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The 8 Best Eye Drops For Dogs With Dry Eyes & Cataracts

Did you realize that your dog possesses three eyelids? These extra lids might make it more difficult for your dog to remove eye irritants that become lodged. As your ankle-biter spends a great deal of time at ankle level, all sorts of filthy detritus can enter its eyes. It is hardly surprising that dog eye drops have grown so popular.

Unfortunately, many pet owners avoid drops because they are difficult to give, but this is not the case if you follow the proper measures. Conversely, if you do not know which brand to purchase, it will not assist your pet's vision.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed the best eye drops for dogs with dry eyes and cataracts on the market. We will demonstrate which brands are the most effective, user-friendly, and provide all other pertinent information. In addition, we will provide some advice on how to utilize them without causing a total canine breakdown.


Vetericyn 1037 Plus Eye Wash – Best Overall

To get the ball rolling in the proper way, we will begin with our top choice. The Vetericyn is a safe and efficient treatment for irritation, itchy eyes, and redness. Additionally, it eliminates dirt, soothes wounds, and reduces eye gunk. In addition, these eyedrops will remove and prevent yellowing of your dog’s fur.

This antibacterial solution may be used regularly and consistently to treat your pet’s allergies, infections such as pink eye, and any other eye condition. The non-stinging formulation is suitable for use around the mouth, ears, nose, and of course the eyes. Not to add, this may be licked off without adverse effects, but it is not intended for internal usage.

The recipe contains 0.009 percent hypochlorous acid as its active component and is safe for all canines. The eye drops prevent recurring infections and do not hurt or irritate your dog’s eyes when used daily. The medication is packaged in a 3-ounce container with a plastic applicator that is simple to use. This medication is the best available eye drops for dogs due to its versatility, efficacy, and gentleness.


  • Multi-purpose eye relief
  • Secure and efficient
  • Does not sting
  • Simple to use
  • Lick safe
  • Reduces and avoids stains on fur


  • Due to enhanced eyesight, treats may be noticed from far away.

Nutri-Vet Dog Eye Rinse – Best Value

The next choice is the most cost-effective eye drops for dogs. This ophthalmic solution will assist with eye irritations, itching, tear stains, and the removal of any debris that may have become lodged in the eye. The formulation will not irritate or burn your pet’s eyes. Boric acid’s active constituent is excellent for preventing allergies and moisturizing dry eyes.

Even with frequent usage, the 4-ounce bottle will last a few weeks. The bottle’s dropper tip is simple to use and provides a single drop without effort.

This choice is fantastic for allergies, dust, and debris, and it removes mucous and reduces stains, but it is not advised for eye injuries. Otherwise, this is an excellent solution for all dog breeds and the most affordable eye drops for dogs with dry eyes or cataracts.


  • Multi-purpose eye relief
  • Secure and efficient
  • Aids in removing fur spots
  • Convenient bottle
  • Does not burn or itch
  • Affordable


  • Not suggested for calming wounds


Burt’s Bees Dogs Natural Eye Wash

You might be shocked to learn that Burt’s Bees also produces all-natural pet products, as most people associate the brand with lotion and lip gloss. In this instance, we have a 4 ounce bottle of saline solution eyewash that is available in either a single or dual pack. This product contains 99.9% natural ingredients and is cruelty-free.

Choosing this option will allow you to eliminate any irritants that have entered your dog’s eyes. It mimics your dog’s natural tears to clear dust and allergens, as well as relieve itching and inflammation. The formula contains no scent, sulfates, colorants, or harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or SLS.

This medicine is ineffective against infections like pink eye, which is one of its disadvantages. Additionally, it does not remove tear stains. Beyond that, this alternative is pH-balanced, may be used on any canines older than eight weeks, and will not hurt or burn.


  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • Not stinging or burning
  • Eliminates debris and relieves allergies
  • pH balanced
  • Convenient bottle


  • Contraindicated for infections
  • Does not aid tear stain removal

Dr. Goodpet Vitamin C & Zinc Dog Eye Drops

At the midpoint of the list is an all-natural solution that contains vitamin C and zinc to combat moderate irritants and cloudiness. This is a wonderful alternative for moderate concerns such as allergies, clogged ducts, debris, and excess mucus and dry eyes.

