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The 15 Best Hardwood Floor Cat Urine Removers

Even the most well-mannered cat can have an accident from time to time.

Litter box mishaps happen, and the appropriate cleaner can mean the difference between a fresh-smelling home and one that doesn't.

Cat urine has a strong stench and might be difficult to remove completely. When urine stains your hardwood floor, it must be thoroughly cleaned before odors develop.

With so many alternatives available today, it might be difficult to pick one that works.

To assist you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) gathered our best hardwood floor cat urine removers and added reviews to assist you in selecting the best one.

If you need more assistance in hiring a cleaner, consult the buyer's guide.


Best Overall: Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray

  • 32 ounces in size
  • Multi-surface Yes

Having pets also entails keeping a kitchen cabinet stocked with disinfectants and cleansers in case of an accident.

A cleanser to remove dog urine stains from the carpet, a disinfectant to remove the odor of vomit left on your cat’s mattress, an air freshener that covers all those aromas rather than eliminating them…what a disaster!

This is when Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray comes in handy. This product’s bio-enzymatic mix contains live, helpful bacterial spores that will neutralize putrid odors from vomit, urine, and feces.

No more sprinkling loads of vinegar and baking soda on your favorite carpet to remove persistent pet stains and odors!

The only drawback is that this product is only available in one large 32-oz package, which is useful if you have numerous pets who frequently soil your home but inconvenient if you only have one tiny cat who rarely has accidents outside of her litter box.

However, the good news is that you will be able to share the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme spray and its benefits with your desperate neighbor who has three untrained Labrador puppies!

We believe this spray is the best overall cat urine remover for hardwood floors because it is designed for more than just cat pee and penetrates deep into the stain to eradicate odors for life.


  • Useable on any surface
  • Made from organic and environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Removes strong vomit and pee odors.
  • The cost-effective format lasts a long time.
  • There are no harsh chemical fragrances in this product.


  • There is only one size available.


Best Value for Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor Remover

  • 32 ounces in size
  • Multi-surface Yes

The Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor Remover is safe to use on numerous surfaces and thoroughly removes odors, decreasing the chance of future incidents in the same location.

It’s our pick for the most affordable cat urine remover for hardwood floors. The cleaner is good on both new and old cat urine stains. It is also effective against stains caused by excrement, vomit, dirt, blood, and muddy paw prints.

This stain and odor remover employs enzymes to target and eliminate odors at their source. Instead of simply masking them, the cleanser works to permanently eradicate them, leaving your home feeling fresh.

Because it has a thicker viscosity than some other sprays, it can be used to cover and sit on dried stains to completely eliminate them as you wipe them up.


  • For use on a variety of surfaces
  • Thick consistency for effective cleaning


  • Some cats returned to the same spot to mark it.


Precious Cat Urine Removal Program by Dr. Elsey – Premium Option

  • Size: 16 oz.
  • Multi-surface Yes

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Urine Removal Program attempts to remove odors thoroughly, which will encourage your cat to use the litter box instead of your floor.

It removes stains and odors from any surface. Before using, dilute this very concentrated solution with water. This product’s microbes create enzymes that feed on the pee stain until it is entirely eliminated.

The cleaner contains a lavender perfume that acts as an aromatherapy experience while replacing pee odors with something more pleasant.

However, this is not a spray-and-go solution, which some cat owners dislike. It must be diluted and may take multiple applications to thoroughly remove stains.


  • Enzymes consume stains and smells.
  • The aroma of lavender
  • Action of aromatherapy


  • Before use, various processes must be completed.
  • It is possible that more than one application will be required.


The Natural Cat Urine Destroyer

  • 32 ounces in size
  • Multi-surface Yes

The Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine Destroyer cuts through any stickiness and handles even the most dried-on, stuck-on yellow stains.

It contains enzymes to permanently eradicate odors and is specifically developed for cat urine, making it one of our top picks for eliminating cat pee on hardwood floors.

This cleaner is safe for carpets, hardwood floors, upholstery, textiles, and tile. It dissolves deeply embedded stains that you may not have noticed at the time of the accident. It works instantly, replacing cat pee scents with a fresh scent.

Unfortunately, some people may find this perfume overpowering. It lingers for a few days, so if you don’t like the fragrance, you’ll have to put up with it until it dissipates.


  • Enzymatic action fully eliminates smells.
  • It works quickly.
  • Multiple surfaces are safe.


  • Strong odor


Skout’s Honor Urine and Odor Eliminator

  • 35 ounces in size
  • Multi-surface Yes

The environmentally friendly Skout’s Honor Urine & Odor Destroyer works quickly to break down stains and eliminate odors. It eliminates even dried-in stains by breaking them down at the molecular level.

It never expires, so even if you only use it sometimes, it will always be available when you need it. It’s good to keep on hand in case of a pet mishap.

Because it contains no harsh chemicals, it is safe to use around children and pets. The packaging is the most problematic aspect of this cleanser.

The nozzle occasionally leaks while the bottle is sprayed. This ends up on your hands, wasting the product.


  • Stains are broken down at the molecular level.
  • It never expires.
  • It is effective on old stains.


