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The 10 Best Guinea Pig Cages

Many companies include guinea pig cages with cages for other small animals, making it difficult to choose the right cage for your guinea pig.

You can tell if the cage is designed for guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, ferrets, or any other small pet by reading the label. It is difficult to accept that all these unique species have similar requirements.

Ten different guinea pig cage manufacturers were selected for this report.

We'll cover the pros and cons of each option, so you can compare quality and price across brands and see what works best for you.

We've also included a short buyer's guide in which we look at the guinea pig cage in detail to find out what the animal needs to live a happy and healthy life.

To help you make an informed decision, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discusses sizes, levels, hiding places, building requirements, and more.

Choose the size of the guinea pig cage and find the best guinea pig cages for you.

Selecting the Finest Cages for Your Guinea Pigs

In order to know what to look for while purchasing a guinea pig cage, let’s take a closer look at the specifics of this product.


The size of the cage is the first factor to think about while selecting housing for your guinea pig. When compared to other rodents, guinea pigs have more area requirements for exercising.

A hamster needs at least 7.5 square feet, or a space no less than 30 by 36 inches, according to the Humane Society.


Poor climbers, guinea pigs are. They want a high table, but can get by without a complex with more than one floor. Your guinea pig is vulnerable to injury if it falls from a great height.

If you want to give your guinea pig some area to roam, you should prioritize horizontal rather than vertical space. You may make a simple dining area for your pet by placing the bowl on top of a single platform.

You may also use the space underneath as a quiet, secluded bedroom for your pet.


The teeth of a Guinea pig are constantly developing, thus the animal must chew in order to maintain a tolerable size.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that the bars’ coating is safe, as you never know what they may use to grind their teeth on. They can rip up flooring in some situations, especially if it’s made of canvas.

When feasible, you should use plastic for the cage’s foundation and a non-toxic powder or epoxy coating. Plastic is more durable than canvas and doesn’t absorb stains the same way.


Hay, bedding, and poop are all folded in the tray. There will be a mess on the floor surrounding the cage if the tray isn’t deep enough to contain the food and water.

We advise using a tray with a depth of at least three inches to avoid debris and dust from entering the cage.


In terms of width, the guinea pig cage is mostly about the horizon. We recommend using Prevue Pet Products’ Small Animal Cage extensively.

Moreover, it has trolley wheels, making it portable and facilitating cleanup. The Ware Home Sweet Home plastic pet cage is a great choice for those who need a short-term cage, a cage to take on the go, or a second cage.

It includes a thick, sturdy plastic base and a powder-coated cage, making it our top pick.

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Advantageous Pet Supplies Outstanding Cage for Guinea Pigs

Our research has led us to conclude that the Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Cage is the ideal cage for guinea pigs. This sturdy cage has two doors—one on top and one on the side—for convenient entry and exit.

A non-toxic powder coating protects the cage against rust and corrosion. Castor wheels make it simple to transfer the huge cage wherever it needs to be cleaned.

The Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Cage itself is great, however its setup was a major hassle for us. Detailed instructions are included, but the parts aren’t labeled, so it might be difficult to determine what you’re holding.


  • There are two entrances
  • Wagon wheels
  • The powder coating is non-toxic.
  • A breeze to clean


  • Confusing construction


Cage for small animals made of durable plastic by Ware, at a price that won’t break the bank

Our research led us to conclude that the Ware Home Sweet Home Plastic Small Animal Cage is the finest option for the price.

The front door of this cage is locked so your guinea pig can’t open it, and it comes in a wide range of colors to suit your preferences.

The house’s contents are contained within the container’s deep plastic foundation until cleaning day. The plastic base and powder-coated cage clip together securely without the need for any additional hardware.

The Ware Home Sweet Home Plastic Small Animal Cage isn’t ideal as a permanent dwelling for a guinea pig unless you give it frequent opportunities to exercise its freedom outside of its cage. This transportable cage is more convenient.


