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The 10 Best Guinea Pig Water Bottles

To maintain good health, your guinea pig needs a steady supply of water.

Your guinea pig needs a clean, non-chewable water feeder for a regular supply of fresh water. A water bottle is ideal as it is not contaminated by urine, feces, pellets or hay.

In addition to preventing contamination, the water tank also keeps the guinea pig's coop and bedding dry.

Your Guineas may have trouble drinking from a dish of water, and it will quickly become contaminated with dirt.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by the multitude of different water bottle alternatives you can use. However, have no fear!

To ensure that your guinea pigs stay hydrated and healthy, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled this in-depth assessment guide to assist you in choosing the best guinea pig water bottles for them.

A Helpful Resource for Shoppers

Keeping your guineas hydrated and their cage and bedding dry is easiest using a bottle. Before you go out and buy a bottle for your guinea pig’s cage, there are some things to think about first.


The majority of guinea water bottles will be made of glass or plastic, with the occasional bottle being made of aluminum, stainless steel, or ceramic.

Glass bottles are favored because they are chemical-free, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. This does make them a more costly alternative.

Plastic bottles provide a number of advantages over glass ones, including lower cost, the ability to have their lids removed in order to facilitate refilling, and a reduced likelihood of breakage during installation.

However, guineas are more likely to gnaw on them, and certain plastics include toxins that might end up in your pet’s drinking supply. Make sure the one you buy doesn’t contain any BPA.

Ability and backing

It’s best to have a bottle that can hold enough guineas’ food for at least a couple of days. If you have more than two guineas, you may need to stock up on water bottles. It’s better to have too many than too few, in case you forget to refill a bottle or it spills.

The bottle needs to be able to firmly attach to your guinea’s cage. The last thing you want is for the bottle to topple and spill water all over your guinea or the cage. A reliable hook for cages or sturdy suction cups for a tank are necessities.


While a bottle nozzle that never drips may only exist in your imagination, there are options available that come close. Your guinea’s bedding and cage might be soaked with water from a leaking nozzle, and your pet could get dehydrated at worst.

However, it shouldn’t be too secure that your guineas have trouble getting to the water; rather, it should run smoothly and steadily. Indicators for water levels are helpful for knowing when to replenish.


We found the Choco Nose No-Drip bottle to be the best guinea pig water bottle. Thanks to the unique leak-proof faucet, your guinea pig will have easy access to water without having to worry about submerging the cage or litter.

Oxbow’s Enriched Life Anti-Chew Bottle is the best guinea pig water dispenser you can buy. The guinea pig water bottle is made of glass and stainless steel, and it has a water level indicator, a floating level disc, and a stainless steel filter tube that doesn’t drip.

Finding the ideal water tank for your pet can be a source of anxiety. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that after reading our in-depth reviews, you will be able to choose the best guinea pig water bottles.


The Best No-Drip Water Bottle, Hands Down, Is a Choco-Nose Model

Choco Nose’s No-Drip water bottle is our top selection because it allows your guinea to be adequately hydrated without soaking its cage or bedding.

Its innovative leak-proof nozzle prevents water from leaking into the cage and helps conserve water. The nozzle is resistant to being chewed on and was made with your guinea’s tiny mouth in mind.

You may reuse and recycle any bottle because the nozzle is compatible with most standard PET bottles like soda bottles. The bottle that comes with it is simple to set up and devoid of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A.

According to many reviews, the Choco Nose does not have the no-drip nozzle that the company advertises.


  • A nozzle with a patented design that prevents drips
  • Compatible with the most majority of PET bottles.
  • Non-BPA and simple to set up


  • A few people have mentioned experiencing dripping


The Finest Quality Chew-Proof Glass Water Bottle Available: Oxbow Enriched Life

For the money, Oxbow’s Enriched Life chew-proof bottle is our top selection for the best guinea pig water bottle. The BPA-free, chew-proof glass and stainless steel construction.

You can simply monitor your guinea’s water intake with the help of the tank’s handy water-level indicator and floating level disc. Steel connection hooks and a flat siding design make this sipper, which prevents water from dripping into your guinea’s cage and bedding, a breeze to set up.

The bottle is well made and robust, however many owners have complained that it leaks and needs to be refilled frequently, soaking the guinea’s cage.

Conversely, several customers have complained that the nozzle frequently becomes clogged and stops delivering water. These minor flaws, experienced by several customers, prevent us from giving it first place.


  • Construction using sturdy glass and aluminum
  • Inexpensive
  • An indication of the water level


  • Users have reported serious leaks in several cases.


The Alfie Pet Small Animal Two-Way Drinking Bottle, Top Pick

We highly recommend Alfie Pets’ 2-in-1 water bottle for your fluffy buddy. The base may also be used as a cozy perch while your guineas enjoy drip-free drinking.

The ceramic holder is safe for chewing and can accommodate an 80ml no-drip water bottle. The 4.25-inch tall ceramic shelter with a 1.5-by-1.3-inch square opening.

The clear container has a wide opening and the top is made up of a huge, ball-point tube. You can disinfect the bottle in a matter of seconds, and your hiding place will take even less time.

Many buyers have complained that the bottle leaks or doesn’t distribute water properly. The guineas might quickly become dehydrated if you don’t monitor the situation. That’s why it can’t crack our top two bottles.


  • No-spill bottle construction
  • Concealed ceramic bottle holder
  • Simplicity in maintenance


  • Expensive
  • Dispenser for water only functions occasionally.


Water Bottle That Won’t Leak When Chewable by Kaytee

Kaytee’s clear glass chew-proof bottle comes with a stainless steel sipper tube and a BPA-free plastic top. It may be attached firmly to the inside or outside of your guinea’s cage thanks to the convenient spring-attachment hanger.

