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The 8 Best Heated Dog Bowls

Access to water in the winter is essential for the survival of both indoor and outdoor dogs, but it can be difficult to give water during subfreezing conditions. On the market, there are several heated water bowls that can prevent your dog's water from freezing.

However, not all models are constructed with the same level of skill and quality.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed the best heated dog bowls on the market, to save you the trouble. Here are our favorite heated dog bowls.


K&H Pet Heated Dog Bowl

The K&H Pet Products 100537835 Heated Dog Bowl is a terrific option for your dog’s cold-weather water bowl if you’re seeking for the greatest value. It prevents water from freezing in temperatures as low as -20°F, ensuring that your dog always has access to clean water.

If your dog likes to flip water bowls over and play with them, the spherical base at the bottom provides further stability. This model’s robust 5.5-foot rope is wrapped with a steel cord for further protection.

A possible concern with the K&H Heated Dog Bowl is that it appears to struggle to heat the water when an extension cable is plugged in. In addition, the heating element is not as powerful as that of the Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl, which is why we did not rank it first.


  • Warms water at temperatures as low as -20°F
  • Having a circular base for stability
  • 5.5 feet of robust steel-wrapped cord
  • Most economical compared to other bowls


  • Not necessarily compatible with extension cords
  • Weaker heating element than others


Heated Allied Pet Bowl

The Allied 1B Plastic Heated Pet Bowl is a premium type of heated dog bowls that is ideal for toy and small dog breeds. It is composed of durable, high-quality plastic, so it may be used for dogs that like to claw and paw at their water bowls. This variant is slip-resistant to avoid spills and toppling by determined or inquisitive dogs.

The Allied 1B Plastic Heated Pet Bowl has a 65-inch chord that is resistant to chewing, however, it may not function properly when connected to an extension cord.

It is smaller than other versions, which might be problematic if your dog weighs above 25 pounds. This model is also more expensive than comparable models, but the investment is justified by the superior quality.


  • Produced using superior plastic.
  • Slip-resistant style
  • Cord resistant to chewing


  • Only 1-quart capacity
  • Costly relative to its size


Heated Namsan Pet Bowl

The Namsan Heated Pet Bowl is a heated water bowl that may be used in the winter to prevent your dog’s water from becoming too cold. It is built from BPA-free hard plastic, however, its durability is inferior to that of other types.

The Namsan Heated Pet Bowl includes a cable that is resistant to chewing, but its overall quality is at best acceptable. It carries around half a gallon of water, making it adequate for most dogs.

This bowl is also advertised for use in subzero conditions, however, it is not approved for outside usage. We suggest exploring other hot water bowls for greater value and variety.


  • BPA-free plastic container
  • Water-resistant on/off switch
  • Over a half gallon of water capacity


  • Average quality
  • Not for use outdoors


The Petfactors Heated Bowl

If you’re searching for a finer or more entertaining design, the Petfactors Heated Pet Bowl offers three options for a more individualized appearance. This style is composed of BPA-free plastic, although the material is thin and less robust than that of other bowls. The Petfactors Heated Pet Bowl is equipped with a watertight on/off switch.

This dish can only be used inside, limiting its placement options. Another drawback is that the water temperature may be too heated for finicky dogs, which cannot be adjusted without turning the water off.

Finally, the directions for the Petfactors Heated Pet Bowl were unclear, so be prepared to work things out on your own. We encourage experimenting with other brands for superior quality and adaptability.


  • Appealing style
  • BPA-free vinyl
  • Water-resistant on/off switch


  • The water is too hot for finicky dogs.
  • Not for use outdoors
  • Unclear directions


PETLESO Heated Pet Dish

The PETLESO Heated Dog Bowl is a heated water bowl constructed of durable plastic, however, it is too thin and seems somewhat cheap. The bowl can carry around 2 liters of water, which is sufficient for the majority of dogs.

It also contains an on/off switch with an indicator light, so you can see when the device is active or on standby. Unfortunately, this model was constructed from low-grade materials, and the power cable is not robust enough for dogs who like to chew.


  • Holds as much as 2 liters
  • A toggle switch with a light


  • The cord is not robust
  • Water is too warm for most canines.


Babypet Heated Pet Bowl

The Babypet Pet Heated Bowl is a heated water bowl that, like other versions, includes an on/off switch and has a capacity of around 2 liters. If your dog is likely to bite or gnaw on the dish, it is not safe.

This model features a low-quality power wire with a thin covering that a puppy or dog may easily gnaw through. We also discovered that the water gets too hot, so most dogs would not drink from it. The Farm Innovators Heated Water Bowl is the highest-quality heated water bowl available.


  • On/off toggle
  • 2-liter volume


  • Flimsy plastic design
  • Poor-quality electrical cable
  • The water becoming too hot to drink

Buyer's Guide

Considerable factors to consider

Prior to purchasing a heated dog water dish, there are several factors to take into account. While one dish may be suitable for some dogs, it may not be suitable for yours. Consequently, it is advisable to know what you want from a heated water bowl.


The colder it becomes, the stronger the heating element must be. This also increases the risk of fire, but your dogs will have access to water that isn’t frozen or too cold to drink. Look for bowls with weather resistance and durability below freezing.

Indoor or Outdoor

Not all heated bowls are designed to endure the weather. Make sure the bowl you choose may be used both indoors and outdoors. Never use a bowl that has not been tested and confirmed to be safe for use in your house or barn.

Your Canine’s Size

The bowl you must purchase will depend on the size of your dog. As a miniature poodle does not require as much water as an Alaskan Malamute, it is essential to know how much water your dog consumes daily.

What Constitutes a Quality Heated Dog Water Bowl?

Excellent Ingredients

A quality heated water dish may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. To prevent problems that might lead to a fire, it must be constructed of high-quality, robust materials. It must also withstand the gnawing and scratching of bored or inquisitive dogs.

Sturdy Design

Look for a product that is well-balanced and stable, since dogs with a tendency to overturn water bowls will want a heated water bowl with robust construction. When a heated water bowl is empty, it might overheat and cease to function. If your dog is hyperactive and enjoys overturning water containers, a heated water bowl may not be the best choice.

Mechanical Heating System

Automatic heating systems simplify the usage of heated water bowls by eliminating the requirement for an on/off switch. A quality heated water bowl will self-regulate the water temperature to prevent freezing. In addition, a quality heating element will be sufficiently hot to maintain a comfortable water temperature without making the water excessively hot to drink.


In comparison to other heated water bowls, we determined the K&H Pet Products 100537835 Heated Dog Bowl be the most cost-effective option. It is built with great craftsmanship at an affordable price.

With our collection of in-depth evaluations and comments, we’ve hopefully made it easier to discover the ideal hot water dog dish. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you are able to locate the best heated dog bowls. When in doubt, inquire with friends and neighbors about an excellent warm water bowl.

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