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The 15 Best Hanukkah Dog Toys

Hanukah, also known as the "Festival of Lights," has been observed for thousands of years and is steeped in tradition. It lasts eight days and, although being a relatively new practice, presents are given each night or on the final night of Hanukkah.

Gifts are often given by parents to their children, but when your dogs are an integral part of your family, they are involved in all the festivities.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) knows that there aren't as many Hanukkah-themed dog toys as there are for Christmas, Easter, or even New Year's, so we've put together a list of reviews of the best Hanukkah dog toys.

With Hannukah quickly approaching, we've got some excellent ideas to help you get back to all of your preparations!


Jigglerz Tough Squeaky Hanukkah Dog Toy by ZippyPaws – Best Overall



  • Chew Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Size of Breed: All
  • Hanukkah Decoration: Star of David

The ZippyPaws Jigglerz Firm Squeaky dog toy has a soft shell but a tough inside that makes it a fantastic chew toy and can be used to play tug of war, throw, and retrieve.

This entertaining toy is suitable for dogs of all sizes. If your dog prefers to snuggle rather than chew, the softness of this dog toy will provide them with the comfort they require.

This Hanukkah toy is long-lasting and will quickly become your dog’s new favorite toy after the holiday season. It has a squeaker inside, which adds to the fun and interest.

To avoid choking from the squeaker, your dog must be supervised when chewing on this toy. The toy is appealing, has the Star of David, and is reasonably priced, making it our pick for the best overall Hanukkah dog toy.


  • The outside is soft, but the inner is robust
  • Throw, fetch, and tug of war are all possibilities
  • Squeaker keeps your dog’s attention
  • Affordable


  • The squeaker is a choking danger, thus adult supervision is required


Mini Dog Toy Hanukkah Set from Fringe Studio – Best Price



  • Cuddle Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Small breed size
  • Menorah, Dreidel, and Star of David Hanukkah Feature

The Fringe Studio Mini Dog Toy Set is the finest Hanukkah dog toy for the money because it includes three plush toys. The package is reasonably priced, and each toy features a distinct Hanukkah-themed vivid image.

This set is great for little dogs who do not chew destructively but prefer to snuggle with their soft toys.

If your dog chews occasionally, these toys should last a long time since they contain strong stitching that keeps the item snugly kept together. They do have speakers inside, so keep an eye on them as they play.


  • Three-piece set
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for tiny breeds
  • Stitching is robust and durable


  • Large breeds are not recommended
  • Squeakers can cause choking


Multipet Dreidel Plush Hanukkah Dog Toy – Premium Selection



  • Cuddle Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Size of Breed: All
  • Dreidel Hanukkah Feature

The Multipet Dreidel Plush Dog Toy, which is ideal for all breed sizes, is our top pick. Many customers have stated that their dogs like this toy and that it has lasted far longer than they expected.

This toy is not only extremely robust, but the singing mechanism continues to work even after it has been washed or left outside in the rain.

When you press the toy, it sings, which is fun for your dog, but the tin can sound may wear on your nerves after a while. It makes an appealing ornament for your Hanukkah photographs and is a terrific snuggle toy that can withstand biting.


  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • All breeds are welcome
  • Even after being washed or left in the rain, it continues to sing


  • The tin can sound might be irritating


Hanukkah Gelt Money Copa Judaica Chewish Jewish Plush Dog Toy



  • Cuddle Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Medium breed size
  • Hanukkah Feature: Hanukkah Symbols and Wording

The Copa Judaica Chewish Jewish Plush Dog Toy Hanukkah Gelt Money is another fantastic snuggle toy that may be loved by both puppies and older dogs.

Its circular form makes it suitable for use as a cushion, and the plush substance adds to the comfort. This toy is ideal for cuddling with if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or seeks security.

The toy has a squeaker inside and “Hanukkah” written on the outside. It also has a paw print and the Star of David, as well as the phrase “in dogs we trust.”

It may be too large for a tiny breed dog to enjoy, but it is ideal for medium-sized dogs.


