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The 8 Best Goat Dog Foods

Can a dog consume goat meat? Did you know that goat meat lowers allergy responses in canines? It is! Consequently, it is one of the up-and-coming meats utilized in dog diets worldwide. It is a lean meat, thus it will not contribute to weight gain like fattier meats do.

Is goat meat beneficial for dogs? Because it is leaner than beef or chicken, it has fewer calories for dogs that need to lose weight while being satisfied.

It is also an eco-friendly method of feeding your dog, as goats require less space than cattle. If you have a finicky eater, goat's meat may be the most effective technique to get your pet to eat.

If you are seeking a high-quality alternative for your dog, have a look at BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) evaluations of the best goat dog foods.


CANIDAE Pure Ancestral Red Meat Grain-Free Formula

In first place is the CANIDAE Grain-Free Pure Ancestral Red Meat Formula, which contains red meat. This freeze-dried raw coated dog food retains the flavor of the meat for your pet.

This food was designed to provide your dog with the highest quality nutrition available, without the meals or meat byproducts found in many other brands. It is as near to a raw food diet as you can get with kibble.

It eliminates the preparation required for the raw food diet, allowing you to spend more time with your buddy rather than preparing their meals.

Each 20-pound package contains 14 pounds of locally and responsibly sourced red beef components. If your dog isn’t a fan of this formula’s goat flavor, there are three different options available.


  • Adding probiotics to support health
  • Wild game meats
  • 6-7 meats in each recipe.
  • Excellent for pets with delicate tummies
  • Clear ingredient labels


  • Costly for a 20-pound bag
  • Not all canines enjoy the flavor of goat.

Limited Zignature Goat Ingredient Formula

The Zignature Goat Formula is the most cost-effective goat dog food on the market. This dog food is ideal for owners of dogs with food allergies or sensitivities who need a balanced diet without sacrificing quality.

This recipe is designed to maintain your dog’s energy by providing a lean protein source that is high in iron yet low in calories and saturated fat.

This meal improves the general health of your dog and leaving them with a healthy hair and skin. This meal has no grains, so your dog will not be ingesting fillers or harmful food additives.


  • Neither grains nor potatoes
  • Balanced diet for all dogs
  • Excellent for pets with delicate tummies
  • Hypoallergenic formula


  • Costly for a 25-pound sack
  • Initially known to cause dogs gassy

Tundra Grain-Free

Made in the United States, the ORIJEN brand is our premium option. The ORIJEN brand seeks to return dogs to their ancestral roots by adding raw foods.

This diet is protein-based and biologically suited for the needs of your dog. Instead of raw meat that requires preparation, this dish is freeze-dried and has a liver-based coating for flavor.

With 85% animal components, each bag will provide your dog with the highest quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. Every meal has at least 15 fresh ingredients, making it the closest you can go to a raw diet without preparing your own raw meat.


  • 85 percent of excellent beef each bag
  • Balanced diet for all dogs
  • Made in America
  • Diet as close as raw as possible


  • Costly for a 25-pound sack
  • Sensitive stomach dogs have a prolonged time of adaptation.

Complete Goat Food and Egg Formula by Brothers

Fourth on our list is Brothers Goat Meal and Egg Formula. This is the first product on our list that contains eggs. This dog chow was made with allergy sufferers in mind.

Although it contains meat, it is a goat meal product, which many dog owners claim is inferior. The most amazing aspect, however, is that this brand derives its carbohydrates from peas and tapioca.

There are no indications of grain, wheat, or potatoes, which are among the leading causes of weight gain in dogs. The dried algae, which is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, is another unique element for your pet. It is not in our top three since it does not contain real goat flesh.


  • Neither grains nor potatoes
  • For omega-3 fatty acids, algae
  • Formula for allergies


  • Expensive
  • Containing goat meal

Zignature Goat Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Formula Canned Dog Food

Although this is the only canned dog food on this list, we recognize that many owners of senior dogs require a canned diet.

Although we enjoy the canned food, not many dogs enjoy the texture of the pate that comes with it. Identical to the kibble formula, the first component is actual goat flesh.

This also contains goat meal, a component that not all dog owners appreciate. The primary sources of carbohydrates are peas and chickpeas, which are beneficial for dogs with allergies.

Since this formula contains no grains, there are less potential for allergies to develop. This brand employs water to keep the ingredient list as brief as possible.


  • Neither grains nor potatoes
  • Hypoallergenic composition


  • Expensive for a can
  • There is goat food provided.
  • Pate texture is not suitable for all dogs

Buyer's Guide

Considerations Regarding Goat Meat

If you’ve determined that goat-based dog food is the best option for your dog, or if you just want to give it a try, there are a few things you should know before purchasing the first one you see.

The quality of dog food varies, and you should choose the highest-quality food possible for your dog. It’s alright if not every food is a wonderful fit for your dog, but with the prices of different meats, you want to obtain the appropriate one as soon as possible.

Protein at the Outset

Dogs are omnivores, but a diet rich in meat will keep them healthy. When reviewing the ingredient list, the first item should be a protein. In this instance, the meat would be goat. If anything other than a protein is mentioned first, return the item and leave.

Many companies claim that its primary ingredient is meat, however it is often a meat byproduct or maize. One of the items on our list is goat meal, yet it still counts as protein.

No Unidentified Meat Products or Meals

If you cannot identify the source of the meat, the dog food is of poor quality. You should avoid items that include “meat meal” or “meat byproducts.” Why? Well, you have no idea what kind of meat that is, and it might be of poor quality for your dog.

If it is not properly labeled, the likelihood that it may upset your dog’s stomach increases, and the food’s quality declines. Always check the label for these ingredients, as they may appear lower on the list.

No Synthetic Flavors or Colors

Although these are not hazardous to your dog, they are also ineffective. Certain colorings can trigger food allergies in some dogs. If your dog suffers from skin allergies, avoid brands that include artificial colors or flavors.

Superior quality and security

Similarly to your food, you don’t want it to be polluted with chemicals, germs, or fungi. There is no way to totally remove the potential that your dog’s food may be recalled, but there is a technique to reduce the likelihood.

For optimal quality control, stick to goods produced in the United States, Australia, Canada, Western Europe, or New Zealand. These nations have stringent quality control measures, providing you with piece of mind for your dog.


ORIJEN Tundra Grain-Free is the best product on our list of reviews. This is the most affordable option with the finest quality for you and your dog.

Our most cost-effective brand is Zignature Goat Formula. While each brand comes with a price tag, you know that your dog is receiving high-quality ingredients and proper nutrition.

Hopefully, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has made it easier for you to determine which brand of goat dog food is best for your pet. It is difficult to get started, but we have the best goat dog foods on our list.

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