Keep your guinea’s cage dry with the help of the steel sipper attachment’s innovative double ball-bearing design, which allows for gradual and uniform water dispensing. To prevent you from forgetting to refill the bottle, a duck floats within.

There have been several reports of leaks from this bottle, and at least a few people who used it for only an hour found themselves empty. This will quickly saturate your guinea’s cage, putting it at risk of dehydration.


  • Structure made of glass and metal
  • Simple to set up
  • Float built in for checking liquid levels


  • Users have complained that the bottle easily leaks.


Top-Filling Lixit Bottle for Small Animals

The flip-top cover on this water bottle from Lixit pops up and closes, making it quick and simple to restock. You won’t have to remove the bottle from the guinea’s cage each day to replace it, which is a nice feature.

This BPA-free plastic dish has two flat sides that make it perfect for your guinea’s cage. The stainless-steel drinking tube features a no-drip ball valve to prevent water from spilling all over your guinea’s bedding and cage.

To release water from the ball-bearing design, your guinea must lick the tube, which raises the two ball-bearings. Most guineas are unable to apply sufficient force to move the balls because the gap is too large.

There’s also the fact that several reviewers have complained about this bottle leaking heavily.


  • Very simple to restock
  • Plastic that doesn’t contain bisphenol A
  • Steel tubing


  • Poorly conceived
  • The bottle has been reported to leak heavily by many users.


Small Animal Oasis Bell-Shaped Water Bottle

Oasis’s bell-shaped water bottle holds 4 fluid ounces and is constructed from sturdy, BPA-free plastic. The Oasis Retain-Guard, made of powder-coated metal, is meant to securely hold the bottle within.

You may hang it in your guinea pig’s cage with the metal hook and eyelet attachment or secure it with screws. The bottle’s bell form will deter chewing, and the metal base is strong and resistant to the effects of chewing.

Putting it in a tank might be tricky since the water bottle’s weight can unlatch the Velcro fastener. The metal hook also hangs the bottle at an angle, increasing the risk of leakage.


  • Includes bottle and metal stand.
  • Bell-shaped, chew-proof bottle
  • Metal hook and screw for mounting included


  • Installation may be difficult.
  • If it’s not installed correctly, it’ll start leaking.


Mini Glass Pet Water Bottle with Lixit Chew Resistant Lid

Lixit’s glass water bottle that can’t be chewed is made from tough glass and metal, so it will endure a long time. The feeding tube, lid, and bottle are all made of stainless steel, making them durable, rustproof, and easy to clean.

Your guinea will always have access to fresh water thanks to the drinking tube’s dual ball-valve supply mechanism.

A floating turtle water level indication lets you know when the bottle needs to be refilled, and the metal mounting clamps allow for speedy installation.

Users have complained about the bottle leaking and emptying too rapidly, which can lead to a dehydrated guinea and wet bedding. Its limited storage means constant restocking.


  • Long-lasting metal and glass design
  • An indication of the water level
  • Mounting clamps, made of metal, were included.


  • A number of consumers have complained that the bottle has a leaking cap.
  • The infrequent need to re-fill due to low capacity.


Lixit Miniature Animal Drinking Bottle

Hanging from the top of your guinea’s cage, this water bottle from Lixit features a bell-shaped design. Because your guineas can’t chew or climb on it, it will stay clean and germ-free thanks to its rounded corners.

You may take it outside because of the plastic and steel that make it long-lasting and resistant to the elements. In addition to its twin bell-point tube and non-toxic rubber seal, this watering can ensures a steady flow of water.

However, several customers say it worked OK at first, but then began leaking constantly, flooding their guinea’s cage. The device for hanging things is flimsy and readily breaks.


  • Different style of suspension
  • Acceptable for use in the open air


  • Constantly leaking after only a brief period of use.
  • The mechanism that holds it up is really feeble.


The 61581 Eco+ Water Bottle from Living World

Living World’s Eco Plus water bottle is built from recycled glass and comes with a secure-spring mechanism for quick and simple installation.

You can tell when it’s time to replenish the bottle’s water for your pig thanks to its water level indicator and the drip-resistant tube that uses double ball bearings.

The bottle’s glass and metal construction makes it resistant to being chewed, and its flat back makes it easy to install.

Multiple owners have complained that their guineas were unable to drink from it. The lofty height means the spout will be too low for use in smaller cages.

While some customers describe the leak-resistant spout functioning too well, others claim persistent and copious leaking, soaking the cage and bedding until the bottle emptied.


  • Building using reclaimed glass
  • Signal for the Presence of Water


  • A few reviewers have complained that the drip-free spout is too effective.
  • Tall design will not fit into tiny cages
  • Users have said it leaks rapidly and heavily.


Animal Water Bottle, Midwest, 100-WBM

Midwest Homes for Pets’ water bottle is constructed of BPA-free plastic and features a stainless steel spout; the cover is detachable for simple refilling. Suction cups and a wheel attachment make setting up the cage in a glass aquarium a breeze.

Cage attachment clips are made of plastic and will shatter if your guinea tugs on the bottle. And because the plastic screw is so easy to strip, it might get lodged in the cage.

One customer said it leaked often, and their guinea pigs quickly chewed through the plastic components. If you fill the bottle and rely on the suction cups to keep it in place, the bottle may topple over and hurt your guinea.


  • Very simple to restock
  • Includes tank suction cups


  • These cheap plastic parts always seem to break.
  • Fast-wearing attachment screw stripping
  • Some consumers claim there is a constant flow of leaks.
  • Ineffective suction cups

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