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The 6 Best Eye Drops For Dogs In 2024

Whether temporary or permanent, dogs can develop a variety of eye conditions. You can help your dog avoid suffering. There are several eye drops on the market to help with eye problems.

But which products are ideal for our canine companions? If you notice any changes in your dog's eyes, you should always have them checked out by a vet so they can tell you the best way to treat them.

We can assist you if you need a non-prescription eye drop for general maintenance. Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done all of the legwork in compiling this list of the best eye drops for dogs.

We hope our evaluations provide you with a solid idea of what to anticipate while shopping. Let's take a look at what's available.

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Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops – Overall Winner

Cats Zinc & Vitamin C

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Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops is the best product for treating moderate eye irritations in dogs and cats, as determined by a comprehensive evaluation of several alternatives.

This 100 percent organic product contains essential constituents, such as vitamin C and zinc, that promote healthier skin and reduce eye irritation. It is also effective in preventing leaking and eye staining, which is crucial for sustaining the appearance of certain dog varieties’ long, attractive coats.

We appreciate the product’s user-friendly design. The container lid doubles as a dropper, making it simple to administer eye drops to your companion. In addition, the homeopathic formula is produced in the United States, which ensures its high quality and safety.

However, we would like to emphasize that this product should only be used for minor eye conditions, such as weeping traces. Before purchasing eye drops, it is vital to consult a veterinarian if you suspect that your companion has an eye infection or severe eye injury.

Overall, the Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Dog & Cat Eye Drops are a highly effective and convenient solution for pet owners with multiple furry companions who wish to treat mild eye irritations. It is a reliable option for maintaining optimal eye health and preventing issues such as weeping stains due to its calming properties and natural ingredients.


Excellent for most mild eye irritations

Interspecies usage

It nourishes without hurting or coloring the skin


It will not help for severe illnesses or injuries

Curicyn All-Purpose Eye Drops for Dogs and Cats – Excellent Value

Curicyn Pink Eye Solution,

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After conducting extensive research, we’ve determined that the Curicyn All-Purpose Dog Eye Care Solution drops offer the best value and are the finest eye drops available for canines.

This extra-strength formulation is excellent for treating a wide spectrum of eye disorders in canines, cats, horses, cows, and goats. It contains 96% purified acolyte, a solution that is non-toxic, pH-balanced, fast-acting, and non-irritating.

The efficacy of this product in addressing issues such as seasonal watery eyes and grime removal impressed our team. Additionally, it is an effective treatment for pink eye in livestock and companion animals.

This product’s gel-based formulation, which makes it simple to administer and ensures excellent contact with the eye’s surface, is one of its best qualities. The afflicted area is treated with the ointment, which may be repeated in two to three days if necessary.

Curicyn Dog Eye Drops are produced in the United States according to stringent quality control protocols, ensuring pet owners’ safety and peace of mind. In addition, they are steroid-free, making them a safe and effective option for treating ocular infections in canines and cats.

Overall, we recommend the Curicyn All-Purpose Dog Eye Care Solution drops to pet owners seeking a cost-effective and adaptable treatment for their companion’s eye ailments.


For all creatures

It is effective against infections, irritations, and injuries

Gently removes bacteria



Does not remove tear stains

Thomas Labs Terra Septic Eye Drops for Dogs – Premium Selection

 Thomas Pet Terra Septic

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We recommend the high-quality Thomas Labs Terra Septic Dog Eye & Ear Drops to pet owners seeking a multifunctional treatment for ear and eye problems.

This remedy is intended to aid in the normal healing process without harming the surrounding tissues. It can ameliorate seasonal allergies, watery eyes, and weeping stains, as well as maintain aural health and reduce aromas associated with ear issues.

The pH-balanced formulation of the product contains a silver solution that promotes the regeneration of delicate tissue in particular areas. It is also effective for treating wounds, burns, injuries, ringworm, and other skin conditions in cats.

We appreciate the product’s user-friendly design, which allows for simple administration using the pipette’s silicone lid. It is important for pet owners to be cautious, as the particles may emerge rapidly and with little force.

Although the Thomas Labs Terra Septic Dog Eye & Ear Drops are more expensive than other eye drops on the market, their multifunctional properties make them a worthwhile investment for pet owners in need of an ear and eye problem remedy. More cost-effective eye treatments that are equally effective are available for pet owners who do not need this level of versatility.

The Thomas Labs Terra Septic Dog Eye & Ear Drops are a dependable and effective method for maintaining the normal functions of your pet’s eyes, ears, and skin. As with any pet product, we recommend consulting a veterinarian prior to use to ensure that it meets your companion’s specific requirements.


Multipurpose ear, skin, and eye care

Ingredients with the fewest effects

Encourages healing at the source



It appears fast

Dog Eye Rinse NutriVet

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NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse is an excellent option for pet owners who wish to treat a variety of eye conditions in their beloved companions. It is specially formulated to create an inhospitable environment for pathogens and bacteria in the eyes, effectively purifying and protecting your dog’s eyes without causing irritation.

