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The 12 Best Grasses For Cats

All cats instinctively munch and gnaw on grass. It might be a problem when your house cat has the need to chew but only has access to your beautiful plants.

Thus, cat grass comes into play. This is a safe, simple, and economical method to engage your cat and give added health advantages.

Cat grass and catnip are not interchangeable, as they serve fundamentally distinct objectives. There are several cat grasses available on the market today, and the good news is that they are all rather simple to cultivate and manage.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has sifted through the reviews of other cat owners to develop a list of the best grasses for cats now available on the market. Let's have a peek!


Kit for Growing Organic Pet Grass by The Cat Ladies

The Cat Ladies Organic Grass Grow Kit includes three packets of organic, non-GMO wheat, oats, rye, barley, and flaxseed for growing grass. This grass-growing kit has a terrific price, is easy to use, and will last longer than its competitors, making it our pick for the best cat grass overall.

This set contains three seed packets with seeds collected in the United States, three soil disks, and three BPA-free grow bags. If the planting instructions are followed correctly, your cat grass should sprout within four to six days. It is a pretty straightforward method, therefore a green thumb is not required.

This grass may be enjoyed by your cats for several weeks, after which you can simply sow the next packet. Some cat owners believed this product was a waste of money because their felines were uninterested in the grass.


  • Containing organic, non-GMO seeds grown in the United States
  • Contains three growth packages
  • Simple to use


  • Some felines may be disinterested in cat grass


SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass

SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass is an all-inclusive package that includes organic oat seeds and the optimal amount of potting soil for development. This kit is affordable and provides excellent value for the price. Adding water and waiting a few days is all that is required for grass to sprout.

SmartyKat Sweet Greens contains certified organic oat grass seeds that aid with digestion, minimize hairballs, and give additional vitamins and minerals.

This is an expensive option for easy-to-grow cat grass; the only requirement is the proper-sized planter. There have been instances of mold growth when seedlings are overwatered.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to grow
  • Soil is contained


  • If over-watered, it is prone to mold growth.


Cat Grass Kit & Decorative Wood Planter

With the Cat Ladies Cat Grass Kit and Decorative Platter, The Cat Ladies is also our top pick for cat grass. They take the top rank since they include their high-quality seeds, soil, and rustic planter made of wood.

This cat grass is chemical-free, organic, non-GMO, and high in fiber for hairball prevention and healthy digestion. Included are wheat, oat, barley, and rye seeds. This option is more expensive than the alternatives, but it includes everything you need to get started and the planter is included in the price.


  • Includes planting containers, soil, and seeds.
  • Non-GMO and organic


  • Priced more than rivals


Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass

Made in the United States, Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass is 100 percent certified organic, non-GMO, and nutrient-rich. This grass is a fantastic source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes for your cat once it has sprouted.

This wheatgrass will improve good digestion and provide relief from hairballs. These seeds are basic and straightforward to cultivate. This offer does not include a growing kit and simply contains the seeds. In addition to the Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass, you will need to purchase the correct soil and a planter.


  • Certified organic, non-GMO seeds
  • Made in America
  • Easy to grow


  • No soil or container is included with the transaction.


Van Ness Oat Garden Kit

The Van Ness Oat Garden Package is a tiny kit with fresh oat grass and all the essentials for getting started. You only need to offer light and water, and after a few days, you will have new grass blooming.

The accompanying soil is peat moss, and the included container is rather tiny and shallow, which has created difficulties with sprouting and grass lifespan for several reviews. This grass may not be as resilient as others, but it is manufactured in the United States and is organic and devoid of chemicals.

Keep a watch out for the bargains given by Van Ness; normally, you can get more for your money, and this kit is already discounted.


  • Organic, non-toxic oat grass seeds
  • Inexpensive


  • Some clients experienced problems with sprouting
  • Shallow flowerpot


Nibble-Licious Organic Cat Grass Seeds by Petlinks

The oat seeds contained in Petlinks Nibble-Licious Organic Cat Grass Seeds are organically certified and proven safe. They are cultivated, processed, and packed without the use of chemicals or pesticides in the United States. This purchase includes only seeds, therefore you will also need to get soil and a container for planting.

This cat grass is simple and straightforward to cultivate, and it will sprout in only a few days. In no time, you’ll have a safe and useful alternative houseplant for your cat to munch on. This is another economical choice that provides your cat with significant health advantages.


  • Seeds certified organic
  • Grown and packaged in the United States.
  • Inexpensive


  • No soil or container is supplied.


The Imperial Cat Easy Grow Kit for Cat Oat Grass

The Imperial Cat Easy Grow Cat Oat Grass Kit will sprout within three to four days and includes everything you need to get started. This package contains 1 ounce of oat grass seeds, a grow container, and peat moss.

