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The 10 Best Extra Large Dog Houses

If you have a giant dog, your furry pal is going to need an x-large dog house.

Quality and durability of the materials, the insulation and airflow inside the dog home, and even its configuration and appearance are important considerations.

In this guide, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) introduce you to some of the best extra large dog houses on the market right now in a range of categories.

  • If your dog weighs 100 pounds or more, you will most likely require an extra-large dog house.
  • A few inches of clearance on all sides of your dog is required for the house to be comfortable and healthy. To find an appropriate length for a dog house, measure your dog's length and multiply by 1.25.
  • XL dog houses come in a variety of styles, including insulated, portable, heated, cooling, and more.
  • Plastic dog houses are lightweight but easily chewed. Wooden dog houses are more resistant to chewing but more prone to moisture damage.
  • There are additional steps you can take to improve heating or cooling in the house, regardless of the type of dog house you purchase.
  • If the dog house will be placed outside or on dirt, the floor should be raised.



Imperial Insulated Wooden Dog House for Pets

Best Extra Large Wooden Dog House
Are you looking for a sturdy and reasonably priced wooden dog house? Take a look at the Pets Imperial XL Dog House. This house measures 3ft 8″ (W) x 2ft 5″ (D) x 2ft 7″ (H) on the outside and 3ft 3″ (W) x 2ft 1″ (D) x 2 ft 3″ on the inside (H). It can support dogs weighing up to 154 pounds thanks to its two support rails.

Why did we choose it?

  • Triple Insulation – There are three layers of insulation: timber (0.47″, Styrofoam (0.51″), and plywood board (0.08″). The manufacturer claims that this makes the walls of its wooden kennel 150 percent thicker than those of many competitors.
  • Simple to Clean and Maintain – One of the primary advantages of this dog house is that the floor is removable. By removing it, you can easily reach inside and clean it. This is also useful if pests have infiltrated your home and you need to get rid of them.
  • Place This Dog House Anywhere – The Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Dog House also has plastic cap feet, which is a unique feature. To prevent rot, the manufacturer chose plastic over wood. What’s really cool is that you can adjust the legs to make the house level on any surface. As a result, if you have a hilly yard, this is an excellent choice.

Bear in mind
The Wood is Soft – The most significant disadvantage of this dog house is its material. Despite the fact that it is a beautiful home, the wood is quite soft. So, if you have a destructive dog, it won’t take long for your pet to destroy it. If your dog, on the other hand, is not a chewer, it may serve your purpose.

Indigo Dog House by Petmate

If you’re looking for an XL dog house with an igloo shape, Petmate’s Indigo Dog House is a good option. This house is available in three sizes. The dimensions of the “Extra-Large” are 51.5″ X 39.3″ X 30″.
Why did we choose it?

  • Suitable for Both Warm and Cold Climates – The igloo design is particularly effective at keeping heat inside the dog house, making it suitable for cold climates. Simultaneously, the ventilation built into the roof allows air to circulate, making the dog house comfortable even on hot days.
  • The front door of the house is set back from the main section. Wind and rain are less likely to strike your dog in the central part of the house if the optional Petmate Indigo Door is not installed.
  • The house’s floor is raised, which helps to keep it clean and dry. Side moats help with drainage, which helps to keep the interior dry.
  • Microban Antimicrobial Protection is included in the design of this dog house. This prevents bacteria from growing inside the house, which reduces stains and odors and makes it easier to keep the house clean and sanitary.

Bear in mind

Not Very Portable – You can pick up the dog house and move it around, but the igloo shape makes it difficult to grasp. An addition of handles would be a plus. However, the unwieldy shape and lack of handles are only minor drawbacks that most igloo dog houses have. The shape’s functionality outweighs any drawbacks in this area.

Pet Plastic Outdoor House with Confidence

Best Extra Large Plastic Dog House
Consider the Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel if you prefer an XL plastic dog house to a wooden one. The extra-large version of this house, which is available in several sizes, has a door that measures 14 x 24.4 inches. The product’s overall dimensions are 44 x 43 x 49. It is lightweight and easy to move compared to many heavier dog kennels, weighing only 46 pounds.

Why did we choose it?
Spacious, Yet Lightweight – This plastic XL dog house provides the best of both worlds: it is large enough to accommodate very large dogs while remaining lightweight and portable. If you have two medium-sized dogs, you might be able to share this house, but they’ll have to be close together. Another advantage is the taller door than most. This means that even large dogs can easily enter and exit.

Simple Assembly – Even if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience, you should be able to assemble this dog house quickly and easily on your own. There are no special tools required.

Bear in mind
The Plastic Isn’t All That Sturdy – The plastic used to make this dog house isn’t all that sturdy. In fact, it is easily bent or broken. These houses may even arrive damaged due to shipping. Even when you have a level surface, the floor isn’t always level because the plastic can bend.

TRIXIE Outdoor Wooden Dog House Classic

Best Large Dog House for Dogs Weighing Up to 95 Pounds
If your dog weighs less than 95 pounds, another of our favorite wooden dog houses is the Trixie Dog House. Glazed pine, metal, plastic, and composite asphalt shingles on the roof were used in the construction. Water is less likely to penetrate the interior with the tongue-and-groove design.

