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The 9 Best Guinea Pig Cages In The Uk

As pets, guinea pigs are among the best and most devoted of all animals.

They are sociable and well-adapted to social life, and they don't have many special needs, so these cute little pets are perfect for households.

It's important to give these active rodents plenty of space to get around, so a standard guinea pig cage won't do. They can become melancholic and irritable if kept in a cage all day.

Since your guinea pig is a special pet that deserves the best possible care, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched and compared many cages on the market to help you choose the best guinea pig cages in the uk for your home and pet.

Read on to learn more about the top five guinea pig pens available in the UK right now!

How to Get the Best Guinea Pig Cage (and Why You Should)

The guinea pig makes an excellent pet since it is quiet and lovable but also requires its own area. Therefore, in order to keep him healthy and content, you should pick a cage that is appropriate for his size and demands.

Find out what we think is the best cage setup for your cute guinea pig below.


Even if you keep your guinea pig indoors for the majority of the day, he still needs time to exercise and explore the outdoors. Indeed, the pig will become bored and unhappy if you leave him cooped up all the time.

But even if you do take him out and play with him every day, you need still make sure his cage is roomy enough and equipped with toys and treats to keep him happy.

To that end, a cage of at least one meter in length is recommended for a single animal, while a cage measuring at least 120 x 60 x 45 cm is recommended for two piggy pets.

The guinea pig, after all, is not a rodent that is capable of climbing. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about getting a small cage for him, as he won’t be able to scale the bars and hurt himself if he falls.

The commercial guinea pig cage is typically too small. You should get a cage with bars if you have a rabbit or ferret. Floor space is crucial for your guinea pig.

Different cage structures

Common Cage

Your guinea pig will likely do best in a conventional cage with bars. If you’re concerned about your guinea pig’s well-being, you can select a cage sized a priori for dwarf rabbits.

It offers a number of benefits, one of the most essential being that the little animal may maintain direct touch with its surroundings.

In addition, it has adequate ventilation to keep your guinea pig comfortable despite the dust it generates (although it is recommended to choose a dust-free litter, in hemp or linen by example).

The litter box enclosure with bars also has a sturdy, flat plastic base. The base may be detached for easy washing.

Last but not least, it’s functional since you can attach a variety of add-ons, like as a rack, water bottle, or feeder, with no effort.

  • Keep in mind that most store-bought and online-ordered cages are constructed from non-toxic materials safe for your little mammal.

A cage for guinea pigs

An alternative is a cage for guinea pigs. Make sure you have adequate space, whether indoors in a large room or outdoors in a garden, before making this purchase. Your pet will prefer this arrangement than being confined within a square of four gates.

This cage, however, must be secure in order to prevent your guinea pig from escaping or being attacked. Cage doors should have a reliable locking mechanism, and the mesh should be held in place by specific clips.

Correx and cubes (C & C)

The C & C cage is another indoor-friendly design that’s increasing in favor over there.

The C & C stands for “Cubes and Correx,” referring to the grids used to construct the cage’s walls, and to the sturdy, removable, and easily cleaned plastic used for the cage’s foundation.

The metal grid and the cushioned bottom of this cage provide a secure environment for your guinea pigs to run and play. Nonetheless, you’ll need a sizable area, since this cage design necessitates a lot of room.

However, it provides a wide variety of opportunities for active play to keep your guinea pig active, engaged, and healthy.

Essential Adornments

Warm and welcoming haven

Get everything you’ll need to care for your guinea pig, including the cage, at once.

Your pet will require a safe haven or a modest house to sleep in as one of the necessities for his daily life. Many variants are available, made from synthetic or organic materials like PVC (wood, straw).

PVC shelters are more durable and require less maintenance than those made from natural materials.

Knowing that guinea pigs are between 20 and 25 cm in length can help you pick a home with just the right amount of space for your pet. However, the guinea pig feels safer in a shelter with two entrances rather than just one.

A cute small housing made of natural pine is another option, but be wary of anything your guinea pig could gnaw on. Give him enough to chew on so he doesn’t start gnawing on the furniture or the walls of his home.

There are variants that have many doorways, giving him the freedom to enter and go at will. And if the cage is big enough, build a little bridge for him to stroll through; he’ll love it.

Finally, the guinea pig has a comfy nest in which to nap. The nest might be composed of organic materials like straw, allowing the mouse to shape it whatever it likes.

Or you could put in a little pillow made specifically for him so that he can relax and cuddle after a long day of play.

Kitchen Utensils

Two bowls or feeders will come in handy here, one for the dry food (pellets) and one for the fresh veggies (vegetables or fruits).

If you get to pick the bowls, make sure they’re solid and weighty enough that your naughty rodent can’t shift them or knock them over.

The feeder is convenient since it secures to the cage bars and can’t be knocked over. The cage may be outfitted with hanging vegetable baskets in place of the traditional vegetable bowl.

Finally, the easiest approach to ensure your guinea pig drinks enough water is to attach a water bottle to the cage bars. If you don’t want your guinea pig’s excrement and other bodily fluids to end up in its water, you should keep it away from the bowl as much as possible.


