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The 9 Best Harnesses For Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese mountain dog is a large, robust breed. Their strength necessitates the employment of specialized equipment in order to walk them comfortably.

A harness is a wonderful tool for walking extra-large breeds like the Bernese; however, not all harnesses are created equal!

We've all seen videos of owners screaming for their dogs after they've escaped a harness; thus, selecting a harness that fits well, is comfortable, and is safe is essential for enjoyable walks with your dog.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has made a list of the %product_count% best harnesses for Bernese Mountain Dogs based on ratings, features, and how well they work.


Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Clip Harness- Best Overall

The Chai’s Choice Reflective Dog Harness is designed for safety, comfort, fashion, and most importantly, a perfect fit. This harness may seem straightforward at first glance, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve, such as a front clip to assist Bernese that prefer to move quickly and vigorously.

This harness has three adjustable straps to guarantee that it fits your dog properly. It contains padding on each strap, relieving strain from the dog’s skin and making each walk pleasant for even the most energetic dog. A handle integrated into the top of the harness provides you more control while walking, and it may also be used as a seat belt loop for automobile trips.

The Chai’s Choice harness has a quick-release buckle for convenience at the end of a walk. We like this harness since it is packed in a stylish box that includes 3M reflective strips. Some owners who are used to a rear clip on a harness may find alternatives preferable to the Chai’s Choice, since it only provides a front clip.

Although the fabric is smooth and comfy, it must be hand-washed and requires some effort to remove dirt and filth. We chose the Chai’s Choice 3M fluorescent dog harness as the finest overall harness for Bernese Mountain dogs because of its amazing features, adjustability, and emphasis on safety.


  • 3M reflective material
  • Handle and safety belt anchor
  • O-ring positioned on the chest
  • Padded


  • Only hand washing
  • No rear clips

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness – Best Value

Sometimes, dogs simply don’t enjoy wearing harnesses. The Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness from Best Pet Supply has you covered. Even on hot days, it is pleasant because to its durability, light weight, and breathability.

Sadly, it cannot withstand chewing since it is so delicate. The step-in design of this harness eliminates the need to place it over your Bernese Mountain Dog’s head. This makes it user-friendly without sacrificing security.

Adjustable straps on the rear of the harness allow for a tight, comfortable fit, and the buckle mechanism ensures that your dog cannot remove the harness no matter how hard they pull (if fitted correctly).

Nevertheless, there is no space for a seatbelt, thus an additional seatbelt connection is required if you want to transport Bernie in a vehicle. There are two D rings on the top of the harness, providing for a secure connection of the leash.

Ensure that you measure your dog before to making a purchase, since some reviews indicated that size was a problem; however, this might be due to improper measuring.

The superior features of this harness, the positive customer ratings, and the reasonable pricing make the Best Pet Supplies dog harness our top pick for the finest Bernese Mountain Dog harness for the money.


  • Safety Belt
  • Dual D rings
  • Permeable mesh material
  • Extremely inexpensive


  • No seat belt connection
  • Not resistant to chewing
  • Sometimes sizes might run tiny

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness – Exceptional Selection

The Julius K9 IDC Power Harness was designed for working canines. Your Bernese Mountain Dog will look and feel fantastic in this safety-focused, durable working dog harness. The Julius-K9 harness is designed to be the most comfortable and durable harness your dog will ever wear, and its premium pricing matches its exceptional qualities.

The inner harness is coated with Eco-Tex, allowing for mobility while being breathable and soft against the skin. The outer shell is water-repellent and the harness is waterproof, making it ideal for hikes in the rain or subzero temperatures.

This harness lacks a front clip, thus it may not be suitable for dogs who pull excessively. The Julius K9 harness includes a luminous chest strap and glow-in-the-dark side labels for best visibility while walking at night with your dog. The clasp is secure, and the leash’s handle and top D-ring may be connected for maximum safety.

The Julius-K9 harness is not as adaptable as other harnesses since it has just one strap, so proper sizing is crucial, however it is available in sizes up to XXL to accommodate even the largest Bernese. The Julius-K9 Powerharness is the absolute pinnacle of no-nonsense, premium harnesses. The price may be high, but it is justified.


  • Durable materials and fixtures
  • Strap and buckle assembly
  • D-ring and handle for security handling
  • Eco-tex lining for relaxation


  • No connection at the front
  • Expensive
  • Less adaptable than other harnesses

HDP Large Dog No Pull Harness

The HDP Large Dog No-Pull Harness is a fantastic option for Bernese who like pulling or senior dogs that may want more comfort during walks. A broad, cushioned strap across the chest helps to properly distribute pressure and prevent discomfort.

While walking, this harness does not put strain on the dog’s neck, which certain pulling-inclined dogs may suffer. This harness is ideal for Bernese Mountain Dogs because it gives enough hard but comfortable support across the chest and shoulders, and it can be managed safely yet gently.

