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The 15 Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

You may be looking for a sturdy dog cage if your pet feels separation anxiety when you leave or behaves inappropriately while in custody.

We want our dogs to be happy, but we also don't want them to spoil themselves or destroy the house.

Did you know that the first dog cages were developed in the middle of World War II? The boxes are just simple wooden crates with wooden slats.

The airline business then hired a wooden boxer in the 1960s to transport pets, and the crates have grown ever since.

To help you find the best heavy-duty dog crates, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a detailed review list of the top options available.

This brochure follows a buyer's guide that includes helpful information to keep in mind when purchasing a crate.

A Buyer's Guide to the Strongest, Most Durable Dog Crates

After reading about the top 10 durable crates, you may be wondering how to select the best option for your dog and their needs. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over some things to think about, as well as some suggestions that might prove useful.



The crate must be robust to withstand the might of larger dogs. Wire and steel are two of the several materials we’ve reviewed.

  • Wire ones will be less expensive and lighter overall, with most being foldable and adjustable too. However, they are not as sturdy and are more prone to bending.
  • Metal: If made from the correct metal, these will last far longer and be much more reliable. However, the increased weight and cost will be a drawback.

Calorie Content of Dogs

Understanding your dog’s size will help you choose a crate that is suitable for them. Make sure the dog can stand up, turn around, and fit through the entrance by measuring their height, length, and weight.


Locks, wheels, detachable trays, double doors, and grates are common characteristics of metal boxes. Wire crates have plastic trays, may be folded flat, and may include a handle and two doors.

High Standards of Quality and Stability

You need a crate that is built to last, so choose one that is sturdy and composed of high-quality materials. Instead of replacing two or three cheap crates, you could find it more cost-effective to invest in one high-quality container that will last.


Crate prices vary greatly, from the very cheap to the astronomically high. You may not need the high-grade steel if your dog doesn’t get lonely or is a smaller breed. But if you do have a violent dog, it’s in everyone’s best interest to spend as much as necessary on the best crate available.


  • Remember to include in the size of a dog cushion if you want to put one in the crate.
  • When selecting a crate for a new puppy, keep in mind the dog’s expected mature size. If you plan to continue crate training, it’s a good idea to acquire a larger crate so they have room to expand.
  • Think about how simple it is to put together and how quickly you can reposition it.


There are a lot of amazing features and customization choices available on our list of the top 10 tough crates. We recommend the ProSelect Empire because of its 20-gauge steel construction and other sturdy features.

The Sliverylake is the most cost-effective option because it is sturdy but portable. The PARPET is our top-tier crate, designed for individuals who can afford to splurge on a product that will serve them well for years to come.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of reviews and buyer’s guides has provided you with the information and reassurance you need to find the best heavy-duty dog crates for your needs and pocket your money.


Dog Cage: ProSelect 37 Empire Model, Top Pick

The ProSelect is a 20 gauge steel container with steel tubes that are just half an inch in diameter for further reinforcement.

The inside measures at 35.7523.524.5 inches, making it suitable for canines of all sizes. There are four lockable caster wheels that can be removed from beneath the floor grate for convenient storage and cleaning.

Strong joint welds and double door latches are features we like. The negative is that it’s somewhat heavy at 75.2 pounds, but once the wheels are attached, it’s not difficult to move.

Assembling the box is simple with the included hex key, however heavy lifting and balancing may be difficult for those without assistance.


  • Durable
  • Tough welds
  • Organizer with a detachable tray
  • Wagon wheels
  • Consisting of two separate latches
  • The pieces fit together with minimal effort.


  • Heavy


Best Price on the Sliverylake Heavy Duty Dog Crate

For the price, this is the strongest dog crate available. Easy access is provided by the two doors (one on the front and one on the top) and the steel framework. The grated floor may be easily removed along with the steel stray below for thorough cleaning.

