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10 Best Hedgehog Wheels – Reviews & Top Picks

Hedgehogs are capable of daily running up to 13 km. Exercise for hedgehogs is one of their favorite pastimes. Hedgehogs are constantly on the move, scouring the forest in search of food.

Even so, hedgehogs have an innate need to flee just like any other animal.

Using a hedgehog wheel is the best method to ensure that your dog gets the exercise he needs while remaining safe and comfortable in your home.

To help you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) analyzed the best hedgehog wheels on the market today, studied customer reviews and tested merchandise, and we presented our findings in the hope that it will make your choice of a hedgehog wheel easier.


A hedgehog’s home wouldn’t be complete without a hedgehog wheel. Wheels keep your hedgehog active and prevent it from becoming bored.

In order to ensure that your hedgehog has a long and healthy life, it is critical that you provide it with appropriate enrichment. Hedgehogs are born with a strong urge to sprint. They enjoy running so much that they may put in many miles a day just doing it.

Keep away from wire mesh rims

Keep in mind the following considerations when purchasing a hedgehog wheel. Hedgehogs have different needs than mice, rats, or chinchillas; several of these wheels are offered as generic for rodents.

You should steer clear of wheels made out of mesh or with uneven running surfaces, as they are less safe options. Your hedgehog’s feet and paws should not get trapped in the wheel while it is running.

Does my hedgehog require a particularly large wheel?

When it comes to size, more is more. Hedgehogs like wheels with a diameter of 12 inches or less. Running on smaller wheels may be more difficult because of the increased cramping.

The thought of trying to run on a treadmill that’s only a few feet long would make you cringe. Larger wheels help your Hedgehog to move with a more natural stride since they allow him to completely extend his legs while he runs.

Is it important to consider how long something will last?

To provide a safe ride for your hedgehog, you must ensure that a wheel is strong enough to support the weight of your hedgehog.

Considering their speed, you’ll find that they’re capable of putting off a significant amount of force that can quickly turn over a weakly supported wheel. To ensure the actual can’t move far, you may want to use a wheel that attaches to the cage’s side.

Keeping things simple is key when it comes to cleanliness.

Finding a wheel that isn’t too tough to clean is also critical. Hedgehogs are meticulous creatures, but the task of cleaning their toys falls to you.

It is necessary to disassemble some of these wheels in order to keep them sanitary. select a wheel that you’re willing to spend time cleaning.

If you have a stiff brush and some warm water and mild detergent, you can clean most wheels with this method. If the wheel is really dirty, you may have to soak it. When shopping, keep in mind how many items you’ll need to clean.

There is an excessive amount of background noise.

A wheel’s noise level is a major consideration. Not all hedgehog wheels are quiet, despite their promises to the contrary. A little vegetable or coconut oil applied to the moving components may generally reduce the noise.

Ball bearings are used in several of these wheels’ unique designs to reduce noise. Make sure to keep in mind that hedgehogs are nocturnal animals.

When you’re unable to sleep at night, a wheel that appears to be rather quiet during the day will sound a thousand times louder.


To keep your hedgehog healthy and happy, you should use the hedgehog wheel. Our favorite hedgehog wheel is the Bestmemories Wooden Exercise Wheel.

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