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The 10 Best Harnesses For Corgis

Few dog breeds can claim royal ancestry like the Corgi. Just ask the Queen of England. Since she got her first one at age seven, she has had more than 30 of these charming herding dogs. 1 These extroverted canines like running, but they can be difficult to control while on a leash. This makes using a harness to walk them easier for you.

A harness will more evenly distribute the weight across a Corgi's long back. This can help avoid injury if he becomes overly eager on his daily neighborhood stroll. If you've ever shopped for a dog collar, you know that there are so many options and designs that it may be difficult to choose which one is best for your pet.

Our tutorial will explain all you need to know, from supplies to clip types. You'll be able to choose the best harnesses for Corgis by reading BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s evaluations of our top picks, which will detail the benefits and disadvantages of each product.


PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness satisfies many of the criteria we look for in such products. Nylon is a lightweight material, making it simpler for your Corgi to adjust to wearing it.

It includes a front clip with four adjustable fasteners for a custom fit. Given the breed’s unusual body form, this is a significant advantage. The design also provides ample control over your dog.

You have a selection of eight colors. They are available in two colors to make it easy to distinguish which strap fits where. We adore this function, especially if your dog is as enthusiastic about walks as ours is. In addition, we appreciated that there are numerous sizes in between.


  • One year of coverage
  • Rapid-release fastenings
  • Color-coding on the rear and shoulder straps
  • Four adjustment points


  • A lack of cushioning in the shoulder area


Classic Red Dingo Dog Harness

Red Dingo Classic Dog Harness’s moniker tells it all. The design is the traditional style that goes around the neck and abdomen of your Corgi. If you needed to pick up your dog, the strap around the back is of high quality. It features a D-ring on the back to reduce the strain on your pet’s neck when he pulls. The harness is available in 10 colors and four widths.

We deemed it to be the most cost-effective Corgi harness based on the pricing and available options. The lifetime warranty is also appreciated. The design is more difficult to place on an active dog. Even if it fits tightly, escape artists may find a way out.


  • Four width selections
  • Limited warranty for life
  • Acceptable hue selection


  • With two fasteners, it is more challenging to put a collar on your dog.
  • Not safe for all canines


Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is an acceptable option if you require a large and strong harness for your Corgi. It can also serve as an automobile safety belt. It features a soft, triangular breast piece in front and a D-ring on the rear.

It is rather big and rests near the dog’s head, which may bother certain canines. However, it is constructed using superior materials. The steel buckle secures your pet safely.

The harness is available in five sizes with ample ranges for each. Unfortunately, just one color option is available. We couldn’t help but feel it was cumbersome and probably too hot to wear on a warm day, despite the fact that it seemed to be effective.


  • Lifetime assurance
  • Excellent build
  • Five adjustment points


  • Only one hue option
  • Heavy breast padding around the animal’s chin.


Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness is another good option if your Corgi needs something large and durable. The product’s design incorporates cushioning at normal pressure spots. We loved that it features reflective tape for nighttime hikes. Additionally, there is a handle on the top, which was a wonderful addition. The front O-ring provides maximum control.

Unfortunately, the harness is hefty. The close-fitting shape might not appeal to dogs that are hesitant. However, it is a viable solution for the suited dog. It is available in nine color options and five sizes. Unfortunately, the product lacks a warranty.


  • Well-made
  • Reflective
  • Handle at the top


  • Expensive
  • Too hefty for some pets
  • No guarantee


Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness

At first appearance, the Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness nearly resembles a T-shirt. It is constructed of polyester with ventilation mesh. It incorporates a quick-release clip, making donning and removing it effortlessly.

Two D-rings are located on the rear. The structure is of high quality. Simply because of its size, this harness will suit your pet firmly. Escapists will not be able to get out of this one.

Although it appears to be comfy, some dogs may dislike having something so thick on their chests and backs. We view it more as a fashion accessory than a useful element. The harness is available in eight hues and four sizes. It is important to note that there is a substantial difference between the small and medium sizes.


  • Simple to don and remove
  • Well-made
  • Attractive design


  • Hot for summer use
  • Sizing not accurate


Blueberry Pet Spring Prints Dog Harness

The color options of the Blueberry Pet Spring Prints Dog Harness are polarizing. They have categorized this product as fashion-related. Additionally, the design is unique and not common to these goods. However, it relieves the strain on your Corgi’s neck if he pulls. It is constructed of nylon and polyester, so it can also be machine-washed.

On the rear of the harness are two D-rings for a solid fit. However, it is not user-friendly, making it tough to place on a resistant pet. It is only available in two colors and three sizes. Additionally, no guarantee is provided.


  • Good pressure distribution
  • Secure attachment
  • Adjustable


  • Limited color selection
  • Absence of shoulder padding


RUFFWEAR 30501 No Pull Dog Harness

The RUFFWEAR 30501-407M No Pull Dog Harness is a great option for a Corgi who pulls excessively. With proper pressure distribution, the cushioning throughout the design will avoid discomfort and keep him comfortable. It includes four adjustment points to provide a proper fit. You may connect a leash to the front or back of the dog.

The harness is built with both the owner and the pet in mind. It contains a compartment for your dog’s identification tags, which we loved. It is quite resistant to chewing, which is a plus given the size of the chest strap. It is bulky, which some dogs may not appreciate. If your Corgi frequently loses his leash, you should search for something more secure.