The dimensions of this carrier are 37 by 24.4 by 28.7 inches, thus it should be suitable for a medium-sized dog. We appreciate that the four wheels at the base may be locked, and that the cage isn’t easily damaged by anxious dogs.

We found the assembly process to be simple and uncomplicated. After construction, it may be folded up and moved without any effort.

A clever dog won’t have any trouble opening the locks, though. Not as durable as the ProSelect, which is why it wasn’t voted number one.


  • Affordable
  • Frame made of steel
  • A pair of entryways
  • Intended for dogs with extreme anxiety
  • The pieces fit together with minimal effort.
  • Conveniently portable


  • Locks that can be opened with minimal effort
  • Not as robust


Premium Choice PARPET Heavy Duty Empire Dog Crate

This container is sturdy and well-made, with 20-gauge steel and bars that are half an inch in diameter.

Underneath the grated bottom is a solid steel tray with a D-ring grip, and the 360-degree swivel caster wheels with brakes make moving it around quickly and safely a breeze. For convenience, especially while traveling, we like being able to remove the wheels.

The box measures at 40.6, 29.3, and 31.7 inches, and it has two locks for further security. The package weighs 92 pounds, so it’s best to have two people assemble it, even if it just takes a few minutes. We ranked this box so low because of its excessive price and low quality.


  • Twenty-gauge steel
  • Organizer with a detachable tray
  • Wheels that come off
  • Secured by two different types of latches
  • Best in class


  • Heavy
  • Pricey


Metal Dog Crate, MidWest 742UP

This box has two doors—one on the front and one on the side—and is constructed of sturdy wire. Because it is compact and light, it is an excellent option for trips.

The crate has dimensions of 43 by 28.5 by 31.25 inches and features a divider panel that may be used to customize the interior space.

The crate’s plastic leak-proof pan is long-lasting and simple to clean. We like how the space between the wires is small, preventing the dog from being able to gnaw through it or squeeze a paw through. When collapsed, a plastic handle makes it easy to transport.

However, it is not as sturdy as the steel cages and might be broken by a dog that is particularly determined or violent. Moreover, the detachable hooks on the doors that can be easily removed aren’t always reliable, therefore the doors might sometimes be hard to keep in place.


  • Gauge for thick wire
  • Lightweight
  • Quickly collapses for storage
  • Capacity to be carried
  • Sectioning off
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Affordable


  • A lot less robust
  • Construction flaws in the doors


Heavy Duty Dog Cage by HAIGE PET

This substantial box is made of steel and coated with a non-hazardous material that prevents corrosion. The dimensions are 41.50 x 30.5 x 37 inches, so even a huge dog will have plenty of room.

When you’re not around, your dog will be protected thanks to the two locks and safety buckles.

It’s convenient that the grate can be removed and the tray underneath can be cleaned in a cinch. The plastic construction of this tray is, however, likely to reduce its longevity.

The necessary tools and instructions are included for quick assembly. Although the caster wheels are detachable, leaving them on this heavy box makes it much simpler to carry about.


  • Significantly sized
  • There are two buckles for safety purposes.
  • Simple to fold
  • Simple to put together
  • Wagon wheels
  • Cost-effective for a metal container


  • Heavy
  • Rectangular plastic tray


Dog Cage with Extra Heavy Duty Wire Mesh JY QAQA

The 42.52 x 29.92 x 34.64-inch metal box is rust-resistant and suitable for dogs weighing 71 to 90 pounds. It weighs only 83.6 pounds, making it lighter than comparable metal containers.

The huge entrance door has a double-door design, and both the floor and the lower metal tray are detachable for easy cleaning.

Your dog will have an easier time getting a paw through the far-spaced bars, but the two double latches make it very hard to open.

Although two individuals are recommended for assembly, the process is simple. The wheels are detachable, however they aren’t caster wheels.