The over-the-head harness of the HDP may not be suitable for dogs that detest having their heads pushed through objects. Moreover, there is no D-ring at the front of the harness, thus control is primarily concentrated on the rear. A convenient grip on the rear of the harness allows you to maintain control.


  • Broad and comfortable strap for old or pulling dogs
  • D-ring and grip
  • Quick-release buckles


  • Just over-the-head
  • No front D-ring present

Kurgo Tru-Fit Increased Strength Automobile Dog Harness

This harness is an absolute must for Bernese Mountain Dogs and their owners who like road travels. The Kurgo harness has been crash-tested and is intended to keep your dog safe in the event of an automobile collision.

The harness has a seat belt loop and a carabiner that are compatible with any automobile seat belt system. This means that no more adjustments are necessary for the harness to suit your dog and get him on the road!

Its harness’ steel buckles are identical to those used by rock climbers, and safety is its primary purpose. The Kurgo harness has been subjected to comprehensive crash testing for greater safety and durability, allowing you to travel with your dog with confidence. The harness, however, has only been crash-tested for up to 75 pounds.

As your Bernese Mountain Dog gets bigger, the harness will continue to be an outstanding walking harness, but it will no longer provide the same degree of automobile safety as when your dog was younger.

This harness is ideal for growing dogs since it has five adjustment points, however the buckles are difficult to use and there is no fast release, so putting it on and taking it off takes time.


  • Tested-in-crash seatbelt anchors
  • Steel buckles
  • Five adjustment points


  • Only high-strength products crash-tested up to 75 pounds
  • Buckles may be difficult.
  • No rapid release

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The PetSafe Easy Walk harness was designed by a behaviorist and veterinarians in 2004 to prevent tugging when walking. Bernese owners are aware that if their dog pulls, the owner typically follows, making an anti-pull harness important for a pleasant walk for you and your dog.

This harness applies moderate pressure to the shoulders of your dog as they pull. It won’t hurt or harm their necks, but they will understand that stopping will make the trek much more pleasant. The PetSafe harness is easy to remove thanks to its quick-release buckles, and it’s also comfy and breathable, although it may be difficult to put on.

Also, this harness has just a front D-ring, so individuals who like a more conventional walk may find another harness more acceptable.


  • Created by veterinarians and dog trainers
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Buckles with a quick-release mechanism


  • No rear D-ring
  • May be difficult to wear

Chai’s Choice Rover Scout High-Performance Tactical Military Backpack Waterproof Dog Harness

If you want your dog to seem fashionable and feel pampered, Chai’s Choice’s Tactical Military Bag is an excellent option. This harness is cool and comfy, with two removable utility pockets and enough for additional on top.

There is plenty space for your dog to securely transport water bowls, water bottles, and leashes. Who needs to carry a bag when your Bernese can do it? This harness is ideal for individuals who like walking in all weather conditions.

It is composed of a soft, breathable canvas and is waterproof, however reports indicate that the pouches may occasionally get stuck on the leash. But, because to the Velcro closure, the pockets may be detached effortlessly.

This harness lacks a front D-ring, but the rear ring is sturdy, and there are two grab grips in case you need to grasp your Bernese Mountain Dog quickly. This harness has several functions and is basically a military rucksack for dogs, thus it is expensive yet durable.


  • Reflective bands
  • Included are detachable utility pouches
  • Waterproof


  • Pouches may be captured
  • Lack of front D-ring
  • Expensive

Copatchy No-Pull Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness

This is an additional harness for pulling Bernese Mountain dogs. The Copatchy No-Pull Harness is extremely adaptable to provide a tight and proper fit; nevertheless, the sliders may be stiff and difficult to change.

A solid D-ring and handle on the top of the harness provide you good control while walking your dog, and when combined with a comfortable chest strap, the Copatchy harness is a fantastic option for pulling dogs.

There is no D-ring in the front, so the strap is the only way to communicate to your dog that they are tugging too hard, except telling them directly.

They will be aware of the tugging, but it will not exert any strain on their neck. This harness is equipped with all the requirements, such as reflective strips and color choices.

Despite the mesh panels that make the cloth breathable, it is not chew proof. Keep an eye on your Bernese if they have a tendency to wrap their mouths around objects!


  • Simple to fit
  • Reflective
  • Pull-up on the top


  • No front D-ring present
  • Not easily adaptable
  • Not tooth proof

EzyDog Fast Fit Dog Harness

The EzyDog Quick-Fit Harness is designed for Bernese Mountain Dog owners who value their time above all else. If you and your dog are excited to go for a walk, the last thing either of you wants to do is fiddle with the harness.

This harness is designed with a single smooth click, allowing for one-handed installation. It is worn over the head and features a chest strap meant to reduce pain and chafing).

It also contains a convenient ID tag holder, allowing you to go collarless. The buckles are well-secured and readily adjustable, however when removing the harness, they might be stiff.

