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The 15 Best Goldfish Tank Backgrounds

The wallpaper for aquariums from several decades ago all looked the same, and they were often dull because of this.

Now, more than ever, you can get an aquarium backdrop to suit your own style and taste.

Regardless of the size or style of your goldfish tank, these reviews will help you choose among the best goldfish tank backgrounds.

Even if personal preference is the most important factor to consider when choosing a foundation, it's still a good idea to invest in a product that's durable and long-lasting.

Not wanting you to spend money unnecessarily, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together some tips to help you choose the perfect background for your aquarium.


Double-sided fish tank backdrop by Vepotek is the clear winner

  • A range of sizes from 24″ x 23.6″ to 48″ x 23.6″, 60″ x 23.6″, and 72″ x 23.6″ are available.
  • Attachment: Adhesive
  • Front and back, or just one side?
  • History: water plants, deep sea plants, ocean plants, and coral reefs

The Vepotek Double-Sided Fish Aquarium Background, which comes in five different sizes and three different double-sided designs, is the greatest overall option for a goldfish tank background.

It’s built to last with three layers of tough, watertight film. The 3D illusion is achieved by the triple layer printing technology, which also produces incredibly vivid colors. It may be cut to size, making it a fantastic choice for unique tank configurations.

The adhesive solution needed to secure this backdrop to your aquarium is offered separately. Though it comes in five different sizes, none of them are taller than 23.6 inches, making it unsuitable for tanks of that height or more.


  • There are five different sizing options.
  • In three reversed designs,
  • It’s a watertight film with three layers
  • Vibrant hues are achieved through the printing process.
  • The 3D Effect
  • Designed to be cut down to accommodate irregular tank sizes.


  • Special glue is needed to secure it to the tank.
  • To stick something together, you’ll need to buy adhesive.
  • Everybody is the same stature


HITOP Aquarium Background Pictures, Two-Faced, Top Pick

  • Size: 5″ x 15.7″
  • Tape, adhesives, and other fasteners
  • Front and back, or just one side?
  • All of this is set against a backdrop of a labyrinth and fish, a forest full of ghostly trees and dinosaurs.
  • cobblestone

The HITOP Double Sides Aquarium Background Pictures, which come in a set of three with every order, are the most cost-effective option for decorating a goldfish aquarium.

There’s something here for everyone, whether you want an undersea landscape, a stone wall, or dinosaurs for a tank in a kid’s room.

The photos used for these backdrops are high resolution and won’t fade with time. Each backdrop set is made to accommodate a 29-gallon aquarium, but may be customized to fit other sizes.

However, due to their single size, they are not recommended for tanks greater than 29 gallons. If you look closely, you’ll realize that the backgrounds in each photo are actually two identical pictures placed side by side since they repeat themselves halfway through. These need to be adhered or taped to the tank, which is not provided.


  • Highest monetary return
  • Whenever you make a purchase, you’ll receive three different designs.
  • High-definition pictures have a vivid quality.
  • Colors that won’t fade
  • Adaptable to storage volumes as low as the industry norm of 29 gallons


  • Tanks of up to 29 US gallons capacity can use the same dimensions.
  • Approximately half of each sheet has a repeating image.
  • Sold without adhesive.


Premium Option Universal Rocks Aquarium Background, Flexible Rocks

  • Size: 48″ x 20″
  • Fasteners include clips, silicone, and an aquarium-safe glue.
  • Single or double-sided? Single
  • Historically speaking: textured rock

The Universal Rocks Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background is an excellent option if you’re looking for a high-priced product that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

This aquarium backdrop, which incorporates textured fake rock, is designed for easy installation within your tank. It won’t harm your fish or change the chemistry of the water.

The backdrop may be bent and shaped to match your tank, and it can be trimmed to size if necessary. It’s lightweight but strong, fitting into a tank of less than an inch in width.

Despite the fact that this item is more expensive than similar ones, many consumers believe it is well worth the additional cost due to its high standard of quality.

