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The 8 Best Heron Deterrents For Fish Ponds

Maintaining the health and happiness of your pond's fish should be one of your top considerations when it comes to pond maintenance.

Large birds, like as herons, are one of the most prevalent predators of pond fish. Keeping fish safe from predators is a major priority when it comes to fish.

Herons will gladly wade across your pond every day if they believe they will be rewarded with fish, so establishing an atmosphere that is unwelcoming to herons is an excellent method to protect your fish.

BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) evaluations highlight the best heron deterrents for fish ponds to keep your fish safe and your pond heron-free.


Orbit 62100 Yard Yardman

Effective and inexpensive, the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer is the perfect heron repellent for ponds. This device is a motion-activated sprinkler system that may be programmed to function exclusively during daylight, nighttime, or 24 hours.

It is equipped with clever detecting technology that prevents it from triggering when trees or other non-animal objects move. It operates on four AA batteries, which will last for around 7,500 activations, and each activation requires less than 2 cups of water.

This device requires a nearby faucet and a garden hose in order to be connected. It is advised that you purchase a y-splitter so that you may reach the spicket without disabling the Yard Enforcer.


  • Motion-activated
  • Contains diverse activation settings
  • Intelligent sensing technology
  • 7,500 activations per battery replacement
  • Only 2 glasses of water are required each activation.


  • Requires a nearby water source and garden hose
  • Best when used with a y-splitter

AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting

The AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit is the most cost-effective heron repeller for ponds. This set contains 300 square feet of thick 3/8-inch netting and 14 plastic stakes that are reusable.¬†This netting covers the pond’s surface, preventing herons from accessing the water.

In addition to keeping cats and other predators out of ponds, pond netting may help prevent leaves and other waste from entering the pond. This netting is durable enough to protect your pond for many years.

Pond netting may obscure your view of the pond, diminishing its appeal. In addition, some individuals find it difficult to clean and maintain the pond since they must remove portion of the netting to have access to the water.


  • Contains 300 square feet of net
  • Plastic stakes are reusable
  • Prevents the entry of herons and other predators
  • Keeps trash from entering the pond
  • Built to survive for decades


  • Reduces the visibility of the pond
  • For purposes of cleaning and maintenance, netting must be partially removed.

Protective EasyPro Pond Garden Cover Net

The EasyPro PCT1014 Pond Cover Protective Net Tent is a durable, quality product option. This 10′ x 14′ net tent is made of 3/8-inch UV-resistant nylon and is 10′ x 14′.

The package consists of netting, a 12-inch band with tie loops attached to the bottom of the netting, fiberglass poles, stakes, and a storage bag.

This tent is a terrific solution to shield your pond from herons and trash, and it can be removed quickly for pond maintenance and cleaning.

This tent diminishes the sight of the pond since it completely covers its surface. Although highly effective, it is not the most attractive heron deterrent, and it is expensive.


  • Strong nylon netting with UV protection
  • 10 feet by one foot of pond covering
  • Includes everything necessary to set up, use, and store the tent.
  • Highly efficient against herons and garbage
  • Can be readily removed for pond care and cleaning.


  • May diminish the pond’s visual appeal.
  • Premium price

The Flambeau Outdoors Lone Howler Coyote Decoy is a solitary coyote decoy.

The Flambeau Outdoors Lone Howler Coyote Decoy is an excellent heron deterrent if you’re seeking for something that won’t have any negative influence on your pond.

This life-size coyote decoy is meant to resemble an adult coyote, complete with a faux-fur tail, wire backbone, and flexible ears that allow for a variety of mounting choices.

The flexible backbone also permits some movement in the breeze, producing an impression of life. The complete dimensions of this decoy are 3″ x 9″ x 25″.

This decoy requires a huge, artificial coyote to be placed in your yard, which may not be the ideal solution for everyone. Some individuals believe that decoys are not successful against all herons; therefore, this is not a definite solution to your heron problem.


