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10 Best Gerbil Cages – Reviews & Top Picks

Are you about to become a gerbil parent and want to make sure you have the right cage for your little gerbil?

Or maybe you already have a gerbil but you want to improve it so you can draw more attention to your tiny furry tunnel rats.

Lucky for you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is here to help you list the best gerbil cages on the market.

This article provides in-depth reviews of different gerbil cages to help you choose the best one for your small pet.

Please look at our buyer's guide to learn more about what to think about when looking for a new home for your gerbil. 

Consumer Information

What You Need to Know About Gerbils

The Mongolian gerbil is the progenitor of most domesticated gerbils. They inhabit semiarid steppes, but also grassland, shrubland, and deserts in the wild.

They have elaborate social networks and dwell in extensive tunnel systems. Gerbils are great pets, but they should always be raised in groups of at least two.


Naturally scavengers, gerbils enjoy the process of digging and creating underground homes. Their tunnels may be as long as 26 feet and contain up to ten entrances.

These tiny fellas conduct most of time nesting, sleeping, hibernating, reproducing, and relaxing inside these tunnels, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind.


Chewing is a favorite activity for gerbils. They also have a tendency to chew on anything and anything. This is because kids always require assistance in filing down their ever-growing teeth.

One of the primary goals is to pulp the substrate so that it may be used to construct tunnels or fortify existing ones.


These little humans actually pack quite a mental punch. To keep them happy and healthy, gerbils require a variety of items to play with, chew on, and construct with, such as toys, a spacious habitat, and new surfaces to investigate every day.

If a gerbil is cooped up and doesn’t have any way to run off some steam, it will eventually try to chew its way out of the cage.

Criteria for the Ideal Gerbil Habitat

The “tank” area depth should be the first factor considered while shopping for a gerbil cage. Since gerbils mostly inhabit lengthy tunnels, they require a minimum of 6-7 inches of bedding in which to dig and construct. A glass tank with substrate and a wire cage on top is a common and effective design.


Make sure the gerbil cage you pick is big enough to house all of them. Alternatives to Laboratory Animals claims that gerbils suffer severe anxiety when confined to an inadequately sized cage with no access to enrichment activities. Bar chewing and digging compulsively are symptoms.

One gerbil needs a tank at least 10 US gallons in size. Five more liters of space are needed for every gerbil that will be living there. That is, you’ll need at least 15 gallons for two gerbils, 20 gallons for three, etc.

Nonetheless, it is advised that you provide extra room than is required. Russian Journal of General Biology research indicated that while gerbils are gregarious, they are also exceedingly self-centered. That implies they require both social interaction and time alone.


However, size isn’t everything. If you have three or more gerbils in a cage that is too big for them, they may begin to declan.

This results in squabbling and territorial disputes, with gerbils often sleeping in separate areas and resorting to bullying and pinning one another to the ground.

A minimum of fifteen gallons of space per gerbil is recommended to reduce the risk of declanning.

As you might have imagined, gerbils are expert chewers and can quickly destroy subpar housing. Wood is completely off-limits, and these monsters of destruction can even gnaw through plastic.

Cages should be made of glass, wire, or a very durable plastic.


Finally, take note of the cage’s included accessories. How well do they work with your current set? Take a look at the contents and make a list of the things your gerbils already enjoy so you can avoid buying unnecessary extras.

Advice on Initialization and Upkeep

Your gerbils will spend a great deal of time digging in their bedding, so it’s crucial that it be comfortable for them. For optimal tunneling, they require lightweight, dust-free, mixed-material substrates.

Products like Carefresh Shavings Plus Small Animal Bedding are available pre-mixed for your convenience. Or invent your own! It is suggested to use a combination of paper bedding and other materials, such as aspen shavings and hay.

  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for your gerbils is essential to ensuring their continued health and happiness. However, remember that frequent cleaning might be quite stressful for your small pals. After all, when you take away their bedding, you are destroying their underground homes.
  • It is advised that you do a spot cleaning once or twice every week. Wetness and odor will help you locate the spots that need to be replaced. In addition, after cleaning the cage well, you should only need to replace the bedding once per month or so. Your gerbils will appreciate the downtime between cleanings.


Kaytee My First Home My First Animal Tank Topper is our top pick because it’s the absolute best in the world and because it’s both affordable and spacious. Attaching it to a 10-gallon glass tank keeps your gerbils safe while they play and look around.

The Ferplast Favola is the best hamster cage for the money.This affordable cage is the perfect place to keep two gerbils safely and comfortably.