Notably, the glass dropper application is more difficult to use, and the 1-ounce container will need to be replaced frequently if this medication is used frequently. Aside from that, this is a harmless choice that will not cause harm if licked, and it can assist with under-eye stains.

This is another alternative that is not suggested for eye infections, and neither the package nor the container has an expiration date. On the other hand, because it is excellent at alleviating the conditions it treats, you will often finish the bottle before it expires.


  • Multi-purpose eye relief
  • Safe and organic
  • Lick safe
  • Beneficial for fur stains
  • Not stinging or burning


  • Glass dropper is more difficult to use.
  • Only mild irritants
  • No expiry date

I Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant

I Drop eye lubricant occupies position number six. The 0.33-ounce container is available in packs of one, two, three, or four and contains a viscoadaptive solution containing 0.25 percent hyaluronan to moisturize dry eyes. This option reduces redness and irritation with each blink of your dog’s eye. If your dog suffers from dehydration, this is an excellent solution.

However, this treatment is ineffective for treating conditions that are not related to dry eyes. Additionally, consent from your veterinarian is necessary before to utilizing this medicine. After continuous use, your dog may acquire calcium deposits; however, these deposits will disappear after you discontinue use of the product.

To this brand’s credit, you do not need to provide this medication as frequently because it continues to be effective every time your dog blinks. In addition, the bottle is simple to use and administer.

In addition, you must strictly adhere to the instructions and cannot miss any doses otherwise the medication will not be effective. Overall, this is not a terrible alternative for seasonal dry eye sufferers, as it does not hurt or burn.


  • Relieves irritation caused by dry eyes
  • Accepts less applicants
  • Convenient bottle
  • Not stinging or burning


  • Limited use
  • Can produce calcium deposits
  • Vet permission needed

Gold Medal Pets 41104 Clean Eyes

These next eye drops address redness, itching, and allergies while also removing debris that can become lodged in your dog’s eyes. This is a fantastic solution for sensitive eyes after swimming in a chlorinated pool, as there is no additional stinging or burning.

Sadly, the ophthalmic solution is not as effective as other formulations. It is advised solely for minor irritants and is most effective as an eyewash. Not to add, this product’s active component is pure water. Although it contains substances such as boric acid, they are less concentrated.

The 4-ounce container is tough to use and is not suggested for removing stains from fur or treating illnesses. You should also be warned that the tip’s design and the product’s subpar efficacy will cause you to go through the bottle rapidly.


  • Acceptable for use on delicate eyes
  • Utilize to cure chlorine dermatitis.
  • Not stinging or burning


  • Not efficient
  • Mostly water
  • The bottle is challenging to use.
  • Runs out quickly

OcluVet Eye Drops

Another formula prepared for puppies with cataracts occupies the next-to-last position. This brand utilizes NAC antioxidants to protect and restore the eye. However, you should be warned that this product does not function as advertised. It has little to no effect on cataracts, even moderate ones, and does not prevent them.

In addition, this composition tends to irritate the eyes of certain dogs, but not all. You should notice that it may induce redness and what we may infer are burning and stinging sensations. In addition, the bottle is difficult to use, and you must avoid allowing your pet to lick any of it.

Positively, the 16ml container contains enough medication for four months. Additionally, if it does not bother your dog’s eyes, it can assist with minor allergies and eye irritants.


  • Four-month provision
  • Effective against mild irritants


  • Not efficient
  • The bottle is difficult to use.
  • Can irritate and burn
  • No-lick formulation

NHV Ey-EAS Natural Eye Drops

Finally, there are the NHV Ey natural eye drops. This mixture promises to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and to be effective against allergens, debris, inflammation, and itching. It is also said to reduce eye discharge and remove fur stains.

Even though this product is all-natural, a few of its constituents are not ideal for treating eye irritants. This composition includes chamomile, goldenseal, rosemary, and eyebright. These eye drops can really cause stinging, burning, irritation, and redness in the eyes. Worse worse, it is ineffective in treating any of the conditions listed.

