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The 7 Best Harnesses For Mastiffs

When dealing with a dog as large as a Mastiff, you need the proper equipment to keep him in order. If you lack the physical power to command him, a harness is a good alternative. A harness returns control to you and balances the power between you and your dog. If your dog is a puller, a harness is required. And it is also not unkind. Our reviews will demonstrate that it's an excellent precaution.

There are several sorts of harnesses, allowing you to match the proper one to your pet's leash manners. When dealing with a huge dog such as a Mastiff, early socialization and training is essential. Fortunately, despite his size and appearance, he is a nice dog. Despite their fearsome stature, they are not vicious canines.

The Mastiff is a docile dog breed. He lacks aggression. According to American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards, this is a flaw. We are in total agreement. His stature and expression explain everything about him. This explains his historical function as a protector and watchdog. His presence was sufficient to deter would-be invaders. Therefore, a harness is a fantastic approach to expressing your ownership.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled this list of in-depth evaluations to assist you in finding the best harnesses for Mastiffs


Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is a well-made, appropriately-named device. It conforms to the curve of your Mastiff’s body, making it comfy and form-fitting. The materials are also of good quality, so they can withstand the strain of an energetic dog on his daily stroll. It includes a front attachment for enhanced control.

If your dog is a puller, the chest padding on the harness is a good feature, since it distributes the pulling force. The only drawback we observed was that the back straps were quite thin. We were concerned about chafing, especially with a short-coated dog like a Mastiff. Otherwise, the stuff is wonderful.


  • Secure closure
  • Form-fitting
  • Excellent control
  • Carabiner closures
  • Comfortable
  • Seat belt function


  • Narrow belts


OneTigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness

The OneTigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness is a product that you will either love or despise. We must admit that it seems cool. However, it is cumbersome. We also questioned its breathability, despite being composed of nylon.

However, the design does an exceptional job of weight distribution, particularly for pullers. It includes a front attachment for enhanced maneuverability.

Even though it is large, we appreciated the side pouches for carrying supplies or goodies on outings. Additionally, you can purchase extra badges to attach to it, which the children would likely like.

We particularly loved the inclusion of straps for securing the harness to your dog. It is a harness that is best suited for extended excursions rather than neighborhood strolls.


  • Stunning appearance
  • Excellent control
  • Molle pouches


  • Bulky design
  • Summers are scorchingly hot


HDP Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness

The strap of the HDP Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness runs across the front of your dog’s chest, as opposed to down the front, which is a striking divergence from the other items we examined.

It relieves strain on his neck, which is excellent for pullers. Additionally, it includes ample cushioning around the back to ensure your dog’s comfort. It contains quick-release fasteners that make it simple to put on your dog.

We appreciated the cushioned back handle. It is a better design than many other handles we’ve encountered since you’ll have a good grasp on your dog if you need to exert control.

However, we also felt that the style was excessively hefty for summertime strolls. We wondered how long it would endure, despite the fact that it was functionally sound because some of its components were not as well-constructed as others.


  • Padded handles
  • No-choke style


  • Too hot
  • Bulky


PetSafe Easy Walk Padded Dog Harness

The PetSafe Padded Easy Walk Dog Harness resembles the previous version in that it contains a chest strap. It is straightforward, yet it does the job by relieving pressure from your dog’s neck.

Additionally, it contains luminous stripes and a neoprene inside that will keep it dry. It includes front attachments with quick-snap closures that also aid in weight distribution.

The harness is simple to attach to the Mastiff. Despite the liner, we were concerned about the structure and potential rubbing beneath his front legs.

The fit is not great for all dogs, but it firmly fastens, which is the most important quality in these goods. Positively, it functions well as a no-pull harness. The package also includes a training manual.


  • Straps with a Neoprene lining
  • Reflective bands
  • Simple to apply to your pet
  • Waterproof


  • Possibility of chafing between the front legs


Halti Dog Harness

The Halti Dog Harness is as basic as products of this sort can get. It includes a chest strap with multiple closures on the back and front for superior control over your Mastiff. This is an appealing feature for puppies with bad leash manners. It is composed of nylon and has adjustable straps. The harness is very simple to attach to your pet.

Unfortunately, the materials are not of great quality. We were afraid that the positioning of the straps around the dog’s flanks may cause chafing. We also observed that the fit required constant adjustment, which is a deal-breaker for us. Although this is a minor drawback, the harness is only available in a single color combination.


  • Lightweight
  • Rapid-release fasteners
  • Dual connection points


  • Substandard materials
  • Chafing under front legs

Buyer's Guide

Multiple things must be considered while selecting the optimal harness for a Mastiff. You must first examine his strength. You’ll need something tough and sturdy to withstand his pulling or resistance to the harness he’s wearing. In addition, there is size, which also plays a significant part in the first assessment.