Moreover, you may need to remove the harness fast, since it is not chew-proof and might be attractive for dogs to gnaw on.

Although the reviews were very positive, the size was noticed as being on the small side, so keep this in mind when measuring your Bernese for their newest accessory.


  • One-click patent-protected fitting system
  • Simple to put on
  • Reflective
  • ID tag holder


  • Non-chewable
  • Improper sizing
  • The buckle might be rigid

Buyer's Guide

Key Considerations While Selecting the Appropriate Harness

Size is the first consideration when searching for a harness for your Bernese Mountain Dog. Obtaining the ideal harness is useless if it is too large or too little. When looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog harness, it is essential to take the measurements of your pet. To measure your Bernese, please complete the following steps:

Put four fingers right behind the front legs of your dog. Next, using a fabric tape measure put at the end of your fourth finger (often your pinkie), wrap it tightly around the dog’s torso without tugging the skin.

Take the measurement and make a note of it.

Do the same method but skip the fingers step; carefully wrap the fabric tape measure around your dog’s neck, just beneath where they’d ordinarily wear a collar. Not only should it not be pulled too tightly, but it should also be barely touching the skin.

Note this measurement’s value.

These two measures should be sufficient to select a harness that exactly fits your Bernese Mountain Dog. If you’re deciding between two sizes, choose the one that most closely matches your dog’s dimensions. There should be a size overlap, so choose the choice with the most adjustability to guarantee a proper fit.


If you have a Bernese puppy, they will require a harness that is completely adjustable until you purchase the following size. If you have an escape artist, you can prevent them from sliding out by making the harness very adaptable.

Anxious Bernese Mountain Dogs may also benefit from the calming pressure of an adjustable harness, so when purchasing a new harness, consider the degree of adjustment.

Harness Type

The harness design should accommodate your dog’s preferences; they must wear it. There are generally three varieties available:

The convenience of harnesses that slide over the dog’s head is advantageous, although some canines dislike having to put their head through the opening.

Step-in harnesses are ideal for those dogs who need to get up and go, but they typically don’t give the same flexibility that over-the-head harnesses do.

Clip-together harnesses often have two buckles: one around the neck and one around the chest. This form of harness is often the most adaptable, but it might be more difficult to remove after a walk since there is more gear to deal with.


Durability is the last criterion to consider while searching for the ideal harness. For a huge dog like a Bernese, a harness that fits well and is attractive in appearance, but comes apart with the least tug, is useless. Searching for harnesses with evaluations from owners of big dogs was crucial to our rating methodology.

All the harnesses we tested are composed of extremely durable material that, although not chew-proof, all hold up to the test of time and are sturdy against strong-willed dogs who prefer to walk the other way.

Examining weak places such as the base of straps, the sides and chest region of the harness, and the D-ring attachments is an useful method to determine whether your Bernese Mountain Dog will feel safe, because any vulnerabilities will be exploited if your dog tries to escape!


1. What is the greatest sort of harness for a Bernese mountain dog?

The ideal harness for your dog will depend on his or her temperament. If they regularly tug on the leash, a front-clip harness will likely be necessary for further control. Nonetheless, if they behave well on walks, you may simply need a back-clip harness to control your dog.

2. How do I put a harness to my Bernese mountain dog puppy?

However because Bernese mountains dogs grow rather slowly, fitting a growing puppy might be difficult. In addition to considering harnesses developed expressly for puppies, it is preferable to choose an adjustable one. After taking your dog’s current dimensions, you’ll need to choose a vest that can be adjusted to a larger size as your dog grows.

3. How can I tell if the harness is ill-fitting?

Whenever you get a harness, you will likely need to alter it. Besides the obvious indicators of an ill-fitting harness (such as your dog escaping from it or chafing), you may also try slipping two fingers beneath the garment. If you cannot, the harness is likely too tight; if you can get more than two fingers beneath, it is likely too loose.

4. How can I know whether my dog’s harness is comfortable?

Several companies advertise comfy harnesses, but there are a few methods to evaluate whether the vest is genuinely comfortable for your dog. The first is utilizing the two-finger method to check sure the harness is fitting properly. Furthermore be on the lookout for signs of skin inflammation. The material of certain harnesses might hurt or chafe your dog’s skin, so you should inspect them after they’ve worn it.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you found some inspiration for your next Bernie harness in the best harnesses for Bernese Mountain Dogs above.

The Chai’s Choice is our top selection for the best all-around harness for Bernese Mountain Dogs because it is aesthetically pleasing, has excellent ratings, and is very customizable.

For a harness that gives substance for a fantastic price, the Best Pet Supplies Voyager Harness was our pick for the best-value Bernese Mountain Dog harness.

Finally, if you want to give a harness to a particular Someone, the Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness was our premium option owing to its high-end features.

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