In a tank that currently contains water, this installation might be challenging. It may be attached to the aquarium’s glass using clips, silicone, or aquarium-safe glue, however the tank may need to be emptied beforehand.


  • Superb in all respects
  • Stone imitation texture
  • Affixes itself to the interior of the fish tank
  • Not change the water’s chemistry
  • Modifiable and easy to tailor
  • Reduces tank volume by less than 1 inch


  • Costing a Bundle
  • Complicated to retrofit into an existing tank
  • You can only get it in one size.
  • None of the clips, silicone, or glue are supplied.


A Glossy Donau Blue and Black Background for Your Fish Tank

  • 24-inch by 11-and-a-half-inch, 32-inch by 16-inch, 40-inch by 16-inch, 48-inch by 20-inch, 60-inch by 20-inch, 40-inch by Twenty-inch, and 60-inch by Twenty-inch.
  • 24”, 48” x 24”, 60” x 24”, 71” x 24”
  • Attachment: Tape
  • Front and back, or just one side?
  • Cobalt, black, the background

If you’re looking for something basic, the donau Blue/Black Glossy Fish Tank Decorative Backdrop is a great alternative. There is a deep black side and a cobalt blue side to this double-sided backdrop.

There are ten sizes to choose from, making these backdrops suitable for a wide variety of aquariums. It’s made of thick, strong cloth that may be trimmed to fit your tank.

The contrast between the blue background and the vibrant colors of your fish is highlighted by the black backdrop.

These may not be completely straight, so you’ll need to be careful while trimming them to fit your tank. Tape (which is not supplied) is what the manufacturer suggests using to adhere this backdrop.

This backdrop might amplify water drip marks and scuffs, thus cleaning the glass thoroughly is necessary before application.


  • You may choose from 10 different sizes.
  • Reversible, solid colors
  • Intensely dense substance
  • Adjustable length
  • Both hues may make the aquarium more vibrant and colorful.


  • A crooked slice is possible.
  • No tape provided.
  • Possibility of emphasizing surface flaws like drips and scratches


Background of a River and Lake for the ELEBOX Fish Tank

  • Size: 48″ x 19.5″
  • Attachment: Stickers
  • Front and back, or just one side?
  • Scene setting: a river bottom and lake

Bright, 3D pictures cover both sides of the ELEBOX Fish Tank River Bed & Lake Background. In general, the tank and its inhabitants will look better thanks to the bright colors.

It’s manufactured out of PVC, so it won’t fade, and it can withstand rain and won’t reflect light. It comes with eight adhesive stickers that may be placed on the background’s four corners once it has been trimmed to fit your tank.

Since each backdrop is sliced from a continuous roll, the degree of duplication depends on where in the roll your particular wallpaper was sliced.

The one size it comes in means it may need to be cut down or it may not fit larger tanks at all. The photos could be a little fuzzy or of poorer quality than other selections, although this is typically not evident once installed.


  • Bright, colorful artwork on both sides
  • Using bright colors will make your tank stand out.
  • PVC that doesn’t fade, won’t reflect light, and won’t get wet
  • Adheres to the body and may be shaped to perfection
  • Stickers for attachment are included.


  • Discs sliced from a continuous roll
  • Just the one size is offered.
  • Potential incompatibility with larger tanks.
  • Low-resolution or pixelated images may be shown.


Double-sided Donau Rock Ocean Fish Tank Backdrop

  • There are a wide variety of sizes available, including 32 x 16, 40 x 16, 48 x 20, 60 x 20, 40 x 24, 48 x 24, 60 x 24, and 71 x 24 inches.
  • Attachment: Tape
  • Front and back, or just one side?
  • A rocky coastline and oceanic panorama serve as the scene’s backdrop.

There are a total of nine sizes of the donau Rock ocean Double Sides Fish Tank Landscape Backdrop. Both sides of the backdrop display a unique picture.

