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The 11 Best Foods For Cockatiels

Cockatiels are entertaining to engage with and typically easy to care for, which contributes to their desirability as pets. A well-balanced diet is one of the most essential things you can do to keep your cockatiel healthy.

But which cockatiel food on the market should you purchase? This is a question that the majority of cockatiel owners ask at some point, and it is likely the reason you are here right now.

How do you know you are selecting the best option for your cherished cockatiel when there are so many choices? One way to make sure you're making a good choice is to read reviews of the best solutions on the market.

You are in luck because BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of reviews for the best foods for cockatiels so that you can make an informed purchase decision the next time you order food for your cockatiel. Without further ado, here are our recommendations for the finest cockatiel food:


Higgins Safflower Gold Cockatiel Bird Food – Overall Winner



Golden Higgins Safflower Gourmet conure and cockatiel food is formulated to fulfill birds’ appetites and keep them satisfied until their next meal.

This meal is mostly composed of safflower seeds, which cockatiels appear to enjoy, and is supplemented with dried fruits such as raisins, papaya, and pineapple, as well as cashews, coconut, and carrot.

This ensures that your bird will have a balanced diet that promotes a healthy nervous system throughout all phases of its life.

In addition, probiotics are introduced to aid digestion and soothe the stomach after a large meal. DHA added in the form of omega-3 and omega-6 fats promotes good vision and a robust immune system.

This food has neither artificial coloring nor flavour. The only drawback is that the resealable packaging is difficult to manipulate.


  • Made with premium ingredients
  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • Contains an assortment of dried whole fruits


  • Reclosable packaging is difficult to open


Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Food – Greatest Price



We believe that Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health is the most cost-effective cockatiel food for several solid reasons. It includes all-natural components and no fillers, unlike the majority of other products on the market.

This feed is specially created for cockatiels, ensuring that their nutritional demands are covered regardless of their life stage.

This seed-based mix contains the natural protein sources cockatiels require for healthy bones and muscles, including canary grass seed, millet, and sunflower and safflower seeds.

Also included are cracked maize and flax meal for a healthy dose of carbohydrate energy and omega oils. This diet also contains probiotics and prebiotics to guarantee appropriate digestion and intestinal comfort for your bird.

This cockatiel food is naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols and will last for a number of days after the box has been opened.


  • Produced with only natural components
  • There are no chemical fillers or preservatives present
  • Rich in nutritious carbs
  • Contains probiotics and prebiotics for digestive health


  • After opening, the package does not seal properly


Natural Bird Food from ZuPreem – Premium Selection



If you prefer not to offer seeds to your cockatiel, ZuPreem natural bird food is an excellent alternative. It is produced using corn, millet, oat groats, barley, and wheat to supply the protein and carbohydrate energy cockatiels require.

It also contains a range of vegetables, such as carrots, celery, and beets, to promote a healthy immune system and heart. Cranberries and blueberries are also incorporated for their antioxidant properties.

This meal comes in pellet shape, making it easier to ingest and digest for cockatiels. All nutritional requirements are met, thus there is no need to invest in any additional supplements.

However, you may feed fruits and vegetables as snacks to round up your bird’s nutritional diet without worrying about vitamin or mineral toxicity.


  • Comes in a convenient pellet shape
  • Supports a robust immune system
  • Contains actual fruits and vegetables


  • Can get monotonous for cockatiels who love textural variety


Cockatiel Bird Food Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend



Not only is Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend cockatiel food composed of grains and grass seeds, but it also contains fruit seeds from cantaloupes, which none of the other products on our list of reviews have.

A variety of nuts, like as cashews and walnuts, and coconut give a substantial amount of good fats, which are needed for the correct growth and development of your feathery companion.

This mix is colored so that it more closely resembles a cockatiel’s natural diet in the wild. It is colored with whole-food ingredients, including beet and turmeric powders, alfalfa, and annatto seeds.

