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The 11 Best Foods & Cat Foods For Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are beautiful and peaceful creatures, but they are also quite active and cautious.

As a relatively new pet, owners may have to make do with rabbit cages or hamster beds instead of more specialized equipment.

Similarly, there are not many hedgehog meals on the market, and some owners are hesitant to purchase hedgehog food because early samples had low-quality ingredients and did not match the hedgehog's nutritional needs.

The variety of pet diets designed exclusively for hedgehogs has increased, but the total selection is still restricted. There are, thankfully, several cat foods and even some dog foods that are acceptable for your hedgehog.

Fish-flavored foods should never be given to a hedgehog, nor should milk, and you should strive to feed your hedgehog according to its age and lifestyle.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) provides evaluations of the best foods & cat foods for hedgehogs, letting you go through your selections and select the optimal diet for your pigs.


Mazuri Hedgehog Food – Overall Winner



Although hedgehogs thrive on a diet that includes at least some insects, you will need to supplement the vitamins and minerals in their daily diet with a commercial meal of some type.

High in protein, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as fiber, Mazuri Hedgehog Food reflects the nutritional composition of your hedgehog’s bug diet. It may be used to supplement a portion or the entirety of your hedgehog’s diet.

The popularity of Mazuri food among hedgehogs and their owners has been established. When you open the bag of kibble, you will not be greeted with a face full of dust. Its primary component is chicken meal, a concentrated version of chicken that is a rich source of protein.

The minimal protein content of 28% satisfies the protein needs, however it may benefit from being somewhat higher. The 11% fat level of this dish makes it more suitable for grownups.

The 11% fiber level will be sufficient if you feed a combined diet, and it will also be sufficient if you give this meal alone.

Mazuri has a nutritious blend, however the bag is little, which raises the price over time. Although the protein content is safe, it may be a bit greater, and it would be ideal to combine this diet with insects.


  • 28% protein
  • 11% fiber
  • Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are present
  • Suitable for a combination of insectivores


  • Small bags raise the cost
  • Best when combined with insects


Exotic Cuisine Comprehensive Hedgehog Diet – Cheapest Option



Exotic Dietary Hedgehog Complete Hedgehog Food is inexpensive. In fact, it costs around a fourth as much per pound as the Mazuri Hedgehog Food, making it the most cost-effective food and cat food for hedgehogs.

It also has a high protein content of 35% and promises to be a complete meal, meaning that the producer believes it can totally replace the insectivore diet of the hedgehog.

However, the food’s principal constituent is blood meal. Blood meal is a powder prepared from dried animal blood that is often obtained from slaughterhouses.

There is nothing inherently wrong with blood meal, however it is not an excellent source of protein. Several of the components, such as ground maize, appear to be inexpensive fillers intended to reduce the food’s price.

In addition, while the protein content is excellent, the meal lacks sufficient amounts of fat and fiber to function as a full diet for hedgehogs. This is allowed provided you continue to offer your pig a daily dose of live or dried insects, but not as its sole source of nutrition.


  • 35% protein
  • Big bags
  • Cheap


  • Many unnecessary components
  • 7% fat
  • 8% fiber


Blue Buffalo Adult Weight Control Dry Food



Blue Buffalo Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food is a dry cat food with cat-appropriate levels of nutrients and additives. With 30 percent protein content and major components include deboned chicken and chicken meal, this is one of the best cat feeds for hedgehogs.

It does include menhaden fish meal, but in the proportion present, this fishy component should not adversely affect your pig’s digestion, and it does provide essential omega-3 fatty acids.

The 30% protein content is quite nutritious, however the 10% fat and 9% fiber content might be improved, necessitating that you offer this meal as part of a varied insectivore diet.

Additionally, the diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, including chelated minerals. The enhanced bioavailability of chelated minerals means that your pet derives higher nutritional advantages from their use.


  • Primary components are deboned chicken and chicken meal
  • Containing chelated minerals
  • 30% protein


  • Contains a few fish
  • 10% fat and 9% fiber might be increased


Vita Prima 40060 Sunseed Hedgehog Food



Sunseed 40060 Vita Prima Hedgehog food is a type of food particularly designed for feeding hedgehogs. The food is a pellet made from poultry, shellfish, and mealworms that is designed to preserve its shape and provide uniform feeding to your pig.