  • Does not restrict pond access or affect its look.
  • Authentic resemblance
  • Realistic coyote decoy
  • Body and ears that move


  • Keep a large decoy in your yard.
  • May be ineffective against certain herons

PROpondNET Koi Pond Netting Cover

The PROpondNET Koi Pond Netting Cover is a robust alternative to pond netting for keeping herons out of your pond. This netting is offered in 7’x 10′, 14’x 20′, and 28’x 30′ sizes. UV-resistant nylon netting that is designed not to tangle or rip.

It limits access to the surface of your pond, preventing herons and garbage from entering. Included sturdy, reusable stakes facilitate installation.

Similar to other pond netting, this netting obscures the surface of your pond, diminishing its aesthetic appeal. It may also make cleaning and upkeep more laborious.


  • Offered in three sizes
  • Made from UV-resistant nylon
  • Resists tangling and ripping
  • Prevents herons and garbage from entering a pond.


  • Detracts from the aesthetics of the pond
  • Makes upkeep and cleaning more time-consuming

Floating Geniff Alligator Head

The Geniff Floating Alligator Head is an additional effective decoy for keeping heron away from your pond. This imitation alligator head measures 13.8″ x 3.7″ x 2.6″ and has the dimensions 13.8″ x 3.7″ x 2.6″.

It creates the illusion of an alligator chasing prey in the water as it floats in the pond. It is constructed from high-quality plastic with a protective covering that prevents paint or other pollutants from seeping into the water. The head can be anchored or left to float freely.

Using this lure will result in an alligator’s head floating around your pond. When permitted to float, this head is frequently sucked into pond skimmers, according to several individuals. Typically, paint begins to peel or rub off over time.


  • Produces the appearance of a predator in the pond
  • High-grade resin
  • No paint or chemical leaching into water
  • Can be anchored or left afloat.


  • Floats on the water
  • May become entangled in pond skimmers.
  • Paint may flake or flake off

Monarchy Solutions Premium Metal Bird Deterrent Discs

The Monarchy Solutions Premium Metal Bird Deterrent Discs are metallic discs that may be affixed to trees, poles, and other elevated surfaces. This 16-piece set of hanging discs can deter herons with their movement and shiny reflection.

These are harmless to animals and will not damage your pond’s aesthetic. Each kit consists of sixteen discs, eight hooks, eight rotating parts that provide movement, and twenty-four connecting rings.

This item is shipped unassembled, so you will need to assemble it when you receive it. If your pond does not have trees or other elevated surfaces, you will need to install something to hang these discs from.

If they are in a shady region that does not reflect light, they may not produce reflections or discernible movement to frighten away herons.


  • Set of sixteen metal discs
  • Non-harmful to animals
  • Will not impact the visual appeal of your pond.
  • Kit contains everything required to construct eight hanging sets.


  • Comes unassembled
  • Requires an elevated surface to hang.
  • Must be at a location where it will be illuminated.

Bird Barrier Daddi Long Legs Spider Bird Repellent Devices

The Bird Barrier Daddi Long Legs Spider Bird Repellent Device is a metallic object with protruding “arms” that, when viewed from above, form a starburst pattern.

This is harmless for animals and frightens herons by causing unpredictability in their movements. It has a diameter of 6 feet and may be put on virtually any surface. Despite its unique look, it is designed to be unobtrusive.

This product must be installed on a surface and may be visible around small ponds or in smaller yards. If installed too far away from your pond or in a well-concealed region, this will not be effective against heron. It will function optimally if put in or near your pond.


  • Harmless to animals
  • 6-foot diameter
  • Installable on virtually any surface
  • Inconspicuous in vast regions


  • Demands a mounting surface
  • Possibly noticeable
  • If positioned too far from the pond, it will not operate.
  • It must be erected in the vicinity of the pond.


BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org)¬†evaluations may have assisted you in locating an effective heron deterrent for your pond. The best heron deterrents for fish ponds overall is the Orbit Yard Enforcer, which sprays water to frighten away herons.

The AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit is an excellent solution for protecting the surface of your pond if you are on a tight budget.

