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10 Best Fly Sheets For Horses – Reviews & Top Picks

During the hot summer months, horses' constant movement in the field tends to attract flies. As a result, a high-quality fly sheet is essential for keeping them safe.

Keeping your horse out of the direct sunshine might expose them to damaging UV rays, as well as flies and other insects that may bite them.

Horse fly sheets come in a wide variety of styles and materials, making it easy to find one that fits your horse's needs both inside and outside the barn.

However, figuring out which solutions are the greatest and deserve your attention can be a challenge. Finding out which things are worth buying and which should be put back on the shelf may be difficult.

Ten of the best fly sheets for horses have been reviewed by BestForPets (bestforpets.org), and we've put them in a list for your convenience.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

If you’ve never bought a horse fly sheet before, you might be apprehensive about the procedure. However, don’t be. For your benefit, we’ve put up a brief buyer’s guide that includes shopping advice you can put to use in making your final investment selection.

When it comes to the weather, how would you describe it where you live?

Before purchasing a horse fly sheet, think about the weather conditions in your location throughout the year. At times of year when mosquitoes aren’t expected, you may find yourself using the fly sheet. Your horse will suffer from fly bites or discomfort if the fly sheet you have isn’t enough for the weather.

Mesh is the ideal option if the temperature is consistently warm throughout the year and sweltering in the summer. A thicker fly sheet or one that fits beneath a blanket is a good choice if the environment is pleasant but the weather turns uncomfortably chilly during the winter. It’s a good idea to stock up on two different types of fly sheets in case the weather turns cold or hot at any time of year.

Become Acquainted with the Options

When shopping for a new fly sheet for your horse, keep an eye out for both “essential” and “luxury” characteristics. The essential characteristics are those that every fly sheet should include, while the optional features are those that aren’t necessary. If you want to offer your horse with the best possible safety and comfort, you may want to consider some of the extra items. The following are the aspects that you should be aware of.

The Most Important Characteristics Are:

  • Buckles on the chest and belly hold the fly sheet in place during physical activity.
  • This allows you to customize the fit of your horse’s girth so that they are as comfortable as possible.
  • Friction Lining – This prevents the fly sheet from rubbing against your horse’s mane, coat, and skin, resulting in harm.
  • UV protection – Just like people, horses can acquire sunburns and skin disorders from exposure to the sun. Investing in a fly sheet that offers UV protection is, thus, a need.

The Add-on Options:

  • To keep your horse comfortable in the colder months and better protect them from insects, a Detachable Neck Sleeve is a must.
  • Tail Flap – An additional option for horses that are particularly vulnerable to pest bites is a tail flap.
  • When it rains, your horse needs a waterproof fly sheet to protect them from getting wet.

A list of desirable characteristics in your horse’s new fly sheet might serve as a benchmark when evaluating various possibilities.

Measure Your Horse First!

There is no guarantee that a fly sheet that is rated for large horses or ponies will fit your large horse or pony. You should measure your horse’s height, neck, legs, belly, and chest breadth. If you want to purchase a fly sheet online, this is extremely vital. You should be able to see the product’s measurements on every fly sheet you look at. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to seek for a different one. In the absence of this information, you may wind up with a fly sheet that is either too large or too little. In either case, your horse is at risk of suffering from insufficient protection and discomfort.

Although you’ve taken precise measurements and compared them to the fly sheets’ specs, there’s still a risk the product won’t fit your horse correctly. As a result, before to purchasing a fly sheet, be sure to check the return policy. Obtain information about the return policy, including how long it will take, how much you will receive back, and how much money you will get back. Before investing in a new equestrian fly sheet, be sure you understand precisely what you’ll be getting into.


Even though we’re big fans of the other items in our horse fly sheet review, we’re particularly fond of the Amigo Mio Combo fly sheet.

With unique leg arches that keep the sheet in place without irritating your horse, this sheet is lightweight and easy to use.

TuffRider’s soft mesh fly sheet is our runner-up due of its affordability, durability, and ease of care, among other benefits.

Nonetheless, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) strongly suggests each and every product on our best fly sheets for horses review list.

Make a comparison of each one to see which one best fits your horse’s individual demands. The fact that one solution works well for one horse does not guarantee that it will work well for other horses.

Let us know which of the choices on our list piques your curiosity the most in the comments section below.


The Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet – the Best All-Arounder

The fly sheet is constructed of UV-reflective knitted polyester for maximum protection and comfort for your horse. The unique front leg arches are designed to provide a perfect fit that does not compromise comfort. You don’t have to worry about the neck cover dropping over your horse’s shoulders since the cover stands straight. Your horse should never feel constrained and should be able to carry out all of their daily tasks with ease if they have plenty of area to move around.

