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How To Buy The Best Gates For Cats And Dogs

If you have a cat or a dog (or both!) and want to keep them out of certain areas of your home, you're probably looking for a pet gate.

People use pet gates for a variety of purposes, including isolating the animals from one another, keeping them out of a room, or simply keeping them in one room for a period of time.

There are numerous options available, so you've come to the correct location.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together reviews of the top %product_count% best gates for cats and dogs to make your life easier, so keep reading to find the best gate for your needs.


Best Overall: MidWest Wire Mesh Pet Safety Gate

The MidWest Wire Mesh Pet Safety Gate is the best overall gate for cats and dogs. This gate is reasonably priced and tall, making it ideal for cat owners.

It can fit apertures 29 to 50 inches wide and stays attached using pressure and bumpers. For added protection, it incorporates a notched locking bar to assist keep it locked in place.

It has a wood frame and metal mesh construction, is non-toxic, and will not damage your walls. The disadvantage is that it will not fit nicely in every space because the bumpers themselves will not adjust.

Furthermore, when you want to enter the area, you must remove the entire thing (which is not impossible, just cumbersome).


  • Reasonably priced
  • For cats, 44″ is extremely tall.
  • Fits 29″ to 50″ openings
  • For further security, notch the bar.
  • Made with wood and metal mesh


  • It must be removed in order to enter the area.
  • Not suitable for every situation


Mesh Gate for MyPet North States — Best Price

The MyPet North States Mesh Gate is the greatest pet gate for cats and dogs for the money. This one stands 37 inches tall and is constructed of oak and vinyl-coated wire.

It’s also pressure mounted with bumpers and secured with a notched bar. It can also take molding up to 4 inches wide.

The notched locking bar makes it difficult to modify when attempting to put it up in a certain spot. This gate may be too fragile for houses with large dogs and cats.


  • Reasonably priced
  • crafted from oak and vinyl-coated wire
  • Lock bar that is pressure mounted and notched
  • 4″ molding can be accommodated


  • The locking bar notches make adjustments difficult.
  • It could be flimsy.


Dreambaby Chelsea Extra-Tall & Wide Safety Gate — High-Quality Option

The Dreambaby Chelsea Safety Gate is the greatest premium choice pet gate for cats and dogs. This gate is made of metal and is available in four sizes in either black or white.

All sizes have the same height but various widths. If the gate isn’t wide enough for your location, you can purchase extra extensions separately (this can offer you up to 88″).

Although this gate is pressure mounted, it may be opened with one hand. It will automatically lock behind you, or you can choose it to remain open for your convenience.

However, this gate is pricey, and it does not usually immediately lock after you walk through it.


  • It is available in four different widths (all the same height)
  • Available in either black or white (depending on size)
  • Extensions can be purchased separately.
  • Opens with one hand and automatically closes behind it.
  • Can be set to remain open.


  • Expensive
  • It may not always lock behind you.


Pet Gate MidWest Steel

The Midwest Steel Pet Gate is composed of steel and is available in white and black, as well as two distinct heights: 29 and 39 inches.

It’s chew-proof and can stretch from 29.5 to 38 inches to accommodate a space, and you can open and walk through it with just one hand.

The gate is kept closed by a spring-loaded lock, and the door opens in either direction.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat expensive, and you must raise it to open it, which may be problematic for certain individuals.

Also, the spacing between the bars is 2.25 inches, which may allow certain small cats to pass through.


  • It is available in two different heights.
  • Chew-proof
  • The gate may be opened with with one hand.
  • The gate is kept closed by a spring-loaded latch.
  • The door can be opened in any way.


  • Expensive
  • Skinny cats may be able to pass through the bars.
  • Some people may find it difficult to open.


Passage Gate for MyPet Petgate

The MyPet Petgate Passage Gate is a 42-inch-high steel gate with a matte bronze finish.

It contains a control lever that allows the gate to swing in either direction, as well as a large handle that makes opening and closing easier.

It also has a tiny pet entrance at the bottom, which means you don’t have to remove the full gate to let your pets back into a room.

The disadvantages are that it can be difficult to install and that the bar gap allows tiny animals to pass through.


  • Gate made of steel with a matte bronze finish
  • 42 inches tall
  • The door can swing either way.
  • Large handle for ease of use
  • There is a little pet door.


  • It can be difficult to put together.
  • Smaller cats can get through the bars.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Pet Gate

Check out our buyer’s guide now that you’ve read about the numerous gates available. Before you buy your new pet gate, consider the following suggestions.


The width of the pet gate will be determined by the breadth of the space you’re attempting to fill.

Most gates are available in a variety of sizes, and many include an extension or let you to purchase separate extensions to help fill the area.

Always carefully measure your allocated area before purchasing a gate.


This is a vital consideration if you own a cat, especially if it is young and agile. First, be certain that there is nothing near the gate that a cat could utilize to launch over it.

You can buy two or three gates that stack on top of each other. In that case, you should go for lightweight ones composed of wood and wire or mesh.

Ease of Access

Read the descriptions and reviews if you want a gate that you can easily open with one hand.

Some businesses claim that their grates can be opened with one hand, although this is not always the case. Many gates require two hands to open, so keep that in mind when you’re out shopping.

Gates for Babies

You may get infant gates as well as pet gates. They all serve the same purpose, so if you’ve been looking for cat or dog gates, try looking for baby gates to expand your possibilities.

Gate Design

Some gates must be entirely removed to pass through, whilst others include a door that may be unlocked and stepped through. All gates have pros and downsides, so it all depends on how busy the area is.

Some gates are not ideal for smaller animals due to a large gap between the bars, while others require a fight to open. Simply double-check the reviews and thoroughly study the descriptions.


The MidWest Wire Mesh Pet Safety Gate is our best pet gate pick because it’s one of the tallest at 44 inches, which may help keep those acrobats in check!

The MyPet North States Mesh Gate is a lightweight gate constructed of hardwood and vinyl-coated wire that is reasonably priced.

Finally, the Dreambaby Chelsea Safety Gate is costly, but you’ll get a strong gate that can be extended to 88 inches!

Our reviews of these best gates for cats and dogs just scrape the surface of the various pet and infant gates on the market.

However, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that we have narrowed your search and that you will find the ideal one for your home needs.

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