The natural scenes on the backdrops are beautiful and will complement your tank; the ocean scene side will provide a splash of blue. Constructed from tough PVC that can withstand water. All of the pictures are of excellent clarity and resolution.

You’ll need tape to apply this backdrop, and it’s not included. It’s possible to make out scuffs and water drip marks, especially against the darker background.

This wallpaper pack just includes one selection of photos, thus it may not work for certain people.


  • Offering 9 different sizes
  • Double-sided
  • Authentic-looking scenery
  • Waterproof PVC that is both strong and dependable


  • Not included: tape
  • There may be some smudges and water stains to see.
  • There is just one photo collection.


Poster for the Zerodi Aquarium, Grassy Ocean Floor

  • Dimensions range from 24″ to 48″ in length and width, with some options including 24″ x 11.8″, 24″ x 15.7″, 29.9″ x 18.1″, 35.8″ x 19.7″, and 48″ x 18.1.
  • Attachment: Adhesive
  • Single or double-sided? Single
  • Background: Seafloor

Waterproof and fade-resistant PVC is used to create the Zerodi Aquarium Poster Seafloor Water Grass Background. There are five sizes to choose from, and each one includes a striking, colorful design in black and vivid green.

It’s built to last, yet can be easily removed from the tank if maintenance is ever required. Adjustments may be made to make it work.

It’s important to note that this backdrop comes in just one solid color and has no reverse side. However, the glue may leave a sticky residue that is difficult to remove after removal.

As an added challenge, installing without causing air bubbles below that show through to the front can be tricky.


  • Self-adhesive
  • There are five different sizing options.
  • PVC that is waterproof and won’t fade.
  • Removeable and adaptable to different sizes


  • There is only room for one picture on one side.
  • Removing the backdrop might expose sticky adhesive residue.
  • Possible difficulty in installing without air bubbles
  • Bubbles and other imperfections may be evident from the front in the event of a poor installation.


The Filfeel Sun and Desert Style Adhesive PVC Decal

  • Various sizes are available, including but not limited to 24×11.8 inches, 24×16.1 inches, 30×11.8 inches, 30×18.2 inches, 35×16.1 inches, 35×19.7 inches, 48×11.8 inches, 48×24 inches, and 48×19.7 inches.
  • Attachment: Adhesive
  • Single or double-sided? Single
  • Background: Desert

This Filfeel PVC Adhesive Sun and Desert Style Decoration backdrop might be just what you’re searching for if you’re in search of something a little bit different.

There are nine different sizes of this peel-and-stick backdrop to choose from. It depicts a bright desert landscape, which might be a nice change of pace for your goldfish’s home. It is constructed from high-quality PVC that is both waterproof and simple to clean.

This backdrop has the potential to come wrinkled, making assembly more challenging. Even if it doesn’t come crumpled, installing it without bubbles might be challenging.

The picture quality isn’t as high as with other alternatives, but you probably won’t notice the difference once it’s hidden in an aquarium. Some glue may remain after removal.


  • Rare origins
  • Offering 9 different sizes
  • Self-adhesive
  • Great PVC that doesn’t leak
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.


  • Possible wrinkly delivery
  • There is only room for one picture on one side.
  • Possible difficulty in installing without air bubbles
  • The image quality is not as high as competing systems.
  • Possibility of residual glue after removal


A Poster for a Hakeeta Forest Display in an Aquarium

  • The dimensions are 48″ x 18.1″, 24″ x 11.8″, 24″ x 16.1″, 30″ x 18.1″, and 35.8″ x 19.7″.
  • Attachment: Adhesive
  • Single or double-sided? Single
  • Background: Forest

Another unique and intriguing choice is the Hakeeta Forest Tank Aquarium Poster, which depicts a lush green forest. The artwork brightens up an aquarium without drawing too much attention to itself.

It may be purchased in five different sizes and features an adhesive back. It is constructed from tough, weatherproof PVC that is both long-lasting and simple to maintain.