  • When sprayed, the nozzle may spill.


Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator by Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.

  • 32 ounces in size
  • Multi-surface Yes

A bio-enzymatic compound is used in the Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator to permanently eliminate stains and odors.

Each stain is penetrated by the enzyme bacteria, which consume the ammonia crystals that give cat pee its distinctive odor. The stain and odors have been fully removed.

The formula contains no harmful components, making it suitable for use around dogs and children. It is suitable for use on hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, and apparel.

If you have a cat who pees on the litter box walls, it can also be used as a litter box cleanser to remove urine odors.

To be most effective on deep, set-in stains, cover the area with this cleaner and let it sit for at least 1 hour. It has a fresh minty smell that lingers.


  • Formulated with bio-enzymes
  • Completely removes stains
  • There are no harsh chemicals.


  • It may take at least an hour to work correctly.


Pet Urine Stain & Odor Remover Zorbx

  • Size: 24 oz.
  • Multi-surface Yes

The quick-acting Zorbx Pet Urine Stain & Odor Remover will get to work right away, eliminating stains and odors and leaving your home smelling great.

Not only will this remove cat urine odors, but it can also be used to rejuvenate anything that smells musty. This spray can be used to clean pet beds, trash cans, and even stinky shoes.

The enzymes in this mixture eliminate cat urine, making it invisible under a blacklight. However, it may take several applications to completely remove large or persistent stains.

It leaves behind a faint aroma that is not overly perfumed in order to hide urine odors.


  • Fast-acting
  • Cleans up musty spots
  • Scent is light.


  • Expensive
  • Multiple applications may be required.


Urine Gone Pet Stain & Odor Remover

  • Size: 24 oz.
  • Multi-surface Yes

The Urine Gone Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator is a powerful enzyme-based cleanser that breaks down and removes cat urine stains at the source.

It is suitable for hardwood floors, carpet, tile, and furniture. It’s also completely non-toxic, making it suitable for use around dogs and children.

This solution is so effective at eradicating urine odors that it may be used in your own bathroom. However, not everyone enjoys the aroma of the spray.

It has been described as strange and uncomfortable. However, once dried, the fragrance dissipates, taking the urine odor with it. It works even on outdoor sidewalks.


  • Formula is non-toxic.
  • It is suitable for use in bathrooms.
  • Removes smells at their source


  • Unpleasant odor


Pet Urine & Odor Remover for Hard Floors

  • 32 ounces in size
  • Multi-surface
  • True, but only on hard surfaces.

Stink Free Hardfloor Pet Pee & Odor Remover is designed to remove urine from any hard surface. It degrades and neutralizes scents to the point that you can’t tell where the stain was.

The oxidative solution is effective on extremely soiled regions as well as places that have been stained several times. It discourages re-marking and prevents further mishaps.

While this cleaner is good on hard surfaces, it should not be used on waxed surfaces. The aroma is light and will not overrun the space.

It won’t work on fabrics, but it will work on a stained rug on the floor. If the urine has seeped through the material, this can help to eradicate odors from the floor before you replace the rug.


  • The oxidative formula combats smells.
  • Works well on severely dirty surfaces.


  • It is not suitable for use on a wax finish.
  • It does not work on fabrics.

How to Choose the Best Cat Urine Remover for Hardwood Floors


You should use a cleaner that is safe to use around humans and pets. In some circumstances, keeping the treated area clear until it is totally dry can be difficult, if not impossible.

You should avoid using cleaners that include harsh chemicals or substances.

Cleaning Method

Some products must be diluted and mixed before use. Others simply spray and go. Because there are measures to follow before using prepared combinations and concentrates, they will require more time to utilize.

Concentrates save money since you receive more product for less money and can stretch it farther by combining it with water. They are, however, more time demanding to utilize.

If you are more concerned with the product’s ease of use, choose an effective spray or solution that is ready to use right out of the bottle. It may be applied quickly and easily washed away.


A spray is better suited to hard-to-reach locations because it can completely conceal the stains. Poured-on and wiped-up liquids are effective, but only if you can reach the entire stain.

If you can’t reach the place, such as beneath furniture or behind a bookcase, you can remove them with a mop rather than your hands.

Acting Rate

Some products must be applied and then allowed to sit for several minutes or hours before they may be used.

If you need something that works immediately, read the label instructions to see how fast it works. Many sprays are quick-acting and work on contact.


Many products are appropriate for numerous surfaces, but not all are safe for hardwood floors.

Always read the label carefully to verify that you are not purchasing a product designed solely for fabrics or one that can deteriorate wood surfaces.

To be cautious, if the product does not clearly mention that it will work on hardwood floors, search for another one that does.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed our reviews of the best hardwood floor cat urine removers and that our buying tips were helpful.  

Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray is our top pick overall. It works swiftly and fully eliminates odors using an enzymatic composition.

Our greatest bargain selection is the Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor Remover. It has a thicker consistency for deep cleaning and may be used on a variety of surfaces.

The Precious Cat Urine Removal Program by Dr. Elsey combines cleaning power with aromatherapy. However, it must be diluted before usage.

Whatever product you choose, we hope it meets your requirements!

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