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The 15 Best Guinea Pig Toys

To maintain their happiness, guinea pigs require appropriate mental and physical activity due to their intelligence and curiosity. Without adequate stimulus, your pig is prone to develop stress due to boredom.

Physical stimulation is essential if you do not want your child to lose fitness and develop poor health.

A few guinea pig toys are all that's required to provide the necessary stimulation. However, certain toys are more effective than others at amusing your pet.

Finding the ideal toy for your piglet may be time-consuming, but we've done the legwork for you. Following are reviews of the best guinea pig toys listed by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) currently available on the market.


Nibbler with Kaytee Nut Knot for Small Animals

The Nut Knot Nibbler by Kaytee is a clever toy that is not only entertaining but also improves your pet’s problem-solving abilities. It is a chew toy made of natural, high-quality wood. This guarantees that the health of your pet is not impacted by its use.

To persuade the guinea pig to play with it, the toy contains almond nuts. The wood is chewable, allowing your furry friend to trim their ever-expanding incisors while having fun.

It is small enough for a guinea pig to pick up and toss about, measuring just 4 inches in length and weighing only 0.6 ounces. In addition, its modest size makes it a perfect toy for guinea pigs of a younger age.

If you’re searching for something to distract your guinea pig while enhancing their problem-solving abilities, this is it. Accessing the almond nut concealed within the toy will require perseverance and intelligence. This will occupy your pet for countless hours.

Nevertheless, it is possible for a pig to lose interest in the toy if the nut is out of reach. This product is our top recommendation because, in addition to being a pleasant toy, it may improve the cognitive function of guinea pigs.


  • Fun
  • Boosts mental acuity
  • Chewable organic matter


  • Some pigs lose interest due to failure


Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

Guinea pigs excavate burrows in their native habitat, where they spend the majority of their time. As prey animals, guineas are inherently timid, which is why a hiding spot is so important to them. If that location resembles a burrow, it provides them the impression that they have a safe haven in case of danger.

This is the appeal of the Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel. It has a tunnel design that stimulates your pig’s instinct to explore, play, and sleep in burrows.

With dimensions of 35.4″ in length and 5.9″ in diameter, it gives more than enough space for your pet to relax luxuriously. In addition, its design permits folding when not in use.

It is also fairly adaptable, as it can be attached to a tent or other tunnels, allowing your guinea to enjoy it even more. To encourage your guinea pig to play, you may place food within the tunnel.

In addition, it is one of the most affordable guinea pig toys. The only reason this toy did not get first place was that it may not fit in some cages.


  • Engages the exploratory impulse of guinea pigs
  • Provides a location for them to hide or sleep
  • Permits adjustments
  • Foldable for storing


  • Could be too big for certain cages.


Fun Pet Balls, Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

These Niteangel pet balls are certain to be an immediate hit with your cuddly companion.

Guinea pigs are particularly fond of these handcrafted balls made from seagrass, rattan, and hyacinth. You will also appreciate the absence of inorganic elements such as plastic, metal, and plastic. Therefore, your child may play with them securely.

These balls are fantastic for chewing, giving your pet an additional tool for tooth care. In addition, they are tiny enough for the animal to pick them up, roll them about, or do anything it desires.

You may place a reward inside the ball to occupy your child as they attempt to retrieve it. Best of all, you do not need to supervise your piglet when they play with these balls.

The only drawback you may encounter with this toy is that guinea pigs consume them quickly. A pig can destroy a ball in only a few hours. This suggests that they may need to be replaced regularly.


  • Made from a natural material
  • Chewable
  • Small and constrained


  • Require continuous replacement


Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Play Chew Toys by Niteangel

Der Nitangel The Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut is a collection of toys designed to offer your pet the best possible playtime.

To begin with, it includes a hand-woven grass cap for the guinea to hide, sleep, or play in. The dimensions of the hut are 11 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 6 inches in height. It has openings for your sneaky child to peep out of.

Apple sticks, bamboo sticks, a loofah, a pinecone, a rattan ball, a seagrass ball, and a water hyacinth are the remaining toys in the collection. This implies that your guinea pig will have an abundance of playthings.

All of the toys are produced from natural materials, making them completely safe for your pet. Additionally, your guinea can use some of these toys to trim its teeth.


  • Offers diversity
  • Using natural ingredients
  • Safe for use as a toy


  • The entrance may be too tiny for bigger pigs.


Perfect Kaytee Chews

Perfect Chews by Kaytee is a chew toy designed solely to satisfy your guinea pig’s chewing demands.

It weighs only 1.6 ounces, making it light enough for the animal to move freely while chewing. It comes in vibrant hues to pique the pig’s curiosity.

Perfect Chews are comprised of wool balls, orange slices, woodblocks, and a wooden block linked to a metal hook and sewn together. Except for the metal hook, the entire toy is safe for your furry friend to gnaw.

This toy enhances the chewing experience of guinea pigs by allowing them to have fun while chewing. Caution: your pet may spend hours with it!

You may suspend the toy from the cage’s ceiling so that your guinea must work to reach it.


