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The 9 Best Hamster Cages

Your mouse cage must meet all of these criteria. However, there are many guinea pig cages available, making it hard to find one.

The goal of BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is to facilitate the buying process for you.

To do this, we've researched and reviewed a variety of guinea pig cages, presenting only the best hamster cages for your small pet.

If you're looking for a suitable home for a guinea pig or a pack, you'll find it here, so keep reading!

These cages are too small to hold your guinea pig at all times of the day and night.

Think of them like a dorm where they can sleep while you're away. If nothing else, we think it's important that hamsters get plenty of exercise outside of their cages under their supervision.

How to Pick the Finest Hamster Habitats

And now, for your convenience, a few simple pointers to aid you in making your choice.

Exclusive Entry

Most cages include a door on top for easy access. This is a crucial feature since it simplifies cleaning immensely. The better off you’ll be, the larger the door!

Complementary Extras

Having all the necessary extras already included may be a huge time saver. At the very least, your hamster will want a food bowl, water bottle, and exercise wheel to ensure its happiness and health.

Convenient as it may be to obtain everything in one go, you need still be picky about the quality of your purchases.

Oftentimes, the quality of the bundled accessories isn’t up to par with what you’d get if you bought them separately.


Modular tubing allows for certain cages to connect to additional play structures. Having these amenities means there is more space for fun activities.

Although tubing is often supplied separately, you’ll want to be sure your cage can accommodate it if you’re thinking about getting it in the future.

Collapsed Core

In addition, you should make sure that the bottom of your cage is slanted downwards. With this feature, you’ll be able to provide adequate bedding for your hamster, who will also have plenty of place to burrow and hide.


Our top guinea pig cage recommendations have been detailed for you. Are there any special items here that caught your eye? If you are still undecided, remember that the best hamster cages listed by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) can’t do any harm.

Our best pick, Prevue Pet Products 528 Animal Home, is a great choice if you don’t mind spending a little extra money in exchange for quality.

It is possible to buy quality goods without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with the Habitrail 62820A1 Hamster Cage if you’re looking for a high-quality option at a low price.

The eight goods presented here are all tried-and-true options. Simply choose the one that you feel is best for your pet.


Best Hamster Cage: The 528 from Prevue Pet Products

The Prevue Pet Products is a roomy 32″ x 1712″ in size. The cage’s sturdy plastic construction and wire outside give excellent visibility and security for your pet. Tight 3/8″ spacing prevents your hamster from squeezing between the bars.

The cage has two entrances: one in the front and one in the top. The top access is great for sanitation purposes.

Although the cage’s foundation is below ground level, it also has a raised platform that functions as a second floor. There’s a ramp inside for your hamster to use.

This item is more expensive than similar options, so keep that in mind. The Prevue, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you need something reliable that won’t break the bank.

Overall, we believe this to be one of the finest hamster cages on the market at the moment.


  • Huge in proportions
  • Having two doors makes maintenance much simpler.
  • Built to last


  • Pricey


For the Lowest Price, Choose the Habitrail 62820A1 Cristal Hamster Cage

The Habitrail is a no-frills yet reasonably priced option that tops our list of recommended hamster cages. It has a footprint of 16″ x 10″, but may be joined with tubing to create a much larger environment.

It also has everything you need to get by. Included in the cage package is a chew-proof water bottle and a sturdy hamster wheel, so your pet will never be bored. A large door allows for simple access when cleaning is required.

The cage door presents a serious challenge on occasion. It doesn’t snap into place very securely, and the unit’s frame needs to be jiggled slightly to engage the locking mechanisms. It’s simple to leave the door open if you don’t pay attention.


  • Affordable
  • There’s a bottle and a bike there.
  • Fast and simple cleanup


  • Unfortunately, the door doesn’t latch very securely.


Hamster Heaven Metro Lixit 71-5074-001, Top of the Line

If hamster cages have a penthouse, that would be the Lixit. Its measurements are a generous 31″ by 19″. Your hamster will have plenty of room to dig around in the recessed foundation.

The spacious door openings and comfortable handle design make this cage a breeze to clean and transport.

However, the numerous add-ons are the major draw. The Lixit comes included with a wheel, many platforms, and two “houses” for your pet to rest their heads.

Unfortunately, it costs a lot more than typical hamster wheels. If you’re serious about providing the best life possible for your hamster, though, this is a really attractive option to explore.

In conclusion, we consider this to be the finest hamster cage available.


  • Extensive measurements (31″ x 19″)
  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Possibility of a Relaxed Grip
  • Incredibly many extras already included


  • Costs a pretty penny.


