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The 7 Best Flea Pills For Dogs

There are several wonderful reasons why anyone should keep a dog, but there are also some undesirable aspects that cannot be ignored. From unexpected illnesses to food allergies, your pet may go from adorable to expensive in the blink of an eye.

Another aspect of dog ownership is dealing with parasites such as fleas and ticks. Unless you live in a low-risk location, flea and tick prevention and treatment are essential to your dog's care to limit the risk of tick-borne diseases.

As technology and science advance every decade, flea and tick treatments have gone a long way, but it's still difficult to determine which companies are trustworthy. We have conducted the research for you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) identified the highest-quality items available and provided an unbiased evaluation of each. Here is our list of the best flea pills for dogs.


Sentry FiproGuard Flea and Tick Topical Treatment for Dogs

Sentry FiproGuard Topical Flea and Tick for Dogs are flea-removal pills that are simple to administer. It begins functioning within 30 minutes to provide rapid relief, unlike topical remedies that need lengthy waiting periods. Tablets containing nitenpyram, a safe insecticide used to eliminate external parasites such as fleas.

A single dosage is sufficient for treating the majority of flea infestations on your dog, but a second treatment can be administered the following day to prevent re-infestation. It also kills adult fleas to prevent reproduction and repopulation, allowing you to break the cycle and eradicate fleas.

This option for the finest flea tablets for dogs is also ideal for instant flea eradication when other treatments require numerous doses to be effective.

However, FiproGuard pills are not a long-term solution, therefore it is essential to apply extra flea and tick prevention to prevent infestations from occurring in the first place. Other than that, Sentry FiproGuard Topical Flea and Tick for Dogs is the best flea medication for dogs overall.


  • Work begins within 30 minutes
  • Contains Nitenpyram
  • Fights against flea infestations.
  • Kills adult fleas to inhibit their reproduction
  • Ideal for quick flea elimination


  • Not a long-term procedure


PetArmor FastCaps

The PetArmor FastCaps flea pill is a single-dose medication that treats fleas efficiently and promptly. It kills fleas rapidly and effectively, with no waiting periods like topical treatments, within 30 minutes of administration to your dog.

It includes the active chemical Nitenpyram, which kills around 85 percent of adult fleas on your dog. As soon as the pill begins killing living fleas, you’ll notice your dog experiencing relief from flea bites.

Additionally, it is less expensive than other kinds, so you won’t have to spend a lot to eliminate fleas. However, these tablets are not suggested for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds, so you will need to choose another brand for toys and small-sized dogs.

Additionally, it does not eliminate flea eggs or the cause of the infestation, so subsequent treatments will be necessary to prevent their return. Otherwise, we suggest using PetArmor FastCaps if you’re seeking the most cost-effective flea tablets for dogs.


  • Works in thirty minutes
  • Nitenpyram kills adult fleas
  • Provides treatment against flea bites
  • Not as costly as competing brands


  • Not advised for dogs under 25 pounds
  • Doesn’t treat flea eggs


Dog & Cat MD Defense QuickTabs

Dog & Cat MD Maximum Defense QuickTabs are nitenpyram pills that eliminate fleas immediately. These include prescription-strength medicines in a handy tablet form, making them easier to administer to your dog and eliminating the need for unpleasant topical ointments.

Within 30 minutes of administration, it begins to eliminate the majority of adult fleas that come into touch with your dog. It is also safe to provide a second dosage the day after the initial treatment, killing any remaining fleas.

This treatment is on the pricier side, so if your dog needs numerous doses for a single infestation, the cost will mount up. It does not eliminate flea eggs, which can hatch and lead to a new infestation.

Even with the prescription-grade drug, it is not as effective as the other products, especially when compared to Capguard and PetArmor. Dog & Cat MD QuickTabs may serve as a quality flea pill treatment for a small infestation if you’re seeking for one.


  • Pharmaceutically-strength tablets
  • Works in thirty minutes
  • Can be re-dosed after a day


  • Expensive therapy
  • Doesn’t destroy flea eggs
  • Not as efficient as competing brands


Capstar Rapid-Acting Flea Treatment Oral

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment is a medication administered orally to your dog to cure flea infestations quickly. It starts working in around 30 minutes, eliminating fleas without unpleasant baths or harsh chemicals.

It eliminates adult fleas from your dog but does not kill flea eggs or prevent further infections. Once it begins to work, it will provide quick relief to your dog from flea bites, which may be highly painful and uncomfortable.

Capstar is not intended for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds, and it may also be ineffective for larger dogs. It is also very costly, which can add up rapidly if your dog continues to experience flea infestations. If you have a big dog, we recommend initially attempting alternative brands. Otherwise, Capstar dog tablets might be an alternative.


  • Rapidly initiates operation
  • Eliminates adult fleas
  • Provides your dog with biting relief.


  • Not advised for dogs under 25 pounds
  • On the pricey side
  • Doesn’t work with larger dogs


Flea Away The Natural Flea Repellent

Flea Away The Natural Flea Repellent is a once-daily flea-repellent supplement. It is created using an all-natural combination of vitamins and natural herbs, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.

It is very inexpensive compared to rapid treatments, and it is intended for long-term usage, unlike short treatments. However, it is not nearly as effective as nitenpyram tablets, so do not expect quick flea elimination.

Additionally, it takes over 30 days to properly operate and take effect, which is too lengthy for an active infestation. It must be crushed and sprinkled on your dog’s food, making it less convenient than the regular pill form. This may cause your dog’s stomach to get disturbed, resulting in complications other than fleas.

If you’re seeking a monthly treatment, we suggest seeing a veterinarian for superior alternatives. If you require an immediate flea pill treatment, we suggest choosing one of our top three choices instead.


  • All-natural mix
  • On the inexpensive side


  • Less effective than conventional tablets
  • Over thirty days to fully function
  • May induce gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Must be crushed and added to the meal


After comparing and assessing the flea pills on our list, the Sentry FiproGuard Topical Flea and Tick for Dogs were determined to be the best overall pill. They had the most constant and potent effect on fleas at an affordable cost. FastArmor FastCaps has won the award for Best Value Flea Pill. This medication is reasonably priced and effective for dogs above 25 pounds.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes this article has made it easier for you to discover the best flea pills for dogs. With your dog’s health and safety in mind, we scoured the market for the finest goods. Always consult a veterinarian before attempting anything new with your dog to guarantee its safety. If you are still confused about what to do, your veterinarian can prescribe the appropriate products.

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