The guinea pig cage has evolved over time to better accommodate the requirements of this peaceful and sociable rodent. Let them run free, not confined to a hamster wheel that is too small for them.

However, the abundance of options on the market can be overwhelming. Based on our analysis, we recommend MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus as the best guinea pig house in the UK, but if you’re shopping on a budget check out the SONGMICS 2 tier Metal Pet Playpen instead.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is happy to assist you in choosing the best guinea pig cages in the uk for your pig relocation.


The Best Guinea Pig Cage Available in the Midwest

  • 5.7 kilograms
  • 119.4 x 61 x 35.6 cm
  • To wit: alloy steel

For one or two guinea pigs, we recommend MidWest Homes’ Guinea Habitat Plus. Due to the proportions meeting the standards set by veterinarians, your two small friends will have more than enough room to play and sleep. A nosy cat won’t be able to scratch through the wire mesh top, making this a secure outdoor choice for your guinea pigs as well (but never leave your guinea pigs outside unattended). Alloy steel, which is strong and long-lasting, is used, and it is completely risk-free for your guinea pigs. However, the PVC-lined canvas bottom may be difficult to clean and the cost prohibitive for others.


  • According to experts, this is the best option
  • Side for trash, side for kids to play
  • Safeguard your guinea pig from potential predators with the removable wire mesh top.
  • Use everywhere, inside or out.


  • The use of sawdust or newspaper as litter might make cleanup more of a chore.
  • Expensive


The Best Value: SONGMICS Two-Flat Metal Pet Playpen

  • Total 8.6 kilogram
  • It measures 143 x 71 x 73 cm.
  • Components: plastic and metal

The SONGMICS 2-Floor Metal Pet Playpen is an expansive cage that can be modified to suit the needs of you and your cherished guinea pigs.

Connectors and 36 wire mesh panels are all you need to build a spacious two-story home for your little pets to roam freely in. You can fit up to three little guinea pigs in this, and they’ll all have plenty of room to run about.

This cage does not have a removable plastic tray for simple cleaning, so if you don’t want to spend your free time scrubbing the floor, you may want to consider providing a second cage.


  • Excellent adaptability
  • Distance between meshes of 5 cm helps ensure that infants’ feet won’t get caught
  • Put together with minimal effort
  • Top pick for the buck


  • There is no base provided
  • It’s possible that the second story isn’t as solid.


PawHut Top-Rated Indoor Wooden Guinea Pig Cage & Habitat

  • One-fourteenth of a ton
  • One hundred and ten centimeters by fifty centimeters by eighty-six centimeters
  • Crafted from fir wood

The PawHut Indoor Wooden Guinea Pigs House has everything your guinea pig could want in a home, including a cozy nesting room on the upper level and a fun play area on the bottom level.

As an added bonus, this high-end choice is a secure, wheeled cage that can be taken outside so your guinea pigs may enjoy some fresh air. Safety locks on the doors and sliding trays make maintaining the enclosure a breeze.

However, due to the relatively lengthy directions, putting together this cage is not that simple. The bottom tray might be a pain to remove and clean because food and other debris tend to get caught there.


  • Featuring both an upper and lower story
  • Because it has wheels, it’s quite portable.
  • The trays may be pulled out of the way for simple cleaning.


  • Expensive
  • The directions for assembly are unclear.


Chartwell Outdoor Hutch with One Shelving Level

  • Quantified as 23 kg
  • The product has the following dimensions: 180.4, 65, and 72 cm
  • Material: Wood

If you want to keep your guinea pig outside, the Chartwell Outdoor Hutch, at 5 feet in length, is an excellent choice.

Due to its spacious interior, it can comfortably accommodate two guinea pigs who may enjoy each other’s companionship and warmth on chilly evenings.

This sturdy wooden enclosure has a fox-proof wire so your guinea pigs, guinea piglets, or other tiny pets may be safeguarded from predators like foxes or cats.

However, the price is high, especially given the complaints of some purchasers concerning the cage’s fairly fragile flooring.


  • Body structure that can take a beating
  • Anti-foxing cable
  • Put together with minimal effort
  • Two guinea pigs would have plenty of room.


  • Expensive
  • Possible flimsiness of the flooring


SONGMICS Bottomless Pet Exercise Playpen

  • Quantity: 4.2 kg
  • Measurements are 73 x 46 x 143 cm.
  • Material: Plastic

There are 20 panels included with the SONGMICS Pet Exercise Play Pen, allowing you to create a unique and stimulating indoor space for your guinea pigs.

Plastic flooring is both hygienic and practical, as it stops urine from seeping through to the subfloor below. While this cage is huge, it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and would look great in a living area.

However, if you also have cats or dogs, you shouldn’t go with this choice because there’s no cover to keep the other animals from becoming too nosy (or worse, attacking) your small ones.


  • Sturdy plastic bottom that’s a breeze to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Portable, Modular, and Adaptable Play Area


  • There is no cover to keep out cats and dogs.
  • Papers that are too thin to be chewed

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