There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in the ingredients, and they have been fortified with vitamins A, D, and E. The food is fairly priced and arrives in a bag of enough size. The 38% protein content is regarded excellent for hedgehogs.

Wheat bran is the key component of Sunseed Vita Prima Hedgehog Food, according to the list of ingredients. Since hedgehogs are insectivores and would only consume a little quantity of wheat in their normal diet, the presence of wheat as the first component is a bit concerning.

Additionally, the cuisine contains fish meal, tuna meal, and other seafood ingredients. Some hedgehogs are repelled by the scent of seafood, and it may be too rich for their stomachs.

Another unwanted element is dried mealworm, which can cause significant sickness and impaction. Lastly, while the protein content is excellent, the fat and fiber contents might be increased to 8% and 9%, respectively.


  • Cheap
  • Decent size bag
  • 38% protein


  • Pellets fall apart
  • Containing little fat and fiber
  • Composed of dried mealworms
  • Wheat is the major element
  • Includes an abundance of fish and seafood


I and Love and You Grain-Free Dry Cat Food I and Love and You



Cats have a similarly high protein demand as hedgehogs, which has attracted hedgehog owners to dry cat food as a regular source of nutrition for their pets.

This indicates that complete cat meals are practically adequate for hedgehogs, despite the fact that hedgehogs have a greater fiber and fat need than most cats. Another argument is that neither species should consume grains.

I and Love and You Naked Essentials Grain-Free Dry Cat Food contains no grains. It contains chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal, which are regarded as high-quality protein sources.

It contains 34% protein and 14% fat, which are both beneficial for hedgehogs. The food is also reasonably priced and arrives in bags of sufficient size.

However, there are a few issues with I and Love and You Naked Essentials Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. First, it has just 4% fiber, which is much less than other diets and less than optimal for a hedgehog. However, you can augment this as long as you continue to feed regularly with live insects.

In addition, the diet contains fish oil. Fish is difficult for hedgehogs to digest, which might lead to an increase in fish-smelling feces. A strong fish odor might also discourage hedgehogs from consuming the meal.


  • 34% protein
  • 14% fat
  • The primary components are poultry and turkey
  • Grain-free dish


  • 4% fiber
  • Fish oil may be an off-putting ingredient


IAMS Healthy Dry Cat Food 10146516



IAMS Healthy Dry Cat Food is one of the most affordable items on the list. It is a chicken and salmon recipe dry food that comes in large, handy, resealable packets. Whether hedgehogs are active or idle, a protein concentration of 32% is suitable for their diet.

Its key ingredients are chicken and chicken by-product meal, and its 15% fat content is excellent for your pet hedgehog, as determined by analysis.

However, Healthy Dry Cat Food is a salmon-based product, which contains a significant amount of fish and shellfish. Even the chicken meal contains a little quantity of fish oil, however it should not be enough to make your pig sick.

Additionally, the fish oil and chicken fat in the components contribute to the crucial omega-3 fatty acid content. To provide a balanced diet, you will need to supplement this meal with insects due to its low fiber content.


  • Cheap
  • Big bags
  • 32% protein
  • 15% fat


  • 3% fiber
  • Includes seafood components


Pet-Pro Spike’s Delite Hedgehog Diet Food



Pet-Pro Spike’s Delite Hedgehog Diet Food is a hedgehog-specific diet food formulated for overweight hedgehogs that need to reduce weight.

The food is pricey for the relatively tiny 1.5-pound bag that has extra vitamins and minerals, so you will need to get larger quantities. The meal has 32 percent protein.

The fat content is 12%, which is a healthy amount and may even be regarded a bit excessive for diet food. A level of 6% fiber indicates that you will need to feed your pig an additional source of fiber.

The key constituents of Pet-Pro Spike’s Delite Hedgehog Diet Food include chicken meal, a strong source of protein derived from meat, as well as yellow maize and soybean meal.

These last two elements are grains, and hedgehogs should ideally be fed a diet devoid of grains because they would not ingest them in the wild.

The diet also contains fish meal and other seafood sources, which are regarded unhealthy for hedgehogs since they might disrupt digestion and the odor may turn them off.


  • 32% protein
  • 12% fat
  • The essential element is chicken


  • Expensive
  • Among the key elements are grains
  • Contains seafood and fish components


Hedgehog Diet Food Ultra Select



The 8-in-1 Ultra Select Diet Food for Hedgehogs is created specifically for hedgehogs. It comes in relatively tiny packages and is pricey per pound.