Because to the possibility of bubbles forming below, installation may be challenging if the product is wrinkled upon arrival.

The bigger alternatives use the same picture as the smaller ones, however the larger option causes the image to blur because it has been enlarged.

The adhesive is powerful, however it will leave a residue on your tank if you decide to remove the backdrop.


  • With a range of five sizes to choose from,
  • Self-adhesive
  • Great PVC that doesn’t leak
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.


  • There is only room for one picture on one side.
  • The image quality degrades at larger sizes.
  • Possible difficulty in installing without creating air pockets.
  • Possible wrinkly delivery
  • A residue from the adhesive is likely to be left behind.


Tropical aquarium with static-cling driftwood

  • Measurements: 24″ x 12″, 36″ x 18″
  • Attachment: Static
  • Single or double-sided? Single
  • Tropical aquatic plants: a brief history

The Sporn Static Cling Tropical Aquarium Background adheres to your tank using static, so there’s no need for tape or stickers.

Simple to attach, the picture breathes new life into your goldfish aquarium while also being aesthetically pleasing. It may be easily trimmed to fit any tank.

This background image lacks the sharpness and vibrancy of other options. This backdrop is offered in a solitary, two-size JPEG.

Some folks discover they need to tape down the edges of their static cling signs because they curl with time. If you try to apply it with a tool to smooth it out, it may rip.


  • Affixes itself with static cling
  • It’s simple to use
  • Plus, it spices things up and makes them more interesting.
  • It’s simple to customize to your needs.


  • The picture quality isn’t as good as it might be.
  • There is only room for one picture on one side.
  • There are just two sizes to choose from.
  • You might need to tape down the corners.
  • Maybe rips

Instruction Manual

Just what characteristics should a good goldfish tank backdrop have?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what kind of decor will look best in the tank with your goldfish. However, you should try to get anything that is constructed to withstand water.

Durable items include several layers and high-quality materials, whereas cheaper ones may rip easily. You should also seek for anything that comes in the hues you choose, whether that’s black or something more vivid.

You should also look for a product that isn’t difficult to set up, but can be taken down quickly and painlessly if necessary.

Backgrounds, no matter how high-quality they are, are susceptible to damage and wear, and you may wish to update them when your decor or tastes shift.

Maintaining your tank will be less of a hassle if you have a user-friendly backdrop that is easily modified without causing any structural harm.

Options for Attachment Establishment


Sticky substances such as these typically come in the form of a spray, liquid, or gel. After applying it straight to the glass, you may cover up the sticky spots by carefully applying the background, typically smoothing it up as you go.

While these installations tend to survive for quite some time, they may be tricky to take down if necessary.


There is an adhesive included with the product that may be used to adhere the backdrop to the tank without worrying about getting the glue everywhere else. If the edges curl over time, you may need to use a second glue or tape in combination with this solution.


You may use any kind of adhesive to secure the backdrop to your aquarium. However, transparent tape will be the least noticeable.

Since the substance isn’t adhered uniformly to the glass and the process can be tricky to conceal, some individuals find it challenging to utilize this approach to apply a backdrop.


Using static to stick a backdrop to your tank may be an efficient, user-friendly installation approach, and it’s easy to accomplish with certain materials.

However, static may be easily dislodged, notably by friction or adhesion with another static-friendly item. Some folks will need to supplement static cling with a different technique to achieve the greatest installation results.


The most amazing aquarium background is the Vepotek Double-Sided Aquarium Background, which comes in different sizes and scenarios.

The HITOP Double-Sided Aquarium Background Pictures, which come with six different backgrounds on three panels, are the most cost-effective option.

The Universal Rocks Rocky flexible aquarium base has a natural stone appearance and is ideal if you are looking for a high quality product.

However, the selection of goldfish aquarium backdrops is huge, and the reviews below barely touch the surface. There are a number of alternatives out there that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has explored, but these are the best goldfish tank backgrounds.

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