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10 Best Hedgehog Carriers – Reviews & Top Picks

It can be difficult to choose the ideal hedgehog carrier as there are so many alternatives to choose from.

When it comes to shipping your hedgehog, carriers are more than just plastic crates. They have turned into companion cases that allow you to take your pet with you wherever you go.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed some of the best hedgehog carriers and compiled a number of reviews so you can make an informed decision when shopping for a carrier.

There are tons of options out there, so keep reading to find the one that's right for you.

A Hedgehog Carrier Buyer's Guide - What to Look for in a Carrier

When looking for the ideal hedgehog carrier, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. If you want to choose the right one for you and your hedgehog, keep these things in mind before making your final decision.


nocturnal animals, hedgehogs aren’t used to seeing a lot of daylight. As a result, many of them will like dimly lit, confined areas that resemble caves.

A carrier with a big viewing glass, like the LAIRIES Small Animal Carrier, would be a good choice for hedgehogs who enjoy spending time outside throughout the day.

It’s critical to observe your hedgehog’s behavior for any indications that excessive exposure to sunshine is making them uncomfortable. Scratching and digging are two options, as is curling up in a ball. Consider getting a carrier with thick walls if you’ve noticed that your hedgehog is more comfortable in a dark setting.


Plastic, vinyl, and fabric are the three most common materials used to make hedgehog carriers.


Carriers made of plastic are among of the most robust solutions for keeping your hedgehog safe from harm from the outside world.

The Frisco Top Loading Small Pet Carrier’s plastic cover provides one of the finest views of your pet. To keep your pet as calm as possible when traveling, you’ll want to take use of this function.

When it comes to plastics, the primary drawback is that they’re heavy and cumbersome to take around. In addition, it’s rare to obtain a container made of recycled plastic, and it’s usually rather pricey.


Vinyl is an excellent alternative to plastic if your hedgehog prefers a soft and comfy environment. Your hedgehog’s natural circadian clock will also benefit from the increased opacity provided by this type of enclosure.

Vinyl’s problem is that it isn’t completely waterproof. To clean up accidents in a non-machine-washable carrier, especially if the bottom cushion is not detachable, can be time consuming.


Hedgehogs prefer to travel in carriers made of fabric or other soft materials. Fleece is a great option for hedgehogs, especially if they have to be taken outside in the winter.

In addition to being machine-washable, cloth carriers make cleanup a breeze. To avoid leakage, look for a fabric carrier that has a waterproof bottom pad or additional padding on the bottom.

Cloth carriers’ biggest drawback is their tendency to lose their form. As a result, you must use extreme caution when lifting and moving the carrier, as your hedgehog may fall out.


Always bear in mind the intended use of the carrier. Using a basic plastic carrier like the Living World Small Animal Carrier to take your hedgehog to the veterinarian’s office is all you need.

For those who wish to take their hedgehog on a road trip, a vinyl carrier may be the best alternative. Look for a carrier with a shoulder strap if you want to take your hedgehog for a stroll and enjoy the outdoors.

What you’re looking for in a carrier is largely influenced by your specific requirements. Make sure you know why you need a carrier, and then seek for features that suit those requirements.


The Lairies Small Animal Carrier is the ultimate hedgehog transporter overall, as it is one of the safest solutions and reduces the discomfort of hedgehog movement.

One of our favorites is the LAIRIES Small Animal Carrier, which is made with high-quality materials and has a clever design that makes traveling with hedgehogs an enjoyable experience.

With so many different types of carriers, traveling with a hedgehog is a snap. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will help you keep in mind what you want to buy from a carrier in the first place. You will quickly discover the best hedgehog carriers.


In terms of value, this is the Living World Small Animal Carriers

  • Approximately 11.5″ wide by 9″ long by 8.3″ high.
  • Material: Plastic

It’s hard to beat the price of the Living World Small Animal Carrier when looking for quality carriers. Chew-resistant plastic is used to make it, ensuring total protection from the weather. Furthermore, washing the plastic is a breeze.

This carrier, like the Frisco Top Loading Small Pet Carrier, offers seclusion with a strong base and a clear top so that you can easily observe your hedgehog. The bottom compartment includes ridges to help your hedgehog maintain a firm grasp, and it has two handles to keep it from swinging about.

The lid is an important design element to keep in mind. If you drop the cage, it will most likely break because it is not strong enough to sustain the force of contact.

Living World Small Animal Carrier, on the other hand, is one of the greatest hedgehog carriers for the price you spend.” As a hedgehog’s best friend, it’s frequently rated as one of the most cheap alternatives on the market.


