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The 10 Best Elk Antler Chews For Dogs

Because they are natural, less likely to splinter than bones, and healthier for your dog's teeth and gums, antlers are excellent chew toys for dogs.

Due to the nutrient-rich marrow contained within, they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for your dog. Elk antlers make exceptional chews since they are larger and more durable.

There are numerous brands that sell elk antlers, making it difficult to choose. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a collection of in-depth reviews to assist you in locating the most suitable products for your dog.

In addition, we've provided a buying guide so you know what to look for in the best elk antler chews for dogs.


Devil Dog Premium Elk Antlers – Overall Winner

Devil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog Chew

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The Devil Dog Premium Elk Antlers  are our best antlers for dogs since they are sourced from naturally shed, wild antlers. This makes them an ideal environmentally friendly option.

They are odorless and clean. The antlers are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the optimal one for your dog. The nutrient-rich bone marrow provides your dog with a nutritious chewing treat.

Additionally, they do not splinter, so you need not worry about your dog ingesting a deadly piece. The antlers usually last for several months. They can also aid in tartar removal from your dog’s teeth.

There is only one of these expensive antler in the box. If you have numerous pets, purchasing antlers for each of them can become costly.


  • Antlers originating in the wild and shedding spontaneously
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • There is no stink and no mess
  • No splintering, high nutrient density
  • Long-lasting
  • Assists in removing tartar from teeth


  • Expensive; each bundle contains only one antler

Barkworthies Elk Antlers for Dogs – Best Price

Barkworthies Hand Selected Naturally Shed Small Whole Elk Antler

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The Barkworthies Whole Elk Antlers  are the most cost-effective elk antler chews for dogs since the antlers are hand-selected, trimmed, and sanded to a safe size for your dog.

They are available as either whole or split antlers, allowing you to select the optimal option for your dog’s chewing style. The antlers are inherently durable. Additionally, they are low-mess and odorless.

Even with larger sizes, the antlers are tiny and thin.


  • Elk naturally drop antlers as they travel
  • Antlers are picked and trimmed by hand
  • Available in both whole and divided forms
  • Naturally long-lasting
  • Low-mess and odorless chewing gum


  • Tiny and lean

Elk Antlers Deluxe Naturals Naturally Shed – Premium Option

Deluxe Naturals Elk Antler Chews for Dogs

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The Superior Naturals Each one-pound package of Naturally Shed Elk Antlers  has many antlers, making it our top pick. The antlers are shed naturally and then trimmed to size.

Each antler is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and protein, hence promoting healthy bones and teeth in your dog. The chews are odorless and durable. In addition, they are sterilized using the ozone process.

Due to the 1-pound packaging, the antlers are costly. There appear to be quality control difficulties as well. Sometimes the antlers are complete and sometimes they are divided. They are not always durable.


  • Multiple antlers in a single shipment
  • Naturally shed and trimmed
  • The abundance of calcium, phosphorus, and protein in elk antlers
  • Odorless, long-lasting chewing gum
  • Sanitized with ozone technique


  • Expensive
  • Quality-assurance problems

Gnawtlers Elk Antler for Dogs by Pet Parents

Pet Parents Gnawtlers

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Pet Parents Gnawtlers Elk Antlers are hand-selected based on their weight, density, color, and shape, so you may rest assured that your dog will receive a high-quality antler. When the shed antlers are collected, they are vacuum-packed to preserve their freshness.

Because the antlers are unprocessed and contain no dyes, you should not worry about your dog being exposed to harmful substances.

These antlers do not endure as long when chewed by violent animals. They can also shatter into dangerous fragments that can injure your dog’s mouth.


  • Specially chosen for weight, density, hue, and form
  • Not processed; no coloring
  • Freshly-shed
  • Vacuum-sealed containers


  • Not for forceful chewers
  • Can result in fragmentation

Elkhorn Premium Gummies Elk Antler

Elkhorn Premium Chews

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The Premium Elkhorn Chews Elk Antler  is a durable whole-antler chew. Each antler is a minimum of 6 inches in length. Hand-cutting and smoothing the antlers removes any sharp edges, making them safer for your dog to chew. The antlers are shed spontaneously by wild elk and harvested by hand.

These are not the best antlers for power chewers since they are not durable enough. Due to the fact that the antlers are complete and not split, some dogs have difficulty reaching the marrow.


