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10 Best Ferret Cages – Reviews & Top Picks

In fact, it's not as simple as choosing a cage and putting your ferret in it. Buying something can be difficult because there are so many options to consider and aspects to evaluate.

There are several brands available, all of which are arguably the biggest.

Here, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) takes a look at different models of the best ferret cages and tells you what we like and dislike about them.

For your convenience, we've also provided a brief buyer's guide outlining the key features to keep in mind when shopping for a pet cage.

Let's go over important details like size, difficulty, and supported platforms so you can make an informed decision.

How to Find the Finest Ferret Cages: A Buyer's Guide

Consider these factors when you shop for a home for your ferret.


When choose a cage, size is a crucial factor. It’s important to give your ferret some space to go about in because it’s a very active pet. The following measurements are the minimum and maximum size cages we propose.

Reduced Size Cages

  • 3′ wide

  • 2′ long
  • 2′ high

When a ferret will be spending more than four hours a day outside of its cage, the minimum suggested cage size should be used. You’ll need a lot bigger cage if you can’t let your ferrets out. Also, we suggest extending all of the stated measurements by six inches for each additional ferret.


Since ferrets are naturally curious, they would benefit from a cage with numerous levels and perches. If you just plan on keeping one ferret, a cage with two or three tiers would suffice, but if you plan on keeping multiples, a cage with four or more tiers is recommended.


Several vital components contribute to the safe environment of a ferret cage.

  • It’s important that the cage isn’t covered in something poisonous or painted with harmful paint.
  • Make sure the ramps and platforms are sturdy enough to hold your ferrets.
  • The ramps should be safe to use, therefore make sure they are not slippery.
  • Make sure the bars are no more than one inch apart.
  • Although wire floors are OK, you should provide enough of solid flooring for your pet to walk on.
  • Check that the cage’s door closes tightly. Use more ties as required.


You should purchase the largest ferret cage your resources and needs allow. A hammock and a water bottle are two examples of amenities that are good if not necessary but can be had for a reasonable price later.

The best ferret cages by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are highly recommended. A good example of a safe cage that also gives ferrets plenty of space to roam and settle is the Prevue Hendryx 485 Feisty Mink Cage.

If you want the ferret to spend more time outside of its cage, we recommend the Mcage Mink Cage as the best value option.

This guide has been written with the aim of enlightening and assisting you. Please spread the word about these ferret cage reviews if you find them helpful.


Best Ferret Cage: The Prevue Hendryx Feisty

Our choice for the finest ferret cage is the Prevue Hendryx 485 Feisty. This massive enclosure is 4.5 feet tall and nearly 3 feet wide.

The cage is made out of powder-coated steel, and it has a removable shelf in the middle that can be closed to separate it into two single-layer cages, each with its own massive, escape-proof door.

It has up to four levels of living area for your ferrets thanks to its two platforms and three ramps. It also has a hammock to assist create a relaxing atmosphere. The cage can be moved about with ease thanks to its wheels, and it also has a convenient shelf for storing accessories.

Cleaning the Prevue Hendryx 485 Feisty Ferret Cage through the doors was a pain, but it was the only real issue we had with it.


  • Big proportions
  • Two tiers and three stairways
  • Contains hammock
  • Storeroom rack for storing things
  • Corrugated metal with a powder coating
  • Impossible to evade
  • With smooth-rolling wheels, of course.


  • Inconvenient to clean


Price: The Mcage Ferret Cage Is the Best Available

If you’re looking for a good ferret cage that won’t break the bank, go no further than the Mcage Ferret Cage. This low-cost cage has three perches for your ferret to relax on and a raised wire grat et that allows food particles and other contaminants to fall through to the plastic pan below.

The pan is easily removed for cleaning, which means you may go longer in between cleaning the entire cage. The cage can be folded up for simple storage and transportation, and it has convenient handles for moving it into a new location.

The Mcage Ferret Cage performed flawlessly in our tests; our only gripe is that the top platforms are too tiny. We think they would be OK for a mouse or gerbil, but not a ferret; there’s plenty of room in the cage to make them a bit bigger if the maker so desired.