The best premium product to prevent herons is the EasyPro Pond Cover Protective Net Tent, which combines pond netting with simple pond access


Why are Herons detrimental to garden ponds?

Herons are detrimental to garden ponds because they can consume all of the fish in one sitting. With a population of 9.5k in the United Kingdom, heron problems are uncommon, especially if you reside in a populated location. However, if one is drawn to a pond, it might be terrible news for collectors of rare or valuable fish.

What Do Herons Consume?

The food of herons consists primarily of fish, although they also consume tiny amphibians, animals, and insects. Herons may even occasionally consume smaller birds.

Will a Heron continue to return?

Once a heron discovers a stable food supply, it will continue to return. This is why it is essential to install a heron deterrent for ponds before to encountering predatory birds, or as soon as you observe one in your pond. These birds are extremely determined and will go to considerable lengths to obtain your catch.

How Do Herons Fish in Ponds?

When a fish gets within striking distance, a heron will push its head forward, impaling it with its spear-shaped bill. Herons often wait patiently in the shallow sections of a pond.

This is referred to as a “bill stab.” They will even vomit in your pond, causing your fish to come dashing (well, swimming) in the belief that it is food!

Are Herons Nighttime Anglers?

Typically, herons forage for food in the wee hours of the morning or around twilight. However, they can and will eat throughout the night, especially if the moon is full or the region is well-lit.

Do Heron Decoys Function?

Yes, heron decoys can be effective at discouraging herons. The concept behind decoys is that herons are territorial and prefer to dine alone. If they believe that other herons are already seeking for food in your pond, they are more likely to avoid it and fly through.

However, they are not always effective. And it is preferable to combine them with other techniques to deter herons from your water.

How Can I Prevent Predators from Entering My Fish Pond?

You may efficiently keep most predators, such as herons, raccoons, snakes, cranes, etc., out of your pond by using numerous tactics described in this article, such as:

  • Utilizing pond netting as a barrier or pond guard to exclude predators.
  • Designed to deter pond predators, these decoys serve as an effective deterrent. Alligator heads may be utilized to repel herons and other birds, whilst owl decoys will assist in removing snakes and other predators.
  • A sprinkler that activates in response to predators approaching your pond or water garden.
  • Less prevalent solutions include repellents that create loud sounds and an electric fence that provides an electrical shock when touched. However, we have not had much success using noises as a deterrent (and they may be bothersome), and stunning wildlife is neither the most compassionate nor the safest alternative.
  • And remember that it might be impossible to keep all predators out of your pond, so equip your fish with adequate hiding places in case a predator does arrive.

Buyer's Guide

What Makes an Effective Heron Repellent?

There are various methods for deterring herons. The greatest option for heron deterrents is to choose a repellent that is safe for wildlife and pond creatures. Thus, decoys and reflecting devices are rendered effective.

Any device that produces abrupt noise, light, or reflection can be used to frighten heron. Netting and other objects that obstruct the pond’s surface prevent herons from entering and wading while searching for food. If they cannot get the water, they will seek alternative hunting grounds.

How to Select the Most Effective Heron Repellent for Your Pond


Choosing a repellent that retains your desired pond’s aesthetic is the best place to start. Neither a netting tent nor a decoy will be everyone’s top pick, so select something that complements the beauty of your pond area.

Pond Size

If your pond is a tiny pond in your backyard, you may probably get away with pond netting and metallic discs.

However, if your pond is less than one-eighth of an acre in size, pond netting and other modest solutions will not be suitable. In the event of a big pond, decoys, sprinklers, and reflectors are all viable choices that may be utilized in tandem.

Effortless access

Some people like pond netting for its effectiveness, however it impedes cleaning and maintenance access to the pond.

Choosing something that won’t hinder the pond’s surface is essential if you desire optimal view and easy access to your pond. This makes decoys and metallic items dangling from the ceiling an excellent starting point.

Additional Equipment

The majority of heron deterrents do not require any additional equipment. However, sprinklers and electrical devices require additional components, such as a garden hose, y-connector, batteries, and extension cable, for optimal operation.

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