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10 Best Goldfish Bowls – Reviews & Top Picks

The standard practice for many years was to maintain goldfish in shallow containers with no filtration. Some individuals prefer the ease of a fishbowl to an aquarium, but that is changing.

While fishbowls are more convenient for goldfish owners than aquariums, there are a few things to keep in mind before making the plunge and acquiring one. You'll need to pick a bowl that can accommodate a goldfish's demands for swimming room, enrichment, and plenty of filtration and oxygenation.

It is BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) hope that these reviews of the best goldfish bowls will serve as a starting point for you to discover the ideal bowl for your goldfish and your environment.

The Buyer's Manual

Choosing a Goldfish Bowl That Fits Your Lifestyle

  • For the sake of your goldfish, it’s critical that you choose a goldfish bowl that is large enough for the quantity and size of goldfish you intend to maintain. Even with adequate filtration, goldfish produce a large amount of waste, which quickly accumulates in a tiny aquarium. To keep the water quality high, a goldfish in a 1-gallon bowl requires repeated weekly water changes. When picking a goldfish bowl’s size, keep in mind the amount of room you have available. For those with a limited amount of floor space, there are a slew of fantastic desktop-sized solutions.
  • There are a wide variety of shapes to choose from when it comes to goldfish bowls. Traditional bowls don’t give the lengthy, unbroken swimming space preferred by goldfish, thus that should be a major factor in the design. In addition, the form must be appropriate for the area in which it will be placed and adhere to your personal aesthetic standards.
  • The goldfish dish or kit that best suits your needs should be included in your order. You can get away with buying a goldfish bowl without a filter if you’re confident in your ability to choose a filtration system. There is no need to spend more for a package that contains a light simply because you already have one. Choose a goldfish bowl that has only the features you require, unless your goal is to amass a collection of aquarium extras.

Filtration: How Important Is It?


Goldfish are a major contributor to aquarium bioload because of their sheer numbers. Because goldfish consume and excrete so much, the water quality can quickly deteriorate while they are around.

The filtration requirements of a goldfish are substantially different from those of a swarm of dwarf shrimp or tetras. There must be an appropriate filter to eliminate ammonia and cultivate good microorganisms in the water for goldfish.

The quality of your water will suffer as a result of having to change it more frequently due to a faulty filter.



Here’s the largest goldfish bowl available: the biOrb Classic LED Aquarium. For the price, the Penn-Plax Aquasphere 360°F is a great choice, while the FREESEA Aquarium with LED Light and Filter Pump is a more cost-effective option.

The best goldfish bowls on the market have been put together by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) in these reviews to help you narrow down your search. Ensure that the health and well-being of your goldfish is a priority and that you are providing a healthy environment with excellent filtration.


The biOrb LED Aquarium

  • Sizes: 4 gallons, 8 gallons, and 16 gallons are on the market for your convenience.
  • Shapes that are currently in use include:
  • Included Sphere Filtration: Yes
  • Yes, there is lighting.

For a goldfish bowl, the biOrb Classic LED Aquarium is the finest overall choice due of its features and high quality. Each of the four sizes offered in this kit comes with three color options for its lid or base – allowing you to pick black, silver or white depending on your preference.

An air pump and a five-stage filter are also included in this bowl to assist aerate and circulate the water. There is a built-in LED light that is designed to endure a long time and does not require replacing.

Acrylic, the material used to construct the bowl, is both lighter and more durable than glass. The ceramic filter medium in the cartridge helps to colonize a large number of beneficial microorganisms.

The filter media and air pump system cannot be customized in this goldfish bowl since it is designed to be used with biOrb products only. Also, this bowl is not designed to be used with a heater, so you’ll need to keep it in a climate-controlled area throughout the winter months.


  • Four sizes up to 32 gallons are offered.
  • Three color choices are available.
  • Contains a 5-stage filtration
  • LED lights and an air pump are included.
  • Special ceramic media is used in the manufacture of filter cartridges.
  • LED lights are built to survive for years at a time.


  • There will be no personalization.
  • This product is only compatible with the biOrb line of goods
  • Incompatible with heaters

Aquarium with LED Light and Filter Pump by FREESEA

  • 2 gallons are the smallest size offered.
  • The following shapes are available: square
  • Includes filtration?
  • Yes, there is lighting.

If you’re on a limited budget, the FREESEA Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump is an excellent option for a goldfish bowl. There is a black lid and a white lid option for this 1.2-gallon square-shaped fishbowl. Secret behind a fake wall at the back of the tank is a hidden filtration system.