Our team was impressed by the incorporation of boric acid, an antibacterial substance that combats ocular infections and irritations brought on by foreign particles and air pollution. This makes NutriVet Eye Rinse a trustworthy option for pet owners seeking to preserve optimal eye health and prevent infections.

Additionally, regular use of this product can help eradicate tear stains and delay their formation, making it an excellent choice for breeds prone to this problem. The gentle formula is also effective at cleansing and soothing even the most sensitive eyes, making it a safe and effective solution for maintaining the ocular health of your companion.

We believe that this solution would be especially useful for allergic canines, as it effectively reduces inflammation induced by pollen and other environmental allergens. Overall, NutriVet Dog Eye Rinse is a safe and effective means to maintain optimal eye health and prevent irritation in your dog’s eyes.


Excellent for flushing debris

It slows down and eliminates tear stains

Antibacterial and allergy-friendly


There are several methods for removing tear stains

Silver Pet Eye Wash

PetSilver Eye Wash Drops for Dogs and Cats with Chelated Silver, Made in USA

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PetSilver Dog ocular Wash is a highly recommended product for pet owners who wish to preserve the optimal ocular health of their beloved companions. This chelated silver formulation effectively flushes and cleans the eyes, making it ideal for creatures with intermittent and/or chronic eye problems.

Our team was impressed with this product’s usability. It may be administered up to three times daily as required or as directed by a veterinarian. Simply hold your pet’s eyelids open, apply a few droplets to the inner corner of each eye, and allow your pet to blink to evenly distribute the solution.

As a cleansing and restorative agent, it is acceptable for eyewash solution to overflow. To remove excess solution from fur, use a towel or allow it to air dry. We recommend enlisting the aid of a friend when handling particularly wriggly animals.

Highly recommended for pets with hypersensitivity, chronic conditions, or allergies. Only chelated silver and water make up the product, with no other additives. It is safe and effective for pets with sensitive eyes because it contains no alcohol, artificial fragrances, perfumes, or preservatives.

In addition to being user-friendly, the packaging features a screw-top container. It is possible to apply the liquid directly to the eye without using cotton swabs or pellets, which can worsen the eye irritation.

PetSilver Dog Eye Wash is made in the United States, ensuring its quality and safety for your pet. PetSilver is dedicated to assuring your pet’s optimal eye health, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Overall, we strongly suggest PetSilver Dog ocular Wash to pet owners seeking a safe and effective solution to maintain their companion’s ocular health.


Excellent for emergency flushes

There are only two components

Drops with several applications


Not for use in cases of illness or damage

Ocunovis Gel Eye Drops for Dogs

 Sentrx Ocunovis Gel Eye Drops for Dogs & Cats

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The Ocunovis Dog Gel Eye Drops are recommended for pet owners who want to provide their companion’s eyes with long-lasting lubrication and hydration. These gel particles are intended to be administered as infrequently as twice per day, which makes them convenient for pet owners with active canines.

Our team found the consistency and application of these gel particles to be simple and straightforward. Effectively protecting and nourishing the eye, the gel reduces irritation and promotes healing.

These gel droplets were created by Sentrx Animal Care and contain BioHAnce, a novel, cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) formulation formulated for the ocular surface. This technology enhances the body’s natural processes of healing, lubrication, and hydration, making it an effective treatment for pets with dry eye syndrome or dried, irritated eyes.

These gel droplets can be a helpful addition to your pet’s eye care routine, but it is essential to consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. It is imperative for pet owners to consult with their veterinarian to ascertain the underlying cause of their companion’s eye problems and to receive the appropriate treatment.

Overall, the Ocunovis Dog Gel ocular Drops are a dependable and secure option for pet owners seeking to support the ocular health of their companion. They are made in the United States and provide supplementary support for pets with dehydrated eyes, making them a worthwhile investment for pet owners who place a premium on their pets’ health.


Long-lasting and thick

Reduces irritability

A sufficient amount


Less effective as some rival products

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Eye Drops

What can you do to make sure that you’re purchasing the best eye drops for your dog? It all comes down to what you’re hoping to accomplish. Finally, you want both safe and effective eye drops.

But first, let’s go through the requirements for purchasing canine eye drops.

1. Reasons to Use Eye Drops or Ointment

Irritation of the Eyes

Maybe all your dog needs is a nice all-purpose rinse. Environmental factors, such as pollen, dust, or airborne debris, can be responsible for eye discomfort in pets. Quick clean-up eye drops can be an effective remedy for pets.


Inflammation can result from specific eye problems like allergies and medical ailments. Protect your dog from eye irritation with the help of anti-inflammatory eye solutions readily accessible.


Keeping a scratch or other eye injury clean and disinfected can help prevent it from worsening in your dog.

Over-the-counter eye medications may be useful in treating some eye injuries, while others require medical attention. Consult your veterinarian about any eye injuries.


Lubrication can help alleviate eye dryness in your dog. By supplying appropriate moisture, eye drops and gels can nourish, soothe, and fight dry eyes. Your veterinarian can provide you with prescription eye medicines to aid with tear production.

