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The 10 Best Goldfish Treats

Inexperienced goldfish keepers often treat their fish like pets, thinking they only need to be fed once or twice a day. In reality, however, goldfish need more attention and the correct diet to stay healthy and happy in the habitat of their tiny goldfish.

When you first bring home a goldfish, you may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless snacking options.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best goldfish treats available to help you choose the ideal one for your goldfish friend, along with reviews.

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Now that you know the top five goldfish snacks for 2021, we’ll go into a little more detail about what to look for and the many sorts of goldfish treats that are out there for your pet fish.

What Kind of Food Is Best for Goldfish?

Consider the components, the food’s origin, whether it sinks or floats, and its nutritional composition when shopping for your goldfish’s best treats. Below, we’ll discuss these in more detail.


It’s not as crucial for flakes and granules, but if you’re giving your goldfish live goodies, it’s good to know where they came from. If you want to feed your fish insects or worms, you should first find out where they came from, as you have no idea what kind of pesticides may have been used on them. Furthermore, check for the presence of parasites and harmful microorganisms in the meal.


Food for your fish should only contain the highest quality components. That’s why it’s preferable to choose sweets that include only one ingredient rather than a long list of stuff you can’t even pronounce. Furthermore, if your treats have a lot of fillers, the water in the tank will get cloudy, which is bad for the fish.

Should I drown or not?

Goldfish species have a significant role in deciding between sinking and floating foods. Some goldfish, for instance, can only eat food that sinks since eating anything that floats might generate gas bubbles in their stomachs. Some fish are more outgoing and will swim to the top of the tank for goodies, while others are more reserved and will eat them from the bottom.

Factors Affecting Nutrition

The dietary needs of fish, like those of other pets, change as they become older. Weight gain is associated with health issues in fish, contrary to popular belief. To keep them at a healthy weight and improve their general health, it is essential to provide them snacks that are low in fat. Goldfish, especially juveniles and pregnant females, also require protein-rich snacks.

Goldfish snacks should be given to your fish occasionally and in moderation, as the name implies.

Can You Tell Me About the Various Goldfish Treats?

There are a variety of goldfish snacks available, but we’ve already explored the ones we like most. As such, in the following we will talk briefly about each kind so that you know exactly what to look for when purchasing goldfish supplies.

True Rewarding Treats

Offering your goldfish exciting and natural live meals is a great way to start. They get the energy and nourishment they need from live food, and they also have something to actively pursue. However, it is crucial to know where the food comes from to avoid toxins and germs, as was previously indicated.

Icy Delights

If you’d rather not give your fish anything that may potentially harm them, frozen snacks are a great alternative. These goodies may be given to your fish either still frozen in the block of ice they came in or thawed first, depending on your fish’s preferences. Once more, buying locally will ensure that the food is of high quality and that you will have time to transport it to your home before it thaws.

Dehydrated Snacks

Both frozen and freeze-dried treats are good options for giving your fish a healthy dose of protein. As soon as you put these dehydrated snacks in water, they begin to rehydrate and swell up. The nutritional content of these delights is comparable to that of real food, which is why they are so fantastic. Even so, you won’t have to fret over contaminants like chemicals and germs that may be found in live food that wasn’t raised in a sanitary environment.

Sweets that go through the Processing Plant

As an afterthought, we’ll mention processed snacks. These snacks last longer than the ones mentioned above, but they also don’t provide as much nourishment for your fish. Calories from snacks like these are largely pointless because they don’t provide anything in the way of nutrients.

For the sake of your goldfish’s happiness and health, consider feeding them some of the following delicacies and following the advice given below. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which ones are best, but it’s important to get the proper kind for your fish.


Our ranking of the five best goldfish foods is complete. We found Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treat to be the best overall as it has both live food and performance enhancers to keep your goldfish interested in their meal.

The Tetra Baby Shrimp is our top pick for the greatest value because it’s economical and can be used for both freshwater and saltwater species.

Finally, Omega One Frozen Dried Worms is our ultimate top pick. This goldfish snack is one of the best on our list because it contains 55% protein and comes in two convenient sizes.

These reviews by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will assist you in choosing the best goldfish treats, whether you are new to goldfish keeping or are just overwhelmed by all the fish handling possibilities. 


Best All-Around: Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treat

  • Product Name: Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treat Brand
  • Product Type: Eating-Ready Food
  • Breed Suggestion: Goldfish in General

We recommend Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treats as the best all-around food for your goldfish. This agricultural treat is not only a tasty way to keep your goldfish entertained, but it is also good for them. Your fish will need to capture the worms from the worm farm if you want them to consume them.