  • Soft and suitable for use as a pillow
  • A squeaker is included.
  • It is covered in Hanukkah symbols


  • Large for little dog breeds


Squeaky Hanukkah Dog Toy Rite Lite Chewdaica Shalom Star of David



  • Cuddle Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Size of Breed: All
  • Hanukkah Decoration: Star of David

The Rite Lite Chewdaica Shalom Star of David Squeaky Dog Toy is a soft toy that is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

It is created in the shape of the Star of David and bears the word “shalom” to remind you of what the season is all about long after it has passed. It is decorated in the typical blue and white colors.

The exterior is tough and constructed of tough Oxford cloth. It features a squeaker inside that squeaks when bitten on, keeping your dog’s attention and interest.

Squeakers, of course, may be a choking hazard, so never leave your dog alone with the toy since they may be able to rip through it and get to the squeaker.


  • All breeds are welcome
  • Festive
  • Oxford material provides a long-lasting exterior


  • The speaker might provide a choking danger


Dog Toy Midlee Hanukkah Menorah Sugar Cookie



  • Cuddle Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Large breed size
  • Hanukkah Decoration: Menorah

The Midlee Hanukkah Menorah Sugar Cookie Dog Toy is one of the final snuggle toys on our list of the best Hanukkah dog toys.

It comes in two sizes, large and little, and is supposed to resemble a gigantic Menorah sugar cookie. It has a squeaker inside and is an excellent Hanukkah present for your dog.

The stitching on this high-quality toy is really robust. It is not, however, a chew toy and will not survive long if your dog is an aggressive chewer. Many dogs use it as a cushion when cuddling in their beds, or they carry it about in their jaws.


  • There are two sizes available
  • It has a squeaker inside
  • Long-lasting and constructed of high-quality materials
  • Can serve as a pillow


  • Not recommended for vigorous chewers


Midlee Star of David Rope Dog Toy for Hanukkah



  • Dog Toy Type: Chew and Fetch Toy
  • Medium to large breed size
  • Hanukkah Decoration: Star of David

This Midlee Hanukkah Star of David Rope Dog Toy is an alternative for dogs who like fetch and tug of war. It has a Star of David form with classic blue and white hues.

It’s comprised of cotton that’s been tightly coiled together, making it sturdy and long-lasting. However, it may lose its form after some wear and tear.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, this Hanukkah dog toy is ideal since it can endure sharp teeth for far longer than cuddly toys. It’s also a wonderful tool for reducing plaque and improving dental health in your dog.


  • An fantastic choice for energetic dogs and chewers
  • Durable
  • Can help your dog’s oral health


  • Its form may deteriorate over time


Rite Lite CHEWDAICA TM, Hanukkah Tennis Balls Dog Toy, Set of 3



  • Fetch Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Size of Breed: All
  • Hanukkah Feature: Hanukkah Symbols and Wording

Dogs adore balls, and you can’t go wrong with this Hanukkah set of three from Rite Lite. Each ball features a distinct Hanukkah reference and symbol and is available in blue and white.

The colors are not only beautiful, but they are also simple to spot when looking for the balls.

Depending on your dog’s ability, these balls may be used for toss and retrieve or bounced for your dog to catch mid-air. We can even be utilized for training purposes.

They’re long-lasting and non-toxic, but some dogs find them too difficult to appreciate. However, don’t leave your dog alone with the balls because they might be tiny enough for certain breeds to shatter and ingest.


  • Colorful and easily seen
  • Can be utilized for activities as well as obedience training
  • Non-toxic and long-lasting


  • Some dogs find it too difficult
  • Larger breeds can break and swallow it


Rite Lite Hanukkah Rope Chewdaica Dog Toy



  • Dog Toy Type: Chew and Fetch Toy
  • Size of Breed: All
  • Hanukkah Feature: Hanukkah Symbols and Wording

If your dog like balls and rope toys, the Rite Lite Chanukah Rope Chewdaica Dog Toy is for them. This Hanukkah-themed dog toy features a ball in the center of two rope handles, making it ideal for tug of war and simple transport.

