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The 12 Best Glucose Meters For Cats

As a pet owner, it is distressing to discover that your cat is sick. A severe condition like diabetes needs a great deal of care and attention from your cat's veterinarian and family.

Having the correct equipment at home to check your diabetic cat's glucose levels is one of the most effective methods to care for them.

Finding one of the finest glucometers for cats is crucial for this reason. Below, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will examine the best glucose meters for cats this year to assist you in finding the ideal one for your pet.


Advocate Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Pets

The Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the finest overall glucose meter for cats. This method provides pet owners with precision, rapidity, and reasonable cost.

The package offers everything necessary to instantly begin monitoring your cat. A user handbook is supplied to assist you set up the device, and lancets, test strips, a lancing instrument, a control solution, a tutorial DVD, and a carrying case make it simple to use the device on your cat.

This kit can save up to 400 tests in memory, making it easier to monitor your cat’s health. If an inadvertent drop of blood drops on the test strip while using this kit, an analysis will immediately begin and may result in an incorrect reading that is not stored in the 400-test memory.


  • Additional test strips are affordable
  • Not requiring coding or calibration
  • Exceptional lancing instrument incorporated


  • Strips must be particular to a meter
  • Accidental tests are conceivable


Designed for Canines and Felines, the iPet PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The iPet Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System is our top recommendation for the most cost-effective cat glucose meter. This glucose monitoring equipment requires coding and calibration, however, there are straightforward instructions available to help you become an expert with this system.

The package includes everything needed to get started and better monitor your cat’s health. The supplied lancing equipment has many settings, and the needed lancets are inexpensive, allowing pet owners to save money. This monitoring kit stores up to 500 tests for simple updates at the veterinarian’s office.

The greatest disadvantage of this glucose monitoring technique is that it is difficult to master. Installation needs some time and careful adherence to well-written instructions. However, if you get the hang of it, this approach will save you money and has minimal mistake rates.


  • Excellent user guide
  • Affordable lancets
  • Low error displays


  • Setup requires more time.


AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit for Animals

The AlphaTrak 2 is our top pick for the best cat glucose meter. This monitoring system is one of the most prestigious solutions available on the market. This gadget needs minimum blood from your cat and has already been calibrated for feline usage.

This monitoring system’s accuracy is comparable to the measurements you will obtain at the veterinarian’s office, and it is one of the most reliable systems available. When ordering this system, all required components, including batteries, are included. This expedites the process of monitoring your cat.

The AlphaTrak 2’s greatest drawbacks are its pricing and lancing device. The precision of this meter makes it one of the most costly on the market, however, the supplied lancing instrument is not the most comfortable to use. Due to the tiny amount of blood required by this system, pet owners will not be compelled to use it for prolonged durations.


  • Best accuracy available
  • Low error figures
  • Utilized by several veterinary offices


  • Merely logs 250 tests
  • Expensive system


AUVON Blood Sugar Test Kit Glucose Monitor for Dogs and Cats

The Auvon Glucose Monitor Test Kit is among the most reliable available. The emerging firm, Auvon, produces one of the most popular human test kits on the market and has transferred this level of precision to the world of cats. This glucose monitor gives precise readings in less than 5 seconds.

This meter’s speed and precision make it suitable for use with cats. Pet owners do not need to place their kittens in challenging conditions in order to determine their blood sugar levels.

All necessary components are supplied, and the lancets are inexpensive, making refilling easier on the pet owner’s pocketbook. Additionally, owners will enjoy the bundled lifetime warranty.

The quantity of blood required for a test is this meter’s greatest drawback. 0.7uL may appear excessive for kittens, yet the precision and quickness are sufficient to compensate.


  • Readings within five seconds
  • Low-cost refills for strip and lancets
  • Lifetime assurance


  • More blood is required than other systems
  • Somewhat pricey


Blood Glucose Monitor for Cats and Dogs by Cera-Pet

The Cera-Pet Blood Glucose Monitor is an additional budget-friendly option. This device is about half the price of comparable monitors and comes with all accessories necessary for instant usage. This item requires calibration, and the necessary keys are included in the package.

This monitor’s accuracy is not as excellent as that of some others, but it has undergone extensive testing to assure its safety for cats with diabetes. The most significant drawback of this technique is the meter itself. It is prone to contamination, but the business has produced testing strips with guidelines to assist prevent this from happening.


  • Test strips to aid in preventing contamination.
  • Comfortable lancing device
  • Affordable


  • Meter accuracy is uncertain
  • Readings are less precise than other meters.


VetMate Dogs/Cats Diabetes Monitoring Starter KIT

The VetMate Diabetes Monitoring Starter Kit is an easy-to-use device thanks to the meter’s ergonomic design and wide LCD display. The big memory capacity of 400 readings makes it simple to see and record your pet’s data.

This set includes the meter, lancing device, lancets, strips, user manual, carrying case, and batteries need to begin monitoring your cat’s blood glucose levels.

There is no coding necessary, so it may be used instantly after a brief perusal of the instructions. In addition to being inexpensive, replacement lancets and strips will be generically labeled and interchangeable.

