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The 10 Best Hamster Wheels

Your hamster would not be able to survive without its training wheels. As a bonus, it keeps kids active and healthy.

It can be a challenge not to get into the best hamster wheel due to the market's wide variation in product quality.

Wheels for your guinea pig should be safe, fun for your pet and, of course, non-chewable.

However, it's not always easy to tell if a product meets all of those criteria until you make a purchase.

You may find useful information in the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hamster wheel reviews.

We've researched a lot of choices and compiled this list of the best hamster wheels on the market.

Selecting the Finest Hamster Wheel: A Purchasing Guide

Now that you know what’s available, it might be beneficial to go over some additional factors to keep in mind while shopping.


Squeaky sounds are often associated with hamster wheels. The fact that hamsters, like other rodents, are nocturnal makes this situation even worse. Squeaky wheels can be a source of constant annoyance.

To their credit, numerous models have taken pains to ensure that their products are completely silent. The most obvious solution is to replace the rotating axels with ball bearings, but there are other ways to get the job done as well.

The converse is also true; frequent tire oiling will prevent squeaking.


Metal grating is a staple of the classic hamster wheel, although this design choice has its drawbacks. Inevitably, your hamster’s foot will get snagged in the gaps in the running surface.

As a result, you’ll find that the bulk of the items on our shortlist have a rock-solid base for running. There is still some utility to grating, but do so at your own peril.

Protecting Your Confidentiality With the Privacy Screen

Some of the items on our list were “privacy screens,” or plastic partitions that provide some seclusion for your hamster while exercising. In reality, this improvement is there to prevent them from slipping off the wheel altogether.

The privacy screen certainly make things more difficult when it comes time to clean. Wheels are quite difficult to clean because of all the nooks and crevices.

Chew Proof

Hamsters love to chew. In general, metal is entirely chew-resistant, but some plastic materials can also withstand the occasional bite. Manufacturers usually advertise if their product is chew-proof.

Snag Proof

Though rare, hamsters have been known to suffer tail or fur snags with traditional exercise wheels. This being said, you may want to look for something with a snag-proof design.

Products that eliminate the axel tend to be slightly better at reducing your pet’s chances of experiencing a snag.


When you buy a hamster wheel that doesn’t come with the cage, they usually feature a built-in stand. However, many pet owners like to save space by mounting the wheel directly to the cage wall.

If you’re crafty enough, you can probably figure out a way to do this with almost any wheel.

However, it is safer and more convenient when you can find something that includes mounting hardware.


Did you find the product you liked thanks to the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hamster wheel reviews? If not, going back to some of the best hamster wheels here might help.

For example, the Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel, which is our recommended model, has a lot to offer as long as you don’t mind spending a fortune on your hamster wheel.

We make sure to include cheap shoppers on our list. Check out our runner-up, the Ware 3282 Sandstone Wheel, if you need to save some money without sacrificing quality.

In the end, though, you can’t go wrong because every single one of the ten we’ve highlighted here is guaranteed to be risk-free and effective.


First Place: Suncoast Wodent Hamster Wheel

Suncoast Sugar Glider is an 11-inch-diameter model. The device has a “tail guard” to prevent your pet’s tail, fur, or feet from becoming caught, as well as other safety features to ensure your pet’s comfort and security.

The axel is pre-oiled for maximum performance, and the wheel is designed to be quiet. You should expect it to withstand a lot of chewing without much damage, as it is quite tough. The metal frame will almost certainly outlast its owner.

At last, you may attach the device to the inside of your cage with the help of the wiring provided.

The fixings that prevent your pet’s tail from being entangled also make the wheel very difficult to clean, so keep that in mind.

In conclusion, we consider this to be 2021’s finest hamster wheel.


  • Inches in diameter: 11
  • Guard for the tail
  • Discreetly functions
  • Check your chewing ability


  • Not simple to clean at all


Best Hamster Exercise Wheel (Ware Flying Saucer)

If you’re looking for a hamster wheel, go no further than the Ware. The disc form of this device sets it apart from all others. Plastic construction makes the pedestal your pet stands on impervious to snagging tails and feet. It’s cheap, simple to clean, and silent, to boot.

There is a serious fragility issue with the device. It’s possible that this product won’t make it through even a few uses (or some curious nibbles). There shouldn’t be any issues, though, if your hamster is generally careful with the items you place in its cage.


  • Affordable
  • Total and absolute silence
  • Anti-snagging on the tail
  • Fast and simple cleanup


  • Not very sturdy


Hamster Wheel with Silent Runner by Exotic Nutrition: The Top Pick

The Exotic Nutrition has been engineered without an axle, making it possible to run without making any noise. Because there is no axel, your pet’s tail won’t get caught on anything, either.

In addition, the “privacy plate” made of plastic ensures that your hamster won’t escape while in the wheel.

With “slip-proof” material on the tracks and a sturdy metal construction in the stand, your pet will always have a secure footing.

The privacy plate does make it a little trickier to wipe the wheel, though. The wheel can be taken apart for servicing, although doing so will increase the total time needed.