There are so many pet supply stores online that it can be difficult to know where to start looking. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes the thorough reviews and helpful buyer’s guide provided in this section will make choosing the best gerbil cages for you quick and easy.

The tunneling is over, and we hope you enjoy it!


The Best All-Around Product: The Kaytee My First Home Small Animal Tank Topper

Due of their dedication to quality and safety, tiny pet owners know and trust the Kaytee brand. The Kaytee Tank Topper is our top pick since it has such a remarkable assortment of gerbil-specific features.

The wire top box is really well made; it has several safe ramps for running on and enough of storage for toys and snacks. Also, a 10-gallon tank beneath it provides plenty space for your gerbils to dig and run about in.

The glass tank is not included, which is the one major drawback. Lucky for us, tanks are widely available and quite inexpensive. You shouldn’t put more than two gerbils in here because it’s designed for a 10-gallon tank.


  • Space for playthings and discovery; many levels
  • Lots of space for a king-sized bed.
  • Assembly is a breeze, and the tank clamps are really reliable.
  • Contains a set of stairs, a secret hideout, a plate, and a bottle of water.
  • Metal framework that is impervious to chewing
  • Safe lock for the door
  • A high-quality product at a reasonable price.


  • Excludes tank


Best Price on the Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

The greatest gerbil cage that won’t break the bank is the Perplast Favola cage, which is perfect for individuals who wish to provide for their lovable critters without going into debt.

There are several levels, and the space is just right for one or two gerbils. This cage has a rather deep bottom, making it ideal for hiding places and tunnels.

The total size and the depth of the foundation prevent this cage from ranking higher because of their capacity to house larger groups of gerbils. We suggest no more than two gerbils be kept in this cage.


  • Several levels, and plenty of play space
  • Included are a set of ramps, a hidey-hole, a bowl of food, and a bottle of water.
  • To a lesser extent than average cost
  • Safe lock for the door
  • Wheel that can be removed


  • If you have more than two gerbils, you’ll need a bigger cage.
  • Possible chewable plastic at the base.


The Best Gerbil Cage Available – The Mayfair from Little Friends

The Little Friends Gerbilarium is the best option since it has all the necessary safety measures and is made of high-quality materials.

Your gerbils will like the large, open area and the deep vase for hiding and digging. The indestructible glass and metal design eliminates the risk of accidental swallowing.

This cage’s high price stands as its one significant drawback. It’s in demand, thus it might be hard to find. This probably isn’t the best option if you’re in a hurry to find a new home for your gerbils. However, this is an option worth saving for if you value the comfort of your travel companions.


  • Space for playthings and discovery; many levels
  • Tunneling through the bedrock requires a sturdy foundation.
  • Equipped with a wheel, a hideout, a feeding bowl, and ramps.
  • The metal and glass structure is chew resistant.
  • Easily put together
  • Safe lock for the door


  • Costs more
  • Extremely popular yet frequently unavailable in stores due to high demand.


Animal Habitat Cages Made of Savvy Materials for Gerbils and Hamsters

Check out the Savic Habitat if you need a cage for your gerbils that will keep them perfectly content and out of harm’s way. The wire on top is quite durable, and the depth of the foundation makes it possible to build several tunnels.

The price is very excessive, especially given the plastic construction of the foundation. Although the gerbils probably won’t fall out of the plastic bottom, we’d like to see a little more durability for the price.


  • Playground with many levels, ramps, and open space
  • Incorporates both a water bottle and a dish for eating.
  • Superior burrowing capabilities thanks to a sturdy foundation; can accommodate a colony of gerbils.
  • Safe lock for the door


  • Ranges with a high cost
  • Inadequately high-quality plastic used for the base


Hamster Cage, Brisby, Midwestern

Plenty of area for games and exercise is provided by the spacious design of the Midwest Brisby cage. And with just a little bit of digging and tunneling, you can fill up the base with bedding, making it deeper than most.

However, this model is pretty costly and the quality of the materials may be better. You should be aware that your gerbil friends’ hungry teeth may be able to gnaw through the plastic foundation, which might pose a safety risk.

In addition, this cage has a fantastic breadth but should not be used for more than two gerbils due to its shallow foundation.


  • Several levels, and plenty of play space
  • Premises that may be used as a mattress
  • Safe lock for the door
  • Easily put together
  • Contains a feeding dish, drinking bottle, hiding place, and rolling playhouse.


  • One gerbil would be able to run around in its shallow base.
  • The High-End to the Upper-Centre
  • Base is likely plastic and chewable

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