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10 Best Ferret Treats – Reviews & Top Picks

These curious and affectionate creatures are ferrets. They love to go on adventures and cuddle up with their animal and human family members for a nap.

We are so lucky that we can let our pets enjoy themselves in between their meals. It is not always convenient for children to eat leftover chicken or beef as a snack.

That's why keeping some commercial ferret food on hand is a smart idea.

Mink food comes in many different shapes and sizes, and we know that not all of them are the same.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) found the best ferret treats. Here are our recommendations for the best ferret snacks you can buy online.


Finding the right treats for your ferret can be a trial-and-error process, but there are steps you can do to make it more fun and less stressful.

Take the Time to Review the Complete Ingredients List

It’s critical to understand what’s in any treats you give your ferret so you can make an informed decision. Not all sweets are made with purely natural components.

The problem is that there are several on the market that include harmful substances, such as artificial flavors and colors and BHT, which serves as a preservative but is also a known carcinogen. You should avoid any treat that has artificial components and instead seek one that uses only natural ones.

Before putting something in your ferret’s meal that you don’t recognize, do some study on it. You may always call your veterinarian to find out if a certain substance is safe for your ferret to consume. If you’re unsure, you can always ask.

It’s important to remember what ferrets need to eat

When looking for exciting treats to indulge our ferrets, it’s easy to forget that they’re carnivores. The goodies, after all, aren’t their primary source of nutrition. Because meatless pleasures aren’t harmful, why should we worry?

It all depends on how frequently you give your ferret treats. If you’re giving them treats several times a day, make sure they’re mostly meat-based to avoid depleting their nutritional reserves.

You may offer your ferret a variety of foods as treats if you only give them a few times a week because they are so little a proportion of their overall diet.

However, even if the delights are created with fruits and vegetables, meat should be the first component on the ingredient list. If you’re unsure, stick to protein-rich snacks.

Focus on the Texture

Any ferret treat you are considering purchasing should have a texture that you are familiar with before you place your purchase; otherwise, you risk having a pantry full of goodies that your ferret refuses to eat.

Ferrets like to hunt and eat crunchy objects, much like they would if they were in the wild, such bones from animals.

A mushy treat might turn your dog away from eating it altogether. Your ferret should be able to dig their teeth into their goodies, even if they’re mushy. If you want to keep your ferret’s teeth clean, you should feed it a food that is as crunchy as possible.

Look at Your Storage Requirements First

The ferret treats you buy may need to be refrigerated in between usage, depending on the ingredients, processing, and packaging. Before making a purchase, be careful to check the storage directions to be sure you’ll want to and can properly keep them once you’ve begun using them.

You should also be aware that resealable packaging may not be able to seal properly once it has been opened. Consider purchasing a plastic container with an airtight top so that you can keep your sweets fresh after you’ve opened them if you purchase snacks in this package.

This should assist to prolong the freshness of the goodies so that you do not waste any of them.

Consult with a Professional

If you want to be sure you’re giving your ferret the best possible treat, consult with your veterinarian first. If the goodies are for training or amusement, let your veterinarian know.

When giving your ferret treats, tell them if you’re also attempting to attain certain goals, such as making their coats shinier and softer. Include a description of your ferret’s daily diet.

With this information, your veterinarian may prescribe specific brands, ingredients, and packaging to ensure that your ferret gets nothing but the finest.

You’ll have the assurance you need to feel good about the treats you buy for your ferret after getting the counsel you need.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) collection of ferret food reviews will provide you with plenty of affordable, nutritionally sound, and easy-to-manage alternatives for those of your friends your pet’s companion.

Marshall Bandits Premium Peanut Butter Flavor Ferret Treats are on our list of ferret treats because they’re low in sugar, made with real meat and liver, tender and easy to consume.

No artificial substances are used in the production of N-Bone Bacon Flavored Chewing Sticks. That’s why we chose them as runner-up for their ability to keep ferrets interested for a while. long.

In the end, we hope your ferret gets the best ferret treats with all the nourishment and stimulation it needs from any gift you give it. Is there a particular food on our review list that you believe your ferret will enjoy the most? Feel free to share your ideas in the space provided below in the comments.