The lancing device is the system’s major drawback. It is not convenient to use and occasionally fails to draw blood. This will necessitate you sticking your cat many times on occasion.


  • Accurate meter
  • Large LCD display for visuals


  • Failure of the lancing device is known
  • Somewhat pricey


Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor System Calibrated for Dogs and Cats by Pet Control HQ

The Blood Sugar Monitor for Pets is manufactured by a family of veterinarians. This provides them with a unique understanding of the requirements cats and their owners have for a blood sugar monitoring device.

This kit includes everything needed to begin taking readings. This kit has more strips and lancets than most others on the market to assist pet owners. Unfortunately, the supplied lancing equipment is subpar and rather fragile.

This system’s readings will be precise thanks to the high-quality meter included in the package. Unfortunately, it takes quite a while for the results to be shown. After the waiting period has elapsed, you can rely on the outcome being correct. This meter is without a doubt one of the most precise on the market.


  • Accurate readings
  • Additional strips and lancets
  • Established by veterinarians


  • Flimsy lancing instrument
  • The rate of output is sluggish


EverPaw Gluco HT111 Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Diabetes

The EverPaw Gluco Monitoring Device is a budget-friendly choice for cat owners who require a blood sugar monitoring system. The package includes additional lancets and strips to assist customers who have difficulty acquiring a system.

The strip ejection button is one of the nicest additions given to this system. This design facilitates cleanup. Simply press the button and let the test strip slide away, and you are finished.

The most significant drawback of this blood sugar monitor is its accuracy. Some of the measurements may be inaccurate, which might need extra testing for your cat. This method is similarly challenging to master. The supplied instruction booklet is difficult to understand and complicates use.


  • Full kit at an acceptable cost
  • Strip button for ejection


  • Bad accuracy
  • The user manual is tough to comprehend.


KIT4CAT Home Wellness Test Kit for Cats

The KIT4CAT Checkup Kit provides a novel method for measuring the blood sugar levels of your cat. Parents no longer have to worry about puncturing their cat’s skin to get blood samples.

This technology uses your cat’s urine for testing, which is noninvasive and less traumatic for your cat. The strips included in this system are flexible enough to detect urinary tract infections and other renal problems in your cat.

The sole drawback of this technology is its data delivery method. The test strips will only inform you if your cat’s blood sugar is significantly elevated. While it is an excellent system for alerting owners to this problem, it is not the most effective method for monitoring a cat with high blood sugar.


  • No blood drawing is necessary
  • Tests for further infections


  • Not providing specific readings


Blood Glucose Meter Kit for Dogs and Cats from Test Buddy

The Test Buddy Pet Blood Glucose Meter is ideal for traveling families with pets. This monitor’s innovative design notifies you when to check your pet’s blood sugar.

With test results in less than 10 seconds and the option to retain up to 1,000 tests, you will have more peace of mind regarding your cat’s health. The Test Buddy app will also facilitate the sharing of findings with your local veterinarian, making life easier for everyone.

The most significant drawbacks of this approach are the complicated lancing apparatus and the possibility of inaccurate readings. These two factors increase the likelihood that you may need to test your cat more than once, which can be distressing for the cat.


  • Complete equipment included
  • Helpful app available


  • Frequent incorrect readings may necessitate numerous testing

Buyer's Guide

Having the best technologies and methods for caring for a sick pet at home will make life simpler for you and your pet. Before you purchase a glucose monitoring device for your cat, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you get the most appropriate solution.


Monitoring your cat’s glucose levels requires a high degree of accuracy. A glucose monitoring device should provide accurate readings. Especially if your cat is injected with insulin to combat diabetes.

With an incorrect reading, pet owners may provide the incorrect dosage of medication, which might result in significant issues for their cats. Discuss your options with your veterinarian before purchasing monitoring equipment with the highest level of precision.


Contamination is a major concern when measuring the blood sugar level of your cat. Even the smallest object, such as a hair or drop of dirt, might impede readings. When mistake readings occur, you must retest your cat since you have lost a lancet and a test strip.

This indicates your pet must undergo a second poke. To make things simpler around the house, it’s a good idea to seek out testing kits with low mistake rates and resistance to contamination. This will help your cat avoid extra testing and suffering.

The supplies of Lancets and Test Strips

You will need to purchase extra lancets and test strips to monitor your cat’s health. If you’re not careful, this might result in huge charges. To fix this, search for monitoring systems that employ generic lancets and test strips while making your selection.

This implies that affordable replacements may be purchased online or at a local pet store. The cheaper these goods are, the better they will be for you and your finances.


The Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System, our pick for the best cat glucose monitor overall, provides the precision and convenience of use you’d expect while caring for your cat. The iPet Pro System provides minimal error readings and is a pleasant lancing instrument for your pet. The AlphaTrak 2 is unquestionably one of the best glucose monitors for cats on the market. By selecting one of these systems, or any other on our list, you may securely monitor your cat’s blood sugar levels and contribute to a longer, healthier life for your cherished pet. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best glucose meters for cats have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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