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The 12 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

If you have a dog who becomes anxious when you leave or does not like being in a cage, you may be looking for a heavy-duty dog crate. We want our dogs to be happy, but we also don't want them to get harmed or destroy the house.

Did you know that dog cages were designed to carry military dogs during WWII? They were simple slatted wood containers.

The airline business then engaged a guy in the 1960s to create wooden containers for pet travel, and they have changed since then.

BestForPets’ (bestforpets.org) comprehensive study of the best heavy duty dog crates will assist you in narrowing down your search for the ideal crate. Continue reading for a buyer's guide that includes recommendations and factors to bear in mind while purchasing a crate.



The ProSelect is a 20-gauge steel container reinforced with 0.5-inch steel tubes. The interior measurements are 35.7523.5244.5 inches, making it suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.

The floor grate features a slide-out tray beneath for simple maintenance, as well as four retractable caster wheels that lock into position.

We like how sturdy it is, with solid joint welds and twin door locks. It weights 75.2 pounds, but with the wheels attached, it is easy to move about.

Assembly is simple with the included hex key, however assistance may be necessary if someone is unable to lift and balance the crate’s large sections.


  • Durable
  • Welds that are strong
  • Tray is detachable.
  • Wheels with casters
  • Two latches
  • Simple to assemble


  • Heavy



This is the most affordable heavy-duty dog cage. It has a steel frame and two doors for simple access, one on each side. To make cleaning easier, there is a grate floor with a detachable steel plate below.

It measures 3724.428.7 inches and will comfortably fit a medium-sized dog. We appreciate that the four caster wheels on the bottom are lockable, and that the design makes it impossible for high-anxiety dogs to escape, injure themselves, or destroy the cage.

We found the assembly to be simple and uncomplicated. It is simple to fold up and transport once it has been built.

On the negative, the locks are readily opened, and a smart dog will figure it out quickly. The reason it didn’t take the top rank is that it isn’t as heavy-duty as the ProSelect.


  • Affordable
  • Steel framework
  • There are two access doors.
  • Designed for anxious dogs
  • Simple to assemble
  • Simple to transport


  • Simple-to-open latches
  • Not as robust.



This is a well-built, long-lasting box composed of 20-gauge steel with 0.5-inch diameter bars. It includes a solid steel tray with a D-ring handle below the grated bottom, and the 360-degree swivel caster wheels with brakes make rolling about easy and safe.

We prefer having the option of removing the wheels when not in use, especially while traveling.

The door measures 40.629.3311.7 inches in length and has two safety locks. Because the package weighs 92 pounds, it is advised that two persons assemble it, albeit construction is quick and simple.

This crate is good quality yet pricey, which is why it ranks third on our list.


  • Steel gauge 20
  • Tray is detachable.
  • Wheels that are removable
  • There are two safety locks.
  • Excellent quality


  • Heavy
  • Pricey


742 UP MidWest

This box is built of strong wire gauge and has doors on both the front and side. Because it folds up and is lightweight, it is an excellent choice for traveling.

The crate is 4328.531.25 inches long and comes with a partition panel that allows you to change the crate’s size.

The crate’s floor is made of a robust and easy-to-clean plastic leak-proof pan. We like how the space between the wires is tight, making it difficult for a dog to gnaw or sneak a paw through. When you fold it up, there is a plastic carry handle for easy transport.

However, it is not as strong as steel cages and may be damaged by a more determined and violent dog. Also, because the detachable hooks aren’t secure, the simple removal doors might be difficult to maintain in place at times.


  • Wire gauge thick
  • Lightweight
  • It folds up easily.
  • Handle for transporting
  • Panel divider
  • Simple to clean
  • Affordable


  • Not as robust.
  • Doors that are poorly built



This huge box is made of steel and coated with a non-toxic, anti-rust finish. It measures 41.530.57 inches and will comfortably fit a medium to large-sized dog.

The two locks with safety buckles prevent your dog from escaping when you are not present.

We enjoy how quickly it folds down for storage or transit, and how there is a detachable tray under the grate that is easy to clean. Unfortunately, because this tray is constructed of plastic, it may not be as long-lasting.

It is simple to put together and comes with all of the necessary hardware. The caster wheels may be removed, however owing to the weight of this container, leaving them attached makes it simpler to carry about.


  • Size: large
  • There are two safety buckles.
  • It folds effortlessly.
  • Simple to construct
  • Wheels with casters
  • Steel box prices are reasonable.


  • Heavy
  • Tray made of plastic



This cage is suitable for dogs weighing between 71 and 90 pounds, is composed of rust-resistant metal, and is 42.5229.9234.64 inches in length. It weighs 83.6 pounds, which is less than conventional metal containers.

The spacious entrance door has a double-door design that we appreciate, and the floor is detachable, with a bottom metal tray that makes clean-up even easier.

The bars are placed far apart, making it easier for your dog to get a paw through. There are two double locks that make it nearly hard for a dog to open.

Assembly is simple, albeit the business recommends using two people. There are wheels that can be removed, but they are not caster wheels.

The downside to this kennel is that the bottom grate does not appear to be very sturdy, bending under the weight of a larger dog. A 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty are included.


  • Steel framework
  • Design with two doors
  • Removeable floor
  • Metal detachable tray
  • Dual latches
  • Simple to construct


  • Grate is not strong.
  • The wheels are not heavy duty.



