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11 Best Ferret Toys – Reviews & Top Picks

It can be a challenge to find a ferret toy that is both affordable and powerful enough to keep your pet entertained for more than a few days.

Toys can be found in many varieties and variations. In addition to being mentally stimulating, some ferret toys also make it easier for your pet to perform behaviors such as burrowing and hiding that are consistent with its natural behavior.

To understand your preferences, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) selected the best ferret toys that are most widely used and provided detailed reviews of each.

We also provide a brief buyer's guide that explains how different types of toys work and discusses which toys might be best.

Let's take a look at factors like longevity, price, and security so you can make an informed buying decision.

User's Manual

Let’s have a peek at some of the many options, as well as some of the criteria you should use to select a new toy for your ferret.

Juvenile Puzzles

A dog or cat’s brain can benefit from the mental stimulation provided by puzzle toys, and your pet will appreciate the break in their mealtime routine. Multiple difficulty levels of these toys are common.

In the earlier stages, you’ll need to do less work to obtain the payoff. The higher the level, the more stages there are to complete before you can claim your reward.

We’ve had numerous ferrets and many other creatures who refused to work with us to solve the problem, preferring instead to use force, gnawing, or complete disregard to obtain the prize at the end.

Toy Tunnels

Many different manufacturers of toy tunnels cater to ferrets’ enjoyment of burrowing. Toys that function as tunnels can be divided into two categories.

One variety looks like a dryer vent pipe and may be used to make passageways both within and outside the enclosure. The problem with these toys is that they tend to shrink and don’t remain placed. The ferrets can gnaw right through it.

The hollow stuffed animal is another famous tunneling toy. This pillow or animal-shaped toy has a secret hollow pocket within that your ferret will love to investigate.

The most significant danger posed by this kind of toy is that ferrets can gnaw a hole in it and crawl inside the lining, where they could become trapped and suffocate. Toys of this nature should only be used under under adult supervision.

Discouragingly Noisy Playthings

Many plastic balls and other small toys have a little bell that grabs and holds the ferret’s attention because of the ferret’s natural hunting instincts. Our ferrets spent significantly more time playing with bell-equipped toys compared with those without bells.


The temperament of your ferret will have a big influence on the type of toy you should buy for it. If your ferret is a trickster, steer clear of plush toys and opt for bell-encrusted balls and puzzle sets instead.

Your pet will love exploring the tunnels if they are not a carnivore.

The Ferret Ball FT-372 pit toy from Marshall Pet Products is highly recommended. The giant steam ball on this model is sure to keep your ferret entertained for hours.

An even better option is Living World’s Teach N Treat 60960 Toy, which we’ve identified as the best value option. A puzzle game that challenges your brain and forces you to lose time while eating.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that reading these reviews of the best ferret toys and our buying tips will be both fun and helpful. Please help us spread the word about these ferret toy reviews by sharing them on social media if you find them helpful.


Dog and Cat Supplies by Marshall Top Pick: Ferret Ball Pit Toy

Our top recommendation for the finest ferret toy is the Marshall Pet Products FT-372 Ferret Ball Pit Toy because it satisfies their innate desire to dig and investigate.

A total of 35 balls are included in this spacious ball pit for your ferrets to explore; additional balls may be purchased separately. Two plastic tubes serve as passageways for your dogs to enter and exit the pit.

The Marshall Pet Products FT-372 Ferret Ball Pit Toy was a huge hit with our review ferrets, who had a blast chasing each other through the tunnels and digging in the balls.

Many months of use eventually resulted in a few worn spots here and there in the cloth.


  • Widespread ball pit
  • Including 35 Balls
  • Extra balls are available for purchase.


  • Lacking thickness


For the Lowest Price, Get the Living World 60960 Teach N Treat

We found the Living World 60960 Teach N Treat Toy to be the greatest value and we still think Living World is the best brand of ferret toys on the market today.

This model has three degrees of challenge and can help your pet eat more slowly while stimulating thought and perhaps boosting IQ. On the first level, you’ll find a big disc that plugs up a few openings at once. A disc that your ferret may move to reveal its meal.

On the second difficulty setting, the holes have covers over them, and your pet must remove the covers to get to the treats. The third tier secures the covers, requiring your pet to slide them to gain access to the food.

The Living World 60960 Teach N Treat Toy was a hit with our ferrets, and we especially liked how it helped to curb the overeating of one of them. One of our ferrets lost interest since he didn’t have the patience to work out the problems, which is our only gripe.


  • There are three distinct degrees of challenge.
  • Reduces eating speed
  • Encourages the development of a busy mind
  • Durable


  • A few pets just stop caring


The Best of the Best: Kaytee FerreTrail Fun-nels

When looking for a toy for your ferret, we recommend the Kaytee 100079497 FerreTrail Fun-nels. Your pet will have lots of room to roam and hide in this 8-foot-long tunnel toy.

This long tunnel may be joined to other FerreTrail tunnels or goods to provide a larger play area for your ferret. You can fold the tunnel down to about a foot in length for easy transport and storage, but it can stretch to approximately three feet in length for fun playtime.

Unfortunately, we had a little of trouble keeping the Kaytee 100079497 FerreTrail Fun-nels open. Over the course of a few minutes, it would gradually shrink to its original size of one foot. We also found it annoying since you can’t select the color you want.


  • An 8-foot-long passageway
  • Integrates with other FerreTrail items
  • Storage space that swells and shrinks as needed


  • Constantly shrinks
  • Scattered hues


Fun Tunnel for Small Aniamals by Niteangel

A shorter tunnel, the Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel measures in at 39 inches in length and 4 inches across. It may be folded up smaller for storage or expanded for use.

You can bend it into any shape you need, and it will remain put once you do. It’s constructed out of thicker, more durable plastic than the material used for most of the tunnels.

Unfortunately, one of our ferrets found the Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel to be an irresistible chew toy, and we had to give up on it after only a few short minutes.

In the tunnel’s core, the accordion folds made it difficult to scrounge up any crumbs. Last but not least, we didn’t like that it wasn’t expandable by linking it to other components, unlike many of the other tunnels on this list.


  • It measures 39 inches in length and 4 inches in width.
  • fluctuates in size
  • Stain-proof, flexible plastic


  • It might be chewed by some pets.
  • Inconvenient to clean
  • Small


The Hide-N-Sleep Alligator, by Marshall Pet Products

The FT-344 from Marshall Pet Products. You may satisfy your ferret’s innate need to tunnel and hide with the help of the Hide-N-Sleep Alligator plush toy.

It has a cute design that reminds us of an alligator, and it may be used as a comfy bed for your ferret. The alligator may be cleaned easily by hand and has no rough edges.

Some issues exist with the Marshall Pet Products FT-344 Hide-N-Sleep Alligator. Any ferret with a penchant for chewing will fast wear holes in the material, therefore it’s not recommended.

Our ferret dug a hole and became wedged in the liner while we were evaluating it. There was a serious risk to our pet’s health because we had to cut the toy’s neck open. This toy should only be used under careful adult supervision.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Appeals to a ferret’s natural curiosity
  • Washable
  • This is a fantastic place to sleep


  • Forget about that, chewers.
  • A pet’s paws may become caught in the liner.
  • Needs close monitoring

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