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The 15 Best Hands-Free Leashes

Anyone who has ever yearned for an additional pair of hands when walking their dog might consider a hands-free leash. These leads are tied to a belt around your hips or waist, freeing up your hands to reach into your pocket for goodies to train your dog, scoop up feces, or wave hello to your neighbors. Because they tie to your chest, which provides more resistance than your arm, your dog will be less able to pull or lunge as you walk—another significant benefit.

Here are the best hands-free leashes on the market that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.


Best Overall: Hands-Free Bungee Leash by Tuff Mutt

The Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is our top recommendation. It includes two control handles and also serves as a conventional leash, which is perfect for keeping your pet near when you’re in traffic or confronting a hostile dog. The leash is 48 inches long, with a section of it being a sturdy bungee that gives your pooch up to two feet of extra lead and won’t hurt your back because it’s shock-absorbing.

The leash is attached to your waist through a slide belt clip, allowing your dog to travel from side to side without tripping you. It’s ideal for jogging, trekking, and daily walks, and it incorporates a fluorescent strip for enhanced safety in the dark.


Best for Multiple Dogs: Hands-Free Double Dog Leash by Pet Dreamland

You may try to convert a standard hands-free dog leash into one designed for two dogs, but you’ll quickly discover that their leashes are hopelessly tangled together. Our is not the case with this Pet Dreamland double dog leash, which features a tangle-free, 360-degree swivel splitter at the end of the leash, giving each dog just enough area to do their thing without tying them up in knots.

When you need to draw your pups in close, one of three Neoprene padded grips makes it simple (one on the main leash, and one each on both smaller individual dog leads). This leash is suitable for dogs weighing up to 150 pounds, with a smaller alternative available for dogs weighing up to 35 pounds.


Best for Running: Hands-Free Dog Leash by SparklyPets

There’s little chance of your dog escaping from this hands-free leash that wraps around your waist. It is secured by not one, but two stainless steel clasps. We also like that it has a quick release button, which allows you to let your pet free in seconds, for example, if you encounter a patch of black ice or another hazard. It also includes a detachable bungee that is attached and detachable from the leash through strong stainless steel clasps. It has two easy-grip grips and can also be used as a regular leash.


Best for Small Dogs: Hands-Free Dog Leash Buddy System

While you may be wondering why you need a hands-free leash intended for a smaller dog, the truth is that many systems are either heavy or provide too much of a lead for a smaller dog. The Buddy System includes a leash that adjusts from 22 to 40 inches in length and may also be used as a regular hand held leash.

The leash is attached to your waist via a sliding hook, which can be useful if your smaller dog slips behind during a stroll. In an emergency, there is a quick-release button that allows you to immediately release your dog. This selection is intended for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds.


Best for Training: Good2Go Active Dog Running Lead

Anyone who has trained their dog to heel understands how crucial it is to be able to reward your dog with a good food. This leash not only makes life easier by freeing up your hands, but it also offers two zippered storage compartments where you can keep those treats for convenient access. When your dog has finished obedience school, you’ll appreciate having a spot to keep poop bags or your house keys.

This hip belt has a built-in control handle, a shock-absorbing bungee, and reflective accents. It’s also ideal for dog owners who enjoy jogging or trekking with their pet.


Best with Storage: Hands-Free Dog Leash Lanney

What good is a hands-free leash if you have to carry your phone, credit card, keys, and other things with you? Lanney realized this issue and designed a hands-free leash with an attached fanny pack made of fashionable nylon with reflective stitching.

The zipped pouch measures 7 x 4 inches and has two pocket compartments as well as a hole that may be used as a poop bag dispenser or an outlet for your earbuds. The leash is hooked to a sliding D ring, giving your pet plenty of freedom while you stroll. The leash itself features two comfortable Neoprene padded grips for times you need to pull your dog closer.

Hands-Free Leashes: What to Look for


Although hands-free dog leashes are convenient, being attached to your dog requires some extra precautions. When used with properly leash-trained dogs, hands-free dog leashes are safe. A dog that pulls on the leash or abruptly lunges after other canines or bike riders may knock the human off his or her feet. Some hands-free leashes have quick-release mechanisms that allow you to rapidly detach your dog if necessary. Others provide handles or knotted parts that you may swiftly hold to rein in or stop your dog from pulling. Reflective materials are used in some hands-free leashes to make you and your dog visible to motorists in low-light circumstances.


Because a hands-free leash is attached to your body, it should be pleasant to wear. A decent hands-free leash is flexible and lightweight. Shock-absorbing fabrics, such as bungee, allow your dog to walk away from you softly without exerting undue strain on your body, and readily move near to you without requiring you to collect up the slack. Padding or lining on the area that goes around your waist might offer comfort and prevent chaffing.


Some hands-free leashes are designed to accommodate many pets (or you can buy a coupler to turn almost any hands-free leash into a double). Built-in zipper pockets or pouches that keep goodies, doggie bags, or your house keys are also desired features.

Final Decision

The Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash includes a robust, shock-absorbing bungee, two control handles, and a fluorescent strip for increased visibility at night.

If you have two dogs, the Pet Dreamland Hands Free Double Dog Leash includes a tangle-free, 360-degree swivel splitter to keep them from tangling together.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for reading up to this point. If you are searching for the best hands-free leashes, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes this article may be helpful.


Hands-free leashes are they safe?

Hands-free dog leashes are safe when used properly with dogs who have been leash-trained to walk or run alongside you without pulling. A hands-free leash may not be the ideal option for dogs who yank on the leash or lunge at other dogs or bike riders. A dog pulling strongly on a hands-free leash has the potential to knock the human off his or her feet. Some hands-free leashes have quick-release mechanisms that allow you to rapidly detach your dog if necessary. Some have fixed handles that you can grab fast to get better control of your dog.

Can you ride a bike with a hands-free leash?

Riding a bike while holding a traditional hands-free dog leash is not safe. When biking with your dog, it’s critical that he doesn’t get too close to the bike, otherwise he could get hurt and/or cause you to lose control. Furthermore, if your dog lunged, it may knock you off your bike. Special bike leashes for dogs are similar to hands-free dog leashes in that they link to the bike via a stiff arm that positions your dog a safe distance from the bike.

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