  • Three tiers
  • Steel wires are used to create an elevated grate floor.
  • Carrying handles that make it simple
  • Bottom pan that slides out
  • Collapses for compact storage
  • Very simple to clean


  • Lengthening the length of the platforms is an option.


The Ferplast Two-Flat Ferret Cage Is an Excellent Option

The Ferplast 57063414 Two-Story Ferret Cage is our premium option ferret cage that comes packed with plenty of features. It’s a massive cage that stands over five-feet tall.

Each of the two levels contains a pan that is six inches deep, making it ideal for storing food, bedding, and other necessities.

The three platforms are moveable and may be attached to the cage’s walls in any configuration. Your ferret will have a great time exploring the two levels, which are connected by two ramps and two play tubes.

It can be assembled in a matter of minutes and rolls easily on four sturdy wheels.

The two-story ferret cage by Ferplast, model number 57063414, was a delight to examine and easily ranks among the top products here.

The price tag may be too much for some, and it may seem unnecessary if you want to let your ferret run free in your house. It was tough to maintain the play tunnels in place, and it was difficult to clean every part of the cage.


  • Massive in proportions
  • Two-story
  • There are two play tubes.
  • There are a pair of stairways
  • There are three movable levels
  • Quick set-up
  • With two six-inch-deep dishes
  • Wheels


  • Inconvenient to clean
  • Play tubes don’t remain up


Double Unit Ferret Cage from Midwest Ferret Nation

Another towering enclosure on our list is the Midwest 182 Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage, which measures more over 5 feet in height.

Your ferrets will enjoy exploring the two stories, each with its own set of ramps and platforms. Two full-width openings on each level facilitate feeding and cleaning, and a protective fleece coating on each ramp reduces the risk of damage to your ferrets as they ascend and descend.

On each tier, there are plastic pans designed to prevent leaks and injuries from tumbling dogs. It’s simple to move about because to its cast wheels, which also lock, and it features a wide shelf below the cage for storing your supplies.

On the negative side, the Midwest 182 Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage is highly pricey and might be a little more than many people require if you allow your ferret out of the cage often.

We found it quite hard to construct, and it took us many hours to finish even though we do this type of stuff all the time. Finally, the shelves are too shallow, and the ferrets kept knocking the bedding out of the cage. If you want to utilize bedding, you’ll need to invest in deeper trays.


  • Dual depths
  • On each floor, there are two, full-width doors.
  • Conveniently simple to clean
  • Full-width leak-proof pan on each level
  • Over 5′
  • We have three ramps that have been coated for safety.
  • Shelving unit for storing items
  • Frozen brakes


  • Expensive
  • Low-sided dishes
  • Troublesome get-together


Deluxe Edition of Kaytee’s “My First Home”

The Kaytee 100079097 My First Home Deluxe, with 3.5 feet in height and 2 feet by 2 feet in width and depth, is rather smaller than the majority of the cages we have looked at thus far. The plastic base is removable and somewhat deep, making cleanup a breeze.

When our ferrets play, the bedding doesn’t get thrown out because of the high sides. The cage comes with two sliding boards and a play tunnel to let your ferret move from one of the three areas it may roam and relax on to the next.

This model also has one hammock. The plastic parts may be purchased in a rainbow of colors, and there are no special equipment or expertise required for assembly.

However, the Kaytee 100079097 My First Home Deluxe’s lightweight construction is a major drawback. Smaller animals may be able to escape via the gaps between the bars, as the metal is flexible.

Shelving and ramps made with sliding boards are so thin that they bend beneath the weight of adult ferrets. The plastic is flimsy and easily breaks at the base. The wheels didn’t roll very well, so we had a hard time moving the cage around, either.


  • Profound foundation
  • Indulge yourself with these warm and fuzzy comfort shelves
  • Variegated color options
  • Very simple to clean
  • Easily put together


  • Paper-thin bars
  • There is a lack of fluidity in the movement of the wheels.
  • Shelving and ramps are fragile
  • Cheap plastic foundation

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