A combination of probiotics that has been precisely developed promotes a healthy immune system and easy digestion. This product is only available in 3-pound containers, so if you have more than one cockatiel, you may need to purchase it frequently.


  • The distinctive combination includes cantaloupe seeds and nuts to give variation
  • Naturally colored using whole foods, such as beets
  • Includes probiotics to improve intestinal health


  • Not available in bulk packaging


Roudybush Bird Food for Daily Maintenance



This is another seedless bird food created exclusively for parrots, such as the cockatiel. Designed for adult birds, this natural meal is in crumble form for easy consumption by adults and seniors.

Each morsel is palatable and contains essential components, such as l-arginine and yucca schidigera extract, to ensure that your bird’s nutritional requirements are met over time.

Roudybush feed is available in 10, 25, and 50-pound quantities, allowing you to store up for months if desired.

This recipe has somewhat more fat than other alternatives on the market, which might be problematic for cockatiels with limited energy, especially as they age.

In addition, the increased fat content necessitates storage in a cold, dry location to prevent rancidity.


  • Made exclusively for adult parrots like cockatiels
  • Comes in crumble form for convenience of eating
  • Distributable in large quantities


  • A higher fat content might lead to obesity in cockatiels with reduced energy levels


Classic Lafeber Avi-Cakes Bird Food



Lafeber Classic Avi-Cakes are created with seeds and grains to offer a taste profile that your parrot will find irresistible.

This dish, as the name implies, is in the form of little cakes consisting of canary grass seed, white millet, hulled oats, and maize, which creates a hearty, diversified meal with different textures and flavors.

This diet contains no actual fruits or vegetables, unlike many others on our list of reviews, but it is supplemented with vitamins and minerals to prevent your parrot from developing deficiencies.

This is an excellent alternative for individuals who do not mind boosting their diet with leftover fruit and vegetables.


  • Most birds love pecking at this shape, which resembles a cake
  • Includes seeds and grains
  • Simple to maintain between meals


  • Does not include any genuine fruits or veggies


The Lafeber Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries Cockatiel Bird Food consists of tropical fruits



This tropical cockatiel meal contains exotic fruits like papaya, pineapple, and mango that parrots are accustomed to eating in the wild.

The Lafeber Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries cockatiel diet, developed by veterinarians, has all the vitamins and minerals these birds require to flourish. The crisp texture of the food serves to activate the senses of cockatiels while they consume.

This food is organically preserved and includes no artificial additives, so you can rest assured that every mouthful they consume contributes to their health rather than detracting from it.

This food combination contains hulled seeds and grains, which diminishes their nutritious value slightly. However, this makes the seeds and grains more digestible for birds.

The nutrients that are lost during the hulling process are restored via supplementation during the manufacturing process.


  • Provides an authentic sense of the tropics
  • Developed by veterinarians and authorized
  • Texture with a crunch to stimulate the brain, tongue, and beak


  • The hulling procedure removes certain nutrients from the seeds and grains in this mix
  • Before feeding the crunchy nuggets to younger, smaller cockatiels, they may need to be split into smaller pieces


ZuPreem FruitBlend Bird Food



Medium-sized birds, such as cockatiels, are certain to enjoy the nutritious fruits in ZuPreem FruitBlend bird food.

The mixture includes dried oranges, grapes, bananas, and apples to keep your cockatiel occupied and satisfied throughout meals.

Corn and wheat are also included, providing your cockatiel with ample carbohydrate-based energy for the day.

This cockatiel diet is fortified with vitamin B12, thiamine, and niacin, as well as other critical vitamins and minerals, to ensure that your cockatiel is happy and healthy throughout its life.

This vibrant combination contains tiny, varied-shaped pellets to keep mealtimes exciting for your cherished bird. It may also be fed to backyard wild birds.

This diet contains unnecessary fillers like as soybean flour and vegetable oil, as well as artificial colors that provide no health advantages to your bird.