  • Shut and lock the door
  • Powder-coated
  • Strong plastic bottom
  • Extensive palette
  • Put together with no tools required


  • Small


The Deluxe Small Animal Cage from MidWest Critter Nation is an Excellent Option

For the best guinea pig housing, we recommend the MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage. Give your guinea pig a place to go about and climb with this ramp and platform set up.

The undercarriage shelf and full-width doors make it easy to keep your goods and care for your pet. Caster wheels make it simple to move the cage from room to room.

The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage was a pleasure to work with, and its only real drawback is its steep asking price. Although the cage’s assembly required some effort on my part, the included directions were straightforward and simple to follow.


  • Modifiable staging
  • Ramp
  • Pair of wide, double doors
  • Carriage bottom rack
  • Wagon wheels


  • Confusing construction


Location in Western Guinea

The MidWest Guinea Habitat is an eight-square-foot floor-based cage for your guinea pig. It features a canvas bottom and 14-inch solid flooring.

Because of its adaptable design, you may expand your guinea pig housing by simply connecting more modules. It doesn’t need any special equipment or instructions to put together.

Some issues have arisen in the Midwestern Guinea Habitat. While none of our guinea pigs escaped, we have little trust in the durability of the sides.

As with the sidewalls, the canvas base offers next to no protection from the ground. Additionally, the cage top is sold separately.


  • With only eight square feet to call home, you’ll have to make do.
  • Limits set at 14 inches
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Modular


  • Flimsy
  • A base made of canvas
  • Separately available cage top


Cage for guinea pigs, Ferplast Cavie 80

The Ferplast Cavie 80 Guinea Pig Cage is a sleek and modern hutch for your piggies. The supplied food bowl may be placed on the model’s elevated platform.

Your guinea pig will appreciate the quiet time it may enjoy beneath the elevated platform. An extra-deep pan and a full-length door make cleaning and upkeep a breeze and contain any messes inside the enclosure.

The Ferplast Cavie 80 Guinea Pig Cage has the drawback of being extremely fragile. The cage and base are not very sturdy and are prone to bending.

We damaged one of the clips during our initial cleaning since they don’t seem to be holding the top section very securely to the plastic bottom.

Because of the thin water bottle and the short size of the cage, this is only suited as a temporary or travel home for your guinea pig.


  • Hideout
  • The Upkeep Is a Breeze
  • Completely sized entryway
  • Menu item
  • Extremely deep dish


  • Flimsy
  • Small
  • Lack of stability in the clips
  • Plastic water bottles are extremely thin.


Microscopic Animal Cage, or Mcage, for Guinea Pigs

The Mcage Guinea Pig Cage has a total of four levels for your guinea pig to investigate, thanks to its three ramps and two platforms. In order to avoid rust, the cage has been coated with a non-toxic epoxy that provides excellent corrosion resistance.

The inside is accessible by two doors up front, and the elevated grate floor may be easily removed for cleaning. It collapses for convenient packing and transport.

Although the Mcage Guinea Pig Cage has many advantages, it also have a few drawbacks. The contents of the cage regularly spilled out onto the floor since the included shallow tray couldn’t contain them.

Smaller pets may be able to fit through the huge gaps around the entrance, despite the close spacing of the bars itself. In addition, some animals may be injured if they were to fall from the upper level.


  • There are a total of three ramps and platforms available.
  • There are two primary entryways.
  • Adjustable floor elevation
  • Epoxy that doesn’t release poisonous fumes
  • Foldable


  • Serving platter that is somewhat shallow
  • Possible hazard
  • Platforms and tray made of flimsy material
  • Spaces that are significantly larger than average


Home for the Quite Refined 61859A1 in the Material World

The Living World 61859A1 Deluxe Habitat is a spacious and aesthetically pleasing enclosure. Its roof is gently rounded. The rust and corrosion are prevented by the non-toxic epoxy coating.

There is a concealed compartment beneath the elevated platform, so your pet may have some peace and quiet when needed. A spill-proof basin for feeding and watering may be found above the elevated platform.