Ferret in Peanut Butter Flavor by Marshall Bandits – Best Overall

Because they are semi-moist, your ferret should be able to easily consume them once you serve them to him. These snacks are made with genuine chicken and liver and flavored with peanut butter, making them appealing to even the most discerning ferrets.

In order to maintain a balanced diet, Marshall Bandits Premium peanut butter snacks are an excellent choice for daily treats and incentives during training sessions.

To help keep your ferret’s blood sugar levels in check, Marshall Bandits snacks are low in sugar, and the resealable packaging does not require refrigeration between uses.

When used on a frequent basis, however, the seal may begin to weaken. Keep the treats fresh by resealing or putting them in a new bag if your ferret doesn’t consume them frequently.

Despite the presence of meat in the formula’s first few components, no peanut butter is used. As an alternative, instead of using natural peanut butter flavour, it is utilized, which may not be entirely safe.


  • Easy to eat, with a supple, pliable texture.
  • Real beef and liver are used.
  • Sugar content is low
  • Enhance your nutrition with protein-based foods.


  • The recipe does not contain any actual peanut butter.


It’s the best deal on N-Bone Bacon Flavor Chew Stick Ferret Treats

To keep your ferret amused between meals, N-bacon-flavored Bone’s chew sticks are made with real pork and herring and are long-lasting. When your ferret is relaxing in their cage or hanging out with you on the couch, these huge sticks are a great choice for a reward.

This is a great value for money ferret treat because it is both inexpensive and high-quality. Support for the central nervous system is provided by the inclusion of Taurine in this formula.

These sweets include no artificial components. On the other hand, the fact that meat is not the primary component means that this is a less healthy choice.


  • It’s made using pork and herring that’s fresh and natural.
  • Entertainment and nutrition are provided by long-lasting sticks
  • No artificial substances are used in the formulation of this product.


  • Wheat is the first item on the list.


Premium Choice — Wysong Dream Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Treat

These snacks are ideal for houses with many pets because they are made for ferrets, cats, and dogs.

The freeze-dried Wysong Dream chicken snacks are created with raw meat and contain both probiotics and prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system. ‘ Disk-shaped and mess-free, these tasty morsels are ideal for on-the-go consumption.

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are found in the form of fruits and vegetables in every single delight. Ingredients such as chicken and its organs and bones account for 44% crude protein in this dish.

Ferrets that are young or elderly may have difficulty chewing on these treats because they are too substantial.


  • Cats, ferrets, and dogs are all included in the design of this product.
  • Produced using actual, uncooked chicken and its organs.
  • Traveling with a mess-free formula is a breeze.


  • Young and elderly ferrets may have difficulty chewing due to the size and texture of the treats.


Grain-free Soft Ferret Treats with the Flavor of N-Bone Chicken

Ferrets will love these grain-free, omega-rich snacks, which come in exactly the right size for them.

Ferrets of all ages can enjoy these soft treats. For extra nourishment, sweet potatoes and herring oil are also used in the recipe. Vitamin C naturally preserves the goodies, and no chemical flavoring or coloring is utilized.

Soft ferret snacks with a chicken flavor, grain-free N-Bones are ideal for ferrets to pick up and scamper away to where they can devour them.

Sealable pouches make it easy to keep these goodies in any setting, and they don’t require refrigeration. The scent of this product does not appeal to our human sense of smell.


  • Oxygen-rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • The first component is genuine chicken.
  • Ferrets love to gnaw on and carry around little objects.


  • Human nostrils may not find the scent appetizing.


No More Odor Ferret Semi-Solid Treats For You, Marshall

Marshall Farewell! Your ferret’s dwelling quarters will remain odor-free between cleanings thanks to yucca schidigera, an ingredient in scented semi-moist treats.

There are only a few natural components in these sweets. Your ferret’s diet will benefit from the inclusion of threonine, valine and lysine, all of which are essential amino acids for a healthy diet.

For convenience of handling and consumption, these treats have been created in the United States. They can be used on a daily basis, but they should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Some ferrets may not appreciate the natural taste of these snacks, as they are not flavored like some of the other goodies on our list.


  • Reduces the stink of pee and feces.
  • Contains only natural, unadulterated components.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are all included.


  • The taste of natural flavoring does not appeal to all ferrets.
  • It’s difficult to keep the package shut.

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