The main component is chicken by-product meal. This is a generic component, and it would be preferable to identify the beef source. This product contains a significant amount of chicken fat, which, although it may not seem appealing, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Corn is a grain that is unnecessary and unappealing to hedgehogs and appears next on the ingredient list. The meal has 30% protein, which is within the acceptable range.

In addition, it has 8% fat and 5% fiber, both of which must be greater for a complete diet, thus this meal must be supplemented with kibble and insects. This meal is pricey, and for the price, you would anticipate a larger level of fat and fiber, as well as a higher quality.


  • 30% protein
  • Fat from chicken is a useful component


  • Meal from poultry by-products might be more specific
  • Contains grains
  • 5% fiber
  • 8% fat
  • Expensive


Premium Pet Food for Hedgehogs



Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food lives up to its name and its price tag, being the most expensive item on this list. The producer asserts that it is superior to feeding unreliable insects since the protein content of natural foods might fluctuate.

Although Pretty Pets has a respectable 32% protein, this is mostly derived from maize, and hedgehogs struggle to effectively digest grains, so the quantity of protein your hedgehog receives will vary.

The fat level of 5% and fiber content of 6% should also be increased, particularly if you want to use this meal as a substitute for live insects. It has been supplemented with vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E.


  • 32% protein


  • Hedgehog cannot digest all the protein derived from maize
  • Contains grains
  • 5% far
  • 6% fiber
  • Expensive

What You Need To Know Before Buying Hedgehog Food

You are already aware with the numerous brands of cat food available for your hedgehog. But how can you assess if the brand in question is the best option?

Hedgehogs are voracious eaters, so you must choose their food with care. You must adhere to the following criteria to guarantee that you make the best decision.

Choose Dry Cat Food

There are both dry and moist cat foods. While both are fine for cats, you should always feed your hedgehog dry cat food.

Wet cat food has a higher nutritional content than dry cat food. The high protein level of dry cat food, 30 to 40 percent, is just what your hedgehog needs.

If you wish to create a nutritious diet for your hedgehog, you must avoid feeding it wet cat food at all times. Even though you spend more money on dry cat food, the health of your hedgehog is more important.

Choose Indoor Dry Cat Treats

Low-fat content is seen in dry indoor cat treats. These treats are formulated for indoor cats with sedentary lifestyles. The same holds true for your pet hedgehog, as they consume less energy.

Due to their generally busy lifestyle, wild hedgehogs tend to expend a significant quantity of calories. However, hedgehogs kept as pets spend the majority of their time indoors and engage in very few activities.

Feeding your hedgehog non-indoor cat food can only lead to obesity. This is due to the high fat content of outdoor cat food, which is only ideal for very active pets.

Select Low-Fat Material

As indicated in the preceding criteria, you must select a food with a low fat content. Your pet hedgehog may spend considerable time on its running wheel, but this is insufficient exercise.

Although fat is needed, excessive fat will negatively impact the health of your hedgehog. Do not consume foods with a fat level above 10 to 15 percent.

If your hedgehog gains excessive fat, it will become obese. This will endanger their health, which is not what you desire. Additionally, it might result in a fatty liver, which shortens the lifespan of your pet hedgehog.

Select Moderate Protein Quantity

Protein consumption is essential for your hedgehog, but only in moderate amounts. The suggested maximum protein intake is 40 percent, and it is advisable not to exceed this. Choose cat food with a protein content within this range.

Wild hedgehogs consume protein-rich insects and other protein-rich foods. However, the majority of them include between 50 and 65 percent water, which eliminates extra protein.

This does not apply to pet hedgehogs. The cat chow you feed them will include only protein and no water. Therefore, you must ensure that they contain the appropriate quantity of protein for your hedgehog.

Choose Cat Food Based on Poultry

When selecting cat food for hedgehogs, it is recommended to select those based on poultry. This implies to choose cat food with turkey or chicken meat. The chicken and turkey flesh is lean and has the proper quantity of protein.

It is advised to avoid pork-based cat chow due to its salty and fatty content. This is detrimental to your hedgehog. The same holds true for cat food containing salmon or tuna.