This pet crate has a little balcony for your pet to enjoy the fresh air. The top pulls off for simple assembly and cleaning, and no tools are required for assembly.

There are a few issues with the durability of the Living World 61859A1 Deluxe Habitat, including a bottom that bends and cracks easily.

The door’s surface is rough, making it difficult to open and close. The perch isn’t particularly stable, and if your guinea pig is a decorator like mine, you’ll likely find it moved about when you wake up.

Our puppy immediately chewed through the water bottle since it was so thin.


  • Conspicuously apex-less
  • Wrapping in an epoxy resin
  • With balcony
  • Secure, spill-proof plate
  • Large
  • Put together with no tools required
  • Plank atop a riser
  • Area for Concealing Activities


  • Very thin base
  • Problematic sliding door
  • A water bottle that is too flimsy to be trusted
  • The system is insecure.


A First House for Kaytee 100509410

The two elevated platforms of the Kaytee 100509410 My First Home guinea pig cage are connected by two wavy ramps, creating a stylish and functional design.

You may easily access your pet through the top door and the side entrance. The doors include chew-proof locks so your pet can’t get out, and the caster wheels let you easily relocate it so you can clean it or give your pet a change of scenery.

The problems we had with the Kaytee 100509410 The problem with My First Home was that it was totally unassembleable. Putting the parts together needed a lot of deliberate force, as they did not fit together nicely.

It’s difficult to disassemble and clean since once you put it together, you won’t want to put it back together again. It’s up to you to clean the cage, which has just a top hatch and a front opening.

Unlike many competing models, this one does not have a trash can that can be removed for emptying. As our guinea pig walks over it, the plastic will bend and buckle since it is so thin.

Once you put the two platforms in place and the divider in the middle, the guinea pig won’t have much area to move around in its cage. Use this as your temporary or journey home page.


  • Both the top and front doors
  • Locks that can’t be opened by chewing
  • Two ramps and a platform
  • Wagon wheels


  • Complicated to put together
  • Tough to disinfect
  • Durable plastic that won’t break the bank
  • Small


Product Description for AmazonBasics 9011-1 c Cage Habitat

The AmazonBasics 9011-1 c Cage Habitat is a spacious cage available in a range of sizes to accommodate animals of all shapes and sizes.

The large, full-width lid opens, and the double-door sides provide access from both sides. Providing your pet with some peace and quiet, this house features a feeding platform that can be used to create a hiding space underneath. It doesn’t take any special skills or equipment to put together.

The top doors of the AmazonBasics 9011-1 c Cage Habitat droop when secured in place, making it impossible to store anything there and allowing even a tiny cat to get access to the cage.

We caught our guinea pig sliding down the slope to the platform, so it’s not exactly safe. Finally, the cage is a bit smaller than we were led to believe.


  • Completely wide at the top
  • Door on the side that is rather sizable
  • Network for the Provision of Food
  • Area for Concealing Activities
  • Put together with no tools required


  • The top doors are sagging
  • A ramp with a high potential for slippage
  • Larger than life proportions


Cage for guinea pigs by SONGMICS

Our last recommendation is the SONGMICS Small Animal Cage. The cloth floor and high walls of this style make it ideal for containing liquids.

The mat’s non-slip bottom and the cage’s protective rubber feet keep it in place and save your flooring from damage. The rubber mallet that is included makes assembly a breeze.

The SONGMICS Small Animal Cage has the disadvantage of being made of weak metal. There is a lot of give in it, and it doesn’t stand very tall.

The straps pull tight and the sides are straight when you initially set it up, but they start to droop after a while. The guinea pig might get away if you don’t notice the drooping in time.

Poor quality, unreliable velcro. A pet that likes to chew might be able to break through the base. It’s difficult to clean because the canvas isn’t very thick and it stains easily.


  • There is a water-resistant fabric floor.
  • Grippy feet
  • Quick and simple construction
  • A hammer with a rubber head


  • Plasticky metal
  • Flimsy Adhesive
  • Strive your heART out to scrub
  • Was able to chew canvas

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