The kit comes with a huge filter sponge that can be replaced with any type of sponge that you like.. There are two little fake plants included as well as a long-lasting LED light. The tank is elevated by four little feet so that it does not sit flush against the stand. It’s more transparent than glass since it’s constructed of tough plastic yet still lightweight.

With its small capacity, this tank is not ideal for a goldfish’s long-term care. Goldfish that are very little, immature, or unwell may not be able to handle the supplied filter. A wall adapter, which is required for use with the USB end of the provided electrical cord, must be purchased separately.


  • Affordability
  • Two color variations are available for this product
  • Filter sponge is included in the filter system.
  • LED lights are included with the package
  • A pair of fake plants were also given.
  • Plastic that is both light and strong.


  • A single sizing option is offered
  • Including the filter is too powerful for tiny, young, and sick fish.
  • There is no wall adaptor included with the electrical cord.

The Penn-Plax Aquasphere 360 ° is

  • 10 gallons and 14 gallons are the most common sizes.
  • Shapes that are currently in use include:
  • Included Sphere Filtration: Yes
  • Yes, there is lighting.

This goldfish bowl by Penn-Plax comes in two sizes and is a premium-priced goldfish bowl. Touch control is provided via an LED light at the top of the bowl. For saltwater use, an oil surface skimmer and a protein skimmer are also included.

You may choose between blue, red, or green for the LED light, and there are also settings for day and night. The Bio-sponge is included in this kit, but you may also pick your own filter media from two customisable media trays included in this kit. Polycarbonate is used to make the bowl.

It is not possible to use the LED light supplied in this kit to adjust it to white, hence it is insufficient for using live plants. Filtration systems can’t be swapped out because this one is integrated into the top.


  • There are two sizes available.
  • A Bio-sponge filtering system is included.
  • Included is a three-color LED light that can be controlled through touch.
  • Filter media trays that may be customized
  • Polycarbonate is a sturdy material.
  • Elevated top


  • The premium cost
  • No other color may be selected for LED lighting other than white light.
  • There is no way to change the filter

In the biOrb Life MCR Aquarium

  • 8- and 12-gallon options are readily available.
  • The following shapes are available: square
  • Includes filtration?
  • Yes, there is lighting.

You may choose from two sizes and three colors for the biOrb Life MCR Aquarium, which is a high-quality goldfish bowl. The outside of this bowl has a broad border that allows you to see right through from the front to the rear, but not the other way around. Black, white, or transparent edging are all options for the edging.

The base of this stylish goldfish bowl has a built-in 5-stage filtration system. It also comes with an air pump and a multicolor LED light that can be operated with a remote and lasts for years. Adjustable fading and brightness levels are available in addition to the 16 pre-set color combinations.

Unlike glass, it’s constructed of high-quality, robust acrylic, which makes it lighter and clearer than glass, and it comes with samples of water conditioner and helpful microbes.

This goldfish bowl can utilize any biOrb filter, filter media, or air pump, but it cannot use anything else. There isn’t a heater built in, therefore it must be maintained in a temperature-controlled space throughout the winter.


  • There are two sizes available.
  • Three color choices are available.
  • Filter material and 5-stage filter included.
  • Features an air pump and an LED light with several colors.
  • Special ceramic media is used in the manufacture of filter cartridges.
  • LED lighting has a long lifespan and may be regulated from a distance.


  • The premium cost
  • This product is only compatible with the biOrb line of goods
  • There will be no personalization.
  • Incompatible with heaters

Products made by Koller 1.5 gallons of BettaView 360 -LED Lighting


  • A 1.5-gallon option is available.
  • Various cylinder forms are on hand.
  • No illumination is required for filtration. Included: Yes

The Koller Products With an LED light, BettaView 1.5 Gallon 360-LED Lighting goldfish bowl is a stylish cylindrical goldfish bowl alternative. Using a simple remote, the LED light can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, and there are seven color options.

In order to save money on batteries, the light may either be powered by 3 AAA batteries or connected into a wall outlet. Lightweight and impact-resistant plastic is used to make the bowl itself. The form allows for complete 360-degree vision, and the acrylic provides excellent clarity.

This goldfish bowl doesn’t include a filter, which is necessary for a goldfish’s environment, so this will need to be purchased separately. Using the bowl’s supplied clear top might be tricky, therefore care must be taken not to spill the contents. The LED light can be finicky, so some people choose to replace it with a more reliable light option.


  • Affordability
  • 360-degree and top-down views are supported
  • Includes LED light with remote
  • Batteries or an outlet may be used to power LED lights, which come in seven colors.
  • High-quality, impact-resistant plastic


  • There is just one size left.
  • Non-included in the filter
  • Lid is difficult to get on and off
  • May tip easily due to size and weight
  • LED light can be difficult to get to work correctly

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