  • Cockatiels cannot seem to resist this fruit-filled cage
  • Provides abundant natural carbohydrate-based energy
  • Supplemented with vital vitamins and minerals


  • Includes superfluous filler
  • Contains artificial coloring


Kaytee Fiesta Variety Mix Crocodile Bird Food



The Kaytee Fiesta variety mix is designed for all small and medium-sized parrots, including the cockatiel, although it is not designed expressly for the cockatiel.

As a result, it is prepared with a vast array of seeds and grains to provide a comprehensive nutritional profile.

It does contain fruits and vegetables such as apples and peppers, but grass and safflower seeds, oat groats, crushed maize, millet, and wheat make up the majority of this meal.

This diet choice is ideal for cockatiels that are additionally provided with fresh fruits and vegetables between meals. This meal is available in 2.5-pound, 4.5-pound, and 25-pound containers.

The seeds and grains are dyed with a variety of artificial colors, including FD&C red, blue, and yellow, which is a significant drawback.


  • Designed for all small and medium parrots, making feeding time easier for families with many birds
  • Contains some fruit and vegetable wholes


  • Made using synthetic hues
  • Not particularly prepared for cockatiels; supplements may be required

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Finest Cockatiel Foods

Purchasing a high-quality commercial diet for your cockatiel is a significant endeavor. If the incorrect mix is selected, there is a chance that your bird could develop nutritional deficiencies and subsequently age-related health issues.

There are a few things you can take to ensure that the cockatiel food you purchase is appropriate for your feathery companion. Listed below are some essential considerations:

Schedule an Exam

Before picking a new diet for your cockatiel, one of the most essential things you can do is arrange a checkup with your veterinarian. This will assist guarantee that your bird does not have any undetected underlying health concerns.

If health concerns are detected, they may require a particular diet as part of a treatment plan, and your veterinarian may tell you which substances to look for and avoid.

Even if no major health concerns are discovered, your veterinarian can offer food alternatives and components based on factors such as your pet’s activity level, current diet, and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

You can bring a list of the meals you are contemplating purchasing to the vet’s office, along with professional opinion on each one. This should help you swiftly limit down your alternatives.

Think About Snacks and Treats

If you prefer feeding your cockatiel snacks and treats on a regular basis, make a note of the items you generally give them at these times.

If you normally provide them with shredded carrots and pineapple chunks as a snack, you should pick a dish that does not contain carrots or pineapple but does contain other fruits and vegetables that are not routinely provided as snacks.

The same holds true for any nuts, seeds, or grains you may provide your parrot as snacks and rewards. This will guarantee that your cockatiel’s food is complete and devoid of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

In addition, it will guarantee that you do not overfeed your bird certain nutrients over time. You may rest assured that your bird will not quickly tire of their diet and become finicky about their meal and snack selections.

Converse with Other Cockatiel Owners

If you have family or friends who own cockatiels, inquire as to which food alternatives they prefer and which their pets prefer.

They may give guidance and suggestions that make selecting a new meal for your cockatiel easier and less stressful in general.

If you do not know anybody who owns a cockatiel, read online evaluations of the meals you are most interested in to acquire insider information, and join cockatiel chat rooms and forums to receive advise about the alternatives you are considering.


Whether your macaws have unique nutritional requirements, are finicky about the nuts and fruits they consume, have health concerns that need to be managed, or will eat whatever you put in front of them, you should be able to discover the ideal food option for them here. Our list of evaluations

We strongly recommend option #1, Higgins Safflower Gold Parakeet Food, because it has a wide range of dried fruits and no artificial colors or flavors.

Our second selection should also not be neglected. For proper digestion, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food contains nutritious carbs, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Each choice on our list is distinctive and deserving of your consideration, so take the time to investigate them all! Is there one brand that sticks out from the rest in your opinion? In that case, please explain why in the comments section below.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our website to learn about the best foods for cockatiels and to get advice on the subject. We hope you have selected the appropriate meal for your parrot.

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