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The 11 Best Heated Cat Beds

Cats enjoy being warm and cuddly, which is why they like to curl up on your laptop while you're trying to work.

However, finding a heated bed that keeps children warm while remaining comfy may be more difficult than you think.

Many heated beds are simply plastic bricks with a cheap cover placed on top, or they are regular beds with a bit more fleece on top.

This frequently results in your cat being too hot, too cold, or just plain uncomfortable, causing them to ignore the bed entirely.

What you need is a bed that has the "Goldilocks" zone: it should be warm but not too warm, and it should be more comfortable than any other area in the house.

In these best heated cat beds reviews, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reveals which beds can achieve all of this and more.


Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed by K&H Pet Products – Best Overall

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed is so comfy that your cat might offer you his or her own bed for a change!

The bed includes a removable and machine-washable soft micro-fleece cover, and underneath is a dual-thermostat, 4-watt heating unit.

This should be enough to elevate the surface temperature by 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your cat comfortable without overheating.

Even better, it has a hood that prevents heat from escaping and makes your cat feel safe and protected inside their new bed.

The five-and-a-half-foot power cord makes it easy to locate a place for it, so you don’t have to park it directly next to an outlet.

It’s a good thing the cover is machine washable, because it has a strong chemical odor right out of the box.

It may be necessary to pass it through the machine several times before your cat will approach it.

But that’s not much of a complaint, and it’s certainly not enough to dethrone the Thermo-Kitty Deluxe as the greatest overall heated cat bed.


Premium Choice: K&H Pet Products Heated Kitty Sleephouse

The K&H Pet Products Heated Kitty Sleephouse is more than just a bed; it’s an adventure for your cat. It’s essentially a self-contained house with hard plastic walls coated in suede and fleece.

Your cat can enter and find heated floors waiting for them.

Most cats will appreciate having a small fortress to go to when they need a break from the outside world, and the fact that it is heated adds to the appeal.

Don’t be concerned about it taking up a lot of space in your home; if it gets in the way, simply unzip it, lay it flat, and store it beneath the bed or wherever.

This is also useful when traveling with your cat. The heater is simply intended to raise the temperature of the floor to your cat’s natural body temperature, so it should not be harmful to them.

If you’re concerned about overheating, you may remove the heater and use it as a cat condo instead.

All of these luxury amenities, however, come at a price, and this is one of the most costly heated cat beds available.

It may also be too small for larger cats, so your Maine Coon may require something more spacious.

The Heated Kitty Sleephouse, on the other hand, is a terrific method for most other cats to get away from the daily grind (sleeping 18+ hours a day can be exhausting).


Kitten-Friendly Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Cat Bed

If you want to spoil your new kittens, the Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Cat Bed is a fantastic choice.

This is a set of two beds, so you may give them options when picking where to spend the night.

These pads are relatively small, making them ideal for kittens, but unless you have a very small breed, your cat will most likely outgrow them before long.

They’ll appreciate it while it lasts, especially when Mylar foam is used to trap and reflect body heat.

This also provides a surprising amount of padding, ensuring that the developing joints of a kitten are well-supported.

Because one side has a rubber coating, it shouldn’t move out from under them every time they shift their positioning.

If you keep these items around, you’ll need to be handy with the Dust Buster because they may end up shedding more than your cat.

While not suitable for all cats, the Pet Magasin Thermal is an excellent choice for kittens. Just don’t be surprised if you have to replace it after a few months with something more robust.


Thermal Leopard Print Cat Mat from Downtown Pet Supply

The Downtown Pet Supply Thermal Leopard Print Cat Mat is as basic as they get, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful bed in its own right.

It achieves success by doing the little things well. Despite only trapping your cat’s body heat, it’s surprisingly warm, and it’s pleasant despite being thin and lightweight.

The leopard print is eye-catching and appealing, and it comes in three different hues, so you should be able to choose something that complements your current decor.

However, the color appears to fade rapidly, especially when washed, and the material isn’t strong enough to withstand a destructive cat.

It’s ideal for kitties who want to stretch out because it’s essentially a flat mat. If your cat dislikes cramped areas, it’s a safe chance that they’ll enjoy this.

However, if you have an elderly or prone to harm cat, proceed with caution. It won’t take much for your cat to slip when standing on the slick surface.

The Downtown Pet Supply Thermal may not appear to be much, but it is nearly as nice as any heated cat bed on the market, and it is worth your attention.


Self-Warming Cat Cave by Pet Magasin

If your cat prefers enclosed quarters, the Pet Magasin Self-Warming Cat Cave will be difficult to get them out of.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: an enclosed room where your cat can go to get away from it all.

This bed’s design places heat-trapping insulation on all sides of the cat, guaranteeing that none of their warmth is lost.

It also creates a very nice bed, so it’s no surprise that our kitty doesn’t want to go. It’s also more adaptable than it appears.

You can keep it as is as a basic cave, or flatten it and let your cat use it as a mat.

It can also be used upright as a huge cup-like seat for your pet. If your cat is wary of small areas, they might not give it a chance.

Large may dislike it as well, because there won’t be much area for them. Because there is nothing to keep the entrance open, your cat may be unable to crawl back inside if it is trampled.

None of this is a deal breaker, and the Pet Magasin Cat Cave is a great value anyway. However, you should exercise caution, especially if you have a large cat.

How to Invest in the Finest Heated Cat Bed

Purchasing a heated cat bed differs from purchasing a bed without this function. This also implies that you must take your time and conduct further study before making a suitable buy.

First, it is more expensive, and there are more components that require investigation. In addition, a standard bed likely won’t harm your pet, however a bed with these additional electrical components may.