The organic oat grass seeds in the kit are cultivated, collected, and packed in the United States without exposure to chemicals or pesticides, making them a particularly safe alternative for cat grass. This package is an all-around excellent choice since it contains minerals and fiber to promote digestive health and reduce hairballs.

Some reviews did note difficulties with sprouting, which is a normal issue when cultivating plant life.


  • Includes everything required to get started
  • Natural seeds
  • Made in America


  • Some users have difficulties with sprouting


Organic Cali Kiwi Pros Cat Grass

The Cali Kiwi Pros Organic Cat Grass package contains two 5×5-inch square rustic wood planters, wheatgrass seeds, soil pucks, a chalk pen, and blackboard stickers.

The wheatgrass seeds are organic and domestically produced. This easy-to-grow kit will normally generate sprouts within 5 to 7 days of planting provided the instructions for watering and providing light are followed.

These kits make excellent presents or easy additions to the home of any cat lover. Despite several accusations that the wood planters were of poor quality, you have everything you need to begin planting.


  • Easy to grow
  • Includes everything required to get started
  • Fast-growing


  • Low-grade wooden planters


Handy Pantry Organic Cat Grass

The Handy Pantry Organic Cat Grass is a 12 oz. bag of organic wheatgrass seeds that are non-GMO. This is not a kit, therefore you will need to provide your own soul and a planter in order to start growing.

The organic wheat seeds provided have a good germination rate. Five days after planting, you might expect to see some sprouting. Handy Pantry’s customer care is situated in the United States and may assist with any inquiries, requests, or issues.


  • Domestic customer service
  • Fast-growing
  • Natural seeds


  • There is no planter or soil included with this transaction.


Multi-Cat Cat-A-bout CatGrass Plus

Cat-A’bout Multi-Cat CatGrass Plus is an additional excellent alternative for adding natural cat grass to your home. This just contains the seeds, thus you will need to acquire soil and a suitable planter in order to germinate them.

With a germination rate of 98 percent, these seeds should provide rapid growth once planted. Simply set the seeds in a warm, sunny location and wait for them to germinate. Once your cat reaches a height between 2 and 4 inches, you can allow it access.

This product is a natural assistance for the digestive system and can help alleviate hairballs. CatGrass Plus has a germination rate of 98%, allowing cats to begin consuming fresh, vibrant grass in just one week.

This is another budget-friendly option for individuals who are eager to get started with a healthy alternative to common houseplants that are easily damaged by cats.


  • Water once only
  • 98% rate of germination
  • Fast-growing


  • There is no planter or soil included with this transaction.

Buyer's Guide

What Exactly Is Cat Grass?

Cat grass is unrelated to the ever-popular catnip and has a completely different function. Cat grass is often cultivated from rye, barley, oat, or wheat seeds and is used to satisfy the natural need of indoor cats to munch on grass.

There are a number of all-inclusive cat grass kits available on the market now for your cat grass growing needs. Most packages include seeds, soil, and containers for planting. Let’s examine what qualities constitute the best cat grass. Cat grass is unrelated to the ever-popular catnip and has a completely different function.

Is Cat Grass Safe to Consume?

Cat grass is a far safer option than outside grass since it has not been treated with pesticides and other typical lawn chemicals. Certain houseplants are poisonous to cats, therefore cat grass is an excellent option that allows your cats to engage in natural behaviors.

Before introducing new houseplants into your home, you should always consult with your veterinarian about plant safety.

What Are Some Advantages of Cat Grass?

Cat grass is high in fiber and beneficial for digestion. Cat grass has been demonstrated to reduce hairballs and is abundant in vitamins and other useful minerals. In addition to refreshing their breath, cat grass includes chlorophyll, which has several health advantages regarding oxygen levels in circulation.

Cat grass offers cats enrichment and is unaffected by the chemicals and pesticides often found in lawns. It is also an excellent substitute for houseplants, which cats like chewing and destroying.

Grass Varieties Used in Cat Grass

  • Barley Grass
  • Wheat Grass
  • Oat Grass
  • Rye Grass


The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Grow Kit is the best cat grass available since it includes three organic seed packets, three soil disks, and three grow bags, and will last far longer than its competitors.

SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass is our top recommendation for the best cat grass for the money if you are searching for a cost-effective approach to begin growing cat grass.

The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Grow Kit & Decorative Wood Planter offers the same advantages as the basic kit, in addition to a huge planter that complements any interior design.

Now that you have seen the results of BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s evaluations and learned a bit more about the best grasses for cats available on the market, you are well on your way to beginning your cat grass garden.

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