Tear Marks

Some breeds are prone to tear stains, but others are allergic. Whatever the reason, numerous eye drops and gels are designed to break up these stains and restore the coat’s brilliant natural color.


Some minor diseases, like as conjunctivitis, may be treated at home without the need for a veterinarian’s prescription.

Depending on the problem, you may need to see your veterinarian for a prescription-strength formula. It is best to consult with your veterinarian before attempting at-home therapies.

2. Product Specifications

Specify the Justification for Use

The initial step in effectively solving a problem is identifying the issue you are attempting to solve. Eye solutions are a valuable treatment option for a range of eye conditions, including irritation, inflammation, injury, dehydration, tear marks, and infections. Consult your veterinarian to determine the most effective treatment for your dog’s condition.


Always prioritize safety when choosing eye drops. Select products that are safe for dogs and formulated specifically for their unique requirements. Always choose products authorized by regulatory agencies such as the FDA or EPA to ensure their safety and effectiveness for your pet.


When choosing eye solutions, effectiveness is crucial. Invest in a remedy that is effective and provides relief for the specific condition of your companion. Consider products that have received positive feedback from other dog owners and veterinary recommendations.

Utilization Ease

Giving eye drops to pets should be a hassle-free process, with easy-to-understand instructions. Bottles that prevent spills and debris are a great choice for pet owners to consider. Products with a pipette or applicator can simplify pet care by making application quick and easy.


Comfort is essential when giving ocular medications to a dog. Eye drops that cause distress or irritation may make your dog resistant to future administrations. Consider products that are comfortable and gentle for your companion. It is best to avoid pet products that contain substances that may irritate their eyes.

An appointment with a veterinarian

Before purchasing any eye solutions, it is best to consult with a veterinarian for the well-being of pets. When dealing with serious eye issues, a prescription-strength formula may be necessary for pets. In addition, veterinarians can recommend the finest eye solutions for your dog’s specific condition.

Choosing the right eye drops for dogs involves considering the reason for use, comfort, and ease of application. It is also recommended that you consult with a veterinarian to ensure that your dog receives the appropriate care and attention.


1. How do I determine if my dog requires eye drops?

Eye solutions are a safe and effective way to manage eye irritation, inflammation, injury, dehydration, tear stains, or infection in dogs. Consult your veterinarian to determine the most effective treatment for your dog’s condition.

2. Are all eye medicines suitable for dogs?

Always consult with a veterinarian to determine which eye drops are safe and appropriate for your dog’s specific condition. For your dog’s safety, it’s crucial to choose an eye product that is specifically designed for dogs and does not contain any harmful components. Choosing eye products authorized by regulatory agencies such as the FDA or EPA can help ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product for your dog.

3. How do I administer ocular medications to my dog?

Administering ophthalmic drops to a dog can be a challenging and delicate process, requiring precision and a steady hand. To give your dog eye drops, hold their head steady and draw down the lower eyelid with a gentle touch.

Hold the eye drop bottle close to the eye and dispense the drops for easy application. When applying eye drops, it’s important to prevent touching the eye with the pipette or applicator to ensure the safety of the eye. Reward your dog with a treat afterward to create a positive experience.

4. Can I give my dog human eye drops?

Your dog deserves the best eye care possible, which can only be provided by using the recommended and safe eye solutions for dogs. Canine eyes have a unique pH balance, and it’s essential to use eye drops that are specifically formulated for them to avoid any potential harm. Canine eyes are unique, and it’s important to use eye medicines that are tailored to their needs.best eye drops for dogs

5. How frequently must I administer ophthalmic medications to my dog?

The administration frequency is unique to your dog’s condition. Always follow the product’s packaging instructions or seek advice from your vet. Some eye solutions may need to be administered multiple times per day, whereas others may be administered less frequently.

6. Can eye medicines cure the condition of my dog’s eyes?

Eye medications can help alleviate your dog’s eye condition and aid in management, but a complete cure may not be possible. Your veterinarian can recommend the best treatment for your dog’s condition, so seek their professional advice.

7. What should I do if eye drops do not enhance my dog’s ocular condition?

If your dog’s ocular condition does not improve after using eyedrops, it’s important to seek guidance from a veterinarian. With their expertise in pet health, they might propose extra remedies or refer you to an ophthalmologist for more comprehensive assessment.


Dr. Goodpet Eye-C Canine & Cat is a dependable solution for the majority of dog eye issues, as we are aware that eye drops serve a variety of purposes for canines. This item is user-friendly and secure for all canines.

Curicyn Multi-Purpose Dog and Cat Eye Drops can effectively treat minor eye conditions and are user-friendly for pet owners seeking an affordable option.Best Eye Drops For Dogs

At BestForPets (bestforpets.org), we appreciate our clients’ efforts to locate the best eye drops for dogs. We hope that one of these products can contribute to the enhancement of your dog’s ocular health, even without a prescription.

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