Another non-corrosive steel container with a non-toxic coating is the LUCKUP. Its measurements are 37.525.532 inches, making it appropriate for medium to big canines.

It has a two-door design with a front and top door. The caster wheels rotate 360 degrees and may be locked and removed.

We enjoy the safety buckles on the doors and how simple it is to assemble. The removal tray is composed of plastic, yet it is easily cleaned.

The floor bars are widely spread, which might allow a smaller dog to fall through. You can fold this container by removing the bolts, but it takes some time.


  • Steel crate
  • Doors with two openings
  • Caster wheels that are removable
  • Buckles for safety
  • Simple to construct
  • Affordable


  • Tray made of plastic
  • Large floor spacing



This is another low-cost steel box with a non-toxic hammer-tone paint that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

With dimensions of 38x26x32 inches, this is excellent for medium to big dogs. The wheels are detachable and caster with an easy-to-lock and -unlock lever.

There is a detachable plastic tray beneath the floor with a front entrance and a top opening. The door locks are comparable in style and convenience of use to others.

The top lid will rattle with the movement of the dog within the cage, and your dog may nibble on the metal tag with the emblem on the front.

This crate does not fold easily (you must remove the fasteners), but installation is simple.


  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Caster wheels that are removable
  • There are two openings.
  • Locks for safety


  • The top lid is loud.
  • Logo tag made of metal



With dimensions of 48.8x33x37 inches, the WALCUT heavy-duty steel frame crate is suitable for big dogs. The floor grate and metal tray are also detachable, making cleanup a breeze. On the negative side, the floor does not appear to be as durable as others on this list.

The double door design is appealing, and it folds down effortlessly for portability. Despite its weight, it is simple to put together.

Users have reported that their dog was able to bend the bars and that the locks broke easily. We also discovered that the paint readily peels off.


  • A detachable floor grate
  • Metal tray that is removable
  • Doors with two openings
  • It folds effortlessly.
  • Simple to construct


  • Heavy
  • Bars are readily bent.
  • Latches can readily broken.
  • Paint flaking
  • More expensive



The ITORI is composed of reinforced steel and has two doors, twin locks, and caster wheels (two that are locking). We dislike the grate floor since it is not as robust with heavy weight. There is a detachable metal tray for simple maintenance.

Although there are no supplied instructions, assembly is simple, requiring only a handful of screws to be installed and the wheels to be pushed in.

It measures 42.5229.9234.62 inches and is appropriate for medium to big dogs. This container weights 83.6 pounds and folds up for easy transportation.

The parts are drilled through and tacked together rather than welded together. Also, the width between the bars is two inches, which is insufficient for dogs with acute anxiety.

When opened, the top aperture tends to come loose from its hinges, and the bottom grate shakes and rattles with the dog’s activity.


  • Steel frame structure
  • Doors with two openings
  • Wheels with casters
  • Metal tray that is removable
  • Fold-down


  • Not joined
  • Wide spacing between bars
  • The top lid is readily removed.
  • The bottom grate is vibrating.
  • There are no instructions.
  • Heavy
  • More expensive


Our best heavy duty dog crates provide a variety of useful features and alternatives. BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) favorite pick is the ProSelect Empire, which is composed of 20-gauge steel and has additional long-lasting characteristics. 

The Sliverylake is the best value, as it is both robust and lightweight, making it excellent for travel.

The PARPET is our premium cage for people who don’t mind spending a little extra for a heavy-duty crate with superior features that will endure for many years.

Hopefully, our review list and buyer’s guide have helped you figure out what you want in a dog crate while also giving you the confidence to pick the best one.

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crates?

After reading about the top ten heavy-duty cages, you may be wondering how to choose one that would suit your dog and match all of your requirements.

This buyer’s guide will go over things to think about as well as a few pointers to assist you make a selection.


Because larger dogs are stronger, the crate must be robust. Wire and steel are among the elements mentioned in our reviews.

Wire: These will be less expensive and lower in weight, and the majority will be adjustable and collapsible. They can, however, bend more easily and are not as sturdy.

Metal: These are stronger and more lasting, particularly when the appropriate metal is employed. They will, however, be heavier and more costly.

Size of a Dog

It is critical to know your dog’s size in order to select a cage that will fit them. Knowing their weight, height, and length can assist you in ensuring that the crate is spacious enough for the dog to stand, sit, and fit through the entrance.


Metal boxes often include locks, wheels, removable trays, double doors, and removable grates. Plastic trays, collapsibility, and sometimes a handle and twin doors can be found on wire boxes.

Quality and durability

You want a well-built crate composed of high-quality materials that will last for many years. 

Spending the additional money on a quality cage that won’t be damaged by your dog may be worth it rather than going through two or three less costly ones.


We all have budgets, and crates may range in price from cheap to costly. If your dog is not worried when left alone or is of a smaller breed, you may not require the high-grade steel. 

On the other hand, if you have an aggressive dog, it will benefit both you and the dog to get the finest crate possible.


If you plan on adding a dog cushion to the crate, keep in mind how much room it will take up.

When purchasing a kennel for a puppy, consider how large they will be as an adult. If they will continue to use a crate, you should acquire one that they can grow into.

Consider how simple it is to build, carry, or move about an area.

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