A Hamster Cage, Model 9011-1 from AmazonBasics

Size-wise, at 31.7 inches and 21 inches in length, the AmazonBasics is compact but comfortable. The iron wire bars and tough plastic base ensure that it will survive a long time. Huge doors at the top of the cage make maintenance a breeze.

The cage comes with a ramp leading to an elevated platform, food and water dishes, and a water bottle. In a nutshell, pretty much everything you’d need to get going (apart from an exercise wheel).

There’s a full year of coverage in case anything goes wrong with the product.

Some clever cats, according to stories from households with many animals, may find a way to open the cage’s door. Nonetheless, if you don’t share your home with a feline friend, this shouldn’t be an issue, making this one of the top hamster cages available.


  • Built to last
  • Sufficient add-ons
  • Fast and simple cleanup


  • It’s possible that cats can gain entry.


U.S. Central and Eastern 100-AR The Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

This “arcade” style hamster cage has several activities for your pet to engage in, hence the name. It’s large enough for playing at 18″ x 11″, but its entertainment potential goes much beyond that.

The major attraction of the unit is an upper level for play that the hamster may reach via a tunnel. The supplementary space has a wheel for exercise, a drink bottle, and several levels for the hamster to explore.

The habitat can be expanded indefinitely with the addition of additional modules.

However, various design issues have been noted. The fact that hamsters may unlatch the cage door is the most common grievance we get from customers.

Some have attempted to address this issue by including more wires, although it is obviously preferable when the cage operates as intended.


  • Quite a sizable portion
  • Building in Modules
  • A plethora of delightful extras


  • While some hamsters may have difficulty escaping,


Hamster Cage, Ferplast Favola

The Ferplast Favola is a big machine, measuring in at 23.6 inches by 14.6 inches in size. This unit’s transparent plastic base is very deep, making it convenient for borrowing.

It also has a second, ramp-accessible floor for added convenience. On the upper level, you’ll find a hamster wheel exerciser, a bowl of food, a “home,” and a disposable water bottle.

Because it is constructed from interchangeable modules, this system may be expanded as needed by adding additional tubes for interconnection.

Regrettably, the accessories are of poor quality. One issue is that most hamster species are too big for them. Furthermore, they aren’t particularly sturdy and would likely not do well against a hamster with a penchant for chewing.

Every one of these add-ons can be replaced if absolutely required, although it’s ideal if it weren’t.


  • Acceptable as a loan
  • Possesses a spacious upper level ideal for scouting
  • Module in the modular style


  • Poor quality accessories.


The Grosvenor, Our Little Friends’ Hamster Cage, Model TK51262

There is a 33″ x 18.5″ footprint on the Little Friends. The item has a top opening for cleaning and a variety of toys to keep your pet occupied.

With a recessed bottom that encourages burrowing, and a ramp leading to a level with a home, wheel, feeding station, and water bottle, your pet will have all it needs.

The 1 cm distance between the bars makes it suitable for a broad variety of rodents and small rodents like chinchillas.

It’s unfortunate that cats may be able to get entry via the roof. Users have noted that it collapses with the weight of cats, allowing their paws to pass through with ease.

Of course, not everyone will have a problem with this, but it can be a serious issue for others.


  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Extensive selection of add-ons is provided
  • Constructed to perfection for a broad variety of pets.


  • Cage entry may be possible for cats.


Hamster Cage Made with Ferplast

The Ferplast is a reasonably priced gadget that provides several means of amusement for your pet. Its generous 18.11″ x 11.61″ dimensions ensure that your hamster will have plenty of room to explore, dig, and run.

Easy access to the cage from above makes maintenance a breeze, but the included extras are what really set this aquarium apart. It has a wheel, a food dish, a “home,” and a water bottle, and it comes with a variety of tubes for stowing and transporting.

Users have complained that the bottom does not seal properly. Urine and feces were found to be leaking up through the floor gaps and crevices, so it’s safe to assume that this is something you’ll want to prevent.


  • Affordable Cost
  • size and proportions that are acceptable
  • A plethora of playthings


  • Ill-fitting seal


Hamster cage by Kaytee, the Crittertrail, with a built-in water bottle and easy-to-use cleaning system

The Kaytee is an inexpensive, straightforward gadget that measures 16 inches by 10.5 inches. The plastic base is transparent, so you can observe your hamster as it digs and plays.

The wheel, dish, and water bottle are included in the convenient accessories, and the large top access door makes cleaning a breeze.

There are a few things to keep in mind. One problem is that the accessories are of poor quality. Particularly, the water bottle has a bad habit of leaking.

However, keep in mind that larger hamsters may find the space too confining.


  • Crystal clear base
  • Fast and simple cleanup


  • Poorly made add-ons
  • Some hamsters could feel claustrophobic in here.

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