  • Plastic that can’t be chewed is used.
  • Simple to clean
  • Ridges on the surface to prevent it from sliding around
  • Two grips to keep you from swaying


  • Easily brittle lid


Come Along Small Animal Carrier for Hoglets by Kaytee – Recommended

  • The dimensions are 5″ W x 8″ L x 9″ H:
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with nylon

To ensure your hedgehog is as comfortable as possible when traveling, consider investing in a carrier like the Kaytee Come Along Small Animal Carrier.

Ventilation and visibility are provided through a wide mesh window on the side. Zippers are used to open and close the two zippered doors, making it easy to get inside and hold your dog.

Young hedgehogs will feel more at ease in the interior, which is decorated in a gentle and inviting style. Also, it includes a vinyl liner, which makes cleaning up any spills a breeze.

The only thing that worries us is that the carrier only has one handle embroidered on top, which makes it difficult to hoist. As a result, depending on the size and weight of your hedgehog, you may need to hoist the carrier using the sides.

However, if the carrier includes a younger and smaller hedgehog, this shouldn’t be an issue.


  • A welcoming ambiance
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Zippers make it easy to go in and out.


  • Having a handle does nothing to aid in maintaining form.


LAIRIES Pet Carrier for Small Animals

  • This item has dimensions of 10 inches wide by 12 feet long by ten inches high.
  • Fabric type: Oxford

Among pet carriers, the LAIRIES Small Animal Carrier has some of the best venting systems available. In addition to the mesh on both sides, it includes three holes on the bottom for additional ventilation. 

It’s easy to feed your hedgehog from the holes. These goodies and other small items can also be stored in a handy side pocket.

In addition to the handle and clip-on sling, the carrier makes it simple to move your hedgehog about. Your hedgehog will get the impression that he or she is outside thanks to the carrier’s transparent front. On a good day, you may take your hedgehog for a stroll in the park with it.

Even though this carrier is well-ventilated, owners in colder locations may want to reconsider purchasing it. During the winter months, the material is relatively thin, allowing a lot of chilly air to seep through.

Additionally, a machine-washable bottom mat is included with this stroller. It’s possible that any spills will leak out of the carrier because the sides aren’t very water-resistant.


  • Well-ventilated
  • Feeding holes for sweets
  • A little pocket on the right-hand side.
  • Sling with a clip


  • Doesn’t provide any protection from the cold.
  • Heavy spills are difficult to clean up with this.


ADOGYOGO Carrier for Small Animals

  • Seven-by-eight-by-seven-inch
  • Soft, pliable materials

Taking your hedgehog on a trip will be a hit thanks to its carrier’s unique design. It’s easy to transport because to the handle and clip-on sling it comes with.

For your pet’s comfort, the carrier’s body is made of soft, fluffy material. On the bottom, there’s a non-slip pad that’s also water-resistant.

Spills, on the other hand, might be a problem since the surrounding material will soak up the liquid. Furthermore, since hand washing is the sole advised method, clearing up large messes may be time consuming.

Your hedgehog won’t be able to get its teeth on any of the carrier’s seams since they’ve been stitched together. Larger holes in a mesh window make it easier to see through. However, because it isn’t particularly strong, a hedgehog with a voracious appetite might quickly tear through the mesh.


  • Design that’s both entertaining and one of a kind.
  • Sling with a clip
  • The bottom of the mat is water-resistant.


  • Only wash by hand.
  • Mesh screen is weak


Carrier Bag by KINTOR

  • Its dimensions are 8 inches wide, 7 inches long, and 5 inches high.
  • Fabric, fleece, and plastic are all examples of acceptable materials.

Another interesting idea to think about is using this carrier. A flatter, broader form gives your hedgehog more area to wander around. It comes in three bright and colorful patterns.

Large windows allow you to monitor your hedgehog’s progress and allow it to explore its surroundings in a secure environment.

You may feed your hedgehogs via the wide openings in the enclosure for optimal ventilation. There are two types of bottom pads included with the carrier as well.

To keep your hedgehog warm in the winter, there are two types of pads available: one for everyday usage and the other for special occasions.

Although the broad shape gives your hedgehog more area, it also makes it more difficult to pick up the carrier. A unstable foundation might lead your hedgehog to slip around, because it only has one handle. You can only carry it by the handle because it doesn’t come with a sling.


  • Viewing area with a large and clear window
  • Punctures in the ground for putting food into
  • Two pad choices are available.


  • As awkward as it may be to carry around
  • There will be no sling.

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