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The 9 Best Hamster Toys

Your hamster needs regular playtime and exercise. Your pet's health and well-being can be promoted by providing a stimulating environment, such as a variety of toys in their cage.

Is there a way to know if a toy is safe for children? Or if the common hamster is even interested in playing with it.

Toys are a hamster's main source of interest, and this list features eight of their favorites.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has tried to include solutions to suit people with different budgets and pets with different personalities.

So if you're looking for the best hamster toys recommended, keep reading!

Find the Best Hamster Toy with This Buying Guide!

You have witnessed the goods firsthand. Now, I’ll provide you some information that will help you choose the best toy for your pet.

Elements of Nature

You should aim for something that is entirely made of natural materials. Keep in mind that hamsters are predisposed to gnaw on just about everything, so be wary of what you place in their cage.

There is a good risk that a hamster may ingest any hazardous components present on one of its toys.

This problem is typically resolved by using natural components. Several of the items on our list, for instance, were fabricated from withered grass.

Some were crafted from treated wood, while others were unfinished. These supplies will help keep your pet secure while it plays.

Is It Safe for Chewing?

Those toys will eventually be destroyed by your pet’s teeth, as was explained above. Because of this, you’ll want an item that can withstand their formidable bite.

Chew-proof toys may be more expensive initially, but they might end up saving you money due to the higher quality of the materials used.

Keep in mind that it’s usually always cheaper to buy one high-quality toy than to keep replacing several low-quality ones.

Is Your Pet Enticed by the Toy?

All pets are particular about some things. It’s unfortunate because this means there’s no assurance your hamster will like the goodie you offer. Yet there are ways that toys might improve their attractiveness.

Some of the devices on our shortlist, for instance, emit distinctive aromas designed to attract hamsters. Adding little things like that will go a long way toward making sure your pet gets to appreciate its new present.

Does Your Pet Seek Out Playtime When They Have This Toy?

The hamster is endowed with a wide variety of instincts. The finest toys are those that are made with the intention of satisfying these desires.

As one example, hamsters have a built-in preference for living underground. As a result, some of the choices we provided are fashioned after the crawling and hiding environments in which wild rats flourish.

Rodents are prolific chewers, too. Thus, it can be useful to acquire an item with a wide range of textures. Your pet’s continued engagement may thus be ensured.

How simple is it to disinfect?

Hamsters, sadly, are not picky about where they defecate. It’s likely that they’ll use their new plaything as a toilet. Make sure the toy is simple to clean up in case they do.

Make sure it’s simple to clean up after spills. Some are treated with stain-resistant coatings that make cleanup even easier.


Like many animals, your hamster need regular physical activity. While the hamster wheel is a common means of cardiovascular exercise, there are alternative options for your pet.

If you have a hamster, for instance, you may get them some exercise and have some fun using exercise balls.

This toy will give them the freedom to roam the house at leisure while being safely ensconced in a cushioned ball. These playthings are great since they can also be used to conceal your pet while you clean their cage.


Determining the sweet spot for pricing may be challenging. Even if you get your hamster a fantastic new toy, there’s always the potential that it may be ignored. Fortunately, even high-quality hamster toys are rarely prohibitively priced.

An expensive model might end up costing you less than $30. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding anything of high quality and reasonable cost at that price. Investing in something natural that can last for a while is a good use of your money.


Certain playthings include many interchangeable parts. There are several reasons why this is fantastic. It’s a better use of your money because you can upgrade your pet’s play space with fewer purchases.

In addition, it will help keep your hamster occupied for longer. Animals, like us, like a change of pace again and then.


When it comes to the pet toy market, rodent toys are often grouped together under a wide category. Toys are often advertised as suitable for several species of small animals.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that these creatures have significant differences, so the toy will likely appeal to some of them more than others.

You can tell if a toy is suitable for your hamster based on its size. Hamsters like dark, humid environments that remind them of their natural habitat below earth.


What do you find most interesting in BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best hamster toys? We agree that every toy is great.

However, if you only have to choose one, you may be drawn in by more luxurious options, such as the Prevue Hendryx 1095 Natural Hideaway Ball Toy, which is our top pick.

The Kaytee Chew Toy is our top pick of the best hamster toys available, and it’s also one of the most reasonably priced options available.

Of course, there’s no rule that says pets can only have one toy. You’ll probably want to go all out and surprise them with some of the great gadgets included in our list.


The Best Hamster Toy, Period is the Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Ball

The Prevue is a handwoven pet bed made from 100% natural grass. Your hamster may indulge its instinctual need to hide and burrow in the unit’s many nooks and crannies.

You may also adjust the aroma to your pet’s preferences. The device gives out a pleasant, all-natural scent that hamsters find irresistible. Finally, it has a diameter of around 9 inches, so even larger pets like ferrets and guinea pigs may use it.

The major problem is that it won’t endure for very long. A few exploratory nibbles will leave it practically unusable in the long run because it is effectively just a ball of dried-up grass, and it will be expensive to replace it more than once.