  • Long-lasting (unsplit) entire antler chew
  • Large size
  • Each piece is cut by hand and then sanded to remove any jagged edges
  • Gathered by hand from wild elk


  • Unsuitable for power chewers
  • Whole antlers are not healthy for all canines

The Antler Box Luxury Elk Antler for Dogs

The Antler Box-Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews

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The Antler Box Luxury Elk Antler  comprises 1 pound of antler chews, making it suitable for multiple dogs. Elk inhabiting the Rocky Mountains shed their antlers naturally.

The packaging for the antlers is plastic-free, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. It contains both whole and split antlers, making it ideal for households with dogs with varying chewing patterns.

Because they come in a 1-pound box, these antlers are pricey. Due to packaging by weight, the box may not contain four antlers. There may be less than depicted by the manufacturer.


  • Box of 1 pound elk antler chews
  • Chewable antlers shed naturally by Rocky Mountain elk
  • Non-plastic, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Whole and divided-box mixture


  • Expensive
  • Due to packaging by weight, there may be fewer than four antlers

Antler Chews for Large Dogs

Big Dog Antler Chews

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The Big Dog Antler Chews  are custom-cut, trimmed, and sanded so that the rough edges are smooth. This makes them safer for your dog to chew. Because they are from wild elk, the antlers do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. They should only be washed with water.

The antlers can split into jagged shards; therefore, your dog must be supervised while chewing. It’s a two-pack of antlers, which makes it more pricey. Antlers are not durable for aggressive chewers.


  • Custom-made, size-specific, and sanded
  • No additional chemicals or preservatives
  • Cleaned only with water
  • Every abrasive edge has been sanded smooth


  • Can result in fragmentation
  • Expensive
  • Not long-lasting

Premium Split Elk Antlers from WhiteTail Naturals

WhiteTail Naturals - Large Split Elk Antlers for Dogs

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Two huge split-antler chews are included in each package of WhiteTail Naturals Premium Split Elk Antlers , which is ideal if you have more than one dog. Each chew is a minimum of six inches long. The chews are hand-selected from naturally-shed elk antlers. These chews are odorless and mess-free.

Occasionally, the chewing can result in splintered pieces, therefore you should supervise your dog while it is chewing. Because they don’t survive as long, split antlers aren’t ideal for aggressive chewers. Several parcels emit a pungent odor.


  • Split-antler for medium and large dogs
  • Package contains two huge split-antler chews
  • Antlers hand-selected from naturally shed specimens
  • Mess free and odorless


  • Can result in fragmentation
  • Not for masticators
  • Some packages emit a pungent stench

Whole Elk Antler Chipper Critters Dog Chew

Chipper Critters Split Elk Antler Chew for Dogs

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The Chipper Critters Whole Elk Antler Dog Chew  is offered in both whole and split elk antlers, allowing you to select the optimal option for your dog’s chewing style. Depending on your dog’s weight, there are many sizes of chews available. Depending on the size selected, some of the antlers are sold in pairs.

These chews may result in splintered pieces, so keep an eye on your dog while he chews. This is not the optimal option for aggressive chewers. They also appear somewhat dried out, indicating that they are not particularly fresh.


  • Elk antlers are available in both entire and split forms
  • Sized based on the dog’s weight
  • A pair of antlers available for purchase


  • Can result in fragmentation
  • Not for masticators
  • Too dehydrated
  • Not packed at the peak of freshness

Natural Elk Antlers for Dogs from EcoKind Pet Treats

EcoKind Pet Treats Grade A Elk Antler

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The Elk Antler EcoKind Pet Treats  are made from naturally shed antlers of Rocky Mountain elk. Each bag has many antler chews, so it’s excellent for households with many pets.

They are costly because each bag contains numerous chews. The antlers are fairly huge, making them difficult to chew for certain dogs. They can also result in splintered shards, so it’s important to supervise your dog while chewing. Quality control isn’t consistent with these chews, since some are too short and some are far too huge.


  • Antlers that have been shed spontaneously by Rocky Mountain elk
  • Multiple antlers in one bag


  • Expensive
  • Too big
  • Can result in fragmentation
  • Some are too short
  • Quality-assurance problems

A Buyer's Guide to Locating the Finest Elk Antler Chews for Dogs

Elk antlers are excellent dog chews since they naturally shed and are therefore a renewable resource. Companies that hand-select and sell antlers use a variety of processes to produce the final antler chew. We’ve compiled a buyer’s guide to assist you understand the qualities of a quality elk antler chew.