Therefore, you must evaluate your purchase from two angles. One is the structure and comfort of the bed. Ultimately, you want it to be durable to maximize your return on investment.

Additionally, you must observe it from your cat’s perspective. Especially if your cat is arthritic, you want to get a product that your pet will like and that meets its demands. Among the factors to examine are:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Materials
  • Fill
  • Energy source
  • Guarantee/warranty


The bed must be sufficiently long for your pet to step onto it. Before settling down to sleep, cats are known to turn around and groom themselves.

If you are unsure about your cat’s length, use a tape measure to determine for certain. We would also recommend obtaining their height. Some types are enclosed, so they must be tall enough for your cat to fit.

Keep these measurements in mind while determining the size of a bed. Some items feature side padding that might reduce the amount of useable space within them.

Typically, the number of inches of foam will be included in product descriptions, as it is one of the primary selling features. You may use these dimensions to determine whether the bed is large enough for your pet.


Beds range from basic floor cushions to ornate four-poster designs. As long as they aren’t too thick, pads make it simple for your pet to tread onto the surface. If your cat has trouble walking, these solutions are wonderful.

Typically, models are reinforced on three sides. They are warmer because they are better able to retain heat. We recommend examining the height of the aperture to ensure that it is not too high for your cat.

Several types have legs that raise the bed off the ground. This keeps your cat warm by preventing exposure to drafts. Additionally, they tend to be more ornamental, making them perfect for a living area.

Others feature frames that mimic a bed and give the same heat retention advantages as bolstered goods. Additionally, this can increase its energy efficiency.

Cats enjoy hiding. A common design is the enclosed bed. This design makes efficient use of the heater and helps your pet feel more secure thanks to the walls.

We’ve seen products with an interchangeable flat and hooded bed. If you live in a four-season environment, they are great. You may adapt the look to the climate for year-round comfort.


The most important characteristics of the ideal heated cat bed are warmth retention and comfort. It serves little purpose if it cannot retain heat. Obviously, a comfy product is essential.

If something feels soft to you, chances are your pet will appreciate it as well. There are several alternatives available, including fake fur, suede, and canvas. Some items are either waterproof or water-resistant, which is always advantageous.

We like mattresses with detachable, machine-washable covers. Some items should only be hand-washed or spot-cleaned.

However, just because you can remove it does not necessarily imply you can dry it. Some manufacturers suggest air-drying to avoid shrinkage. We place an emphasis on this feature since it can increase the bed’s lifespan.

You will find beds made from recycled materials, making your purchase ecologically beneficial. Obviously, the type of cover will affect the price. Keep in mind that many synthetic materials are fairly pleasant and soft, and are frequently less expensive than cotton or wool.


Many mattresses feature foam, such as polyfoam, memory foam, gel, or orthopedic foam. The latter lacks a definite definition in the sector.

Its use suggests that it is appropriate for elderly or arthritic dogs. Our primary need is that the bed maintains its form and offers insulation. The purchasing of a heated cat bed is more prudent if it serves both purposes.

We’ve encountered numerous items where the entire bed cannot be cleaned. Thus, the cover material is an important element. If you cannot wash it, the return on investment will likely not be optimal.

Energy Source

Three of the most popular sources of heat are self-heating, electricity, and the outdoors. The first one combines fill with a Mylar sheet to deflect heat for maximum comfort.

These can be found as flat pads and bolstered beds. They are frequently the least expensive solutions. It will take a few minutes for your cat’s body heat to warm these beds, so their placement must be carefully considered.

Typically, electrical equipment have a thermostat to regulate the temperature setting. Normal cat body temperature ranges between 101°F and 102.5°F.

There are other devices that are simply an electric mattress pad for an existing bed. They are an ideal balance for climates with four distinct seasons. During the summer, the heater may be removed for an all-season option.

There will be heated beds with temperature control choices. Some have changeable settings or predetermined temperatures.

Others possess an automatic shutoff function, which we find beneficial. On the opposite end of the spectrum are heating items that cannot be adjusted. Plug it in when you need heat and disconnect it when it is no longer essential.

Have you spent many hours looking for a bed that your cherished pet would genuinely enjoy? You need look no further! Our Hepper Nest Bed is designed to provide optimum comfort.

With a fleece interior and a bowl-shaped design to cradle your cat or dog, it will be difficult to wake them from their regular naps. Click here to obtain one immediately.

Other Attributes

Beds are no exception when it comes to cat accessories that likely appeal to the customer more than to the cat. There is an abundance of colors and patterns.

Needless to say, they will not mean much to your pet. However, they provide alternatives for coordinating the bed with your décor.

Safety is a major consideration for electrically powered items. Most makers of pet beds include chew-resistant cables. However, we recommend focusing on their construction.

Plastic is not a very effective deterrent. We like items with metal coatings on their cords because they give superior protection against chewing.


The vast majority of suppliers provide at least a 30-day money-back guarantee for problems. Some come with a warranty. If the terms and conditions are clear, we favor the second option.

In the end, we consider it essential that the bed has an electric warmer. Remember that you’ll likely be required to register the goods within a certain time frame after purchasing.


If you’re looking for a heated cat bed, the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed is an excellent choice.

It’s quite comfy and gives just the right amount of warmth, earning it the top spot in BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) list of the best heated cat beds.

It’s warm and comfy, and it won’t even raise your utility cost.

Any of the best heated cat beds in these reviews will most certainly be a welcome addition to your home, and they will keep your cat warm and content regardless of the weather.

Be advised, however, that there is a severe drawback to all of these beds: your cat may quit climbing into your bed to snuggle with you!

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