Some cat foods have a combination of chicken, salmon, and veggies. This might be a healthy option because it combines the nutrients of many components.

Select Cat Food That Is Appropriate For Hedgehogs

There are several varieties of cat food on the market, and not all of them are appropriate for your pet hedgehog. Even dry cat food items as a whole are not the best option.

Determine which cat foods are appropriate and healthful for your hedgehog. The easiest method to accomplish this is to examine the items’ components and nutritional value.

Avoid eating foods containing maize, peas, and peanuts. Most veggies are healthy for your hedgehog, but be sure they do not include GMOs. Phosphorous-containing substances should also be avoided.

Be Wary of Cat Food Containing Extra Ingredients

Several producers provide extra ingredients, including fruits and vegetables. While this is not a concern for cats, the additional components may be harmful to your hedgehog.

Numerous cat meals contain extra veggies and fruits. They are an excellent source of nutrients for your hedgehog. However, you must determine which nutrients they offer and in what quantity.

Suppose the cat chow you’ve selected has added Vitamin A. In this situation, you should not feed your hedgehog any additional foods containing Vitamin A. This is because excessive Vitamin A might induce renal and liver toxicity in your hedgehog.

Avoid Milk Content in Cat Food

Numerous manufacturers use milk in their cat food. Kittens are fed milk to improve their development. This is nonetheless detrimental to your hedgehog and should be avoided.

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, therefore feeding them milk-based food on a daily basis will cause gastrointestinal problems.

Before purchasing a product for your pet hedgehog, you should carefully verify the list of components. Do not feed them anything that might harm their health or put them in grave danger.

Fiber Content Is Essential

Including fiber in your hedgehog’s diet is required. Fiber aids in the formation of stools so that they are easier to pass. If your hedgehog is unable to defecate normally, it might pose major health hazards. They may even require surgery if the stool becomes too rigid.

Cats should always consume fiber through their diet. This implies that the cat food you purchase should have sufficient fiber.

You do not need to give them any supplements to deliver this fiber. Unlike humans, hedgehogs cannot consume supplements. Whatever elements you wish to provide them, you should do it through the food they consume.

Pattern of Cat Food Feeding

The best approach to feed your hedgehog is with a varied diet. Here, you can combine two or three streams as you see fit.

Many owners maintain a foundation meal and supplement it with the other two for variation. Additionally, this improves the nutritional content of the meal.

You may also opt to combine the two or three meals in equal quantities. Thus, any nutritional deficiencies in one meal will be compensated for by the other.

For an uncomplicated feeding procedure, you may mix and store a large quantity. Make sure the mixture is stored in an airtight container. You may continue to provide feed as needed without mixing it every time.

Summing Up

This post provides information on the finest cat foods for Hedgehogs, which can be used to feed your pet. Not only do you now know about various cat feeds, but you also understand the criteria for selecting them.

Always keep track of the feeding schedule. This will let you measure your hedgehog’s daily weight and food intake.

Selecting the proper cat food will help your hedgehog live a long and healthy life. Examine the available possibilities on the market before making a decision.

Choose the one you feel is most perfect for your favorite pet hedgehog after conducting extensive study!


The majority of hedgehog owners provide their pets with insects and dry cat food. The high protein content of cat chow makes it great for hedgehogs. Many infant formulas are grain-free and derive their protein from chicken and other animal sources.

Attempt to ensure that the protein content is at least 28%, and preferably 35% or even 40%. Since hedgehogs need more fat than cats do, even cat food with the most fat in it might not be enough for your pig.

Because cat food is tailored for cats, you’ll need to conduct your own research to ensure that you’re providing a balanced and nutritious diet for your feline friends. We hope that our ratings have helped you find foods that have the right amount of fat, fiber, and protein.

Mazuri hedgehog food is one of the only reasonably-quality meals designed exclusively for decorative hedgehogs. Its 11% fiber content should be increased, but its 28% protein content is sufficient. On the other hand, this is a beautiful, reasonably priced, and appealing pig feed.

Exotic Cuisine Complete Hedgehog Food is inexpensive and comes in a huge bag to further reduce expenses. Even though it’s cheap, this hedgehog feed has 35% protein, which is a good amount, and is the best choice for your pigs’ diet.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our website to learn about the best foods & cat foods for hedgehogs. We hope you’ve selected the appropriate cat food for your tiny hedgehog.

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