It is also one of the most costly alternatives we provide. Nevertheless, if you are in a position to make this purchase, doing so will be a wise use of your resources.


  • Non-Slip Substances
  • Total and absolute silence
  • Wall-mounted Personality-Protection Device
  • Extremely sturdy


  • Not easy to disinfect
  • Pricey


Hamster Wheel, Kaytee, Silent Spinner, Hamster

The Kaytee was designed to spin silently. It’s made entirely of plastic, and rather than an axel, it uses ball bearings. This design element keeps it quiet and stops your pet’s tail from getting entangled.

A plastic wheel with no openings where your hamster’s feet may get stuck adds another layer of protection. You may either place the wheel on the floor of your pet’s cage or connect it to the wall using the included mounting hardware.

There have been several reports of the wheel breaking under normal use. After some time in use, users have reported that parts become loose and the quality of the product declines.


  • Silent
  • Made entirely of plastic
  • Avoiding any potential tail snagging


  • Falling apart over time


Premium Hamster Wheel with Mesh Wire for Pets

The Prevue Pet Products wheel is a classic hamster wheel with the mesh design. The sturdy metal construction guarantees the item will last for a very long time. The wheel has a diameter of 8 inches and comes in a rainbow of hues (purple, red, blue, and pink).

It’s also a cheap wheel, so it’s excellent for those on a tight budget. However, it’s important to also consider a few caveats. It’s possible for your hamster’s feet to become stuck in the wheel’s mesh spacing.

Additionally, we found that it is much louder than the other choices we considered. This is not the right item to purchase if you need something silent.


  • Super cheap
  • Durable


  • It’s easy to snare a hamster if you’re not
  • Extremely loud


Product for Relaxing on a Hamster Wheel

Simply said, the Mojetto is a cheap and functional 6-inch wheel. It’s mostly plastic, but it has a metal support that you can move about.

The device may also be mounted on the inside wall of your cage. Find something more complex, but this will do the trick if you need something basic and functional.

However, there are also certain caveats to keep in mind. One major drawback is how annoyingly squeaky it is. It also doesn’t hold up to regular use.

If your hamster likes to gnaw, the plastic may deteriorate with time. However, if cost-effectiveness is secondary to your priorities, this wheel should serve you well.


  • Affordable
  • Freestanding or cage-mounted installation options


  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • Exceptionally shrill


Petzilla’s PHW-1 is a quiet hamster exercise wheel

The Petzilla has a diameter of 7.5 inches and is constructed wholly of wood. Your hamster will have a secure hold on the surface, reducing the chance of falling, and the material is simple to clean.

You may put it on the wall of your cage or set it on a stand, and it makes no noise whatsoever.

You should know that this is one of the most costly choices we provide, likely because to the all-wood construction. It’s also important to note that the substance might potentially induce nibbling.

The habitual wood-chewing of hamsters poses serious problems for its longevity.


  • Superb craftsmanship
  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Compatible with direct cage wall mounting


  • Quite costly
  • It may be habitually consumed by hamsters.


Hamster Wheel with Rusty Metal Tread for Exercise

The Tread Exercise Wheel by Ware Manufacturing is a low-cost, all-metal device that is built to last. Powdery resin provides a chew-proof coating and makes it easier to clean than uncoated metal.

There are, however, some compromises that must be made in order to reach the inexpensive pricing. The construction is of very poor quality. Your hamster may have trouble using the wheel because of how much it wobbles.

And there’s a lot of noise. Everyone in the home will be irritated by the wheel’s constant squeaking.


  • It’s a bunch of metal
  • Affordable


  • Extremely loud
  • Unremarkable in terms of physical construction


The Zacro Hamster Wheel for Working Out

The Zacro is an 8.7-inch, noiseless, plastic device that is built to last and is simple to maintain. There is no axel or grating, so your pet can’t get his or her paws or tail caught.

In addition, the plastic’s transparency makes it simpler to locate discolorations that need to be scrubbed away.

To be clear, this is one of the more pricey alternatives we provide. Those looking to spend less are likely to prefer less expensive products.

Some individuals won’t be able to use the unit as it’s hard to build and doesn’t come with wall mounting hardware.


  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Guaranteed to be pet-friendly.


  • Impossible to Put Together
  • A lack of necessary gear for attachment
  • Pricey


ZOOPOLR Totally Quiet Spinner Exercise Running Wheel

The Zoopolir is a low-priced alternative to traditional spinning wheels made of metal or wood. It has a diameter of 4.7 inches and should be simple to clean. It’s built to be quiet, too, which is fantastic news for folks whose hamsters are nocturnal.

However, there are a few factors that must be remembered. One drawback is that it is not particularly long-lasting, so you may have to buy new ones many times throughout the course of your pet’s lifetime.

It’s also rather little, so most hamsters could feel a bit claustrophobic there. In the end, it isn’t terrible for those on a tight budget, but there are better alternatives for those willing to spend a little bit more money.


  • Affordable
  • Fast and simple cleanup


  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • Some squeezing may occur.


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