Split Elk Antlers

Split elk antlers are antlers that have been split apart to expose the nutrient-rich marrow. These are perfect for senior dogs, puppies, and dogs who are not accustomed to chewing. They are not a suitable alternative for aggressive chewers due to their short lifespan.

Whole Elk Antlers

Elk antlers are left intact rather than being broken apart to expose the marrow within. This makes it more difficult for your dog to penetrate the exterior tough antler. Whole elk antlers are good for more vigorous chewers due to their greater durability.

Scaled to Fit

Despite the fact that elk antlers naturally fall to the forest floor, they must be trimmed to a manageable size. Numerous firms offer a variety of sizes to accommodate various dog breeds and sizes.

You should also consider your dog’s chewing style while selecting an elk antler chew. Aggressive chewers may tolerate larger antler chews, whereas timid or infrequent chewers benefit from smaller ones.

The Sanding Down Of

Before your dog can safely chew on the elk antler, it must be sanded down. This removes any jagged edges or shards that could cut your dog’s lips.


Before packing, some antler chews have been sanitized using natural means. This is ideal for preventing the transmission of any bacterium or disease.


Marrow will be at its freshest in elk antlers that have been harvested, sterilized, and vacuum-packed shortly after shedding. If the antler has an odor or if it appears dry, this indicates that the antlers were either harvested when they were old or packaged for too long.


Where do dog antlers from elk originate?

Dog chews made from elk and deer antlers are entirely natural goods that the animals lose annually.

This occurs every two to three weeks and permits the animal to grow new, stronger antlers. The duration of the new growth cycle is two to three months. The deer and elk will just discard their shed antlers; they have no longer use for them. Dogs, however, do.

Expert gatherers traverse deer and elk habitats in search of shed antlers, which are sourced by companies that manufacture antler chews. The color of the antler can be used to determine its quality, since a deeper color suggests that the antler was shed more recently, has been less bleached by the weather, and has kept more nutrients.

Each year, deer and elk shed their antlers, making them a valuable renewable resource that is also very cheap to obtain. Because they contain honeycombed marrow, dogs like chewing on antlers.

Are elk antlers for dogs safe for my canine?

Dogs with weak teeth should not consume deer antlers, and if you are doubtful, you should visit your veterinarian. However, generally speaking, elk antler chews are safe for dogs. They have all the advantages of bones without the risk of splintering, and elk antlers in particular are a little softer substitute.

They, like bones, contain delectable marrow that contains a variety of minerals, from protein to calcium. They also persist as long as bones when aggressively chewed. Since antler chews never contain additives or preservatives, they may be safer for dogs with sensitive stomachs than artificially manufactured red chews.

To make antlers even safer for dogs, pet care businesses will cut them to the proper size to eliminate choking hazards, remove any excess parts, and sand them down as well. Making the deer antlers for dogs smoother prevents the chew from irritating the lips of your dog.

Despite the fact that antler chews are generally safe for healthy dogs, be sure to carefully observe your dog the first time you give it an antler chew, and do frequent dental exams to nip dental issues in the bud.

What is a burr or button?

An alternative to purchasing antler chews for your dog is to purchase antler burrs or buttons. They are composed of the portion of the deer or elk antler that would have made contact with the animal’s skull.

Burrs are typically less expensive than whole antlers, but they may not be the greatest choice for your dog. This is due to the fact that the burr is typically the hardest portion of the antler.

Burrs must be this tough in order to withstand the aggressive behavior exhibited by stags during mating season, given that their purpose is to hold the antlers on the animal’s head.

We do not advocate giving your dog a burr if they have never previously tried an antler chew. These are unsuitable for all but the most aggressive chewers, as they are too tough for the majority of dogs. When attempting a burr for the first time, ensure that your dog is under careful supervision.


Because they are produced from the naturally shed antlers of wild elk, Devil Dog's Premium Elk Antlers  are the best elk antlers for dogs that we’ve found. Gauzes are odorless, clean, and available in a range of sizes. This allows you to select the chew that is optimal for your dog’s size and chewing pattern.

Full elk antlers are our most popular item because they are hand-picked from antlers that have naturally fallen off. The antlers have been sanded and trimmed to a manageable size for your dog’s consumption. In addition, they are offered with entire or split antlers.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our site to read about and research the best elk antler chews for dogs. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guides assisted you in finding the best deer antler chews for your dog.

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