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The 15 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Dog Halloween costumes that transform your dog into a bipedal teddy bear or a red-maned lion are a fun way to switch up their cuteness for a day. Whether you want to take your dog trick-or-treating, to a party with pals, or just have a festive photograph for Instagram, there are plenty of wonderful costumes to choose from.

In our quest for the best Halloween costumes for dogs, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) sought for costumes with many sizing options, imaginative designs, and easy-to-wear costumes for dogs.

Here are best Halloween costumes for dogs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Halloween Costume


Dog costumes come in a variety of sizes, so take your dog’s dimensions and check to see whether a size chart is available before purchase.

Your Dog’s Reaction to Clothes

You don’t have to worry if your dog is an expert at dressing up. If you’ve never put a doggie jacket or sweater on your pet before, it’s a good idea to do a trial run in the costume before showing off their adorable new disguise. Make sure to provide enough of treats to help your child develop a positive association with dressing up. If you already know your dog despises dog clothing, a holiday-inspired bandana like the bat wings seen above would be a better option.


Best Overall: UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume California

With this wink to the dog/delivery man relationship, Fido can channel his favorite midday visitor. This polyester costume comes in sizes extra small to big to fit most breeds and contains shirt sleeves for your pup’s front legs that fasten around the neck using Velcro. Faux arms and a package round out the look. To top it all off, your dog will receive the official UPS cap.

Best Budget: Rubies Costume Company Pet Viking Hat with Braids

Put this braided Viking cap on your best pal to complete the transformation. People will turn their attention whether your dog is stationed at the door or walking with you on Halloween night. This hat comes in two sizes, making it suitable for both tiny dogs like Yorkies and larger dogs like Bulldogs, and an adjustable elastic chin strap keeps it in place.

Best for Large Dogs: TOMSENN Lion Dog Mane

When you see your dog in this fuzzy lion mane, you can’t help but smile. It looks excellent on medium to large-sized dogs like a golden retriever or yellow lab. You may dress up like a lion tamer to match your outfits. We won’t hold it against you if you wear it more than once a year because it’s so much fun. Just remember to take pictures.

Best for Small Dogs: Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit Rubie’s

With this adorable outfit, your dog will be transformed into a walking teddy bear, sure to offer a hefty dose of cuteness. This outfit, designed for dogs with short to medium legs and available in sizes extra small to triple extra-large, is huggable and hilarious. However, choosing the proper size might be difficult, so read the comments to see what size worked best for your dog’s size.

Best for Female Dogs: DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume by Rubie’s

If you love Wonder Woman, your dog can have her superpowers by proudly wearing this lovely metallic outfit. This helmet and printed costume clothing may be worn by dogs ranging in size from Chihuahuas to Springer Spaniels, demonstrating that size does not matter when it comes to being a super hero. If you need some costume ideas, you can even dress up as another member of the Justice League.

Best for Male Dogs: Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs by NACOCO

Do you have a stray dog? Why not turn them into a bucking bronco with this hilarious costume that mounts a saddle on their back and includes a grimacing cowboy/rodeo star? Once your dog is outfitted for the role, let them loose in the backyard for hours of entertainment. This outfit, which comes in four sizes, is best suited for smaller breed dogs such as pugs and Jack Russells.

Best Scary: Funny Dog Shark Costume by Mogoko 

Those who live in colder climates may wish to dress their dog with a costume that also serves as a jacket. This velvet shark costume accomplishes the task in a humorous manner. Best of all, because the size range ranges from small to triple extra-large, this will suit most dogs while keeping them warm, cozy, and shark-like.

Best for Puppies: Mogoko’s Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Even if your tail-wagger is tiny, she or he can still dress up for Halloween! Dress up your pup in this gorgeous jack-o-lantern hoodie because they are already your little pumpkin. This outfit, made of exceptionally soft velvet and microfibre with a fluffy hood, will keep your baby cozy on those cool autumn days. Durable snaps make it simple to put on and take off. Your dog will be the most adorable pumpkin in the crop.

Easiest to Put On: 3 Halloween Dog Bandanas by URATOT

If your dog does not appreciate dressing up in extravagant costumes, these bandanas are a simple way to give a festive touch. You’ll get three different designs for the price of one, making it simple to celebrate the entire Hallo-weekend. The square bandanas size 18.9 by 18.9 inches and will fit most dogs, but you should measure your pet to be sure. The polyester fabric is fade-resistant and simple to wash and dry.

Best Disney Princess: Snow White Dog Costume Coppthinktu

A Disney princess costume is a timeless Halloween option, and who better than everyone’s favorite Snow White? This costume has all of the movie-inspired design aspects, such as puffed shoulders and red satin ribbons. The fleece lining on the inside helps keep your pet toasty on a chilly night of trick or treating. Dog owners love the quality and cuteness element, however they urge sizing up. Get yourself an evil queen or dwarf costume, and you and your dog will be an unforgettable duo.


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