You’re not limited to feeding your goldfish this snack. As a matter of fact, the snacks have been employed as fish bait and fed to birds and reptiles as rewards.

The best way to ensure a steady supply of Uncle Jim’s is to establish your own worm farm with a package. Because of the regulations around the sale of live food, they are not available for purchase in the state of Hawaii.

These worms are a nutritious treat for your baby goldfish or if you’re breeding fish. However, for the sake of your baby fish, you should probably break these red worms into smaller pieces.


  • Live snacks
  • Breeding and utilization with other animals is possible.
  • Separate component
  • High in protein content.


  • Quantity limits and other shipping limitations do apply.
  • Costs a little more than average compared to sweets


The Cheapest Baby Shrimp Are Tetras

  • Brand: Tetra
  • Flakes as a Product Form
  • Small-sized breeds are highly recommended.

We think Tetra Baby Shrimp is the greatest value among goldfish treats. This treat is 100% safe for your goldfish, containing no fillers or unhealthy chemicals. Instead, the shrimp is the main attraction. Specifically, this snack includes 45 percent protein, 6 percent fiber, and 6 percent fat, making it an excellent choice for your pet’s diet.

This treat is the most cost-effective option because it can be used with both freshwater and saltwater fish. This is especially useful if you have goldfish in one tank and other fish in another.

It’s terrific for fish that like floating food, ideal for breeding fish, and suggested for little breeds of fish at every lift stage, but it’s not something you should give your fish every day.


  • Ingredient Only
  • Affordable
  • Fifty-five percent protein
  • Adaptable to both marine and freshwater environments
  • Favored by fish that feed on floating food


  • Doesn’t work as a regular source of nutrition


“Omega One” Freeze-Dried Worms Are The Best Option

  • Manufacturing company: Omega One
  • Blood worms, in freeze-dried form, as an item
  • Goldfish, cichlids, bettas, and other freshwater fish are all great options.

Omega One Freeze-Dried Worms are an excellent choice if you want to provide your goldfish a treat that is rich in protein. For the sake of your fish’s health, the worms are freeze-dried to preserve their taste and kill any germs or parasites that could be present.

If you breed freshwater fish, you should try this tasty treat. It’s wonderful for helping to keep your fish’s vibrant hues since it contains 5 percent fiber, 3 percent fat, and 55 percent protein.

However, this item shouldn’t be fed every day; instead, serve it as a special treat once or twice a week at most. This freeze-dried treat is great for both floating and sinking fish, and you can pick between two convenient canister sizes.


  • 55% protein
  • Excellent for a wide range of fish species
  • High-quality goodies for breeding
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Fish that prefer floating or sinking food will love this.


  • Constant consumption is not advised.


Granular Aqueon Fish Food for Goldfish

  • Brand: Aqueon
  • Granularity as a Product Form
  • All sizes of dogs are welcome, as recommended breeds

Looking for a delight that doubles as food for your goldfish? Aqueon Goldfish Food Granules are the way to go. Natural ingredients and nutrients guarantee this meal is beneficial for your fish, and the food’s design helps reduce waste while encouraging your fish to consume it.

This item cooperates with the water rather than fighting it, preventing cloudiness while your fish feed. So, if you want to feed your goldfish a special treat, this is the meal to get.


  • Eliminates any haze from the ocean
  • Has only natural components
  • Minimizes trash production


  • Some toy and miniature breeds may have difficulty swallowing the granules.


A Tetra River Shrimp

  • Brand: Tetra
  • Type of Item: Flakes
  • Suggestion for breeding: fish of a moderate size

Omega One Freeze-Dried Worms are the final tasty treat on our list for your goldfish. Fatty fish of a medium size will benefit most from this food’s high protein content. This treat is safe and nutritious for your fish because it contains just river shrimp and no other fillers.

Give it to your goldfish as a cheap treat that’s packed with nutrition (it has more than 60% protein) without breaking the bank. With a high carotene content, these flakes are not only an excellent source of roughage for your fish but also a terrific method to enhance their color.

This is a fantastic idea for a special treat, but it’s best for medium-sized fish. If your fish are of the smaller variety, you may want to split the shrimp into smaller pieces before feeding it to them.


  • At least 60% protein content
  • Rich source of roughage
  • Fragile and easily damaged
  • A cheap snack


  • I wouldn’t use it as a regular source of nourishment.
  • Includes several sizable parts

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