In conclusion, we consider this to be 2021’s finest hamster plaything.


  • Handwoven
  • Eco-friendly Grass
  • provide spaces for digging and concealing
  • A natural aroma is released, which entices hamsters.


  • Fast deterioration


The Most Affordable Kaytee Hamster Chew Toy

The Kaytee is our more reasonably priced option. Our most affordable hamster toy set includes three carrot-shaped chew toys. You can’t go wrong with any of these as hamster toys.

Your hamster will be entertained for hours by the various textures and the well-made construction of each item, both of which are made of softwood.

It’s unfortunate that some people have raised severe design problems. The most common issue is that glue can be seen on the outside of several of the toys. Not many toys have this, but if you find one that does, you should probably put it away.


  • 3-pack
  • Affordable
  • Combination of different textures


  • The quality of construction varies greatly across apartments.


Niteangel Premium Selection Tunnel-Exploring Hamster Toy

The Niteangel is a rodent labyrinth made of wood that is meant to mimic the subterranean environment to which wild rats would be attracted. It has two entryways and six inside areas to keep your pet occupied for lengthy periods of time.

The inside compartments varied in size, just like a real rat’s or mouse’s nest. Hamsters may enjoy the diversity since it allows them to divide their living quarters for different purposes (e.g., sleeping, eating, playing).

The wood construction and large size (12.4″ x 8″) bode well for its longevity. If you’re willing to invest, your hamster will be delighted by this, one of the priciest toys on display today.


  • Recreates the feeling of being out in the wild
  • Crafted entirely of wood
  • There are six distinct rooms.


  • Pricey


This is the Kaytee Hamster Exercise Ball

The Kaytee, measuring in at 5 inches in diameter, is a reasonably priced option for those looking for a workout ball. The mechanism by which it operates is straightforward.

Put your hamster in the ball, close the door, and enjoy watching them play. It’s a fun spin on the traditional exercise wheel, and it also serves as a convenient spot to keep your pet while you clean their cage.

The main problem is that it’s not always easy to clean the ball. The hole is big enough for your hamster to fit through comfortably, but it’s too small for a human hand. This implies that the toy’s inside will rapidly become dirty.


  • Circumference, Five Inches
  • Ideal for putting your pet away for the winter.
  • Assertiveness training is beneficial.


  • Extremely difficult to clean


Hamsters will love the Niteangel Chew Toys

Niteangel is a cheap 6-pack of hamster chew toys. The patterns are interesting, and the natural ingredients will keep your pet engaged. Apple sticks, willow sticks, seagrass sticks, and firewood are all part of the package.

The components are made to assist maintain healthy teeth and a healthy length for your hamster. The most consistent complaint was indifference.

It was claimed by several hamster owners that their pets showed little interest in the toys. Obviously, your experience may differ because every animal is unique.


  • 6-pack
  • Affordable
  • Pure and simple


  • Others claim to be uninterested.


Toy Ware 3292, a Delightful Tunnel by Ware Manufacturing

Your pet may have 30″ of movable excitement with the Ware Fun Tunnel toy. The tunnel’s wide entrance and the tubing’s malleability make it a breeze to clean, and they also provide a creative outlet for your pet.

The tunnel can be folded up quickly and effortlessly after you’re done with it, making storage and transport a breeze. The unit’s plastic construction makes it easy to clean and maintain.

You should keep your hamster’s teeth busy so they don’t become bored because the plastic isn’t very durable.


  • Flexible
  • As long as it’s a whole 30 inches, though
  • This tunnel can be folded up and put away with no effort.
  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Fibers that repel spills


  • Is easily destroyed by chewing.


PreviousHendryx Nature’s Hideaway Hamster Tunnel Toy

The Prevue Hendryx is a cheap playhouse that is crafted from real grass using traditional weaving techniques. It has a number of openings so your hamster may satisfy its natural want to burrow and hide.

We were disappointed to see that the tunnel’s inside is made of a somewhat rough material. It’s possible that your hamster won’t feel entirely at ease there. It also doesn’t hold up well with heavy chewing, so it probably won’t last very long.


  • Inexpensive price
  • Elements of Nature


  • Extremely coarse material
  • Doesn’t hold up well under chewing


Toy Hamster Nest from Kathson

The Kathson Hamster Nest Toy is the last item on the list. This low-cost two-piece kit includes a bridge and seesaw for your hamster’s play space.

To liven up your pet’s environment, the wood components have been given a colorful paint job. That the material may be safely eaten means the device should have a long life.

There were issues that we saw. It’s possible that the wood won’t hold up very well since, for one thing, it’s so soft. In addition, it’s a pain to assemble. Users have claimed that theirs were damaged during assembly.


  • Affordable
  • Modest yet aesthetically pleasing layout


  • An extreme vulnerability
  • Challenges in assembly
  • Assembly-related unit failures have been reported by several sources.

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