The fuzz on the tennis ball tends to peel off, distorting the Hanukkah message. It also breaks easily when pressed by powerful teeth, creating a choking danger.

The rope is strong and won’t snap under your dog’s jaws. Chewing the rope is also a pleasant way for your dog to remove plaque from his teeth.


  • It has a ball and a rope
  • Strong rope
  • Plaque is removed by chewing the rope


  • The ball is ineffective
  • The fuzz on the ball is easily removed


Rite Lite Chanukah Chewdaica Dog Toy for Hanukkah



  • Cuddle Toy is a type of dog toy
  • Large breed size
  • Hanukkah Decorations: Menorah and Dreidel

Our last option is a toy that is both a cuddling toy and a chew toy since it is made of soft plush and rope.

The Rite Lite Chewdaica Chanukah Dog Toy is shaped like a dog bone and says “My Chanukah treat.” It also has paw prints, menorahs, and dreidels on it.

This huge breed dog toy has a squeaker inside that produces a noise while they play, chew, and shake it. If your dog is a voracious chewer, a more robust dog toy should be considered instead, as this alternative will not last long.


  • It’s soft, but it also has a rope attached to it
  • Festive
  • A squeaker is included


  • It isn’t tough enough for rough chewers

How to Choose the Best Hanukkah Dog Toy

If you’re thinking about getting your dog a Hanukkah-themed dog toy but aren’t sure what to look for, we’ve got some tips for you below.

Remember that dogs love to chew, so the toys you buy may not survive the entire eight days of Hanukkah.

If they are a strong chewer, acquire a more robust toy that will last longer or only give them their toy while you are present to monitor them.

Why Should You Give Your Dog a Hanukkah Dog Toy?

Dogs adore new toys, especially ones with interesting textures, scents, and noises that keep them interested and returning.

Toys can be played with independently by your dog, but they can also be used to help you bond with your dog. Games like tug of war and fetch are enjoyable pastimes that demand engagement from both you and your dog.

It’s also an excellent method to mentally and physically train your dog without exerting too much effort.

Although any sort of dog toy can be given to your dog during Hanukkah, a Hanukkah-themed dog toy is a nice reminder of what is being celebrated and is fitting for the season.

What Kinds of Hanukkah Dog Toys Are Available?

There is a limited selection of Hanukkah dog toys on the market. However, we’ve gathered three distinct sorts of dog toys for you to consider for your dog from our collection above.

Toys for cuddling

Cuddle toys are great for dogs who prefer snuggling with soft objects such as pillows or plush toys. These toys frequently follow dogs to their bed or wherever they are snuggling up and bring security and comfort to dogs.

Cuddle toys aren’t the ideal option for chewing dogs because they rip quickly. They come with and without squeakers.

Toys on the Run

Fetch toys are great for active dogs that like playing with their humans and chasing after objects. Balls are an excellent example of fetch toys.

You can throw or bounce the ball, and your dog will chase it down. You may educate your dog to bring you the fetch toy, which stimulates their thoughts and aids in obedience training.

Fetch toys are more durable since your dog’s teeth will grab the item when chasing or catching it. They are, however, not suitable for chewing.

Toys for Chewing

If your dog is a voracious chewer, you should consider getting him a chew toy. These toys are designed to be chewed on and are durable enough to resist sharp teeth for a few months.

Chew toys may also be tossed for your dog to fetch, which is a terrific way for him to get some exercise. They also help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy by minimizing plaque buildup while they chew.

Rope toys and other tougher toys, as well as bone toys, are examples of chew toys.


To summarize our top options, the best overall pick is the ZippyPaws-Jigglerz Tough Squeaky Dog Toy. Its soft appearance and strong inside make it a popular toy.

The Fringe Studio Mini Dog Set is our top value option since it includes three unique toys for a low price.

Our top selection is the Dreidel Multi-Carpet Plush Dog Toy. It is very durable and will keep your dog busy for a long time.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our website to learn about and shop for the best Hanukkah dog toys. Hopefully, you’ll discover a Hanukkah-themed toy for your dog on this list!

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