Considering how thin it is, the fly sheet is a breeze to deal with. When not in use, it may be easily stored in a small space. It is also incredibly resilient, and should be able to withstand wear and tear over time. The Amigo Mio Combo fly sheet’s biggest feature is that it’s entirely permeable, so your horse won’t sweat or overheat in the hot summer weather. You should be warned that because the material is so light, washing it in a machine might cause it to tear. As a general rule, we recommend cleaning it by hand.


  • Intuitive to use and light in weight.
  • Breathable in every way
  • The sheet is held in place by patented leg arches.
  • Allows for adequate room to move about comfortably.


  • Dishwasher-safe however hand-washing is recommended

It’s TuffRider’s Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet – the Best Deal!

TuffRider’s comfortable mesh fly sheet is incredibly soft and airy, making it ideal for hot and humid climates. When mounted on your horse’s back, it’s secured by a stainless-steel buckle at the front. Comfortable, non-friction fabric is used to protect against chaffing on the shoulders. Because of the low cost and the adjustable and detachable leg straps, we believe this is the greatest fly sheet for horses you can get for the money. On a hot day, this fly sheet will not overheat your horse because it blocks up to 50% of the sun’s UV radiation.

This is a machine-washable alternative that will last for years despite the sun and the movements of your horse wearing it down over time. It’s possible to dry it, but only with no heat. Otherwise, hang it up to dry. The TuffRider comes in pony and horse sizes, making it easy to select the right fit for your horse or pony. Because this fly sheet does not contain a neck cover, we decided not to put it at the top of the list.


  • Protects against up to half of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Brackets are made of strong stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • A neck cover is not included.

ComFiTec Ripshield from Weatherbeeta – The Best Option!

For a variety of reasons, this fly sheet is an excellent option. First, it’s constructed of a 1200-denier polyester cloth with a cross-hatched weave, which is designed to withstand holes and tears. In addition, the neck and belly wraps are detachable, allowing you to tailor your horse’s protection to the scenario at hand. The nylon liner prevents the sheet from rubbing on your horse’s coat or skin and causing injury.

Natural mobility is possible thanks to a side gusset in the Weatherbeeta WB ComFiTec Ripshield When it rains, the integrated tail flap will assist to keep your horse dry. The leg straps may be removed and the two front buckles can be adjusted for the perfect fit. With the full-wrap design, insecure horses might feel more safe and confident in their actions.


  • This item has been constructed to be rip-resistant.
  • Leg straps that may be adjusted
  • Allows for a more personalized fit thanks to the inclusion of removable components.


  • Compared to the other solutions on this list, the sheet is bulky and difficult to deal with.

Miniature Fly Scrim Sheet Tough 1 Deluxe

This nylon mesh fly cover is meant to keep your horse cool even if they are extremely sensitive to the heat. In order to slip the Tough 1 Deluxe Miniature fly scrim sheet onto a horse that doesn’t enjoy getting dressed, the belly surcingles have been simplified. When your horse is walking or galloping, the buckles and straps behind the tail assist keep the sheet in place and prevent it from dangling behind them.

There are other horse fly sheets on this list that are created for horses, but this one is produced specifically for ponies and is sized correctly, so you may shop online with confidence. As a result, neither a neck nor a tail cover are included with this model. Also, machine cleaning tends to deform it, so you should handwash it in order to maximize its lifespan.


  • Ensures the best possible airflow
  • when it’s in place, it’s stable
  • Designed exclusively with horses in mind.


  • There are no tail or neck coverings included.
  • When washed in a machine, they tend to come out crooked.

Fly sheet by Derby Originals 80-8016BL

The Derby Originals fly sheet is long-lasting, effective, and reasonably priced. The neck is lined with soft fleece to protect the horse’s mane, and the crossing leg straps hold the sheet in place without rubbing against the delicate crotch area. The corners of the fly sheet have reflective trim affixed to them to guarantee nighttime vision.

Adjustable shoulder gussets, chest straps, and belly bands let you to provide your horse with the exact fit they like. Although this fly sheet is machine washable, it is recommended that the leg straps be removed before to washing to avoid becoming trapped in the spinner. This fly sheet is prone to tearing if your horse is rough with trees and posts or constantly rolls on the ground.


  • Secure and comfortable
  • Designed to protect the mane from injury


  • It is necessary to remove the leg straps before washing the clothes.
  • Damaged by rubbing against trees and rolling on the ground fast

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