In contrast to the Boxer, whose chest is unusually large, the Mastiff’s body form is conventional. Therefore, you will likely have fewer difficulties finding him the appropriate clothing.

However, a harness is not the same as a dog collar. It requires a bit more effort to put into your dog. It also feels different, so you should acclimate him to how it will lie on his body before taking him on his first walk.

The temperament of your Mastiff is essential to the purchase procedure. Additional considerations include:

  • Type
  • Material
  • Closures
  • Other attributes

Any one of these falls under the category of dealbreakers. Let’s investigate further to determine where they stand on the dealmaker scale.


The conventional dog harness wraps around the dog’s body and fastens at the rear. This shape spreads the strain from your dog’s neck and throat to his back, where he is more muscular. This style of harness requires careful consideration of your pet’s leash manners. As long as he is not a puller, you have a degree of control.

Contrast Front Closure and Tightening

The alternative to this product is one with a front-facing closure. The advantage of this one is that it provides you the upper hand in commanding and directing your dog. The obvious downside is that the leash is more likely to trip him up. You will also encounter tightening harnesses. It is a wonderful option for pets that require additional control when on a leash.

Take into account Chafing and Weight Distribution

Under their dog’s front legs, chafing is one of the most common concerns pet owners have regarding harnesses. It is more prevalent for nylon-made objects to have rough edges. We recommend attentively examining the craftsmanship and the fit of the harness on your dog. Some manufacturers provide additional cushioning along these places to prevent problems.

The other key characteristic is the distribution of weight over the chest of your Mastiff. We like goods with bigger pads throughout his body to distribute pressure evenly if he pulls. As with the straps, search for harnesses with chafing protection.


The material must achieve a delicate equilibrium between durability and use. There are several options accessible, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Included are mesh, nylon, canvas, and polyester.

Nylon harnesses are among the most popular and cheap on the market. It has several benefits. It is robust enough to control a Mastiff. It is lightweight and rapidly dries.

Mesh is breathable, which is good for things that cover a larger portion of your dog’s body. They also share nylon’s advantages.

You may also buy neoprene harnesses that will keep your dog toasty on those frigid early walks, regardless of the weather. Some items have fleece, typically in areas prone to chafing, to make wearing a harness more pleasant for your dog.


The most important aspect of the closure is that it must remain secure, particularly when dealing with a huge dog such as a Mastiff. Buckles are among the most prevalent forms. They are simple to secure and will not come undone. If your pet sits still long enough for you to put the harness on him, they are effective.

Carabiners and quick-release snaps are other types that we appreciate. We recommend examining the connection point to ensure that it can withstand the tugging force of a dog. There are also harnesses with two closures, one in the rear and one in the front. They allow adaptability for attaching the leash in various situations.

Other Attributes

Reflective stitching or patches are beneficial for nighttime hikes. Additionally, certain items are waterproof, which is convenient. In addition, you will find harnesses that you may personalize with your pet’s name and phone number.

This is a nice-to-have feature that we hope you won’t need to test. Others include grips on the top, which are a great way to grab your dog.

Some harnesses are also seat belts. If your dog accompanies you on errands, you should consider purchasing a product with this function. You can find a range of harness designs that may be used for various reasons. Some have pouches for carrying extra gear or snacks, for instance. We favor using them on longer trips and climbs.

Dimensioning a Harness

To properly fit a harness for your Mastiff, you’ll need three measurements. They consist of his back length, neck circumference, and chest circumference.

You’ll note that these goods include inch ranges, most commonly for chest measurement. The greater the width, the greater the need of adjusting the harness to prevent your dog from slipping out of it.

A close fit strikes the optimal mix between security and comfort. You should be able to slide a finger between the dog’s body and the harness. Keep in mind that it must be able to move freely with your dog to avoid annoyance.

As opposed to buckles, a sliding buckle will provide you the maximum flexibility to ensure that it fits comfortably. The most important aspect is that it stays in place once the harness has been adjusted.


The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness was deemed the best Mastiff harness overall. Its curved form will snugly and securely suit your dog. For us, the quality of the building justified the increased price. We also appreciated that it can be used as a seat belt, which increases its use and adaptability. Ultimately, it is a product on which you should not scrimp.

Large dogs, such as a Mastiff, benefit greatly from a harness. They improve your control while making your dog more comfortable, especially if he pulls. They shift the strain from his neck to his chest and back, which can manage it considerably more effectively and with less discomfort. This investment will make your walks more pleasurable for both of you.

In the end, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best harnesses for Mastiffs. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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