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Why Should Your Pet Have The Best Flushable Cat Litters ?

The most convenient scenario for owning a cat would be to have a toilet-trained kitten, similar to Jinx in Meet the Fockers.

But with that thought comes time and patience, as well as a lot of owner's luck—this also applies to us!

Flushable litter is very popular on the market because it is easy to dump and flush with no lingering odors throughout the house.

If you can't yet train your cat to use the toilet like a human, a decent compromise would be to make litter box cleaning as simple as possible by flushing it.

Here are BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best flushable cat litters available.


Milti-Cat Litter PetFive Sustainably Yours – Best Overall

Our overall favorite flushable cat litter has to be Petfive Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Litter.

It checked the most effectiveness boxes, including being easily disposable and septic-safe.

This litter clumps well, however it has huge granules. This combination traps litters while staying low-tracking, which we believe is critical.

Without the addition of chemicals or scents, the mixture of corn and cassava has natural odor-fighting components. We were blown away by how well it performed in this category.

The biodegradable and compostable components of this trash provide many disposal choices.

Overall, we believe it would meet the demands of the majority of households who share their homes with felines, making it our top flushable cat litter overall.


Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter by Cat’s Pride – Best Value

If you wish to save money, Cat’s Pride Lightweight Clumping cat litter may be of interest. Unlike other clay litters, this one can be flushed.

It’s the most affordable flushable kitty litter.

Because the lay is very porous, it absorbs well while being lightweight and easy to scoop. This is a far better solution than traditional, heavier clay litter.

Because it is mildly perfumed, this product provides excellent odor control.

While it may not be as fancy as some other flushable litter, it certainly does the job. It also saves you some money in the interim.


PETKIT Premium 5-in-1 Mixed Cat Litter

The PETKIT 5-in-1 Mixed Cat Litter may appear to be a little pricy, but you certainly get a lot for your money.

This bundle includes four packs as well as numerous odor, moisture, and disposal benefits.

The 5-in-1 label refers to the powerful layers that make up this kitty litter. It contains deodorant particles, activated charcoal, corn starch, bentonite, and plant-based litter.

This potent duo retains odors and moisture while minimizing tracking. Because each component of the litter is chunky, it generates little to no dust.

While this product can be used as a stand-alone litter, the firm also sells a PETKIT self-cleaning cat litter box that is specifically developed for this product.

While the entire arrangement is somewhat expensive, it may be handy for your home.


Best Cat Litter in the World – Ideal for Kittens

World’s Best Cat Litter is a long-lasting, all-natural clumping corn litter. While the same solution can be purchased with extra aroma, the bag we examined was scentless.

Surprisingly, the odor control was excellent, lasting twice as long as competitors. It’s quite light and produces little dust, making transitioning, cleaning, and scooping a breeze.

The litter has no harsh chemicals or scents, only whole kernel corn. As a result of the natural components, it is flushable and septic safe.

Our only criticism is that, despite the fact that it promises to have reduced dust, we saw feline paw prints everywhere.


Tofu Cat Litter Fatcatjoy

The Fatcatjoy Tofu Cat Litter is ideal if your cat has sensitive paws. We were blown away by how soft the material is—light, it’s airy, and cushiony. Furthermore, a little goes a big way.

Because this litter clumps, you can quickly scoop it without having to change the entire litter box.

When you flush it, you can literally see the tofu particles dissolve as they come into touch with the water.

Because of the light tint, it’s also very clear to see where the problems are, allowing you to save money on litter.

Your cat may have difficulty shifting because to the change texture if they aren’t used to it.

However, this organization also has an excellent customer service team. They are eager to make good on any purchase unhappiness.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose The Best Flushable Cat Litter

What Causes Cat Litter to Flush?

To be considered flushable, kitty litter must break down in the septic system without obstructing the natural flow or exit.

Flushable kitty litter is constructed of biodegradable ingredients that degrade biologically in water.


  • Environmentally conscious
  • Simple to clean
  • Convenient


  • Products can be expensive.
  • Corn and wheat products can cause allergies in cats.
  • It does not clump as well.


Septic-safe, flushable materials that are commonly utilized include:

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Cassava
  • Tofu


Flushable cat litter is available in both scented and unscented variants. Some are naturally perfumed, while others are scented with fragrance.

If you have a sensitive cat, you should read labels before purchase.


The majority of flushable cat litters are really soft. Some have lengthy granules, while others have tiny granules. However, many flushable litters trail very little.


Some flushable cat litters are extremely soft, similar to tofu. Others, such as corn, are coarse.

If your cat is used to a certain texture, try to replicate it as nearly as possible so they don’t get confused and use the potty outside of their box.


All of these best flushable cat litters are quite convenient, but the Petfive Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Litter was our favorite.

Because it’s low-tracking, easy to scoop, and ideally suitable for septic systems, it’s our top pick for best flushable cat litters.

Try Cat’s Pride Lightweight Clumping cat litter if you wish to save money. It’s the only clay-based product on our list that can be flushed.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) also likes how well it clumps. Whatever product you choose, litter box cleaning should be a considerably less stressful experience for you.

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