cat food is an additional excellent choice for cat meals that promote weight growth. This dish has a chicken taste that might attract picky diners. Each kibble is densely packed with animal proteins, such as chicken and turkey.

This superfood is nutrient-dense and includes nutritional supplements. Together, veterinarians and animal nutritionists have developed a comprehensive and balanced diet for adult cats.

This meal provides various advantages for your cat, as it contains a wide variety of high-quality components to boost your cat’s weight.

Because food avoidance is a significant cause of feline malnutrition, the taste and texture of the food might encourage picky cats to eat. The formula also promotes the health of your cat’s skin, coat, eyes, and teeth.

No dangerous substances were used in the formulation of this product, and each component was picked for its nutritional value and non-GMO status. This food’s high protein content may help your cat achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


  • GMO-free ingredients
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Excellent protein content


  • Pricey


Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food for Adults and Seniors

The primary component in this dish is actual chicken. Additionally, it includes an assortment of nutrient-dense and flavorful natural components.

This cuisine contains vital antioxidants for enhanced immunity, fiber for good digestion, and vitamins and minerals for optimal health. These components are effective in controlling a cat’s weight and maintaining its ideal weight.

This recipe utilizes non-GMO ingredients and excludes soy, chicken byproducts, artificial colors, and flavors. Omega-6 fatty acids are abundant in Nutro Wholesome adult cat food for healthy skin and hair.

This diet has split peas and grains towards the top of the ingredient list, which might be a drawback if you’re seeking protein-rich cat food.


  • Authentic chicken formula
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Rich in Omega-6


  • A high proportion of grains and carbohydrates
  • Lacks moisture


Formulated for weight control in cats, Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Cat Food is one of our recommendations for the best high-calorie cat foods. This cat food is highly suggested if you want to begin your cat’s road toward weight control.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) also believe that Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food is an excellent wet cat food for cats that are picky eaters and refuse to eat other dry cat foods, which can lead to weight loss.

Buyer's Guide

What kind of high-calorie cat meals exist?

Dry (Adult) (Adult)

Dry food for adult cats is a popular option among cat owners. This sort of food is commonly accessible, inexpensive, and has a balanced amount of protein, fiber, and fat for adult cats’ weight increase.

This sort of food lacks the moisture that cats need, but cats may find the crispy texture more appetizing. Because the odor is not strong, you may feed your cat inside without worrying about the food permeating your house.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is recommended.

Wet (Adult) (Adult)

This resembles a pate or cat chow that has been coarsely chopped and coated in a sauce. If your cat is picky when it comes to food, moist cat food is an excellent alternative.

Not only are these meals more appealing to your cat in terms of texture and aroma, but they are also more natural and contain sufficient amounts of moisture.

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food is recommended.

Dry (Kitten) (Kitten)

This sort of food has been created with the developing body of a kitten in mind. They are rich in protein, fat, and fiber, all of which contribute to your kitten’s growth. Dry kitten diets are also excellent for weight maintenance.

Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Natural Dry Cat Food is recommended.

Why choose cat food rich in calories?

Cats that struggle to acquire or maintain weight should be placed on a weight-management-friendly diet. These feeds will offer elevated quantities of fat and protein to assist your cat in gaining weight.

These meals are better suited for cats that refuse to eat their regular food or for cats whose diet lacks proper nutritional analyses.

For long-term weight increase and maintenance, high-calorie cat meals may be used as a replacement for supplementary supplements that most cats reject.

Ideal Assurance Evaluation for Weight Gain (Dry Foods)

  • Protein: approximately 28%-40%
  • Fat: about 10%-25%
  • Fiber: 5%-12%
  • Calories: 280-450 kcal per cup

Ideal Assurance Evaluation for Weight Gain (Wet Foods)

  • Protein: 5%-10%
  • Fat: 1.5%-4%
  • Fiber: 1%-5%
  • 28 to 50 calories per serving

Keeping this in mind, you may examine the various cat feeds to decide which ones have sufficient protein, fat, fiber, and calories for weight growth.

Factors to consider

The food should not include any allergens that your cat is sensitive to. This might inhibit their desire to eat, leading to more weight problems and overall discomfort.

For weight increase, the cat diet should have high quantities of protein and enough amounts of carbs. Fiber is essential for digestion, thus it should also be taken into account.

Choose only dishes with high-quality ingredients. When provided a balanced diet, cats may gain weight and improve their health. Unnecessary fillers have no effect on the weight of your cat and might be termed empty calories.

Avoid eating goods labeled “weight loss” or “light.” These meals have no effect on weight growth and may lead your cat to lose more weight. This form of diet is more suitable for cats who cannot regulate their weight and are obese.

Consider your money to ensure that the long-term diet you choose is reasonable.

Are weight gain cat meals long-term sustainable?

Yes, the primary advantage of high-calorie cat meals is that they are suitable for long-term usage across all of your cat’s life phases. These meals may be served without issue to kittens, adults, and elderly cats.

High-calorie cat feeds will not lead a cat to move from being underweight to obese; rather, they will stimulate a cat to gain lean muscle and healthy fat while stabilizing their weight once it has reached a healthy level.

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