  • Meets the demands of a guinea pig’s chewing
  • Natural and secure substances
  • Can be shown anywhere


  • Not serving any other function


Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Living World’s Teach N Treat is an interactive toy that may be used to nurture your pet’s learning abilities while giving entertainment.

The toy includes little pots for placing food and plugs to cover the pots once the sweets have been placed inside. The idea is to let your pig observe as you arrange and conceal the treats, and then let them figure out how to get them.

The pots are approximately 1/2 inch deep, so the guinea pigs should have no trouble inserting their lips and safely obtaining the reward.

To earn food with the Teach N Treat toy, your pet must be aware and vigilant. In addition, this toy has three configurations of various difficulties. This allows you to constantly enhance your animal’s learning ability.

Your pet’s ability to learn new tricks will vastly improve with a greater capacity for learning, which will be incredibly rewarding for both of you.


  • Enhances learning ability
  • Fun
  • Teach your pet perseverance


  • It requires effort to learn how to utilize it.


JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys

This bundle of seven wooden toys from JanYoo is designed to assist your guinea pig trim their teeth while having fun.

All of the toys are produced from natural wood, so they do not include any chemicals that might hurt your furry friend. In addition, some are made to roll, allowing your guinea pig to exercise by pushing them about.

The toy set includes a squared tooth block with a rope, a bell roller, apple tree branches, a smaller bell roller, watermelon balls, and a dumbbell.

The amazing thing about these toys is that they are durable even when continually nibbled on. Unfortunately, not all guinea pigs appear to enjoy them.


  • Constructed of natural wood
  • Provide amazing exercise
  • Ideal for chewing


  • Some guineas may not enjoy them.


Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

The Wooden Care Bridge by Niteangel is yet another brilliant product created by the firm that helps you to stimulate your pig’s exploratory drive.

This bridge is constructed from natural wood to assure the safety of your pet, even if it decides to gnaw on it. This bridge will offer your guinea pig access to previously inaccessible regions.

Therefore, they may utilize it both inside and outside the cage. It features little bars that facilitate the animal’s ascent. You should be able to come up with creative methods for your animal to use this bridge with a little imagination.


  • Constructed of natural wood
  • Solid build
  • Both inside and outside of the cage.


  • Your pig may opt to gnaw on it.


Wheeky Pets Guinea Pig Treat Ball

This goodie ball from Wheeky will keep your child entertained for hours. In addition to being an exercise ball, it is also a habitat for foraging, assuring that your pet will be completely engaged.

The pig may just roll it around for exercise. You may also fill the movable apertures with treats for your pet to scavenge.

Therefore, this ball provides your guinea pig with daily mental and physical stimulation. It also provides an excellent opportunity for you and your pet to bond.


  • Offers cognitive and physical stimulation
  • Includes beautiful hues
  • Has adjustable apertures for filling snacks


  • Requires supervision to use


Small Pet Playpen with Multiple Colors by Prevue Pet Products

This Playpen from Prevue Pet Products facilitates a wonderful bonding experience between you and your pet. It encompasses more than 4 square feet of space so that you and your pig may enjoy it. Because it has a cover, you can even transport it without your pet escaping. The cage is constructed from non-toxic, powder-coated wire mesh.

This space allows your pig to run about until he or she is satisfied and also serves as a holding area when you need to clean the cage.


  • Large space
  • Permits interactive sessions
  • Excellent for bonding


  • The animal could escape if the cover is missing.

What to Look for When Buying Guinea Pig Toys

The following are the most significant considerations when purchasing a toy for your pet guinea pig:


The substance of a toy decides whether or not it is safe for a guinea pig. Plastic and metal toys should be avoided, since they may have severe repercussions on your pet’s health if consumed.

Always choose toys made of wood or other natural materials that guineas may safely ingest without experiencing adverse health effects.


While certain wooden toys may be safe for your cat, some may contain harmful poisons. These poisons are found in paint, insecticides, and preservatives. Consequently, you should select a toy that does not contain these compounds. Check whether the producer specifies the use of natural dyes.

Silky Edges

During play, sharp edges might damage your pet. Therefore, avoid these toys, since they can inflict severe damage, particularly to the eyes. If you must acquire a toy with sharp edges, sand the edges before giving the object to your pet.


Providing your guinea pig with sufficient mental and physical stimulation is an important aspect of caring for them. Your pet may be more sensitive to stress if it is boring. In contrast, a lack of physical stimulation or activity might result in an overweight pig being susceptible to chronic illnesses.

Choosing the proper toy for your furball is difficult because they come in a variety of sizes and forms. Therefore, rather than searching for the perfect toy, try providing them with a variety of toys.

You may begin with the Nut Knot Nibbler from Kaytee, which not only helps your pet have fun but also significantly improves their cognitive skills. Using this toy will greatly improve the quality of your interactions with your child.

The Hagen Pet Tunnel is also essential since few toys can provide guinea pigs as much delight as this one. It is also an excellent deal because it is relatively inexpensive.

Before purchasing the best guinea pig toys listed by BestForPets (bestforpets.org), ensure that it is safe for your pet!

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