  • Plush padding
  • ID pocket


  • Some dogs are tough to mount.
  • Warm during warm weather
  • Not as safe as some alternatives


Rabbitgoo DTCW006L Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo DTCW006L Dog Harness appears to be a safe device from which your pet cannot simply escape. There are four places of adjustment to provide a proper fit. Despite this, the design is hefty.

Even with the mesh padding on the chest and back straps, we believe it would be unpleasant throughout the heat. We can envision this product being more suitable for some breeds than others.

The harness is watertight, which we appreciated. It has luminous stitching as well. However, given how thin it is, we questioned its usefulness. Additionally, the substance travels over the dog’s head, which might be problematic for some animals. It is available in seven hues and four sizes.


  • Two articulation points at the chest and neck
  • Weatherproof


  • Bulky design
  • Warm during warm weather
  • Impossible to put on
  • Not washable by machine


Voyager Step-In Flex Dog Harness

On several counts, the Voyager 213-TQ-M Step-In Flex Dog Harness falls short as the ideal option for a Corgi. The design makes it difficult to put the harness on your pet, despite the absence of the hefty straps found on other products we examined.

The padding is located on the dog’s abdomen. It is not an ideal choice for a breed with short legs. We did appreciate the luminous webbing on the back straps, which appears to be functional.

The harness features two D-rings on the rear for a secure leash attachment. There are four sizes. With a 14-inch chest diameter, the extra-small appears to be oversized. While the cushioning is comfortable, the straps have some possible discomfort areas.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Numerous color choices


  • Padding on the dog’s abdomen
  • Poor design

Buyer's Guide

Using a harness on your Corgi has several benefits. If your dog tends to tug on his leash, a harness will provide you with greater control. Despite the fact that he has small legs, he is enthusiastic and athletic enough to keep up with you. You may discover that utilizing one can enhance his leash behavior. It is also a great solution if you’re a bit of a Houdini.

Consider the following while buying a harness:

  • Material
  • Style
  • Clip Type and Placement
  • Other Choices

Let’s begin by exploring these characteristics in further depth.


For good reason, nylon is a popular choice for dog harnesses. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Additionally, it is lightweight without sacrificing durability. We appreciate that it dries fast if the two of you are trapped in the rain or if you decide to wash it.

There are also mesh harnesses available. These styles typically feature cushioning at pressure places, making them more pleasant to wear for your Corgi. He may even be less resistant. The disadvantage is that it may be warm, particularly if it covers considerable portions of your dog’s body.

Neoprene is an additional material that is often used. It is essentially a synthetic rubber. It will aid in retaining your dog’s body heat, making it an excellent choice for winter walks. Moreover, it is waterproof. It appears on specialized items such as doggy life vests.


Harnesses are available in a variety of sizes and forms, with differing degrees of control and weight distribution. Standard collars are worn across the dog’s neck and chest, with a strap across his back. They are simple to attach to your Corgi. Most are also adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your dog. It is a great option for tiny breeds.

A variant of this harness rests at the mid-chest rather than the neck. It is commonly known as a no-pull kind. If your dog pulls so hard that he gags or chews on his leash, this is a feasible choice.

The power will be felt in his chest, not his neck. If he pulls at it frequently, it might irritate his skin by continually rubbing against it. This sort provides an adequate handhold if you need to grab your Corgi.

Other versions include assisting harnesses that allow you to safely aid your dog in standing without injuring his back. If you often transport your Corgi by automobile, there are gadgets that work as safety belts.

If you have difficulty putting a harness on your dog, you may want to consider purchasing a step-in model. They are easier to put on your pet than regular collars. If he is a puller, it will relieve strain from his neck and transfer it to his shoulder and upper chest.

Clip Type and Placement

Typically, harnesses use metal or plastic snaps or fasteners. Important is that it does not irritate your pet’s skin by rubbing against it. There are other goods with them in various positions. They may be in the front, the rear, or both.

Having it in front makes it easier to handle your Corgi, which is beneficial if he is easily sidetracked on walks. The back clip stops him from tugging and teaches him that if he does, he won’t get very far. Ultimately, Corgi is a smart dog. He will easily make the link. The double option provides a selection. Nonetheless, the rear fastener is the most important.

Other Choices

Harnesses are comparable to every other item that may be purchased for a Corgi. That implies you may also purchase things that create a stylish statement.

We like the customized choices that allow you to include your pet’s name and phone number in case he gets lost. In addition, there will be multifunctional harnesses. We saw goods including cooling packs for usage in warmer temperatures.

Obtaining the Ideal Fit

Obviously, the greatest harness in the world is useless if it does not correctly fit your Corgi. You must take three measurements: the neck and chest circumferences, as well as the length of his back.

Many items also include a suggested weight depending on the product’s longevity and strength. Many of these numbers are ranges with recommendations if your pet’s size falls between two of these ranges.

We recommend consulting the size chart for the harness you intend to purchase. Due to the design and style of these items, the producers will provide a variety of product lines.

A medium for one firm may not be compatible with that of another. For the neck measurement, it is also vital to provide room for movement. We recommend placing two fingers or two inches beneath the collar part.


As you can see, there are several options for a harness for your Corgi, whether you’re searching for a functional or fashionable option. The finest one is characterized by comfort and a snug fit. The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness provides this for Corgi owners. The design allows you to direct his walks. The four adjustment points provide proper fit and stability. The Red Dingo Classic Dog Harness provides a conventional fit, an extended guarantee, and a variety of color and design options, making it our top selection. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best harnesses for Corgis have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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