The bottom grate does not look very sturdy, since it bends with the weight of even a somewhat sized dog. In addition to the 18-month warranty, you have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Frame made of steel
  • Having two entrances
  • Holes in the floor that can be removed
  • Removable metal tray
  • Two-way locks
  • Simple to put together


  • Not strong nor grate
  • Not very sturdy wheels


Heavy Duty Dog Cages by LUCKUP

Another option for a safe and sturdy steel container is the LUCKUP. The dimensions of 37.5 by 25.5 by 32 inches mean it’s ideal for medium to big dogs. It has two doors—one at the top and one at the bottom.

Caster wheels may be rotated through 360 degrees and locked into place or taken off entirely.

The door safety buckles and how simple it is to assemble are two of our favorite features. The fact that the removal tray is plastic makes cleanup quick and painless, but that’s about all I can say about it.

Because of the large gaps between the bars on the ground, a little dog may easily escape. This container may be folded by removing the bolts, albeit doing so will take some time.


  • Case made of metal
  • Sliding doors
  • With detachable casters, you may move your furniture around with ease.
  • Belts with buckles
  • The pieces fit together with minimal effort.
  • Affordable


  • Rectangular plastic tray
  • Large amounts of room between floors


Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by SMONTER

This is another reasonably priced option for a steel container with a non-toxic hammer-tone finish; it may be used either indoors or out.

The 38x26x32-inch proportions are perfect for medium to big canine companions. All four wheels can be removed with a simple lever, and they’re casters that lock and unlock with ease.

The bottom may be removed to reveal a plastic tray with a front entrance and a top aperture. All standard door locks may be used to unlock the door.

There are several drawbacks to this cage, including the fact that the top lid will rattle whenever your dog moves inside of it and the possibility that your dog may try to chew on the metal tag bearing the company’s emblem.

This box is not simply collapsible (the fasteners must be removed), but it is simple to put together.


  • Affordable
  • Non-hazardous paint
  • With detachable casters, you may move your furniture around with ease.
  • Possessing a front and back door
  • Secure fasteners


  • The top lid makes a lot of noise.
  • Branding tag made of metal


Portable Dog Crate with Wheels – WALCUT

The WALCUT crate’s 48.8x33x37-inch proportions are ideal for big canines. The floor grate is detachable and may be used in conjunction with the metal tray for simple maintenance. The floor, however, does not appear to be as long-lasting as some of the others on this list.

The double-door structure is convenient, and we enjoy how compact it can be when folded. However heavy it may be, putting it together is a breeze.

Users have complained that their dog was able to bend the bars, and the locks easily break. The paint is very readily flaking off, as we discovered.


  • Drainage grates that may be taken up and out of the floor
  • The metal tray is detachable and washable
  • Sliding doors
  • Simple to fold
  • Simple to put together


  • Heavy
  • Straight bars are difficult to find.
  • Hinge failure is common.
  • Deterioration of the paint’s surface
  • Costs more


Crate for Dogs, ITORI (Heavy Duty version)

The ITORI is wheeled, has casters, and includes a double-door design and double-door locks constructed of strengthened steel (two that are locking). The grate floor is not as sturdy with more weight, but the metal tray makes cleanup a breeze.

No instructions are given, but assembly is simple and requires only the placement of a few screws and the insertion of the wheels.

It’s ideal for medium to big dogs, with measurements of 42.52 x 29.92 x 34.62 inches. This 83.6-pound carton may be collapsed for easy transport.

However, rather of being welded, the joints are drilled and tacked. In addition, there is only two inches of space between each bar, which is not sufficient for dogs that suffer from extreme anxiety.

When opened, the top panel often comes loose from its hinges, and the bottom grate shakes and vibrates with the dog’s every step.


  • All-steel building
  • Sliding doors
  • Move easily on castor wheels
  • The metal tray is detachable and washable
  • Fold-down


  • No welds were used
  • Large spacing between the bars
  • Simple removal of the top cover
  • The bottom grate is trembling
  • 0 directions given
  • Heavy
  • Costs more

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