In addition, the 1-ounce container does not last long, as the instructions demand for multiple full droppers each day. In addition, the glass applicator is difficult to use and extremely delicate, which will make any pet owner anxious. Lastly, because this recipe is natural and has no chemicals or preservatives, it must be refrigerated.

If your dog suffers from eye discomfort, one of the other items on the list will provide greater relief.


  • Natural


  • Not efficient
  • Itches and stings.
  • The bottle is difficult to use.
  • Glass dropper is delicate
  • Need to utilize a great deal
  • Must keep refrigerated

Buying Guide

When it comes to eye drops, there are several terminologies that might be perplexing to pet owners, making it difficult to select the appropriate brand and formulation. Fortunately, there are just a few essential details to be aware of.

A Few Facts About Eye Drops for Dogs You Should Know

First, because the FDA oversees all “drugs” for pets, eye drops fall within their purview. When comparing several formulas, they will often fall within a few “solutions.” Consider the following answers and their meanings:

  • Solution for the Eye: Ophthalmic relates to eye diseases or irritants. Additionally, it will reveal that the product is sanitary and free of any extraneous particles. It is quite safe for usage in the eye. There are several types of ophthalmic solutions, some of which include antibiotics while others do not.
  • Antimicrobial Solution: This category of medication is used to treat, prevent, and combat bacterial infections in people and animals. The easiest way to conceptualize it is as a weaker variant of an antibiotic.
  • Solution of Viscoadaptive Hyaluronan: This is a solution that simulates the natural moisture in the eyes. Essentially, it is an artificial tear-like fluid used to combat dry eyes.
  • Lanosterol Solution: The chemical lanosterol is obtained from sheep’s wool. Researchers have discovered that it helps break up the cataract-forming aggregates. It can also prevent the condition from worsening over time.

These are, for the most part, the solutions you will encounter while searching for eye drops for your dog. On the other hand, you should be aware that certain eyedrops are natural and lack a precise solution.

However, keep in mind that all eye drops must be ophthalmic. However, if they offer other qualities, it may not be the primary selling factor. Typically, you may locate the information on the ingredients panel or the product’s website.

Advice Regarding The Administration Of Eye Drops To Your Dog

There are several methods for administering eye drops, and if you ask five different people, you will likely receive five different responses. Having said that, we have discovered some common sense methods that will make the struggle simpler for you and your dog.

First and foremost, you should always wash your hands before and after application to avoid spreading or adding infection. Also, ensure that the applicator’s tip does not come into contact with anything, especially your dog’s eyes. If so, clean it with hot water and follow the bottle’s instructions.

Now for some advice:

  • Try to exude as much assurance and buoyancy as possible. Your dog will sense your anxiety and respond appropriately if you are tense.
  • Throughout the procedure, provide your dog with praise, food, and conversation to demonstrate that this is not a punishment.
  • Begin by massaging their eyelids and massaging their head to make them used to your presence.
  • A milder approach can be effective, as restraint typically causes your dog to resist harder.
  • Therefore, try approaching your dog from behind and straddling him with your knees and elbows while tilting his head back. Do the same for smaller dogs, but place them on a table.
  • Try delivering a reward while administering eye drops with one hand.
  • Hold the bottle between your index finger and thumb. Rest this hand on top of your dog’s head, then use the remaining fingers to hold their chin. Back the head slightly and squeeze out the droplets.
  • Avoid becoming irritated. It may take several attempts to administer the eye drops, especially if the eye is in discomfort. Maintain your composure, provide reinforcement, and try again. Get aid if required.


It is always nerve-wracking when you have to put something so close to your pet’s eyes. If you do not feel comfortable or just can’t seem to get it done, ask for assistance from a vet who can help you find the best way to administer the drops.

Also, if your pup has persistent eye irritation or the drops you are using make the situation worse, discontinue use immediately and reach out to your veterinarian for help. Otherwise, we hope these reviews have helped you find a solution to your furry friend’s eye suffering.

If you need a quick fix, go with our number one choice. The Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash is the best eye drop for dogs available. If you need a less expensive alternative, try the Nutri-Vet Dog Eye Rinse, which is the best eye drops for dogs alternative on a budget. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations and guide will assist you in finding the best eye drops for dogs with dry eyes and cataracts.

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