Why did we choose it?
Smart Roof and Door Design – This house has a large, tall door that is easy to enter and exit, making it ideal for dogs who struggle with smaller or lower openings. Furthermore, the roof design directs most precipitation toward the back of the dog house, away from the door.
Removable Floor – You can remove the house’s floor to clean it and get rid of pests.

Keep in Mind
Thin Wood – As is unfortunately common with wooden dog houses, the wood used for this product is thin and flimsy. This means that it may be prone to breaking or being damaged by your dog.

Ultimate Infinite Cedar Dog House

The Best Cedar Dog House for Large Dogs
We recommend the Infinite Cedar Dog House for a dog house made entirely of cedar. According to the seller, this house “will outlast any other cedar dog houses on the market.” The measurements are 36″Lx36″Lx35H.

Why did we choose it?
Strong Wood – The dog house weighs 108 pounds because it is constructed of thick, durable cedar deck boards rather than thin, flimsy wood like so many other dog houses. There are some plastic components (the roof and floor panels), but they are UV-Resistant High-Density Plastic. The roof is guaranteed for 15 years by the company, which is quite impressive.

Large, Offset Doorway – The doorway is tall and wide enough for easy entry and exit. It is also offset to one side so that there is an area inside the house that is more protected from wind or rain.

Keep in Mind 
That Water Can Enter Through the Door – Because of the overhang’s location and the lack of a door, water can occasionally blow into the dog house. If possible, position it away from the direction of the wind, or consider installing a door.




How Big Should a House Be for Large Dogs?

The most difficult challenge you’ll face when shopping for a large dog house is space constraints. Dog houses should have plenty of room for your pup to move around in.

That doesn’t mean it has to be this opulent mansion. Your pet, on the other hand, must be able to change positions, lay down, and relax.

Herein lies the issue. Great Danes can weigh up to 200 pounds! They can reach heights of up to 36 inches at the withers when standing tall. Their massive size alone necessitates a massive dog house. But what dimensions should you be looking for?

It all comes down to the size of your dog. When it comes to measurements, all dogs are different, whether you have a Great Dane or a fluffy Newfoundland. Spend some time measuring the following key points:

  • Height measured at the withers (the point between their shoulder blades)
  • Standing height from the ground to the top of their head
  • length from the tip of the nose to the bottom

There are some sizing standards that dog house manufacturers must adhere to. It’s comparable to pet bedmakers. An XXL pet bet will typically be 48 inches long by 30 inches wide. That’s a good starting point. However, we recommend performing some custom calculations to determine what your dog will require to be comfortable.

Other Important Considerations

Aside from size, there are a few other factors to consider when shopping for an extra-large dog house. Because this space is intended to provide shelter, you must pay close attention to every detail.

  • Materials

Dog house builders will use a variety of materials. Wood is the most common. Wood is relatively inexpensive and, with proper care, lasts a long time. However, it is prone to rot and warping. If you fail to maintain your home, it can develop rot, water damage, and a slew of other issues.

Then there’s plastic. Plastic dog houses are typically the least expensive. They are frequently made up of several large molded pieces. The advantage of plastic is that it is simple to clean. The disadvantage is that they do not last long and can be damaged by the sun.

Then there’s metal. Metal dog houses are the most durable, but they are also the most expensive. Not only that, but they aren’t appropriate for every situation. Metal conducts heat, which can be a problem in both extreme cold and extreme heat.

  • Design of a Door

As previously stated, the door of your dog house is critical to keeping it warm. There will not be a door on every dog house you come across. If you live in a harsh weather area, you should avoid those models.

The door should have a good seal to keep the elements out. Thick plastic flaps are the best option.

  • Properties of Insulation

In all weather conditions, your dog will benefit from adequate insulation. It’s especially important if you’re dealing with cold weather and snow. Fiberglass insulation prevents thermal energy from being transferred. What effect does this have on your dog?

When they’re getting ready to sleep for the night, their body heat will naturally heat up the dog house. A large portion of that heat will be lost if the building is not properly insulated. As a result, your dog will be unable to warm up!

Insulated dog houses are usually quite expensive. However, there are times when you can simply add it yourself. This is especially true for wooden houses built with traditional framing methods.

  • Ventilation

Your dog house should have ventilation in addition to insulation. This can be as simple as an open vent or as complex as a powered fan. I understand what you’re thinking. The ventilation system will have an impact on the insulation! To some extent, this is correct. However, adequate ventilation will have little effect. However, it will ensure that your dog is breathing in fresh, clean air!

  • Protection against the Elements

Your dog’s house should be weatherproofed in the same way that your own home is. A sloped roof to prevent standing water, a raised foundation, and built-in water protection are all part of this. You must protect your dog from more than just rain.

If you live in a hotter climate, the constant beating of the sun can quickly deteriorate house materials. To avoid this, choose something that has been UV-treated for safety.


Great Dane and other large breed dog houses can be massive structures. They may even be larger than a child’s playhouse! However, they require that space in order to feel safe.

Don’t try to save money by getting a house that’s too small for your beast. Go the extra mile and give them as much space as they require.

We appreciate your interest and time. You can find the best extra large dog houses at BestForPets (bestforpets.org), an online resource for pet owners.

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